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Plaque 1914-18 Corporation Tramways





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Original Location

South Shields Corporation Tramways Car-sheds, Dean Road, South Shields. In Men’s Recreation Room, above fireplace. NE33 4HZ

Present Location

Triptych has gone, but the plaque survives.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 12/11/1920 by Coun. A.P. Johnston, Mayor of South Shields.

Memorial Description

The plaque is of unusual shape, having a flat top and bottom and curved sides. There is a border of twined leaves, broken at the top by a ?badge. The quotation is in the border at the bottom. Lettering is sunk in casting and blackened, using elongated Roman capitals for the name and dedication. The names are in sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Brass plaque; teak from H.M.S. Southampton.


South Shields Corporation Tramways
In proud and loving memory of: / (Names) /
Fortis Cadere, Cadere non potest


Who commissioned

South Shields Corporation Tramways

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Frame was made by Corporation workmen.


1. The original memorial was a triptych which “consists of a large cabinet with folding doors, and an ornamental brass plate underneath on which the names [of the men of the department who sacrificed their lives in the great war] are inscribed. On the panels of the cabinet are inscribed the names of the whole of the men who served in the forces during the war. The whole is built into the wall in an imposing position . . ."

2. From a department employing 160 men, 95 served, of whom 8 died. One D.C.M. and 3 Military Medals were awarded.

3. The newspaper cutting did not list the names of those who served.

4. “I contacted an old friend, who worked on the trams in 1935, and he said the plaque was above the fireplace in the office, which was situated in the depot at that time. He remembers a wooden surround but that’s all. The office was moved to another building outside of the depot where it is now. The room was then turned into a recreation room and the plaque only was above the fireplace, what happened to the surround after that I have no idea”. Letter from R. Johnston

5. The South Shields Corporation Tramway has evolved into Stagecoach (South Shields Division) and the plaque is in the Social Club (Trams).

6. H.M.S. Southampton was broken up at Battleship Wharf, Blyth, by Hughes Bolckow. The timber was made into various items for sale, including war memorial triptyches.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Sandra Johnston

Shields Gazette 13/11/1920 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 16/11/1920 reports unveiling with photo.

Northern Echo 15/11/1920 reports unveiling.

Shields Gazette 22/11/2011 Article in response to NEWMP enquiry.

South Shields Corporation Minutes July to Dec 1917 page 164.

Source of quotation:
Fortis Cadere, Cadere non potest (‘A brave man may fall but he cannot yield') Source not ascertained.

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Additional Notes

a. South Shields Corporation minutes Jul to Dec 1917 page 164. "The Manager reported with regret that another Motorman (F. Wilkinson) had been killed in action. He was one of the last men to be called up, and had only been in the Army since February 3rd 1917."

Research acknowledgements

Tony Harding; Mr. R. Johnston; Miss Sandra Johnston; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Plaque 1914-18 Corporation Tramways (S86.045)

SOUTH SHIELDS      South Shields Corporation Tramways 
   South Shields Corporation Tramways
   In proud and loving memory of:
   A.B. T. Blythe,       No. 8388 Hawke Battery., R.N.D. 3rd Sept. 1918   aged 23 years
   Private A. Yare,      No. 54 19th Northd.Fus.         24th Aug. 1916   aged 27 years.
   Gunner C.S. Frampton, No. 815080 0/211 R.F.A.         29th Sept. 1917  aged 25 years
   L-Corp. J. Dickinson, No. 100089 7th Batt. R.F.       28th Sept. 1918  aged 24 years
   Gunner J.W. Johnson,  No. 771767 R.F.A.               22nd August 1918 aged 38 years
   Private F. Wilkinson, No. 32962  10th Y & L.,         31st July 1917   aged 28 years
   Driver R. Bell,       No.786310 West Riding R.F.A.    11th April 1917  aged 36 years
   Private W. Brown,     No. 20013 15th Cheshires        2nd Nov. 1916    aged 38 years.
    “Fortis Cadere, Cadere non potest”

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