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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Bede College





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Bede College

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Durham County Record Office

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Roll of Honour, pre-printed, behind glass in a plain wood frame. There is a border of leaves and berries. The prayer is in a cartouche below the title, with a cross at centre. Names are handwritten in two columns. This is the second of two similar rolls.

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Roll / of / Honour / for the Dead. Grant them O Lord eternal rest and / let light perpetual shine upon them.


Present condition

Some damage

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge, London

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall

Durham Record Office: Ref: E/HB 2/908 Roll of Honour for the Bede dead of the Great War, n.d. [c. 1918]

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Bede College (D47.127b)

  for the Dead.
  Grant them O Lord eternal rest and
  let light perpetual shine upon them.
  James Johnson Sanderson      '09-'11   Ralph Curry            '14-'16
  William Ernest Marshall      '11-'13   Robert Ramsay Robson   '12-'14
  Benjamin Ager                '14-'15   Albert George Rowley   '13-'15
  George Cork Dalgoutte        '14-'15   William James Shepherd '11-'15
  Edward Fryer Bracking        '15-'16   Alfred I'Anson Davis   '14-'16
  George Hillyard Shields      '97-'99   William Herbert Brown  '04-'06
  Henry Lightfoot Hetherington '13-'15   Stephen R. Bright      '00-'02
  Thomas Chrisp                '12-'14   George Bertram Sibbit  '11-'13
  William Mitchell             '12-'14   George R. Henderson    '13-'15
  Ernest Hill                  '11-'13   Wilson Brown           '15-'16
  George Crawford              '11-'13   Cecil Horace Mallett   '15
  George Barnfather            '15-'16   John Barclay           '09-'11
  William Elliot (sic)         '14-'15   Jack Stanley Allen     '06-'08
  William Edgar Taylor         '13-'15
  Herbert Richards             '97-'99
  Frederic (sic) Henry Wright  '00-'01
  Henry J.R. Bolt              '91-'92
  Percy Wilkinson              '08-'10
  Wilson Forrest               '05-'07
  **(Robert Thwaites           '12-'14)**
  Edward Fidler Pattinson      '07-'09
  William Duckworth            '10-'11
  John Heslop                  '10-'12
  ** This is unreadable but the only name missing from the complete Roll   
  of Honour D47.126 is Robert Thwaites '12-'14 dates from D47.017

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