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History at Key Stage 1

The North East War Memorials Project has developed this Key Stage 1 Pack, and it has been trialled by a number of schools in County Durham and Gateshead MBC. We have followed the QCA Unit 17 - What are we remembering on Remembrance Day? In this unit, children explore an event that has been commemorated annually for nearly 100 years. Children investigate the origins of Remembrance Day, and how its significance has grown to incorporate conflicts up to the present day. The pack includes five lesson plans with three PowerPoint© presentations, based on the following:--
What are we remembering on Remembrance Day?
  • Introduction: Why do we wear badges?
  • Why do we wear poppies on Remembrance Day?
  • Who do we remember on Remembrance Day?
  • What happens on Remembrance Day?
  • Why is it important to remember?
There are also PowerPoint© presentations entitled
  • The Royal British Legion
  • One Family's story
  • Looking at a War Memorial
There is a glossary, Teachers' resources and a Time line. The project pack also includes
  • a Video clip from the Cenotaph in London - November 2005
  • a Video clip about a village War Memorial, dedicated in 2005
  • a slide presentation of a village Remembrance Day service
  • a Remembrance Day Service, and Parade, in a large town
All of these are included in the pack, which is being provided as a boxed DVD, and can be used in the classroom. Files can be printed from the DVD as required. The project acknowledges the help and assistance of:-
  • The Friends of Kibblesworth War Memorial
  • The Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service
  • Sky News
  • Teachers in County Durham and Gateshead
In line with the Project's existing arrangements for making copies of War Memorial Files and Images available, the DVD can be ordered free of charge from this site. Delivery will be by the Post Office, using normal surface mail. To order the pack, please click on this link
If you have any questions or queries, please e-mail





Bridge North East
North East First World War learning programmes, schools resources and exhibitions

Updated October 2014 by Bridge North East with contributions from other museums, heritage and libraries sector colleagues.

Please note: this is not a definitive list of all the Commemoration activities in the North East region. This document is broken into sections for easy reference: Northumberland

Tyne and Wear

County Durham


General Resources, regional projects and websites

As well as the organisations and resources listed, it is worth checking out local libraries and archives as they contain a wealth of information about family history and local studies and are a good link into local heritage groups.

Woodhorn Museum
KS2/KS3 WW1 at Woodhorn workshops: ‘Fit for Battle’, ‘Remembering the Dead’ and ‘Brothers in Arms’.
Contact Victoria or Caroline 01670 624477/624474 or
Visit their website:

Blyth Gun Battery
Offering a range of schools workshops and on-site tours of the Battery.
Visit their website for more info on the workshops available:

Fusiliers Museum
‘A Call to Action’ education programme and exhibition is due to open in August and will be on display for a three year period.
The museum is also offering free outreach object handling sessions/ talks/ assemblies until January 2015.
Contact Nicola Day

Kings Own Scottish Borderers Museum
Museum based in Berwick-upon-Tweed with exhibitions and an archive collection relating to the history of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers Regiment from 1689 to present day.

Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office
The Record Office has a number of resources relating to the First World War and the North Northumberland area and is willing to work with local schools on First World War Projects,
Contact : Linda Bankier :

Tyne and Wear
North East Land Sea and Air Museum (Washington)
Brothers in Arms exhibition running from August 2014
Contact John Stelling Website:

Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens
School workshops (16 September–6 November 2014). War and Remembrance £40 per class Upper KS1
War Toys -KS1 £40 per class
Toys on the Move - KS2 £40 per class
Booking through Jennie Lambert and Marie Harrison in the Learning Team on 0191 5532323 or

Monkwearmouth Railway Museum
Your Country Needs You! Poster Art (15 March - 2 November)
View the museum's collection of World War 1 recruitment posters, then design your own campaign poster for the home front. Explore and draw objects from the museum's handling collection to inspire your design. £60 per class, 1.5 hours, Key Stage 2 & 3.
To book visit

Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums
WW1 Boxes of Delight available to Schools -

