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Photo: John Dixon


Book of Remembrance 1914-18 St. Michael and All Angels





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NZ 369662

Original Location

Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Westoe Road.

Present Location

Durham County Record Office

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Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance, 389 mm high x 216 mm wide, covered in brown leatherette, with a cross tooled in gold on the front cover, and gold lining round the edge of the cover, front and back. Flyleaf has a cross at centre, with the name of the church on each side. There are approx. 20 names on each page. All lettering is typed in capital letters.


St. Michael’s / Parish Church / South / Westoe These names of three hundred and twenty nine / men and women are inscribed on panels in the / Church of St. Michael and All Angels, South Westoe, / in memory of those who resided in the Parish or / who worshipped in the Church and who laid down / their lives in the Great War, 1914 – 1918
Last page
“And some there be that have no memorial”


Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall

Durham County Record Office Ref EP/SW 14/23

Source of quotation
“And some there be that have no memorial” Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 44

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Research acknowledgements

John and Mavis Dixon; James Pasby; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Book of Remembrance 1914-18 St. Michael and All Angels (S86.086)

SOUTH SHIELDS St. Michael and All Angels Church (Westoe) 
St. Michael’s  +  Parish Church 
South             Westoe
These names of three hundred and twenty nine 
men and women are inscribed on panels in the 
Church of St. Michael and All Angels, South Westoe, 
in memory of those who resided in the parish or 
who worshipped in the church and who laid down 
their lives in the Great War, 1914 – 1918
Page 1
J. Ainsworth
W. Aitchison
J. Allan
A.C. Allen
J.R. Allen
P. Anderson
W.M. Annand
W.O. Archibald
F.M. Armstrong
J.W. Armstrong
R.B. Atherton
W. Bagley
J. Bailey
A.E. Barker
E.B. Barret
D. Barry
C.J. Batchelor
G. Batty
E.S. Bavidge
R. Bell
W. Brewster
Page 2
W.L. Bell
G.W. Bellas
T. Bewick
T. Blakey
R. Blues
R. Bottams
T. Bottams
R.S. Bowman
S. Bright
J.W.E. Brown
W.C. Brown
W.G. Brown
A. Bruce
E. Bruce
J. Bruce
C.A. Bruhn
J. Buglass
J. R. Butchart
G.W. Caine
J. Calder
Page 3
H.G. Calvert
J. Carrick
W. Carss
G.W. Carter
J.H. Cave
R. Caygill
C.L. Chapman
M. Dorothy Chapman
D.M. Chapman
J. Cheetham
J. Christie
A.S. Clark
J.Y. Clark
T. Cleghorn
A. Coats
R.H. Coates
J.T. Collins
C.E. Cook
W. Cookson
G.E. Cotteril
Page 4
T. Coulson
R.C. Coulter
T.F. Cowper
W.O. Coxon
H. Craggs
W. Crawford
L. Crombie
J.B. Cubey
M. Cummings
J. Curry
H. Daniel
T. Davison
W.H.S. Dennier
S. Dix
G. Dodsworth
G. Douglas
R.W. Dowie
R. Downey
J. Dumble
R. Edmondson
Page 5
J.H. Edwardes
F.J. Emmerson
J.G. Emmerson
