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Photo: John Dixon


Cross Parish 1914-18 St. Mary's Churchyard





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NZ 35?65?

Original Location

West End of the churchyard of St. Mary’s, demolished 1982

Present Location

Tyne Dock, junction of St. Mary’s Street and South Eldon Street

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 22nd January 1922 by Rev. J. Hudson Barker, Rural Dean of Durham

Memorial Description

Cross of Celtic wheeled type on tall pedestal, total height 15 feet (4.57m), set on two steps. The whole rests on a platform 1 foot high x 8 feet 6 inches square (304mm x 2.59m) with three steps at front leading up to it. A sword is superimposed on the cross.
The main pedestal has two panels each 3 feet 5 inches high x 2 feet 1 inch wide (1.4m x 633mm). The names are incised in two columns on each. The dedication is on the front of the top step below the main block, the dates on the front of the step below. All the lettering is incised using sans serif capitals.
The steps leading up the front of the cross are flagstones on concrete, and the ground on either side was planted but is now grassed..

Materials used

Heworth Stone.


To the greater glory of God and in grateful / remembrance of the men of this parish / and congregation who fell by sea, land and air in / the Great war 1914-1918


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Built by local ex-servicemen in the town supervised by local sculptor Thomas Curry, South Shields


1. The names include that of John Kirkpatrick, "The Man With the Donkey" S86.14

2. There is now a sheltered housing scheme on what was presumably the site of the church, and the memorial stands in front of the development.

3. “We paid particular attention to the apparent slight unevenness of at least one entry together with a final batch of names which were possibly added later, . . .at present I cannot investigate those later names to determine whether there is a reason that they were not included in the body of the memorial tablets in their correct alphabetical order”. John Dixon, 17/01/2001

4. The name of Pte. Wilfred Clarke, shot for desertion in 1918, was added in 1999. See Every Name a Story

5. Rev. T.P. Williams was about to retire after 22 years as vicar. This was his last official act as Vicar of the Parish.

6. The Bishop of Durham should have unveiled the memorial but was unable to be present at the ceremony. The sermon was preached by the Rural Dean Rev. J. Hudson Barker.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders, John Dixon; old photo: Janis Blower

Illustrated Chronicle 24/01/1922 reports unveiling with photo.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 28/01/1922 reports unveiling.

South Shields Gazette 19/01/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 23/01/1922 reports unveiling.

Shields Daily News 24/02/1989

Journal 30/06/2000 reports addition of Pte. Clarke’s name.

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Additional Notes

Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby; Michael Mulhern; Janis Blower (South Shields Gazette)

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Cross Parish 1914-18 St. Mary's Churchyard (S86.051)

SOUTH SHIELDS Tyne Dock, formerly at St. Mary’s Church

Front panel:  
   Adamson F.          Carr J.T. 
   Adamson T.H.        Chapman E.T. 
   Allan G.H.          Chapman L.R. 
   Armstrong R.        Chapman W.C. 
   Armstrong T.        Charlton J. 
   Arthur G.           Chipchase C.R. 
   Atkinson A.         Clarkson J.H. 
   Atkinson H.R.       Cleghorn M. 
   Bailey T.R.         Codling R.W. 
   Barlow C.W.         Corkin J. 
   Bell J.A.           Couch A. 
   Berndsson B.M.      Coulthard G. 
   Blakey J.           Coxon J. 
   Boad T.E.           Coxon O. 
   Bristow T.B         Crone J.W. 
   Brown G.            Crookston W. 
   Brown G.W.          Dalton R. 
   Bryant J.H.         Davis W. 
   Bartoft T.G.        Derbyshire T. 
   Calvey V.           Dick J.  
   Carr E.             Diehl W.H. 
   Cockburn J.         Everson J. 
   Clarke W. 
On front pedestal
   To the greater glory of God & in grateful
   remembrance of the men of this parish
   & congregation who fell by sea & land & air in
   The Great War 1914-1918 
Right hand panel:
   Donaldson H.        Hunter G. 
   Down F.W.           Hurren G.W. 
   Eglintine A.P.      Insall E.
   Ellis, J.           Jardine D.W. 
   Fairless S.         Johnson J. 
   Fairley H.          Johnson J.H. 
   Findlay J.          Julian W.J. 
   Findlay J.          Kemp J.R. 
   Fleetham J.H.       Kerr M. 
   Foord H.B.          King N.M. 
   Fudge T.J.          Kinghorn W. 
   Garrick J.R.        Kirkley J. 
   Glass W.            Kirkpatrick J.S. 
   Grainger J.W.       Laing T.L.C.  
   Gray E.             Lardner J. 
   Hall Jno. R.        Larson A.B. 
   Hall Jos. R.        Leask T.W.G. 
   Harrison J.         Linklater A. 
   Hazel C.            Loades C.S. 
   Heppel T.W.         Lofthouse H. 
   Hill J.             Lovatt C. 
   Hogg A.             Ludlow A.E. 
   Hogg R.             Ludlow, M.
Rear panel:  
   Ludlow C.W.H        Nessworthy G.M.     
   Lumsdale J.         Nixon J.A. 
   Lundean W.E         Noble J.J. 
   Lynch P.            Norton W.H. 
   McClelland G.       Patterson R.M. 
   McGill R.           Payne H.V. 
   McHugh T.           Payne J.D. 
   McKie E.H.          Peace H.S. 
   McNair J.A.         Peters D.N. 
   McRae R.            Pearson J.W. 
   Marshall J.         Pickering W. 
   Mather J.E.         Plews T. 
   Metcalf D.          Porteous R. 
   Miller T.           Purvis J.W. 
   Mills G.R.S.        Ray P. 
   Mills J.H.          Reay H. 
   Milne J.            Richardson W. 
   Monger L.W.S        Riley E. 
   Moore W.J.          Riley J. 
   Munroe J.F.W.       Rippon G.P. 
   Murphy E            Ritchie J. 
   Nelson R.           Rossiter R.F. 
   Nelson ?B.P.        Rowe W. 
Left hand panel
   Rowland G.E.        Vallack J  
   Rushton F.          Wadham T.W.
   Russell W.H.        Wallace G.D.  
   Scarfe J.J.         Watkinson J.
   Scott H.W.G.        Watson J.G.Y.
   Scott J.C.          Weetman W.
   Scott W.            Wells J.W.
   Seaton N.           Williams C.F.
   Shaw H.R.           Williams C.G.
   Smith J.E.          Williams G.
   Smithson S.H.       Williams J.C.
   Snell J.            Winn J.C.
   Stephens A.         Woodcock D.
   Straglan G.R.       Woodcock J.
   Strom H.            Wouldhave F.
   Summers J.          Wright R.
   Sweeney T.          Wright W.
   Taylor V.           Yule W.U.
   Taylor W.B          Broadhead J.E.   
   Thornton R.         Frampton C.S.
   Towns R.            Frampton G.
   Turnbull W.         Robertson P.
   Usher A.M.          Robertson L.

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