All the following TWAM venues will have schools learning programmes running alongside the list below: Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
Picturing the Great War Exhibition: 10th May to 19 October 2014.
Schools workshops around Dazzle Painting and artwork around the time of the War.
Contact or visit the venue’s schools section on the TWAM Website:

South Shields Museum and Art Gallery
Local Heroes Exhibition: 10 July 2014 to January 2015. With a focus on the maritime history of South Shields, the Tank Bank scheme and local people serving in the War. Contact Sophie Mitchell, Assistant Learning Officer, or visit the venue’s school section on the TWAM website:

Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend, North Tyneside
Home Front North Tyneside and WW1 Exhibition: 31 July 2014 to 26 April 2015.
Contact or visit the venue’s schools section on the TWAM website:

Tyne and Wear Archives (based in the Discovery Museum)
Local contribution to First World War at sea, for schools work connected to Archives contact or visit the venue’s schools section on the TWAM Website

Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
Screaming Steel: Art Poetry and Trauma 1914 -1918 Exhibition: September 2014 to 31 January 2015.
This exhibition is about the mental affects of War and how they have been represented in art.
Contact or visit the venue’s schools section on the TWAM website:

Discovery Museum, Newcastle
The Arsenal Economy – Tyneside Industries and People in the Great War Exhibition: 25 October 2014 to 28 June 2015.
For schools workshops around this exhibition contact, tel. 0191 2772183 or visit the venue’s schools section on the TWAM website:

Sunderland City Council
Sunderland City Council has created a dedicated Sunderland in the First World War website that will evolve over the next four years with more photographs and stories being added about Sunderland men and women who played their part in the war. To support and compliment the website a touring exhibition will be available to view from various Locations across the City:
Houghton Library, 29 Sept – 11 Oct 2014
Beckwith Mews, 13 Oct – 27 Oct 2014
Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens 3 Nov – 14 Nov 2014
Monkwearmouth Station Museum 17 Nov – 30 Nov 2014
Hetton Centre 3 December – 13 December 2014
WW1 artefact boxes are available to schools and Community Outreach facilities. Contact
Sunderland libraries and Local Studies Centre are great resources to support people studying their local family history and the history of the area, visit website:

County Durham
Beamish Museum, Stanley
Beamish is offering an insight into WW1 and the Home Front for Reception children upwards, using immersion and enquiry based learning to bring the period to life.
‘Call to War’ – an activity for upper KS2 and KS3. Through talking to characters in the pit village, students will investigate the factors driving a young underage man to sign up to the Army. Would they do the same in his shoes? 1 hour session, £50 per class.
‘Life of a Soldier’ – an activity for KS2 that introduces them to a new recruit at the beginning of WW1. Find out why he has joined up, see his uniform, discover what he has in his kit bag and find out what life was like at training camp. 45 minute session, £35 per half class.
‘A Parcel from Home’ – an activity for Reception and KS1 in which they will help a soldier’s wife put together a parcel to send to the front. Children will decide what to send, buy it in the shops, write their notes and wrap it up to go with brown paper and string. 45 minute session, £35 per half class.
Entrance costs apply at a rate of £6 per child in the summer season and £5 in the winter season.
For further information contact the Learning Team 0191 370 4011 or To make a booking call 0191 370 4026 or

Bowes Museum -The Soldier’s Story
Bowes are delivering a Commemoration project called ‘To Serve King and Country’. Alongside this there will be a number of schools workshops:
KS2 Museum Visit: Creative writing and making felt keepsake (£4 per child).
KS2 Outreach 90 Minute session: Look and sketch WW1 artefacts before making felt keepsake (£3 per child plus travel expenses).
KS3 Museum visit: Read and research individual soldiers, plot homes on map, look at soldiers’ uniforms and WW1 artefacts. Creative writing and felt keepsake or Princess Mary Style box (£4 per student).
KS4+ Museum Visit: Experience how to research documents in the Bowes Museum Archive linked to WW1 events (£3 per student).
All available from June 2014.
Booking required 01833 694602, or

