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Crucifix 1914-18 St. Cuthbert R.C.





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NZ 350684

Original Location

St. Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Church, Albion Road West / South Preston Grove. In the Rectory grounds, Bedford Street.

Present Location

It was moved to its present position outside the new St Cuthbertís R. C. Church in 1975. Albion Road West.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 5th September 1920 by Dean Haggerty at a service conducted by Rev. J. Kinleside, priest of St.Cuthbertís.

Memorial Description

Crucifix 15 feet (4.57m) high on a base 6 feet (1.82m) square. The hood is carved out of the solid stone. The dedication is on the sloping shoulder of the pedestal, and the names are listed in sets of three columns on each facet of the square base. The lettering is incised and the names have been lead filled. The letters "R.I.P." are on the upper side of the flat shallow base. All lettering is in Roman capitals. Crucifix measurements depth 1.603m, height 2.745m, width 1.703m

Materials used

Stancliffe Sandstone.


This crucifix / was erected by / the parishioners / of St. Cuthbert's / to the memory of the / members of the congregation / who died on active service / during the Great War 1914-1918


Who commissioned

The Parishioners of St Cuthberts Roman Catholic Church.

Present condition

Poor. The figure is eroding with the weather. The lead lettering is falling out, and is now missing. Some names cannot be read.

English Heritage Listing


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. R.L. Boulton and Sons, Sculptors, Cheltenham.


1. The Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle should have unveiled the cross, but had been taken ill, and was replaced by Dean Haggerty.

2. It originally sat within the site of the old church (now demolished) on the opposite side of the road.

3. There are plans to have this Memorial renovated. 2019. (Visited WMT Regional Volunteer).

4. The present St Cuthberts Church, Presbytery and Parish Centre comprise one unit in Albion Road West, North Shields. The new church was opened on the 22nd December 1975 and the Parish Centre a month later.

5. This was also linked to the Organ which was part of the War Memorial as well, see N34.74.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; T. Harding

Newcastle Daily Journal 06/09/1920 reports unveiling

Illustrated Chronicle 07/09/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 11/09/1920 reports unveiling.

Whitley Bay Observer10/09/1920 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

P. Thirkell; the late R.W. Gould; M. Newrick; T. Harding; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

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Crucifix 1914-18 St. Cuthbert R.C. (N34.05)

NORTH SHIELDS, St. Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Church.


   This Crucifix
   was erected by
   the Parishioners
   of St. Cuthbert's,
   to the memory of the
   members of the congregation
   who died on active service
   during the Great War 1914-1918

   Farrow, W.A.      Jones, W.           Mankin J
   Fell, F.          Joyce, E.           Martin, O.
   Fitzgibbon, E.    Kenny, D.           Matthews, L. 
   Flanagan, P.      Kerrigan, E.C.      May, P.
   Gavigan, W.       Kerrigan, J.L.      Millward, H.
   Gibbons, Mn.      Lauder, J.          Mitcalfe, E.S. 
   Gibbons, M.       Lawless, H.         Moffat, A.
   Gosling, J.       Lawless, M.         Mylotte, R.
   Grant, H.J.       Logan, M.           Myock, M.
   Grant, M.         Lowden, S.          Mudd, W.
   Hall, J.          Lowes, W.           Myers, R.
   Halloran J.       Lumsden, J.         McArthur, A.
   Horn L.           Lumsden, R.         McCabe, J.
   Hunter T.         Maguire, M.         McCabe T.
   H........ T.      Main, A.            McCaffrey, O.S. 
   Jennings J.       Grenyer, A.         McCarty W.
Side 1

   Bell, J.          Cairns, J.          Craig, H.
   Blackman, H.      Callaghan, W.       Creed, M.
   Bolam, J.         Cavanagh, T.        Crosby, J.
   Bower, W.         Ceci, J.            Curry, T.
   Bradbury, E.      Clarke, J.          Davison, R.
   Bradley, B.       Clarke, Jos.        Dehn, J.
   Bradley, J.       Clarke, W.          Dick, T.
   Brannen, P.       Coleman, J.         Dodds, C.
   Brookbank, R.     Connelly, C.        Donoghue D
   Brown, J.         Connelly, J.        Donoghue, C  
   Burgoyne, R.      Connelly, M.        Donoghue, W.  
   Burnett, A.       Connor, R.          Elwell, J.
   Butler, T.        Conroy, E.          English, C.
   Butler, W.        Coyne, A.           Ewins, A.
   Byder, L.         Coyne, J.           Fallon, T.
Side 2 :

   McCullock P       Reed T.             Smith, R.P.
   McEwan, C.        Reid, M.            Smith, W.
   Napier, J.        Riley, P.           Spendiff, A.
   Newton, B.        Robson, E.R.        Standen, J.
   O'Brien, W.       Rooney, W.          Stevenson, A.
   O'Connor, C.      Rose, C.            Suttie, H.
   O'Halleron, M.    Ross, W.            Swinney, J.
   O'Neill, E.       Rowley, J.          Talbot, W.D.
   O'Neill, J.L.     Ruddy, J.           Teague, E.
   Peterson J        Shannon, T.         Thewles, F.
   Phelon F.         Shannon, W.         Thompson, J.W.  
   Platten W.        Sherrington, W.M.   Todd E.
   Priestman G.A.    Shuttleworth, J.A.  Todd, A.
   Quinn J.          Skipsey, C.         Watson C.
   .......... A.     Smith, J.           Whelan J.

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