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19/01/2017 Henry H. Robson, V.C.
I am the granddaughter of Henry H. Robson, V.C. I came across the North East War Memorial Project website while researching my grandfather which provided your email address. I have shared the website with my mother, Betty O'Brien, and other family members and wanted to express our thanks to the Project for honouring him and the other heroes of the Wars. My mother is the sole surviving child of my grandparents. Her sister Victoria passed away last year in the Spring of 2016. My grandfather has many grandchildren and great grandchildren who live in and around the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My family hopes to travel to England over the next year or two and will be sure to travel to South Shields.
I would like to thank you and all at the N.E. War Memorial Project for providing such a wealth of information and ensuring these brave men are not forgotten, and also the Rev. David Youngson for his excellent submission of Frederick's life and service.
My father John James Kane was at the Somme when he received his injuries. My thanks to you for allowing my family to see this recognition he deserves like many of his fellow-comrades in creating the “North East War Memorials Project."
In the past 2 - 3 years, all of you to whom this email is addressed responded very kindly to emails/letters from myself in the course of my research into the works of George Walker Milburn (1844-1941), York sculptor and carver.

This month, York Historian: 33 has published an article by myself and the sculptor Dick Reid, on ‘The Day Book of George Walker Milburn.’

In this I have individually acknowledged each of you for the contribution(s) you made which helped me to complete the article. You may by now have forgotten having helped, but I have not. My sincere thanks to you all.

Have taken a lot of photos recently of local war memorials..thanks to your website..your information on each memorial is very precise and will be sending a donation in the near future as a thank you
I have checked the entry and it looks great. I must say that I am rather impressed with newmp. It must take a considerable amount of effort to co-ordinate such an enormous project and it is a credit to you and your group as well as being a worthy memorial to the sacrifice of NE England. Would that there was something similar in West Yorkshire. Regards and keep up the good work