Memorial Details

Photo: James Pasby


Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 Town Hall





Map ref

NZ 28?42?

Original Location

Town Hall, Market Place DH1 3NJ

Present Location

Formerly in the Town Hall itself, later moved into the lobby.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 2nd March 1921 by Cllr. Wm. Thwaites, Mayor Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque, total length 8 feet with carved headpiece and pediment incorporating the Durham badge inside a wreath with ribbon, all raised in half relief. Two raised areas at the ends of the frame each bear a crown also in half relief.
The frame is 5 feet 8 inches high x 8 feet 7 inches long. It is divided into panels by carved wood frames. Ten glazed panels (upper row of seven, lower row of three), each outlined by a gilded frame, bear the names in two columns on each, using black and red printing. The dedication along the top below the badge is in raised Gothic lettering.

Materials used

Dark oak and glass


Pro Patria
/ Durham / In memory of citizens who fell in the Great War 1914-1919 / and in the war 1939-1945


Who commissioned

W. Lishman

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Made by Mr. James Lyons. Lettering done by Mr. W.G. Foottit. Mr. E.J. Miles


1. Originally placed next to the fireplace in the main hall, it was taken down when the names for 1939-45 were added.

2. The family of John Malia state that his name has been incorrectly spelled as “Melia”

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Simon Raine; James Pasby

Durham County Advertiser 25/2/1921

Durham City Remembered, Michael F Richardson – ISBN 1 85983 291 1, carries a photo of the Mayor, Cllr. H.L. Cawood, placing a wreath on 11th November 1955. Is this the date of the dedication of the 1939-45 names? The caption doesn’t say so.

Northern Echo 20/9/1920 reports progress, naming those involved with the work; 3/3/1921 reports unveiling of scroll by the Mayor, Cllr. Wm. Thwaites.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; John and Mavis Dixon; Durham County Council

Research In Progress

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Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 Town Hall (D47.054)

First panel: 1914-18
Left hand column

   Capt           Adamson C.Y.           8th R.S.F. 
   Pte.           Ainsley G.             R.A.S.C. 
   “              Ainsley R              6th D.L.I. 
   L/Cpl.         Anderson T.F.G.        5th D.L.I. 
   Midshipman     Apperley N W           R.N. 
   Pte.           Appleton  G.W.         5th N.F. 
   Gnr.           Arnold W.H.            R.F.A. 
   Pte.           Atkinson F.            Scottish Rifles 
   “              Atkinson T.R.          18th N.F. 
   L.Cpl.         Aves H.G.              A.I.F. 

   Pte.           Baker A.               2nd N.F. 
   “              Baker T.               18th E.Yorks 
   A.B.           Banks G.W.             R.N. 
   Pte.           Barker R.              6th Yorks 
   Cpl.           Barnes A.              12th D.L.I. 
   Pte.           Barron J.R.            9th Yorks 
   “              Barron J.W.            “   “  
   “              Beeby J.N.             2nd D.L.I. 
   “              Beeby N.               N.F. 
   “              Bell, G.               1st K.O.S.B. 
   L.Cpl.         Bell W.                5th West Yorks 
   Cpl.           Berry N.C.             18th Huzzars 
   Pte.           Bilton G.              18th D.L.I. 
   “              Birkett T.             “     “ 
   “              Blagdon J.             9th E.Yorks 
   O.A.           Burnett F.J.           R.N.   
First panel: 1914-18
Right hand column

