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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 Holy Trinity pp 110 - 130


S140.048 Part 06



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NZ 405571

Original Location

Holy Trinity, Church Street East (Old Parish Church). (Closed)

Present Location

The Donnison School Heritage and Education Centre, Church Walk, Sunderland SR1 2BJ

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated May 2001 by Bishop of Durham, Rt.Rev. Michael Turnbull.

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance, A4 size, bound in red with black spine and corners. The words “Great War Memorial Book” are tooled in gold Roman capitals on the front cover. The pages are typed.
For convenience of uploading and viewing, the whole has been divided into thirteen parts as follows:
Part 1 contains the introductions and dedications.
Part 2-7 names the men from Sunderland who served according to the regiment in which they served.
Part 8 lists the men from Sunderland who served with the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy.
Part 9 lists
(a) Army officers
(b) Royal Flying Corps / Royal Air Force.
(c) names of men listed in the Sunderland Echo but not in official records;
(d) those who served with Commonwealth Forces; (e) civilians
Part 10 shows the names of Sunderland men on local war memorials,
plus names from Sunderland, Castletown, and Hylton of those who died, listed by the
regiment in which they served.
Part 11 shows the names from Ryhope and Silksworth;
Part 12 shows the names from Southwick;
Part 13 shows the names from Washington/Barmston/Usworth area.
Since then, further pages have been found which add information to these lists. This is now listed as Part 14.

Materials used

Hard bound book


On flyleaf:
This Memorial Book was Dedicated / by / The Lord Bishop of Durham / The Rt. Rev. Michael Turnbull / on / The 10th Day of May 2001.
The gift of Roly Riddell to / Sunderland Old Township / Heritage Society for lodgement / in the War Memorial Chapel of / Sunderland Old Parish Church.


How money was raised

Sunderland City Council.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Compiled by Roland Riddell.


1. On Armistice Day 2000, the first bound copy was handed over to the Mayor of Sunderland. Another copy was presented to the City Library. The copy dedicated in May was a third copy.

2. Sunderland Old Township Heritage Society helped with obtaining a grant.

3. The three volumes are dedicated to the memory of Mr. Riddell’s daughter, Susan, who died at the age of 30 in 1996.

4. The volume was compiled after Mr. Riddell starting searching for information about his grandfather, Jacob Aldridge, who was killed and is listed on the memorial at Thiepval. Mr. Riddell was amazed to find there was no record of all the Wearsiders who had died in the Great War.

5. The church is now managed by The Churches Conservation Trust.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Sharon Vincent

Sunderland Echo 04/05/2001 reports story and proposed dedication “next week”; 11/05/2001 reports service of dedication.

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Research acknowledgements

Arthur Youern; Roland Riddell; Sharon Vincent; Alan Vickers; Brenda McMahon; James Pasby

Research In Progress

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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 Holy Trinity pp 110 - 130 (S140.048 Part 06)


  A/Cpl.     Acting Corporal; A/LSgt Acting Lance sergeant; 
  Adj.       Adjutant
  AIF        Australian Imperial Force
  Att.       Attached
  b:         Born   
  Bdr.       Bombardier   
  BQMS       Brigade Quarter Master Sergeant
  Batt., Bn. Battalion
  Bty.       Battery (Artillery) 
  Capt.      Captain
  Clr.Sgt.   Colour Sergeant   
  Cpl.       Corporal   
  CSM        Company Sergeant Major
  Died: Home Means died somewhere in UK 
  DOW:       Died of Wounds
  Dvr.       Driver   
  E:         Enlisted   
  F&F        France & Flanders (killed or Died France or Belgium) 
  Far.       Farrier (Horseshoer) 
  Ftr.       Fitter
  Gdsm.      Guardsman
  Gnr.       Gunner   
  KIA:       Killed in Action
  L:         Lived
  L/Cpl.     Lance Corporal   
  Lieut.     Lieutenant   
  Pte.       Private
  Rfm.       Rifleman   
  Sdlr.      Saddler
  Sgt.       Sergeant/Serjeant
  Spr.       Sapper   

