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Photo: James Pasby


Lychgate 1914-18 1939-45 St. Cuthbert





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NZ 267431

Original Location

St. Cuthbert’s Churchyard, North Road, Western Hill. On east side facing the Old North Road.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 20th July 1921 by Col. J.R. Ritson, dedicated by Bishop Henson of Durham.

Memorial Description

Lychgate, with sandstone base supporting wood panelled upper part and steep pitched tiled roof. There are wood benches inside. The gates have the quotation incised across both solid panels using Roman capitals.
Panels bearing the dedications and names are on both inner sides in gilt lettering.

Materials used

Sandstone; wood; roof of Westmorland slates; floor of red tiles.


Left side: Centre panel:
To the / Glory of God / and with / grateful thanks / for all who served / in the armed forces / of our country / and in memory / of those / who died in / two world wars.

a. Right hand panel:


b. Left hand panel:


Right side.

All three panels a. 1914-1918
On gates:
Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends.




Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Builders Annison and Co. of Whitburn Designer - J.G. Burrell of Durham City

Ownership and maintenance

St Cuthberts Parish Church


1. A more elaborate version was planned which would have cost £1,700, but this was scaled down.

2. The Durham County Advertiser speaks of 63 dead on one side and 600 who served on the other. The gate was restored in 1988 when presumably those who served were replaced by the dead from 1939-45.

3. The gate was restored, the names repainted, and the names from 1939-45 were added. The restored lychgate was rededicated 7th November 1988 by Rev. Anthony Meakin, senior chaplain to the Bishop of Durham.

4. There was strong opposition to a memorial that was inside the church.

5. At the meeting where a decision to erect a lychgate was approved, an immediate collection raised £100.

6. There is a major refurbishment and renovation being undertaken at the present time. November 2018.

7. The cost of the renovation has been paid by an anonymous donor.

8. The re dedication of the restored Lynchgate took place on Sunday 4th March 1019.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; James Pasby; Dorothy Hall

Durham County Advertiser 18/03/1921 reports progress; 15/07/1921 reports progress; 22/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 21/07/1921 reports unveiling; 07/11/1988 reports restoration.

Illustrated Chronicle 21/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 20/06/1919 reports proposals

Stanley News 28/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Auckland and County Chronicle 28/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Durham Record Office List of those serving 1914-18 EP/Du.SC 127

Durham City – pictures from the past, Michael F Richardson – ISBN 1 85983 504 X carries an old photo.

Source of quotation:
“Greater love hath no man . . .” adapted from St.John 15 v 13.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; John & Mavis Dixon; James Pasby; Dorothy Hall: Fiona Collin:

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Lychgate 1914-18 1939-45 St. Cuthbert (D47.038)

Right hand side      

   1939-1945         To the               1914-1918
   J.S. Allan        Glory of God         J. Ainsley
   A. Anderson       and with             J. Ayre
   H. Bailey         grateful thanks      W. Baker
   M. Bowran         for all who served   R. Barrassford
   A.W. Cooke        in the armed forces  T. Barrassford
   W. Cummings       of our country       E. Barren
   F. Dryden         and in memory        C.D. Bell
   M.D. Duffy        of those             T. Beresford
   P. Grant          who died in          G. Bilton
   A. Henderson      two world wars.      T. Birkett
   G. Hopkins                             J. Blagdon
   G.J. Hopkins                           J. Bowes
   C.H. Hopper                            R. Bowes
   C.D. Lamb                              W. Bowes
   G.R. Marshall                          W. Braisher
   A. McBean                              H. Brown
   J. Myers                               R.P. Burrell
   J.G. Nicholls                          J. Butterfield
   A. Raine                               J.H. Churchman
   T. Richardson                          H. Clark
   W. Robinson                            A.G. Clement
   W. Rowe                                J.H. Coldwell
   P. Runciman                            W. Collins
   T.W. Salmon                            G.A. Cresswell
   H.F. Taylor                            W. Curry
   A.S. Telford                           D. Cussins
   F.W. Whitfield                         E. Cussins
   R. Younger                             W. Cussins
Left side

   1914-1918         1914-1918            1914-1918
   H.H. Davies       J. Kingsley          J.T. Runciman
   J. Davison        J.R. Know            W. Sayers
   R. Davison        J.R. Knox            D.B. Scott
   R.S. Davison      G. Liddle            T. Snaith
   G. Dobinson       T. Luke              T.E. Snaith
   C. Dobison        T.W. Luke            R. Straughair
   G. Dobison        M. Mann              E. Tait
   T. Exley          R. Matthews          P. Tait
   W. Flowers        T.H. McGregor        J. Taylor
   G.R. Forster      T.R. McGregor        A. Thomas
   I. Golightly      W. McGregor          W.D. Turnbull
   G.R. Greenwell    W.J. McIntosh        W. Underwood
   A. Hall           A. Moore             J. Wade
   S. Harvey         C. Moore             R.E. Whitelaw
   J.W. Heslop       R. Murdock           R. Wilkinson
   H. Hodgson        W.H. Myers           A. Wilson
   J. Hook           N. Newby             J. Wilson
   M. Hook           G. Parkin            R. Wilson
   A. Hope           G.A. Pickering       J. Woodcock
   W. Hudson         J. Powney            J.R. Woodcock
   L. Hudspeth       J. Pugh              G.R. Worthy
   J. Hughes         T. Ramshaw           W.G. Wright
   G. Huntington     W. Ramshaw           R. Young
   H. Inglis         J. Raven
   E. Johnson        E.F. Reid
   J.R. Johnson      T.W. Reid
   Js. Johnson       T. Robey
   Jn. Johnson       T. Robinson   

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