District Notes

Proposed memorial at Woodhorn
The Morpeth Herald 14/07/1922 reports as follows:

Proposed Woodhorn Memorial.
Mr. H. Poll, of 37 Katherine Street, Ashington, as honorary secretary for the memorial fund, writes as follows:

The Committee of the fund for the above hereby desire to inform all subscribers, relatives and others interested that they are now in a position to have this memorial erected in Hirst Park. This has been accomplished by the difference in the present cost of labour and material as compared with cost during war period. Unfortunately, the reduction has come too late to allow it to be erected for this year's anniversary, which will be held as usual in Hirst Park on Sunday, 13th August, but the work, which requires some five months to execute, is being placed with the firm selected to build it and the committee trust that, notwithstanding the unavoidable delay, it will be a source of satisfaction to all concerned to see this memorial erected for the anniversary of 1923.