Page 110
  Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) 
  1840    Tpr.   John Willis Pear, b/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 18-1-1916;
  2nd Dragoon Guards (Queens Bays) 
  5688    Pte.   Walter Kelly, b: Bishopwearmouth L: Southwick; DOW: F&F 25-9-1916;
  3282    Pte.   James Meston, DCM; b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 26-8-1918;
  D/1140  Pte.   Robert Bell Died: Home 31-10-1918; (Southwick) 
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 13A 3214) 
  14972   Pte.   George Clementson, b: Bishopwearmouth; DOW: F&F 21-4-1918;
  29      L/Cpl. Gilbert Rennison (Art Motor Cyclist) L: Sunderland; 
                 KIA Gallipoli 22-8-1915;
  9th Lancers (Queens Royal) 
  4827    Pte.   William Grieves Charlton, b: Sunderland; L: Newcastle; DOW: 
                 F&F 19-2-1916;
  12th Royal Lancers
  L/12630 L/Cpl. William Cowling Redpath Died: Home 29-10-1920;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 6A 7781) 
  17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) 
  13404   Pte.   John Alexander Wilson, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-10-1918;
  8th (Kings Royal Irish) Hussars
  5397    L/Cpl. James Cox, b: Newcastle; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-3-1918;
  4310    Pte.   Thomas Hope, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 13-5-1915;
  46386   Cpl.   John Davison Caygill, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-3-1918;
  5766           James Meynell Robinson, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-11-1914;
  8204    L/Cpl. Wilfred Jefferson, b: Sunderland; L Harrogate KIA: F&F 28-10-1914;
  15101   Cpl.   Thomas Kell, b: Sunderland; L: Easington; DOW: F&F 22-8-1918;
  19253   Pte.   Robert Henry Lear, b/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 1-12-1914;
  12184   Pte.   Peter Mattimore, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 13-5-1915;
  32145   Pte.   Alfred Munro, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-3-1918;
Page 111
  2274    Pte.   George Bramwell Parrington, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Sunderland; 
                 KIA ?  25-10-1914;
  270054  Cpl.   John Storey, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 30-11-1917;
  270534  Pte.   Ernest Wills, b: Sunderland; L: Cleadon; DOW: F&F 3-7-1917;
  60980   Pte.   Francis William Crampin, Died 20-11-1918;
                interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2277) 
  50034   Pte.   Wallace Calvert, b: Sunderland; L: Preston; Died Egypt; 1-5-1918;
                (Formerly 205639 Hussars) 
  27139   Gdsm.  Peter Dodds Hutchinson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-8-1918;
  14481   Gdsm.  William Melville, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 13-3-1915;
  24706   Gdsm.  Adam Walter Scott, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-3-1917;
  29284   Gdsm.  George Forster Smith, b: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 28-3-1918;
  27138   Gdsm.  Frederick James Storey, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-10-1917;
  7780    L/Cpl. William Henry Batty, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 19-1-1915;
  18711   Pte.   William Blashford, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-8-1918;
  10043   Pte.   Joseph Degnan, b: Derby; E: Coventry; KIA: F&F 25-9-1914;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 24-11-1914) 
  1858    L/Cpl. John Tinley Dixon, b: Bishopwearmouth; L: Rugby, Warwick.
                 KIA: F&F 17-1-1915;
  7989    Pte.   David Dobson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-9-1916;
  10856   Pte.   Edward Earle, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-9-1916;
  11103   Pte.   Ralph Wilson Fairbairn, b: Tyne Dock: E/L: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 21-12-1914; (Official records show his name as Fairburn; 
                 ‘Sunderland Echo’ 24-1-1916; Fairbairn) 
  9418    Pte.   George Favell, b: Sunderland; L: Deptford; DOW: F&F 4-11-1914;
  16316   Pte.   Philip David Forster, b: Newcastle; L: Millfield; KIA: F&F 15-9-1916;
  3781    Pte.   John Angus Gunn, b: Stockton; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-6-1915
  7007    Pte.   Peter Gunn, b: Sunderland; L: Stoke Newington, M/Sex; KIA: F&F 
  10268   Pte.   Albert Hindmarch, b: Southwick; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 29-10-1914
  8078    Pte.   Frederick Hopper, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 14-9-1914;
  8302    Pte.   Thomas Edward Jackson, b: Silksworth; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 1-1-1915
  6508    Pte.   Alfred Keddie, b: Hendon; Died: F&F 29-10-1914;
  14275   Pte.   Henry Lawson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-9-1916;
  13686   Pte.   Ralph Herbert Lawson, b: Bishopwearmouth; L: Trimdon Grange;
                 KIA: F&F 28-9-1915;
  15571   Pte.   Richard Mordey Liddle, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 15-9-1916;
  13991   L/Sgt. John Thomas Machin, b: Sunderland; L: Dewsbury; DOW: F&F 27-9-1916;
  6453    Pte.   Allan McLagan, b: Herrington L: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 14-9-1914;
  7360    Sgt.   Thomas McMullen, b: Millfield; Died: F&F 1-2-1915;
Page 112
  Coldstream Guards 
  9793    Pte.   Michael Morris, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-8-1915;
  11161   Pte.   George Nelson, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 25-1-1915;