DLI Museum & Durham Art Gallery
Art and Poetry offers 4 choices of modules:
Create a museum display - using primary sources such as objects, photographs, poetry, and artwork from the museum collections.
Gallery Exploration – guided tour of our WW1 gallery to develop a deeper understanding.
Poetry - inspired by museum objects and poems by DLI soldiers and others (e.g. ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’) pupils will then write a draft for creating their own poem back at school.
Art - create an image using for inspiration real pictures and sketches by DLI soldiers and others. Following discussion pupils create a preliminary sketch for their own art work for completion at school.
Real Stories, Real Lives offers 3 choices of modules and includes a soldiers training drill and remembrance feedback and contemplation session:
Research Real Stories, Real Lives – research the journey of 5 DLI soldiers using primary sources including over 20 objects from the Museum handling collections, photographs, maps and census returns.
Gallery Exploration –guided exploration our WW1 gallery to help develop a deeper understanding of a soldier’s life.
Create a family portrait – recreate a family portrait using replica costume.
World War Two Detectives – your students
During a WW2 Museum Workshop children learn for themselves as they handle, discuss, question, measure, select and record what they have discovered about a range of real World War II artefacts.
Coming Soon:
The National Army Museum will be delivering a week of WW1 workshops at the DLI in November 2014 as part of their exhibit 'Outbreak 1914'. We have one day available, with “Meet a Tommy” plus Real Stories Real Lives - £3 per pupil for all workshops.
The new Learning Support Officers are also currently developing a series of object loans resources for schools about the Durham Light Infantry regiment. Please call to talk about your specific requirements.
To book, to join our schools mailing list or to find out more about DLI programme and future opportunities contact 03000 266 590 or

Durham Record Office
The Learning Zone section of our website (see and follow links to the Learning Zone) contains a First World War unit ‘Life and Death as a Soldier in WW1’, which explores life on the Western Front using the maps, letters, photographs and diaries of local men. Another unit, about researching World War 1 soldiers, is in production.
Workshops for KS 1-2
Remembrance Cards – investigate some fallen soldiers and make a card to commemorate one of them.
War Horse – follow the story of George Thompson from Sunderland and his horses.
Local Men in Flanders Fields – trace a soldier from your area
Workshops for KS3-4
Football, Forestry and Furnaces: Keeping the home fires burning during the “Great War”.
Coastal Seaham: Investigation – explore the Bombing of Seaham, 1916.
Enemies in Our Midst? Germans in County Durham, 1914.
Local Men in Flanders Fields – trace a soldier from your area.
All workshops must be booked in advance. Workshops last 2 hours and cost £100 each. If required, a condensed version of each workshop can be delivered in an hour and we could deliver up to three of these for £100. All of our workshops can be tailored to your requirements, including adapting them for other age groups or for children with special needs. We can even design a workshop just for you!
Sessions can be delivered at the Record Office in County Hall or at your school. Visits to the Record Office allow students to see our strongrooms and original documents. In order to protect the records we care for, we use high quality copies for visits to schools.

Durham at War
An HLF funded project based on an interactive map of County Durham, which students and teachers can use to explore local stories and upload the findings of their own investigations. For more information, see the project website Contact or 03000 267626

Durham University Museums & Palace Green Library
Books for Boys: Heroism, Adventure & Empire at the Dawn of the First World War, 27 September 2014 to 8 January 2015. This exhibition looks at the books, toys and games that helped shaped a generation of boys and young men in the Edwardian period and is the first in a series of exhibitions focusing on the First World War. An onsite education programme will be available contrasting the ideals of boyhood as presented in the literature, toys and games of the period with the reality of life on the Western Front.
Schools outreach programme - from May 2014 onwards
We will remember them: KS1 half day
Pack up your troubles: KS2 half or full day
Durham and the Great War: KS2 Half day
What did you do in the war Daddy?: KS3 or KS4 1-2 hours
What was it like to be over there? KS3 or KS4 1-2 hours Contact OR 0191 334 2993 Outreach sessions cost £1.50 per student.

