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NEWMP Memorial Image
NEWMP Memorial Image


Triptych 1914-18 Holy Trinity Church





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NZ 353567

Original Location

Holy Trinity Church (demolished)

Present Location

The west porch of Christ Church, North Shields.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

March 1917

Memorial Description

Triptych with pedimented top containing the words “For God, King and Country” in gilded shadowed letters.
At centre back is a brass cross covering the whole back. The quotation is above the arms. Below each arm is an oval shape containing the names of those who fell. The words “The Heroic Dead” are below this is in cursive lower case, gilded and shadowed.
The names are continued on two inside doors, below the words “Roll of Honour”, the lettering hand painted using san serif capitals.
A card has been affixed at the bottom bearing the legend “Holy Trinity Church / Coach Lane, North Shields”.
Below this is a brass plaque bearing more names of the fallen from 1914-18 listed in two columns. This looks as though it has been added later.
Below this, a shelf pierced to carry flower pots.

Materials used

Oak, brass, from H.M.S. “Britannia”.


For God, King and Country.
Greater love hath no man than this.
The Heroic Dead.


Present condition

Restored 2012


1. The shrine is one of several made from timbers from H.M.S. Britannia which was broken up in the Hughes Bolckow shipyard at Blyth.

2. In a booklet presented by Hughes Bolckow to their staff when the firm was taken over in 1961, there is a long piece about the break-up of the "Britannia". The salvaged material went to making up all kinds of things. A sentence reads "Folding chairs on offer were designed with wounded soldiers in mind ('their high back is very restful, but does not interfere with the hat when seated'); tea trolleys were advertised ('in hospitals and nursing homes they ease the extra work brought by the war'); and there were three patterns of memorial shrine with space for names of up to 150 dead; the names could be added 'in black at a halfpenny a letter, or in gold at a penny a letter'".

3. Morpeth Herald 30/03/1917 reports:- A war shrine made out of wood of the battleship Britannia which is being broken up at Blyth, has been placed in Holy Trinity to the memory of parishioners who have fallen in the war. The wood is the gift of Messrs Bolckow Hughes and Co and the carving and lettering has been done by the local branch of C.E.M.S.

4. Holy Trinity Church closed in 1982 and was demolished.

5. The pierced shelf to hold vases or flower pots on the memorial was been removed as part of the restoration as it appeared to be a later addition and obstructed the view of the lower plaque which was also added at a later date.

6. A Faculty 1244 dated 19/12/1933 grants permission “To furnish the north aisle of the said Church as a memorial chapel.” and “To place on the north wall of the proposed chapel the two brass tablets erected as a war memorial in St.Peter’s Church (Tynemouth) . .”

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; photo of restored memorial: Michael Scott

Morpeth Herald 30/03/1917 reports detail in Note 3. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Newcastle Daily Journal 10/04/1920 reports that a faculty had been applied for.

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No.672, (no date on index card).

Research acknowledgements

Sally Bird; Michael Newrick; Eric Hollerton; Janet Brown; James Pasby; Michael Scott (Christ Church)

Research In Progress

The names on the North Shields memorials are being researched by the Tynemouth WW1 group. Contact

Triptych 1914-18 Holy Trinity Church (N34.16)

NORTH SHIELDS     Holy Trinity Church, Coach Lane.  

Centre panel

   King and Country

   Greater   Love Hath
   No Man    Than This.
   Wm. G. Hallcrow   Jos. Hunter
   Fredk. Hanson     Chas Johnson
   Wm. Harbron       Thos. Johnson
   Robt. Hardwick    Geo. King
   John Wm. Hart     Valentine Laverick
   Robt. Wm. Haw     Harold Liddell
   Geo. Hislop       Thos. H. Love
   Harry D. Hogg     Stanley Love
   Thos. Hogg        John G. McPhail
   Wm. Hopper        E.G. Mann
   Geo. T. Horne     Alf. Martin
   Ralph Hudspeth    Jas. Mather
   Walter Hume       Wm. Mather
   John L. Hunter    Jas. Mavin             
   The Heroic Dead.
Left panel	   Right panel

   Roll of Honour      Roll of Honour

   John H. Adey       Robt. Morrison
   Fredk. Allerton    Thos. Mortimer
   J.C. Angus         Robt. Mundy
   N. Atkinson        Fred. W. McKay
   John Balam         Geo. Newman
   Albert Ballantine  Robt. Newsom
   Fredk. Baxter      Sidney Nixon
   Alfred Beattie     Geo. Parker
   John Bewick        Frank Patterson  
   Robt. N. Briggs    John Patterson
   James Broderick    W.T. Perry
   W.R. Brookbanks    Irven Reed
   Edwin Brown        Jas. H. Robson
   John Brown         Frank Rodman
   Richd. T. Brown    Bertrm. Rumney
   Daniel Cale        Wm. Chatt Sadler
   Edwd. Calverley    Ernest Scott 
   Harry Carling      David B. Scott
   Wm. Carmichael     Gordon Scurr
   Wm. Clark          Harry Scurr
   Thos. Crammin      John J. Sharp
   Matthew Cranston   Robt. Skipsey
   James Crozier      Chas. Spendiff
   James Crowe        Geo. Stephenson
   John Crozier       J.S. Stephenson
   Thos. Cummings     Alex. Stephenson
   Ralph C. Coulter   Wm. J. Stewart
   Henry Corner       Thos. H. Svenseen
   J.J. Digman        Jas. Spinks
   John G. Dixon      Thos. Tate
   Jos. Dodds         T.S. Taws
   John Dryden        David Taws
   Robt. T. Elsdon    Robt. Thompson
   W. Elsdon          Geo. Todd
   Jas. Errington     Wm. Vickers
   John H. Fatherley  Louis Warwick
   Thos. Forrest      Chas. P. Watson
   W. Frazer          Geo. Watts
   Andrew Garrity     R. Weatherstone
   Wm. H. Grant       H. Weatherstone
   Thos. Gray         Geo. A. West
   Jas. Gray          Geo. Wile
   Wm. F. Gunn        Geo. Windlay
   Geo. Hall          Robt. Wright
   Robt. Hall         Robt. Wight  
On lower plaque
   Albert Colvin M.M.     Lawrence Petersen
   Andrew Blake Dodds     Norman Wilfred Lawson
   Donald Fraser Anderson Thomas Mercer Lidster
   James Lowe             Thomas Randal Agnew
   James Murray           William Albert Ward Sparham

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