  6392    Pte.   David Niel, b: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 23-6-1916;
  17821   Pte.   Percy Pomfret, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-1-1918;
  10329   L/Cpl. Marmaduke Priest, b: Whitby; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-11-1915
  13044   L/Sgt. Francis Russell, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-7-1917;
  5184    A/CQMS Alfred Scott, b: Hendon; L: Windsor, Bucks; KIA: F&F 23-8-1918;
  9808    Pte.   George Simpson, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 14-9-1914;
  8028    Pte.   Christopher Sirmond, b: Southwick; E/L: Sunderland; Died: 
                 F&F 14-9-1914
  11091   Pte.   Henry Smith, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 25-1-1915;
  9660    Pte.   Robert Stormont, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 7-3-1915;
  21684   L/Cpl. Benjamin Barber Thomas, b: Sunderland; L: South Shields; DOW: 
                 F&F 28-3-1918;
  9532    L/Cpl. Norman Thompson, b: Gateshead; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-10-1915
  6325    Pte.   John Tindall, b: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 5-2-1915;
  8590    Pte.   James Turnbull Tracey, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 2-11-1914;
  8105    Pte.   George Whilems, b: Sunderland; L: Bayswater, M/Sex; KIA: 
                 F&F 26-12-1914;
  3124    Pte.   John Wild, b: Bishopwearmouth; KIA: F&F 9-10-1917;
  16403   Pte.   Thomas Lees Younger, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-9-1916;
  17469   Pte.   Thomas Younger, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 13-11-1916;
  10548   Gdsm.  George Elsey, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-3-1915;
  11517   Gdsm.  Horace Findley, b: Sunderland; L: Grangemouth; KIA: F&F 24-9-1916;
  4776    L/Cpl. Thomas Foster, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 15-9-1916;
  13902   Gdsm.  Peter Fraser, b: Glasgow; E: Hamilton; L: Motherwell; KIA: 
                 F&F 10-10-1917; (CWGC Regs: Tyne Cott Memorial, Living Sunderland) 
  12235   Pte.   James Baines, b: Ryhope; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 12-4-1918;
  4176    Pte.   John Thomas Richardson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-8-1918;
  1st Bn. E.Kent Regt. (Buffs)
  G/7041  Pte.   George Henry Dawsey, b: Sunderland; L: Hendon; KIA: F&F 14-7-1916;
  G/6667  Pte.   Arthur Hall, b: Newcastle; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-3-1917;
  1/5th Bn. E.Kent Regt. (Buffs)
  G/1930  Cpl.   Frederick Rutter Greenlay, Died: Home 23-4-1920;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 1871) 
  2nd Bn. E.Kent Regt. (Buffs)
  G/6652  Pte.   Thomas Henry Ferry, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-9-1915;
  3rd Bn. E.Kent Regt. (Buffs)
  G/6876  Pte.   Thomas Hope Cummins, b/L: Sunderland; Died: Home 29-10-1918;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 13A 3356) 
Page 113
  6th (Service) Bn. E.Kent Regt. (Buffs)
  T/206185 Pte.  Joseph Crooks, b: Sunderland; L: Wallsend; KIA: F&F 27-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 2057 5th Bn. D.L.I.) 
  G/14701 Pte.   William Oswald, b: Fulwell; LL Hexham; KIA: F&F 22-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 40561 4th (ER) Bn. D.L.I.) 
  7th (Service) Bn. E.Kent Regt. (Buffs)
  G/10499 Pte.   John Cassidy, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-4-1918;
  8th (Service) Bn. E.Kent Regt. (Buffs) 
  G/1010  Pte.   William Hall, b: Sunderland; L: Clerkenwell, M/Sex; DOW: 
                 F&F 25-8-1916;
  1st Bn. R.F.
  21576   Pte.   Joseph John McNamara, b: Sunderland; L: Lewisham; KIA: F&F 14-7-1916;
  2nd Bn. R.F.
  G/47235 Pte.   David Ross Mill, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-5-1918; (Formerly 
                 6174 R.A.S.C.) 
  G/15437 Pte.   Ernest William Wright, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
                 (Formerly 21329 R.F.A.) 
  G/17498 Pte.   James William Young, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
  3rd Bn. R.F.
  14673   Pte.   Joseph Greenwell, b/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 4-11-1918;
  4th Bn. R.F.
  G/47149 Pte.   George Ferguson, b/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 8-5-1917;
                 (Formerly RTS 546 A.S.C.) 
  G/88815 Pte.   Joseph Tweddle, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 316138 R.A.S.C.) 
  G/47178 Pte.   Ralph Knox Whitelock, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 6510 R.A.S.C.) 
  9th (Service) Bn. R.F.
  79584   Pte.   George Bainbridge, b: Bale Cottages, Northumberland; E: Newcastle; L: 
                 Seaton Delaval; KIA: F&F 21-9-1918; (Formerly 51823 3rd 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)(CWGC Regs: Living Sunderland) 
  27654   Pte.   Walter Burling, b: Sunderland; L: East Grinstead; KIA: F&F 7-10-1916;
  79593   Pte.   James Crosby, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 129456 20th TR Bn.  M.G.C.) 
  16839   Pte.   James Lauder, b: South Shields; L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 10-7-1916;
  10th (Service) Bn. R.F.
  L/16641 Pte.   James Duffey, b: Bishopwearmouth; L: Bermondsey, London; KIA: 
                 F&F 10-4-1917;
  STK/488 Pte.   Arthur Poston Parnell, b: Shepherds Bush; E: London; L: Acton;
                 DOW: F&F 17-4-1917; (CWGC Regs Living Sunderland) 
  11th (Service) Bn. R.F.
  17708   Cpl.   George Burnett Bernie, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 7-8-1918;