Durham Cathedral
Running a War themed schools workshop programme from October 2014:
KS2: What was the impact on Durham before, during and after the Great War?
Prayer during war
War and Peace-The Great War and Durham Cathedral
Prayer during war
What impact did the War have on Durham?
General Tours: Great for 16yrs+ group. We can make each tour bespoke to your area of the curriculum and theme. CPD for Teachers: We have lots of great CPD opportunities coming up at the Cathedral in the next year, to register email

Early Notice:
14+ Conference ‘War, Peace and Just War’
18th November 2016 (anniversary of the last day of the Battle of the Somme)
Contact the Cathedral Education Team: 0191 374 4070

Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum
WW1: an East Cleveland Story
KS2 and KS3 workshops
The Great War Mining experience; Village Life; A child’s life; Touch the past; A story of love and war.
Contact Jean Banwell 01287 642877 or

Head of Steam Darlington Railway Museum
Trains to Trenches: North East Railways in WW1 Exhibition starts August 1st to November 2nd 2014.
New resources are being developed as part of the wider ‘North East Railways in WW1’ HLF project and will be ready for the Autumn term 2014. These will be aimed at KS3, with adaptations for KS2, and will include workshops at the Museum and materials to download from the website.
Contact 01325 734128 or

Heugh Gun Battery Museum
Where History Happened workshops for schools – includes history of the bombardment in December 1914 and a newly installed WW1 trench.

Museum of Hartlepool
Voices of the Bombardment Exhibition, 20th September 2014 to 15th March 2015 On 16th December 1914 Hartlepool was bombarded from the sea by German warships, this exhibition tells the untold stories of the people who experienced this life changing event.
Schools Programme available for KS2 and KS3 covering events in World War One Hartlepool and the key people involved, workshops include: 'Tragedy' covering the Bombardment of Hartlepool, 'Victory' covering Zeppelin Raids on Hartlepool and 'Community Spirit' covering the Tank Bank campaign and fundraising.
Contact Jo on 01429 523483 or

Ormesby Hall
Are planning to develop sessions around the history of Ormesby Hall and Pennyman family during the War. Contact Liz Haywood for more details: 01642328906 or email

Kirkleatham Museum, Middlesbrough
Kirkleatham will be hosting a WWI exhibition from the autumn.There will be a KS2 workshop to support the exhibition linked in to author WE Johns, who wrote Biggles and was stationed nearby.
Contact Liz Vine for more information: 01642 496400 or email

Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough
Dorman Museum have an exhibition titled "Middlesbrough: War Town" that focuses on the Middlesbrough Soldiers who served in the war, including the 3000 names on Middlesbrough's cenotaph who never returned home. It also looks at how life in Middlesbrough was affected by the outbreak of the First World War. The exhibition runs from October 7th 2014 until March 2015. There will be a children's World War 1 book published later this year titled " Rab's War" It will tell the true story of 6 brothers and a brother-in-law who went to war and smuggled their pet dog, Rab with them! They served in the Royal Garrison Artillery and they all returned home at the end of the war. The museum is working with an illustrator and has photos that will be used in the book. School sessions will be focussed around this book.

Preston Hall Museum & Stockton Borough Council
Preston Hall offers a range of schools workshops across the year and are developing workshops about the War alongside a touring exhibition.
Contact Janet Brown for more details on 01642 528 842

Stockton Borough Council are working on two War related projects involving children and young people with Mike McGrother; We Will Never Forget and 1245 Sunflowers. For more information about these projects contact Mike:

Stockton Archives & Libraries
Stockton Libraries has produced a free study pack for teachers using library resources and archives that focuses on Stockton-on-Tess in WW1 for key stage 1 to 4 pupils. The pack provides a range of information that can be used by teachers in the classroom which reflects what was happening locally, regionally and nationally during this period. This pack also includes useful resources and a WW1 recommended reading list for both primary and secondary aged pupils. Stockton Libraries will also be offering free WW1 sessions to Stockton-On-Tees schools for more information please contact Lucy Carlton-Walker / 01642 528501 or contact your local library.
The free Picture Stockton online archive also includes a range of images of Stockton-on-Tees from WW1: Stockton Libraries have a range of free online resources to support people studying their local family history and the history of the area, please visit our website for further information:

Hartlepool Library Service
Resource pack: Bombardment of the Hartlepools, 16th December 1914.
Hartlepool Library Service has produced a unique, interactive, multi-media schools pack, appropriate to Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. The pack is presented on either CD or USB stick and contains all the resources needed for delivery, including white board presentation, booklets, and activities, supporting material and teacher notes. It is available at a cost of £240 per school, for unlimited use within the organisation.
Contact Heather Bellwood or Diane Marlborough

General Resources, regional projects and websites
Class History: Bringing History to Life
Workshops now include WW1 Tommy – Private Foster shares his experience as a soldier in the Great War. Contact Paul White 0191 4473086 / 07975541864 or

Imperial War Museum
First World War Online resources or
Lives of the First World War Centenary Partnership Programme

Newcastle University
Armstrong Memorial Digital Memory Book Schools Project - Discover the personal stories behind the names of those associated with the University who lost their lives during the Great War from 1914 – 1918 and learn how to research people named on war memorials using online resources and archival materials:

December 1914 Christmas Truces Resource Pack for Teachers – A set of resources created by academics and schoolteachers in the North East under the auspices of the Martin Luther King Peace Committee designed to help schoolteachers mark the December 1914 Christmas Truces as part of their World War 1 teaching and Christmas 2014 programmes:

A WWI Soldier’s Possessions – Handling session and accompanying talk based around a small collection of WW1 artefacts (both real and replica); these include personal papers and trench art: Make a Museum: Investigating WW1 ‘Trench Art' – This is one of 3 innovative, enquiry-based activities in the 20th Century Conflict Teaching Pack produced by Newcastle's Archaeology Schools project:

North East War Memorials Project
A CD for KS1 called ‘What are we Remembering on Remembrance Day?’ is available from as well as details on the comprehensive database of War Memorials in the North East.
Details of 4550 War Memorials in the area Tweed to Tees are on the comprehensive database of War Memorials searchable by either surname or place name at The Every Name a Story section tells some of the stories, schools and/or individuals can send research into the project for inclusion on the web site under their name.

Royal British Legion
RBL extensive Schools Learning Pack is available free to all schools

Time Bandits
Time Bandits are a historical re-enactment and drama group bringing history to life for schools. Time Bandits can offer school workshops for Key stages 1-4. Workshops can cover prose, verse and storytelling that can be specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the school. Contact or visit

RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution)
Schools outreach programme about the epic Rohilla Rescue during WW1. Free workshops aimed at Primary Schools. Contact Verity Owens on 01665 721090/07825 386150 or or alternatively the Education team on 01202 336330 or
Also sessions on Lifeboats in WW1: the Rohilla Rescue are available with Time Bandits via their Great War Experience programme:

WW1 School Archives Project
Schools can share their heritage and legacies in this online archive to display school magazines images and memorabilia from WW1. There is also an image archive and resource area. Contact or visit

BBC Website
The BBC have a series of resources, special programmes and archives footage about the War available on their website:

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Have a comprehensive website with information about the War and the people who fought in it from across the World:

The National Archives
A great web resource for researching the War with a schools section:

The British Library
A great web resource for researching the War with a schools section:

Tynemouth WW1 Commemoration project
A comprehensive online resource and community project honouring and remembering the 1700 people from Tynemouth lost their lives due to causes associated with the War. Their database of information about all the individuals is now available as an online resource for family and local history studies. The project can also attend schools to give talks about their work and show you around the database and animated map.
You can also purchase the newly published book collated by the projects volunteers – ‘The Response’ - here

Eileen Atkins, Museums Manager at Bridge North East, has information and contact details on First World War learning programmes across the North East. Contact If you have any updates or additions for this list please send through to