   L.Sgt          Blakey W               17th Midd.R.
   Cpl.           Bone J.E.              8th Somerset L.I.
   Pte.           Bone M.S.              8th D.L.I.
   “              Bowes J                N.F.
   “              Bowes R                D.L.I.
   “              Bowes W                “
   Lieut.         Boyd W.                8th D.L.I.
   Pte.           Brass J.               Manchester R.
   “              Breeze T.              6th N.F.
   “              Brooke J.              D.L.I.
   Capt.          Brown, A.N. M.C.       D.L.I.
   L.Cpl.         Brown, C.              M.G. Corps
   Cpl.           Brown, H.              9th N.F.
   Pte.           Brown J.               6th Yorks
   “              Brown J.V. de L.       6th Yorks
   “              Brydon R.   
   Cpl.           Bryson R.H.            R.F.A.
   “              Bulmer J.              R.I. Rifles
   Pte.           Burrell, R.P.
   L.Cpl.         Burton E.H.            2nd Worcester R.
   Pte.           Bush J.                N.F.
   Pte.           Butterworth W.H.       6th DLI

   Midshipman     Cadle E.G.             R.N.
   Capt.          Cadle L.M.             Austln I.F.
   2nd Lieut      Callinan T.W.          8th D.L.I.
   Pte.           Carr C.E.              A.I.F.
Second panel: 1914-18
Left hand column

   Sgt.           Carr C.D.              NZ Rifle Bgde. 
   Capt.          Carr V.F.              R.G.A. 
   Sergt.         Carrick W.M. M.M.      18th D.L.I. 
   Dvr.           Carter E.              Tank Corps. 
   “              Casey O.               R.A.S.C. 
   Pte.           Chapelow J.            2nd D.of W. Regt. 
   “              Chapman J.  
   “              Cherry W.R.            3rd M.G.C. 
   “              Cheshire W.            Ryl..Mare..L.I. 
   “              Cheston T.             3rd E. Yorks  
   Cpl.           Chicken W.F.           2nd Yorks  
   Sgt.Maj        Chrisp T.              8th D.L.I. 
   Pte.           Churnside J.           7th Border Rgt. 
   “              Clapham W.H.           10th E.Lancs. 
   “              Clement A.H.           R..Fusiliers 
   Gnr.           Clement W.             R.F.A. 
   Pte.           Coatham J.R.           18th D.L.I. 
   Stoker         Cochrane J.            R.N. 
   Pte.           Collin S.              R.A.M.C.  
   “              Collins W.             11th Sth W.B.Rgt. 
   “              Cosgrove A.  
   Eng.Artificer  Coxon E.W.             R.N. 
   Pte.           Coyne R.E.             Coldstrm.Gds. 
   Cpl.           Craggs W.G.            7th Yorks. 
   Pte.           Cranmer T.D.           Y. & L. Rgt.
   Bombd.Sgt.     Crombie J.C.           1st E. Yorks 
   Sgt.           Cross C.T.             18th D.L.I. 
   L.Cpl.         Culbert W.             “     “
   Pte.           Cunningham S.          19th D.L.I. 
Second Panel 1914-18
Right hand column

   Pte.           Curry J.               N.F.
   Lt.            Christopher R.         T.C.

   Pte.           Davey A.               5th D.L.I.
   “              Davey T.E.             N.F.
   “              Davison A.             3rd Cam. Hldrs.
   “              Davison J.             10th Hussars   
   “              Dawson E.W.S.          M.G.C.
   “              Dent S.                D.L.I.
   “              Dews E.                7th Yorks
   “              Dixon E.               K.O.S.B.
   “              Dixon S.F.             1st Royal Warks.
   “              Dobinson               N.F.
   “              Dodds J.               22nd D.L.I.
   Cpl.           Donaldson W.           R.F.A.
   Pte.           Dowd J.                R.I.R.
   Pte.           Duffy M.               Yorks & Lancs R

   Pte.           Eales  E.J.            18th D.L.I.
                  Ebdy F.                R.N.
   Pte.           Elliott E.             20th D.L.I.
   L.Cpl.         Elliott R.             Loyal N.Lancs.
   Pte.           Elliott W.             R.A.M.C.
   “              Evans E.               18th D.L.I.
   “              Evans J.J.             16th D.L.I.
   “              Ewbank T.              18th D.L.I.