  66021   Pte.   Stanley Dickinson, b: York; E: Sunderland; L: Ferryhill; DOW: 
                 F&F 2-10-1918; (Formerly 23409 Y.R.) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 4-10-1918; 
                 states Parents living Sunderland) 
Page 114
  13th (Service) Bn. R.F.
  79729   Pte.   Alexander Lister, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 19992 5th TR Bn.) 
  17th (Service) Bn. R.F.
  G/81269 Pte.   John Parker, b: Southwick; L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 1-5-1918;
                 (Formerly TR/2/1754 52nd TR Bn.) 
  20th (Service) Bn. R.F.
  4488    L/Sgt. Rowland Graham Banks, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Warrington, Lancs;
                 KIA: F&F 30-7-1916;
  23rd (Service) Bn. R.F.
  SPTS/3741 Pte. Arnold Russell Garcia, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-7-1916;
  G/93387 Pte.   Albert Alexander Hodgson, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 7-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 73829 D.L.I.) 
  23rd (Service) Bn. R.F.
  G/68456 L/Cpl. Ronald Sanderson, b: South Shields; L: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 25-3-1918; (Formerly G/24409 Buffs E Kent Regt.) 
  G/80131 Pte.   John Taylor, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 24-10-1918;
  24th (Service) Bn. R.F.
  G/52075 Pte.   John Basil Taylor, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 13-4-1917; (Formerly 
                 2893 R.F.) 
  26th (Service) Bn. R.F.
  B/23069 Cpl.   Frederick Gordon Hindle, L: Sunderland; Died Belgium 1-1-1917; (CWGC 
  32nd (Service) Bn. R.F.
  22596   Pte.   Alfred Evans (Served as Morrison) L: Sunderland; Died France 
                 15-9-1916; (CWGC Regs) 
  43rd Bn. R.F.
  108500  Pte.   John Deans Died: Home 25-10-1919;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2091) 
  2nd Bn. R.Norf.F.
  26676   L/Cpl. William Crossley, DCM; b: Sunderland; Died India; 26-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 10364 D.L.I.) 
  7th Bn. R.Norf.F.
  206115  L/Cpl. Thomas Mark Chester Hann, MC, E: Gateshead; L: Sunderland; 
                 KIA: F&F 8-8-1918; (CWGC Regs) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 31-8-1918) 
  33867   Pte.   Henry James Seeley, b: Anstruther, Fife; E/L: Sunderland; 
                 KIA: F&F 30-11-1917;
  1/4th Bn. R.Norf.F. (T.F.) 
  202893  Pte.   Charles Richardson, b: Sunderland; KIA Palestine 19-4-1917;
Page 115
  1st Bn.  Essex Regt.
  41927   Pte.   Reginald Armstrong Wayman, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-8-1918) 
                 (Formerly 30662 RNR) 
  2nd Bn.  Essex Regt.
  16971   Pte.   Ernest Stoddart, b: Sunderland; L: Customs House, Essex; KIA: 
                 F&F 1-7-1916;
  2nd/6th Bn.  Essex Regt.
  277450  Pte.   James William Bateman Died 7-11-1917; interred at Bishopwearmouth 
                 Cemetery 3A 2274) 
  10th (Service) Bn.  Essex Regt.
  44711   Pte.   Dixon Howe, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-8-1918;
  205621  Pte.   William Arthur Morley, b: Stanhope; E/L Durham KIA: F&F 21-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 3196 Lincolnshire Yeomanry) (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland; 
                 Native of Durham) 
  11th (Service) Bn.  Essex Regt.
  52541   Pte.   Frederick Johnson, b: Hull; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 17-10-1918;
                 (Formerly R4/068949 A.S.C.) 
  1st Bn. S.L.I.
  16799   L/Cpl. Joseph Robinson, b: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
  6th (Service) Bn. S.L.I.
  15635   Pte.   Henry Charlton, b: Sunderland; L: Newsham, Northumberland; 
                 KIA: F&F 21-3-1918; (Formerly 14194 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  28302   Pte.   Herbert Liddle, b: Sunderland; L: South Shields; KIS F&F 4-11-1917;
  7th (Service) Bn. S.L.I.
  16774   Pte.   Joseph Richardson, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 9-12-1917;
  16784   Pte.   Peter William Smith, b: Sunderland; L: New Silksworth; DOW: 
                 F&F 18-12-1915
  8th (Service) Bn. S.L.I.
  15894   Pte.   William Oliver Schonewald, b: Sunderland; L: Hartford, 
                 Northumberland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915; (Formerly 9705 Northumberland 
  12th (Service) Bn. S.L.I.
  16816   Pte.   Phillip Campbell, b: Sunderland; L: Silksworth; Died: F&F 28-10-1918;
  1st Bn. Beds. Regt.
  39959   Cpl.   Richard Lawson Bedford, b: Beeston, Notts; L: Sunderland; 
                 KIA: F&F 23-8-1918; (Formerly 12092 Notts & Derby Regt.) 
  21143   Cpl.   William Beal Dixon, b/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 16-6-1918;
                 (Formerly 46636 R.G.A.) 
  21193   L/Cpl. John Gordon Potts, b: Sunderland; L: Millfield; DOW: F&F 3-10-1916;
                 (Formerly 46646 R.G.A.) 
Page 116
  2nd Bn. Beds. Regt.
  21154   L/Cpl. Patrick Hammill, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F  4-11-1918;
                 (Formerly 46637 R.G.A.) 
  13514   Pte.   Arthur Scotton, b: South Shields; L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 20-4-1915;
  21089   Pte.   Robert Sinclair, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Seaham Harbour; KIA: F&F 
                 6-8-1918;(Formerly 55271 Royal Garrison Artillery) 
  3rd (Reserve) Bn. Beds. Regt.
  21025   Pte.   John Metcalf, b: Sunderland; L: Deptford; Died: Home 29-5-1917;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 19AA 4635) 
  4th (ER) Bn. Beds. Regt.
