Parish Notes

Presentation of gold watches
Newcastle Daily Chronicle 29/01/1919 and 30/01/1919 report a concert to be held by the East and West Sleekburn Reception Fund. The secretary of the fund was Mr. William Campbell, the minerís lodge delegate. The Reception Committee organized a war fund from which gifts to local soldiers were presented from time to time. The purpose at this event was for Colonel Sir Thomas Oliver to make presentations to local men who had gained distinctions on the battlefields.

Some had already been presented with gold watches, including Able Seaman John Waldock, M.M. Others had been given money gifts.

On this occasion, gold watches and alberts were given to:
Lance Corporal William Simpson, D.C.M.;
Lance Corporal J.W. Scott, M.S.M.;
Signaller Joseph Easton, M.M.;
Lance Corporal James Black, M.M.

From West Sleekburn, 288 enlisted, of whom 49 died. Six were taken prisoner but had returned safely.