   Pte.           Fairley G.             10th D.L.I.
   L.Cpl.         Fairley P.             D.L.I.
Third panel 1914-18
Left hand column   
   Pte.           Farthing J.            12th D.L.I. 
   “              Farthing P.            7th K.O.Y.L.I. 
   “              Featherstonhaugh M.    8th D.L.I. 
   “              Featherstonhaugh W.S.  “  
   “              Fenwick A.             4th N.F.
   “              Fenwick A.             D.L.I. 
   “              Fenwick G.             15th D.L.I. 
   “              Fenwick W.             8th D.L.I. 
   Sgt.           Finan M.               N.F.                
   Pte.           Fisher W.              25th N.F. 
   “              Fletcher J. 
   Gnr.           Flowers J.             R.F.A. 
   Pte.           Foley E.               N.F.  
   Co.Sgt.Maj.    Forrest W.             18th D.L.I. 
   Capt.          Forster G.R.           19th D.L.I. 
   Pte.           Foster G.              “     “ 
   “              Fox J.                 4th D.L.I. 
   “              Fox J.H.               23rd N.F. 
   Gnr.           Freeman A.             R.F.A. 

   Pte.           Gaffney P.             N.F. 
   “              Gallagher J.           Q.O.Y.Dragoons  
   “              Gill J.   
   “              Gilroy H.              N.F.   
   “              Gilvey J. 
   “              Gleason G. 
   “              Golightly I.W.         16th N.F. 
Third Panel 1914-18
Right hand column

   Pte.           Goodyear C.W.          20th D.L.I.
   Dvr.           Gray G.                R.F.A.
   Pte.           Greenwell, G.R.        A.O.C.
   “              Grieveson T.           20th D.L.I.

   Pte.           Hall A.                5th D.L.I.
   “              Hanley Matt.
   “              Hanley Michl.          1st N.F.
   Sapper         Hardy S.               R.E.
   Pte.           Hargreaves C.
   “              Harker T.              11th D.L.I.
   “              Harland R.             7th E. Yorks
   “              Harrington J.          89th Lab. Corps
   Gnr.           Harris G.W.            R.F.A.
   Pte.           Harris J.W.            “
   “              Harrison G.H.          22nd D.L.I.
   “              Hart T.                7th Yorks.
   Sgt.           Hauxwell G.W.          7th D.L.I.
   Pte.           Hawkins J.             8th D.L.I.
   “              Hayes E.P.             3rd Lincs.
   Cpl.           Hazelgreaves W.        6th E. Kents
   “              Heckles L.S.           Scottish Horse
   Pte.           Hendrick J.            18th D.L.I.   
   L.Cpl.         Heron A.H.             “     “
   “              Heron C.C.             R.E.
   Pte.           Heron H.               11th Royal Scots
   “              Heron W.               4th London Rgt.
Fourth panel 1914-18
Left hand column
   Pte            Heslop J.              D.L.I. 
   “              Hodgson A.  
   “              Hodgson J.             2nd Yorks  
   “              Hodgson H.             3rd D.L.I.  
   L.Cpl.         Hogg T.                15th D.L.I.  
   Pte.           Holland E.M.           8th D.L.I. 
   “              Holland W.B.           5th Yorks. 
   “              Holliday J.L.          5th D.L.I.
   “              Hook J.  
   “              Hook M.  
   “              Hopper R.              Tank Corps 
   “              Hopper T.  
   “              Hudson W.              8th D.L.I. 
   “              Humble T.              25th N.F. 
   “              Humble R.A.            “ 

   Pte.           Ingles H.              E. Yorks 

   Pte            Jackson W.             8th D.L.I. 
   “              Jarvis T.W.            8th D.L.I. 
   “              Jarvis M.              1st Loyal N. Lancs.
   “              Johnson A.   
   “              Johnson E.             R.F.A.  
   “              Johnson J.             16th N.F.  
   “              Johnson J.J.           Labour Corps 
   “              Johnson J.T.           13th D.L.I. 
   A.B.           Johnson N.             R.N. 
Fourth Panel 1914-18
Right hand column

   Pte.           Keeble E.W.            19th D.L.I.
   Trooper        Kelly J.               6th D. Guards
   Pte.           Kerwin A.              9th Yorks.
                  Keys-Wells W.F.
   Pte.           King T.                2nd N.F.
   “              Kirk H.                2nd D.L.I.
   “              Kirwin J.              W.R. Regt.

