Parish Notes

James Ivory
A certificate was issued to James “Paddy” Ivory” as a member of the “Lucky Bastard Club”. James Ivory was a medical student in Dublin. He joined the Royal Air Force. He crashed into a tree whilst training in Canada. He married a girl from Whitley Bay and became a GP in Choppington and Bedlington.
The certificate reads:

You Lucky Bastard.
This is to certify that James Ivory having
taken part in many aerial assaults against Nazi Germany
and having successfully returned from each mission in spite
of flak, fighters and foul weather. has been unanimously
elected a member of the LUCKY BASTARD CLUB.
To him and to all intrepid and fortunate members of
this exclusive organisation, this verse is dedicated.

Oh, hero of combat, pride of a nation,
Bemedalled receiver of high decoration,
Object of womanhood’s rapturous sighs,
Battle-scarred veteran of war in the skies,
You’ve completed your tour with undaunted soul
And though flak bursts have threatened your flying control
You have flown many missions with highest resolve
To stamp out the gangsters so peace may evolve.
You have blasted the Nazi with thousands of tons
Of explosive and pulled all the sting from his guns;
You have paved the way for the march through the Ruhr
And have helped to make freedom and victory sure.
Crusader for righteousness, Gallahad, you
Will never receive all the honors you’re due,
So go home to your whiskey, your women and jive;
You’re a lucky bastard to be alive.