J.A. Errington
R.W. Errington
J.C. Fisher
G.C. Fletcher
E. Follon
R. Ford
P. Fowlie
E.T.Y. Foster
H.S. Fryer
S.W. Gamblin
H. Gastall
P. Gente
I. Gibson
R. Gibson
A.T. Giles
T. Glenwright
A. Golding
Page 6
W. Gowans
A. Graham
J.S. Graham
T.W.B. Graham
J.D. Gray
J. Grey
A.G. Grice
T.C. Grice
E.V. Grubb
W.F. Gunn
W.J. Haggart
J.W. Hails
J. Hall
J.L. Hall
W.H. Hall
W.F. Halliday
J. Hannard
J.H. Hanson
W.N. Haikes
J. Harle
Page 7
T.G. Harrison
W. Haswell
E. Hedley
I. Henderson
J.W. Henderson
F. Hermitson
A. Hewitt
J.H. Hewitt
J. Hildreth
B. Holland
T.H.P. Hooper
J.W. Hope
D.G. Hopper
H.E. Hornsby
C. Howey
W. Hume
W.D.C. Hunt
W.N. Hunter
T.G. Huntress
J.W. Hutchinson
Page 8
W. Irwin
H. Jacks
W. Jackson
C.E. James
J.H. Jeffrey
J.F.A. Jessop
H. Jobson
R. Jobson
W.O. Jobson
A. Johansen
J. Johnston
E.G.L. Keatinge
A. Jordan
A. Judson
A.S. Kay
W.B. Kay
R.S. Kaye
A. Kell
A.J. Kemp
T.A. Kerrison
Page 9
J. Knox
W. Knox
E. Knudson
E.A. Koster
F. Lambert
J.M. Lauderdale
N. Laverick
J.M. Laverick
A. Lawson
G.V. Leask
F.F. Leask
G. Legg
S. Leslie
A.W. Lewsey
A. Liddle
J.H. Liddle
H.J.T. Linney
W.H. Lloyd
G. Lockyer
W. Lowson
Page 10
S.B. Luke
N. Lusher
A. McHugh
M. McKenzie
W.J. McCullough
A. Major
R. Mann
J. Marshall
H.J. Martin
J. Martin
A. Mason
J. Matthews
H. Maughan
V.R. Medd
J. Middleton
W. Middleton
J.W. Milbourne
J.W. Miller
F. Millet
J.A. Mitchell
Page 11
F.A.S. Morgan
J. Mountain
R. Muir
J.N. Murphy
A. Myers
J.C. Napier
R. Nelson
T.E. Nicholson
C. Noble
J.A. Nordberg
J.B. Norman
G.W. Nugent
A.E. Nilsson
J.G. Oakes
G.H. Parker
J.W. Pattison
J.W. Payne
C.H. Pearson
T. Peel
E.A. Platton
Page 12
T. Porter
A.R. Pow
J. W. Pratt
T. Quinn
J.S. Raffell
G.H. Rasmussen
J. Readman
R. Rewcastle
J.G. Richardson
J. Riddle
C. Roadley
G.F. Roadley
J.H. Roberts
S.D. Robinn
J.C. Robson
J. Roxby
F.J. Rumbellow
S. Russell
H.W.G. Scott
J.J. Scott
Page 13
W. Sellars
W. Sherriff
W. G. Sherriff
J.R. Short
A.V. Shotton
W.K. Simson
W. Skipp
T. Smeatham
D. Smith
F. Smith
T.H. Smith
W. Smith
W.H. Smith
W.T. Smith
H. Snaith
J. Snowling
R. Soulsby
J. Spiller
R. Spours
T. Stamps
Page 14
R. Stephenson
J.S. Stephenson
W. Stephenson
W.G. Stephenson
R. Stewardson
G. Stobbart
A. Stobbs
J. Swann
T.J. Tailford
J.F. Tapken
A.E. Taylor
C W. Taylor
G. Taylor
G.W. Taylor
J. Taylor
T. Taylor
H.W. Tebble
R. Telford
R. Thornton
B.B. Thomas
Page 15
M.E. Thompson
J. Thompson
J.L. Thompson
G.T. Teasdale
R. Thompson
K. Tindle
E.L. Townsend
W.S. Trorey
R. Turnbull
F. Tyler
J.M. Tyrie
F.S. Urquhart
A.M. Usher
J. Varley
J. Vinton
R.L. Wake
F.W. Walker
J. Walker
R. Walker
W.G. Wylie
Page 16
A.J. Walsh
T.R. Walsh
H. Warburton
J. Ward
M.C. Ward
T. Ward
O. Waters
C.G. Watson
J.W. Webster
J.P. Whale
A. Whalley
G.W. White
G.W. Whitelaw
G.P. Wood
R.H. Wood
H.B. Wood
J.C. White
A. Wilkinson
B. Wills
J.H.S. Wilson
S.H. Wilson
H.B. Winlo
J. Wood
E.S. Woodhouse
H. Woodhouse
H.H. Wright
J.B. Wright
C.J. Young
Page 17
and some there be which have no memorial
Names S86.086 

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