   Pte.           Laing J.A.             M.G.C.
   “              Lambert F.             R.I.R.
   Sgt.           Le Count A.G.          13th N.F.
   Pte.           Le Count L.A.          9th Yorks.
   “              Lee, A.                D.L.I.
   L.Cpl.         Lee R.                 21st Canadians
   Pte.           Liddell G.
   “              Lock W.                15th D.L.I.
   L.Cpl.         Lockey F.D.            18th D.L.I.
   Pte.           Lockwood T.            15th D.L.I.
   “              Loftus T.
   “              Lumsden F.             8th D.L.I.

   Capt.          Macfarlane A.          R.N.
   Cpl.           Madden J.R.            R.F.A.
   Pte.           Maddison E.            8th D.L.I.
   2nd Lt.        Maddison G.            7th Norfolk Rgt.
   Lt.Col.        Maddison P.L.          2nd Yorks
   Pte.           Markham T.             15th D.L.I.
Fifth panel 1914-18
Left hand column

   Lt.            Marshall W.            8th D.L.I. 
   L.Cpl.         Mason J.               1st N.F. 
   Pte.           Maxwell J.             D.L.I. 
   Lt.            Maynard A.F.           R.N.V.R.  
   Pte.           McDermott              D.L.I. 
   “              McGregor G.F.          22nd D.L.I. 
   Sgt.           McNamara A.            Yorks 
   Pte.           Mearis F.B.            7th W. Yorks. 
   “              Meewley (sic)          8th N.F.  
   “              Melia John 
   “              Melia Jos.
   “              Metcalfe J.            M.G.C. 
   “              Minto B.               1st Cam.Highlanders 
   “              Mitchell E.            5th Shropshire 
   “              Moore A. 
   Capt.          Morant M.              7th D.L.I. 
   Gnr.           Morgan E.              R.G.A. 
   Pte.           Morgan J.              8th D.L.I.  
   “              Morley W.A.            10th Essex 
   Cpl.           Morris C.              18th D.L.I. 
   Pte.           Moug S. 
   “              Murdock R. 
   “              Myers W.H.             2nd Border Rgt. 
   “              McClurg W.J.           N.F.  

   “              Naylor W.              Yorks
   “              Nelson S.              6th W.Yorks 
   Sgt.           Noble A.G. M.M.        8th E.Yorks. 
5th Panel 1914-18
Right hand column

   Cpl.           Norwood M.             27th N.F.
   Pte.           O’Connor A.            8th D.L.I.
   Bombdr.        Oliver J.  M.M.        R.F.A.
   Pte.           Oughton J.             1st N.F.

   Master at Arms Parry F.G.             R.N.
   Pte.           Parry G.V.             K.O.Y.L.I.
   “              Peacock G.W.P.         Can. Ex. Force
   L.Cpl.         Pedwell J.             8th D.L.I.
   Pte.           Pedwell W.             “     “
   Cpl.           Pennington J.          13th N.F.
   Pte.           Perrin H.              15th London Regt.
   “              Peverall T.            8th E. Yorks
   Gnr.           Phillips W.E.          R.F.A.
   Pte.           Pickering G.A.         5th N.F.
   Trooper        Potter A.              7th Hussars
   Pte.           Powney J.              N.F.
   “              Pratt J.               16th D.L.I.
    “             Pratt T.               7th Yorks.
   Bandsman       Preece G.              22nd D.L.I.
   Pte.           Preece G.W.            “     “
   “              Procter E.             21st N.F.
   “              Procter J.             M.G.C.
   “              Purvis J.              Winnipeg Rifles
   “              Potts A.               Hussars
   Pte.           Quinn J.