  40182   Pte.   Bertram Dawson Berris, b: Millfield; L: Ilford, Essex; KIA: 
                 F&F 13-11-1916; (Formerly 28736 Essex Regt.) 
  2nd Bn.  S.R.
  50606   Pte.   William Harris, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 11-5-1917;
                 (Formerly TR/9/33908 Training Reserve Bn.) 
  12th (Service) Bn.  S.R.
  57399   Pte.   Joseph William Drummond, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 29-9-1918;
                 (Formerly TR/5/49895 82nd Training Reserve Bn.) 
  9th (Service) Bn. R.W.F.
  7221    CSM    William John Reed, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915;
  10th (Service) Bn. R.W.F.
  60386   Pte.   William James Gibbs, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-6-1917;
                (Formerly 179691 Army Service Corps) 
  16th (Service) Bn. R.W.F.
  73512   Pte.  Herbert William Allan, b: Preston; E: Blackpool; KIA: F&F 22-4-1918;
                (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland; Native of Preston) 
  3rd Garrison Bn. R.W.F.
  87831  (A) L/Cpl. John William Lundy, b: Sunderland; Died at sea 10-10-1918;
  5826    Pte.   Robert Buckley RWF Died 20-2-1921;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2150) 
  2nd (Service) Bn. S.W.B.
  45195   Pte.   William Wilson, b: Haswell; E/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 1-10-1917;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’) 
  4th (Service) Bn. S.W.B.
  27385   Pte.   George Henry Atkinson, b: Sunderland; L: Birch Grove, Glam.;
                 KIA Mesopotamia 30-4-1917;
Page 117
  4th (Service) Bn. S.W.B.
  42294   L/Cpl. Joseph Young, b: Sunderland; L: Southwick; Died at sea 15-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 18575 Gloucester Regt.) 
  5th (Service) Bn. S.W.B.
  21614   Pte.   Robert Thwaites, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 20-10-1918;
  13293   Sgt.   Owen Connolly, b: St Mary’s, Newcastle; E: Newport, Mon.; KIA: 
                 F&F 14-3-1916; (‘Sunderland Echo’ 20-3-1916; Possibly L: Sunderland) 
  6th (Service) Bn. S.W.B.
  23319   Pte.   Thomas John Gibbon, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-9-1918;
  40853   L/Cpl. James Richardson Walton, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 12-4-1918;
  12th (Service) Bn. S.W.B.
  24061  (A) Sgt. Thomas Jack Coultson, b: Sunderland; L: Grangetown, Yorks;
                 KIA: F&F 22-11-1917;
  22707   Sgt.   Thomas Grummett, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 23801 Yorks)
  25253   L/Cpl. James Wright, b: Ryhope; L: Grangetown; KIA: F&F 25-11-1917;
                 (Formerly 12232 Yorks)
  TR4/65525 Pte. F A Mortimer, Sth Wales Borderers; Died 12-9-1921;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A) 
  13th (Service) Bn. Welsh Regt.
  59320   Pte.   John William Baker, b: Middlesbrough; E/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 
                 5-8-1917; (CWGC Regs) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 14-8-1917) 
  59327   Pte.   Henry Crowe, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 24-4-1918;
  59303   Pte.   Johnathan Fenwick, MM; b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 19-9-1918;
  31499   Pte.   Richard William Hipwood, b: Barrow in Furness; E: Sunderland; 
                 DOW: F&F 27-8-1918; (CWGC Regs Native of Sunderland) 
  14th (Service) Bn. Welsh Regt.
  59355   Pte.   Charles Hill, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 5-8-1917;
  59361   Pte.   Thomas Herring Sloan, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 11-10-1918;
  15th (Service) Bn. Welsh Regt.
  59374   Pte.   William Cay, b: South Shields; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-8-1917;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 19-9-1917) 
  59375   Pte.   James Todd Foots, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 31-7-1917;
  59369   Pte.   William Wilkinson, b: Sunderland; L: New Seaham; KIA: F&F 10-5-1918;
  19th (Service) Bn. Welsh Regt.
  55698   Pte.   John Joseph Smiles, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-9-1918;
  1st Bn. Northants. Regt.
  40791   Pte.   Christopher Barker, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 24-9-1918;
  19254   Pte.   James Emmerson, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-12-1915 (Formerly 36820 
  19318   Pte.   Frank Foster, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 17-8-1916; (Formerly 45756 
Page 118
  6th Bn. Northants. Regt.
  32270   L/Cpl. James Kynoch KIA: F&F 5-4-1918; (Formerly TS/5250 R.A.S.C.) 
  1/4th Bn. Northants. Regt.
  202871   Pte.  George Lawson, b/E: Sunderland; Died Egypt; 21-9-1917; (Formerly 
                 16263 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  1st Bn.  Q.R.W.S.R.
  G/22922  Pte.  James Jordan, b: Sunderland; L: Middlesbrough; DOW: F&F 4-10-1918;
  2nd Bn.  Q.R.W.S.R.
  G/24019  Pte.  George Maughan, b: Sunderland; L: Bradford; KIA: F&F 1-9-1916;
                 (Formerly 266317 Royal Sussex) 
  7th (Service) Bn.  Q.R.W.S.R.
  G/24637  L/Cpl. John William Dinsdale, b: Bishopwearmouth L: Sunderland; 
                  KIA: F&F 27-2-1917; (Formerly 10296 East Surrey Regt.) 
  G/6129   Pte.   Joseph Rutherford, b: Whitburn; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-9-1916;
  8th (Service) Bn.  Q.R.W.S.R.
  G/13382 Pte.   Arthur Barber, b: Pontefract L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 19-6-1917;
  10th (Service) Bn.  Q.R.W.S.R.
  G/23020 Pte.   Hilliard Livingstone Gray, b: Sunderland; L: North Shields; KIA: 