   “              Raine J.               M.G.C.
   “              Sutch J.               20th N.F.
Sixth panel 1914-18
Left hand panel 
   Pte.           Ramsay J.H.            18th Hussars 
   “              Ramshaw    
   “              Reay J.                D.L.I.  
   “              Redshaw T.             1st Essex Rgt.  
   “              Reed G.A.              10th D.L.I.  
   “              Richardson A.          6th W.Yorks 
   Gnr.           Ritchie J.             A.I.F. 
   Major          Roberts F.J.           2nd Qns.Own R.W.Surrey 
   Lt.Col.        Roberts G.C.           Gloucester Rgt. 
   Sgt.           Robey T.  
   Saddler        Robinson A.V.          R.F.A. 
   Pte.           Robinson T.            Somerset L.I. 
   Sapper         Robson J.A.            R.E. 
   Trooper        Rollin J.              9th Lancers 
   Sgt.           Rowan J.L.  
   Pte.           Rowntree F.            R.A.M.C. 
   “              Rowntree W.            R.F.A. 
   “              Rule C. 
   “              Russell J.W.           8th D.L.I. 
   2nd Lt.        Reed H.W.T.            2nd Mon.Regt. 

   Pte.           Salisbury J.R.         N.F. 
   “              Saxby C.               24th N.F.  
   “              Scarth J.              2nd Cold.Gds. 
   “              Scott D. 
   “              Sewell J. 
   “              Sewell J.B.            8th D.L.I. 
   “              Shankie J.             21st D.L.I. 
   “              Shaw F.A.              12th D.L.I. 
   “              Robinson J.H.          H.L.I.
Sixth panel 1914-18
Right hand panel

   2nd Lt.        Shepherd S.            3rd D.L.I.
   Pte.           Shepherd J.H.          W. Yorks
   Gnr.           Short A.E.             R.F.A.
   Pte.           Smith A.               7th Scottish Rifles
   Sgt.           Smith J.               10th D.L.I.
   L.Cpl.         Smith J.A.             8th D.L.I.
   Pte.           Smith J.H.             6th E. Kent
   “              Smith W.               8th D.L.I.
   “              Smurthwaite J.G.       2nd Yorks & Lancs
   “              Snowdon A.             19th D.L.I.
   “              Spence A.              2nd Grenadier Gds.
   “              Spence C.H.            20th D.L.I.
   “              Stephenson C.          Lincs. Rgt.
   “              Stephenson C.W.        16th D.L.I.
   “              Stephenson R. Senr.    3rd N.F.
   “              Stephenson R. Junr.    2nd N.F.
   Bombdr         Stewart J.             R.F.A.
   L.Cpl.         Stewart J.B.           6th Yorks.
   2nd Lt.        Stobart J.G.           Rifle Brigade
   Cpl.           Strong G.              9th Yorks
   Pte.           Strong J.              10th D.L.I.
   2nd Lt.        Stuart K.B.            6th D.L.I.
   Pte.           Summerbell T.          6th N.F.
   2nd Lt.        Summerscales F.D.      22nd D.L.I.
   Signaller      Sutton F.              R.N.
   Pte.           Sweeting C.R.          18th D.L.I.
   “              Shotton G.             15th D.L.I.
   Driver         Tait A.                R.F.A.
Seventh panel 1914-18
Left hand column