                 F&F 31-7-1917;
  G/14934 Pte.   Alexander McMann, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 11680 Royal Fusiliers) 
  11th (Service) Bn.  Q.R.W.S.R.
  G/10725 Sgt.   Johnathan Hayton, b: Sunderland; L: Brixton; KIA: F&F 7-6-1917;
  G/18714 Pte.   Thomas Ratcliffe, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-2-1917;
                 (Formerly 3353 Army Service Corps) 
  2nd Bn. K.S.L.I.
  35565   Pte.   Albert Levitt, b: Sunderland; Died Salonika 1-11-1918;
                 (Formerly 5344 Royal Welsh Fusiliers) 
  7169    Pte.   James Killeen, b: Bombay, E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 15-5-1915
  1/4th Bn. K.S.L.I.
  29235   Pte.   Michael Branagan Myers, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 30-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 5711 Cheshire Regt.) 
  8th (Service) Bn. K.S.L.I.
  31112   Pte.   William Watson, b: Sunderland; KIA Salonika 22-4-1917;
                 (Formerly RTS/6263 Army Service Corps) 
  1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regt.
  43774   Pte.   Thomas James Stephens, b: Sunderland; L: Newcastle; KIA: 
                 F&F 6-5-1918; (Formerly D/23464 Herts Yeomanry) 
Page 119
  5th (Service) Bn. Royal Berkshire Regt.
  11161   Pte.   William Henry Tudor, b: Sunderland; L: Forest Hill; KIA: 
                 F&F 17-4-1917;
  1st Bn.  Q.O.R. West Kent Regt.
  G/11002 Pte.   Frederick Leggett, b: Sunderland; L: Hendon; KIA: F&F 14-4-1918;
  3rd Bn. Bn.  Q.O.R. West Kent Regt.
  G/19843 Pte.   T Nairn Died: Home 18-11-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2285) 
  7th (Service) Bn.  Q.O.R. West Kent Regt.
  G/21371 Sgt.   John James Bewick, b: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 19-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 20924 Cheshire Regt.) 
  G/20655 Pte.   Robert Fitchett Bryson, b: Sunderland; L: Patricroft, Lancs;
                 Died: F&F 27-6-1918; (Formerly 33246 Lancs Fus) 
  G/21361 Pte.   William Klein, b: Pallion; KIA: F&F 19-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 20929 Cheshire Regt.) 
  10th (Service) Bn.  Q.O.R. West Kent Regt.
  242187  Pte.   William Hudson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-3-1918;
  205527  Pte.   Henry Rich, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-8-1917; (Formerly 2897 D.L.I.) 
  205539  Pte.   Stephen Trewhitt b: ?  L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 31-7-1917;
                 (Formerly 4355 Durham LI) 
  1st Bn.  Middlesex Regt.
  L/11454 Pte.   William Allison, b: Canning Town; E: Mill Hill, Essex; L: London;
                 DOW: F&F 20-6-1915 (CWGC Regs a native of Sunderland) 
  G/61108 Pte.   Ernest House, b: South Shields; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 17-4-1918;
                 (Formerly G/15593, E: Yorks Regt.) 
  L/10355 Pte.   John Kennard, b: Peckham; E: Ilford; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915
                 (CWGC Regs a native of Barking Essex) 
  2nd Bn.  Middlesex Regt.
  G/1949  L/Cpl. Charles McDonald, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 14-3-1915;
  G/7244  L/Cpl. Herbert Webster, b: Sunderland; L: Edmonton, M/Sex;
                 KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
  5th Bn.  Middlesex Regt. 
  630     Pte.   William Stanley Ripley, Died: Home 10-3-1917;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 12A 1968) 
  1/7th Bn.  Middlesex Regt. (T.F.) 
  G/44791 Pte.   Robert Foster, b: Seaham; L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 26-8-1918;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 2-9-1918) 
  13th (Service) Bn.  Middlesex Regt.
  TF235080 L/Cpl. David Septimus Kirton, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-6-1918;
                 (Formerly 29668, E.Yorks Regt.) 
Page 120
  16th (Service) Bn.  Middlesex Regt.
  PS/133  Pte.   Murray Percy Howard Blumer, b: Sunderland; L: Muswell Hill, London;
                 DOW: F&F 29-1-1916;
  PS/1896 Pte.   Albert Victor Plenge, b: Bishopwearmouth; L: Brixton; KIA: 
                 F&F 22-5-1917;
  17th (Service) Bn.  Middlesex Regt.
  F/630   Pte.   William Stanley Ripley, b: Newcastle; E/L: Stoke; Died: Home 
                 10-3-1917; interred Mere Knowles Cemetery Regs say 5th Bn.) 
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 13-3-1917; Parents living Sunderland) 
  F/1583  Pte.   George Scott, b/L: Sunderland; Died: F&F 16-8-1916;
  20th (Service) Bn.  Middlesex Regt.
  G/58542 Pte.   James Henry Overend, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 16-8-1916;
                 (Formerly 5870 Somerset LI) 
  26th (Service) Bn.  Middlesex Regt.
  PW/3636 Pte.   Harold Stafford, b: Sunderland; Died Salonika 2-10-1918;
  7th (Service) Bn. Royal Sussex Regt.
  G/268   Pte.   John George Murray, b: Bishopwearmouth; KIA: F&F 7-7-1916;
  357     Pte.   Edward Pickering (Transferred to 67550 Labour Corps) Died: Home 
                 19-11-1917; interred at Sunderland Cemetery  
  9th (Service) Bn. Royal Sussex Regt.
  G/3761  Pte.   John Carrick Dodds, b: Tipperary; E: Guildford; Died: Home 4-11-1914
                 (CWGC Regs: interred Brighton; b: Sunderland) 
  G/363   Pte.   William Miller, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-6-1918;
  11th (Service) Bn. Royal Sussex Regt.
  G/17741 Pte.   Robert Chambers, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-9-1917;
  13th (Service) Bn. Royal Sussex Regt.