   Cpl.           Tait E                 22nd D.L.I. 
   Pte            Tait J.J.              10th D.L.I. 
   “              Tait P.                K.O.Y.L.I. 
   “              Taylor W.              1st E.Yorks 
   Sapper         Telford T.             R.E. 
   Pte.           Thew T.                11th D.L.I. 
   Sapper         Thomas A.              R.E. 
   Pte.           Thompson W.            8th D.L.I. 
   “              Thwaites A.            8th D.L.I.  
   Lieut.         Tilbrook F.C.          7th D.L.I. 
   Gnr.           Todd R.                R.G.A. 
   2nd Lt.        Tombs J.S.M.           R.F.A. 
   Pte.           Trevitt S.             18th D.L.I. 
   Cpl.           Trow Richd.            1st E.Yorks 
   Gnr.           Trow Robt.             R.G.A. 
   2nd Lt.        Tumilty A.             Dublin Fusilrs. 
   Sapper         Vasey C.               R.E. 
   Pte.           Vasey J.               D.L.I. 
   “              Vasey R.               7th E.Yorks 
   Sgt.           Vasey T.H.             12th D.L.I. 
   Pte.           Vest A.                1st E.Yorks  
   “              Vest C.                2nd D.L.I. 

   Pte.           Wade J.                3rd D.L.I. 
   “              Waggott J.A.           22nd D.L.I.
   “              Walburn J.H.           12th N.F. 
   L.Cpl.         Walker F.  M.M.        10th Ryl. Hussrs. 
   Lieut.         Wilson R.A.            4th D.L.I.
Seventh column (1914-18)
Right hand column

   2nd Lt.        Waller T.J.            3rd N.F.
   Pte.           Walton A.              5th D.L.I.
   2nd Lt.        Walton H.F.            N.F.
   Cpl.           Walton J.              1st W. Yorks.
   Pte.           Walton N.              16th D.L.I.
   “              Walton N.              6th W. Yorks
   “              Walton T.
   “              Wandless H.            8th D.L.I.
   “              Warrant E.
   “              Watson H.              9th D.L.I.
   “              Watson W.A.            18th D.L.I.
   SgtMaj.        Watts E.M.             10th N.F.
   Pte.           Weelands A.            13th D.L.I.
   “              Welsh F.E.             10th D.L.I.
   Sgt.           Welsh H.H.             15th D.L.I.
   Pte.           Welsh J.               7th Yorks.
   “              Williamson F.          R.A.S.C.
   “              Wills F.E.             10th D.L.I.
   Sgt.           Wills H.H.             8th D.L.I.
   “              Wilson J.              W. Yorks.
   Pte.           Wilson T.C.            D.L.I.
   “              Wise J.                18th D.L.I.
   “              Woodward T.            18th D.L.I.
   “              Wright A.J.            N.F.   
   Sgt.           Wright W.G.            N.F.

   Pte.           Young R.               3rd D.L.I.
   Sgt.           Yule R.                19th D.L.I.
8th panel (1939-1945) 
Left hand column     

   Sgt.           Allan, J.S.            R.A.F. 
   L.A.C.         Anderson, A.           R.A.F. 
   Gnr.           Armstrong, A.J.        R.A. 
   L.Cpl.         Ashworth, W.           1st D.L.I.  
   Gnr.           Atkinson, T.T.         R.A. 
   A.B.           Aubin, K.              R.N. 
   Sgt.Nav.       Austin, L.             R.A.F. 
   Pte.           Austin, R.E.           8th D.L.I. 

   L.A.C.         Bailey, H.             R.A.F. 
   Ldg.Sea.       Ball, L.               R.N. 
   Pte.           Beeby, R.              R.P.C. 
   L.A.C.         Bell, J.               R.A.F. 
   Pte.           Bell, W.               H.L.I. 
   Cpl.           Blagdon, S.            D.L.I. 
   L/Bdr.         Blakeborough, C.R.     R.H.A. 
   Ord.Sea        Blakeborough, W.       R.N. 
   A.C.2          Bowe, J.               R.A.F. 
   Lt.            Boyd, H.               D.L.I. 
   A.B.           Bradley, W.            R.N. 
   Spr.           Breeze, J.             R.E. 
   Capt.          Brown, J.              R.N. 
   Cpl.           Burt, W.               R.A.F. 