  G/8068  Pte.   Edward Wrathmall, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-10-1917;
  17th (Service) B Bn. Royal Sussex Regt. n RS
  G/26028 L/Cpl. Leonard Marks, b: Jesmond; E: Newcastle; KIA BEF 12-10-1918; Formerly 
                 N.F.)(‘Sunderland Echo’ 22-10-1918; says Family L: Newcastle; but 
                 formerly 8 Fern Ave., Sunderland) 
  1st Bn. S.Staffs. Regt.
  9800    Pte.   Henry Morall, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 19-5-1915;
  40646   Pte.   David Wayman, b: Sunderland; L: Tynemouth; KIA: Italy 2-4-1918;
  2nd Bn. S.Staffs. Regt.
  54067   Pte.   Edward Parker Dennis, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 31323 11th Res Cavalry Regt.) 
  238058  Pte.   William Henry Ogle, b: Deptford L: Usworth; KIA: F&F 28-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 2933 Northumberland Fusiliers)) 
Page 121
  3rd (Special Reserve) Bn. S.Staffs. Regt.
  7895    Pte.   William Holden Died: Home 8-7-1915;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 13A 1731) 
  20116   Pte.   John Poole Died: Home 24-9-1915;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 13A 1727) 
  4th (Extra Reserve) Bn. S.Staffs. Regt.
  43734   Pte.   John William Clifford, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-5-1918;
  1/5th Bn. S.Staffs. Regt. (T.F.) 
  42248   Pte.   Richard Bell, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-10-1918;
  5th (Reserve) Bn. S.Staffs. Regt. (T.F.) 
  59408   Pte.   John Lawson, b: Sunderland; L: Hendon; Died: Home 23-10-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 15CC 1083) 
  1/6th Bn. S.Staffs. Regt. (T.F.) 
  241732  Pte.   Charles Stuart Heenan, b: Sunderland; L: Walsall; KIA: F&F 12-5-1917;
  7th (Service) Bn. S.Staffs. Regt.
  17215   Pte.   John Henry Beddows, b: Ironbridge; E: Hednesford; L: Cannock, Staffs;
                 KIA: F&F 9-9-1916;(‘Sunderland Echo’ 2-11-1916; Family L: Sunderland) 
  12259   L/Cpl. James Henry Sharp, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-7-1917;
  12th (Labour) Bn. S.Staffs. Regt.
  29942   Pte.   John Robert Ferry, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 24-12-1916;
  Depot Bn. S.Staffs. Regt.
  39163   Pte.   Ernest Robson Died: Home 19-11-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2284) 
  9588    Pte.   John Gleeson Bn?  SSR Died: Home 30-12-1920;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 6A 7783) 
  1st Bn. Gloucs. Regt.
  20459   Pte.   Terrance Metcalfe, b: Sunderland; E: London; KIA: F&F 23-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 173954 Royal ?  ?) 
  37473   Pte.   William Moore, b: Sunderland; E: Warwick; KIA: F&F 18-3-1917;
                 (Formerly 14360 Royal Warwicks Regt.) 
  20560   Pte.   Frederick Smith, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-8-1916;
  2nd Bn. Gloucs. Regt.
  19683   Pte.   John Edward Wilson, E: Sunderland; Died Salonika 11-2-1917;
  8th Bn. Gloucs. Regt.
  37166   Pte.   Joseph Keelin, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 30-11-1916; (Formerly 5661 
  12th Bn. Gloucs. Regt. 
  19333   Pte.   William Spencer Kinnair v/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1916;
Page 122
  Depot Bn. Gloucs. Regt.
  17884   Pte.   Charles Thomas Noble, b/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 7-7-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2282) 
  13th Bn. Gloucs. Regt.
  19533   Pte.   Edward Beaumont, b/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 30-3-1918;
  18551   Pte.   George Beaney, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: Home 28-12-1916;
  19506   Pte.   Frederick Chapman Died: Home 25-2-1920;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 1870) 
  18472   Pte.   Robert Defty Freeman, b: Sunderland; E: Newcastle; DOW: 
                 F&F 5-12-1916;
  19466   Pte.   Joseph Johnson Godfrey, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-1-1917;
  19332   Pte.   Thomas Humes, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-10-1916;
  18767   Pte.   William Hunter, b/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 30-3-1918;
  35305   Pte.   John Ramsay Robinson, b: Sunderland; E: Ashton under Lyne; L: 
                 Penrith; Died: F&F 26-4-1918; (Formerly 242962 R.E.) 
  19359   L/Cpl. Robert Shield, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 11-1-1918;
  19594   Pte.   Andrew Smith, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 4-9-1916;
  18571   Pte.   Richard Stott, b: West Rainton; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 11-1-1918;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 11-4-1918) 
  14th Bn. Gloucs. Regt.
  18541   Pte.   John Robert Shanks, b: Sunderland; E: Seaham Harbour; Died: 
                 F&F 22-10-1917;
  1st Bn. Hants Regt.
  14280   Pte.   Ernest Whitehead, b: Hendon; L: Itchen, Hants; KIA: F&F 31-8-1918;
  2nd Bn. Hants Regt.
  16599   Pte.   James Dodds, Died: Home 23-9-1916;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 2AE 1360) 
  10th Bn. Hants Regt.
  16747   Pte.   Joseph Henry Storey Wilson, b: Amble; E: Sunderland; L: South 
                 Shields; KIA Gallipoli 7-9-1915 (Formerly 11899 10th Hussars) 
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 2-10-1915 says Late of Fulwell) 
  12th (Service) Bn. Hants Regt.
  16820   Pte.   Ernest Wardell, b: Sunderland; KIA Balkans 14-11-1916;
                 (Formerly 22048 11th Res Cavalry Regt.) 
  1st Bn. Wilts. Regt.
  10167   Pte.   John Thomas Old, b: Sunderland; L: South Shields; KIA: F&F 10-6-1917;