   A.B.           Carr, R.W.             R.N. 
   Sto.1          Cash, T.               R.N. 
   L/Bdr.         Chaffey, W.G.          R.A. 
Eighth Panel (1939-45)
Right hand column

   Gnr.           Chapman, W.            R.H.A.   
   Tpr.           Charlton, R.           Recce Co.
   Gnr.           Chester, W.            R.A.
   Pte.           Cleckner, J.A.         2nd E.Yorks.
   Pte.           Coldicott, C.A.        9th D.L.I.
   L/Bdr.         Colwell, G.A.          11th (H.A.C.)
   Gnr.           Connor, J.L.           R.A.
   Seaman         Cook, F.W.             R.N.
   Ord.Sea.       Cook, T.               R.N.
   W.O.Plt.       Cuthbertson, F.W.      R.A.F.
   Cpl.           Coulthard, W.L.        11th D.L.I.

   Ldg.Sea.       Davison, G.            R.N.
   Sgt.           Dent, L.               R.A.F.
   Dvr.           Devine, J.H.           R.A.S.C.
   Spr.           Dinsdale, L.           R.E.
   Pte.           Dobinson, J.G.         D.L.I.
   Sgt.           Dodd, N.R.W.           R.A.
   A.C.2          Duffy, M.D.            R.A.F.
   A.B.           Dunn, D.               R.N.
   Sgt.           Dunn, H.A.             R.A.F.

   Sgt.           Eddy, R.               D.L.I.
   Gnr.           Edge, T.M.             R.A.
   Pte.           Etherington, G.T.      8th D.L.I.

   Pte.           Flynn, N.              D.L.I.
   Sgt.           Foreman, F.J.          R.A.F.
   Lt.(E)         Freeman, A.            R.N.R.
   Pte.           French, A.             11th D.L.I.  
Ninth panel 1939-45
Left hand column

   Pte.           Gedge, E.T.            11th D.L.I. 
   Lt.            Gedge, J.F.            8th D.L.I. 
   Pte.           George, J.             R.P.C. 
   F.Sgt.         Gleason, A.            R.A.F. 
   Cpl.           Gray, J.S.             R.A.S.C. 

   F.O.           Hall, C.R.             R.A.F. 
   Fus.           Hall, J.               R.Welsh.Fus.  
   A.B.           Hall, W.               R.N. 
   Sto.PO         Hallas, U.             R.N.  
   Gnr.           Harker, A.R.           R.A. 
   Pte.           Hawkins, H.            E.Yorks 
   Spr.           Hedley, C.H.           R.E. 
   Sgt.           Hence, J.              R.A.F. 
   Pte.           Herdman, W.            A.S. Highlanders 
   Pte.           Holmes, G.H.           R.A.S.C. 
   Ty.SubLt.(A)   Hood, A.H.             R.N.V.R. 
   L.A.C.W.       Hope, A.G.             W.A.A.F. 
   Sgt.UP’TPlt    Hopkins, G.J..         R.A.F. 
   Apprent.       Hopper, C.H.           M.N. 
   Pte.           Horner, J.L.S.         9th D.L.I. 
   A.C.1          Hultquist, E.T.        R.A.F. 

   Sgt.           Jameson, T.            R.A. 
   Pte.           Johns, W.R.            16th D.L.I. 

   Pte.           Kemp. C.               Cam.Highlanders 
   Dvr.           Kenny. F.              R.A. 
Ninth panel 1939-45
Right hand column

   Master         Kiddie, E.             M.N.   
   Bandsman       Kirk, R.               2nd D.L.I.
   Cpl.           Knight, J.             South Lancs.

   Lt.            Lamb, C.D.             1/8th Punj.Regt.
   A.C.2          Lockerbie, W.          R.A.F.
   Spr.           Lowery, T.             R.E.

   Sgt.U’TPlt     McBean, A.             R.A.F.
   Sto.1          McGee, W.              R.N.
   Gnr.           Malia, J.P.            R.A.
   Pte.           Marshall, G.H.         R.P.C.
   Sgt.           Messenger, F.C.        R.A.O.C.
   Sgt.Plt.       Metcalf, G.S.          R.A.F.
   Pte.           Metcalfe, A.           A.S. Highlanders
   Sgt.           Milbourne R.L.         R.A.F.
   Capt.          Muffet, E.D.           R.A.

   Sgt.           Nattrass, A.E.         R.A.F.
   Cpl.           Newnham, D.R.          R. Berks Regt.
   Pte.           Newton, E.J.           8th D.L.I.
   W.O.Nav.       Newton, T.H.           R.A.F.
   Sgt.U’T.       Newton, T.R.           R.A.F.
   Air Bomber
   Lt.            Nicholls, D.J.G.       R.A.
   Sgt.Nav.       Nixon, R.K.            R.A.F.

   L/Cpl.         Oliver, F.             16 D.L.I.
   Pte.           Oliver, G.             D.L.I.
   Gnr.           Orrah, F.W.            R.A.
10th Panel
Left hand column

   Pte.           Palmer B.A.            1/4  K.O.Y.L.I. 
   Pte.           Palmer T.H.            R.A.S.C. 
   Ldg.Ck.        Parkinson H.N.         R.N. 
   (S) T Y  
   Pte.           Paine G.W.             W. Yorks.  
   Pte.           Pearson R.B.           8th D.L.I. 
   F./O.          Pigg O St J            R.A.F. 
   Cpl.           Plant F.S.             R. Signals 
   Sglmn          Potton J.W.            R. Signals. 

   2nd Officer    Ragg R.W.              M.N. 
   Sgt.           Raine A.               R.A.F. 
   Sgt.           Raw J.                 R.A.F. 
   Sto.1/C.       Reacher G.             R.N. 
   Cpl.           Richardson T.          16th D.L.I 
   Major          Riley C.A.             E. Yorks 
   Sgt.           Robinson B.            R.A.F. 
   AC1            Robinson C.H.          R.A.F. 
   Pte.           Robinson R.            2nd D.L.I. 
   Tpr.           Robinson W.            44th R.T.R. 
   Lt.            Robson J.L.            D.L.I. 
   Tel.           Rolling J.             R.N. 
   F.O.           Ross J                 R.A.F. 
   LAC            Ross W.                R.A.F 

   Gnr.           Scott R.               R.A. 
   Fus.           Sewell A.E.            R.I.F. 
   Pte.           Sewell T.              Dorset Reg. 
   F/Sgt.         Shepherd J.G.          R.A.F. 
10th panel 1939-45
Right hand column

   A.B.           Smith K.               R.N.
   Sgt.           Stones J.C.            R.A.F.
   Pte.           Stout J.C.             11th D.L.I.
   Sgt.           Straughan R.           R.A.F.

   Sto 1/C        Taylor G.              R.N.
   Gnr.           Taylor H.F.            R.A.
   Sto 1/C        Taylor L.A.            R.N.
   Cpl.           Telford A.S.           R.A.F.
   A.B.           Thew T.E.G.            R.N.
   Master         Thomas E.O.            M.N.
   A.B.           Towers J. Mc           R.N.

   Pte.           Vasey H.               Border Regt.

   L.A.C.         Waines F.H.            R.A.F.
   Pte.           Walker H.              K.O.S.B.
   Pte.           Watchman A.C.          R.A.O.C.
   Sgt.           Watson C.T.            8th D.L.I.
   L.A.C.         Watson E.              R.A.F.
   Pte.           Weatherall F.          R.A.S.C.
   Pte.           West E.                Somerset L.I.
   Sgt.           West M.A.              R.A.F.
   Sgt.           White W.O.             R.A.F.
   Cpl.           Whitfield F.W.         Sth. Africa Forces.
   Sgt.           Wilson F.H.            R.A.F.
   Cpl.           Worsfold F.H.T.        Q.R.R.

   Cpl.           Young C.T.             8th D.L.I.

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