                 (Formerly 19040 Dorset Regt.) 
Page 123
  6th (Service) Bn. Dorset Regt.
  20331   Pte.   George Henry Davis, b: Sunderland; L: Newcastle; DOW: F&F 30-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 48065 E.Y.R.)
  20086   Pte.   Alfred Edward Nixon, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 284352 Army Service Corps) 
  3rd (Reserve) Bn. Dorset Regt.
  13759   Pte.   William Galbraith, b: Sunderland; L: Darlington; Died: Home 
  13512   Pte.   Michael McMahon, b/L: Monkwearmouth; KIA Balkans 7-12-1915;
                 (Formerly 25567 Cavalry Regt.) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 26-1-1918; says 
                 His name is McMann) 
  1st Bn. East Surrey Regt.
  25927   Pte.   Harold Clarke, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-8-1918;
  10348   Pte.   Thomas Leadbitter, b: Millfield; L: Fence Houses; KIA: F&F 23-7-1916;
                 (Formerly 55318 Royal Garrison Artillery) 
  2nd Bn. East Surrey Regt.
  10424   Pte.   William Hammond, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 29-9-1915;
                 (Formerly 45635 Royal Garrison Artillery) 
  7th (Service) Bn. East Surrey Regt.
  10337   Pte.   Albert Edward Hughes, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 17-3-1916;
                (Formerly 49946 Royal Garrison Artillery) 
  8th (Service) Bn. East Surrey Regt.
  10409   Pte.   James Essen, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 20-11-1916;
                 (Formerly 50081 Royal Garrison Artillery) 
  9th (Service) Bn. East Surrey Regt.
  204319  Sgt.   Thomas William Spoor, b: Sunderland; L: Murton; KIA: F&F 3-8-1917;
                 (Formerly 3710 Durham Light Infantry) 
  25944   Pte.   Thomas William Wheatley, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-3-1918;
  5th Bn. Devons. Regt. (T.F.) 
  67599   Pte.   Thomas Henry Walker, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 19-7-1918;
  8th (Service) Bn. Devons. Regt.
  10280   Pte.   Lewis Fryer, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915;
  9th (Service) Bn. Devons. Regt.
  30146   Pte.   James Davidson Kerr, b/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 20-6-1917;
  1st Bn. D. of Cornwall L.I.
  19634   Pte.   John Prest, b/E: Sunderland; L: Silksworth; KIA: F&F 30-5-1916;
  16692   Pte.   William Raine, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 18-9-1916;
Page 124
  6th (Service) Bn. D. of Cornwall Light Infantry
  17556   L/Cpl. Michael Casey, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 29-3-1917;
  28170   Pte.   George William Henderson, b: Sunderland; DOW: Home 21-11-1916;
                 (Formerly 140533 R.F.A.) 
  19635   Pte.   John Dixon Hooper, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 28-11-1915;
  7th (Service) Bn. D. of Cornwall Light Infantry  
  20877   Pte.   Stanley Donkin, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-9-1916;
  1st Bn. Black Watch
  3/2599  Pte.   John Drummond, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 12-6-1915;
  3/2249  Pte.   Charles Duncan, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-5-1915;
  S/8183  L/Cpl. Donald Stewart Fairweather, b: Newcastle; E/L: Sunderland; 
                 KIA: F&F 13-10-1915 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 14-1-1916) 
  S/8422  Pte.   John Munro, b: Wick E: Cardiff; DOW: F&F 28-9-1915
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 25-10-1915 says L/Cpl. James Munro L: Sunderland) 
  3/766   Sgt.   George Rattray Sands, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-11-1914;
  2nd Bn. Black Watch
  1986    Pte.   William Tarditto, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 5-12-1914;
  4/5th (Angus & Dundee) Bn. Black Watch (T.F.) 
  S/40852 Pte.   George Henry Hicks, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 23-7-1916;
                 (Formerly 31689 R Scots Fus) 
  1/6th (Perthshire) Bn. Black Watch (T.F.) 
  291558  Pte.   Robert Gray, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-7-1918;
  S/43649 Pte.   James Pattison, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 24-9-1918;
  8th (Service) Bn. Black Watch
  S/10294 L/Cpl. David McGregor, b/E: Dundee KIA: F&F 23-3-1918; (54316 R.G.A.) 
                 (CWGC Regs Widow: living Roker Sunderland) 
  S/40605 Pte.   Robert Vowell, b: Bishopwearmouth; KIA: F&F 23-3-1918;
  Depot Royal Scots
  302284  Pte.   Harry Semmons Donkin, b: Sunderland; L: Jesmond; DOW: Home 17-5-1918;
                 (Formerly 19574 K.R.R.C.) (CWGC Regs Native of Sunderland interred 
  2nd Bn. Royal Scots
  1455    L/Cpl. John Carrell, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-3-1915;
  34917   Pte.   Frederick William Cassidy, b: Sunderland; L: Glasgow; DOW: 
                 F&F 19-4-1917;
  52594   Pte.   George Cunningham, b: Sunderland; DOW: Home 13-11-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2155) 
  10771   L/Cpl. Hugh Halliday, b: Sunderland; L: Edinburgh; KIA: F&F 13-11-1916;
  24871   Pte.   Thomas Lugton, b: Sunderland; L: Edinburgh; KIA: F&F 23-8-1918;
  20271   Pte.   John Ross Spiers, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-5-1916;
  351857  Pte.   Sydney Charles Lilleystone, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-4-1917;
Page 125
  1/9th Bn. Royal Scots
  270709  Pte.   George Robley, b: Sunderland; L: Southwick; KIA: F&F 23-7-1918;
                 (Formerly TR/6/9239 & 6020 HLI) 
  352055  Pte.   Edwin Snowball, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 24-3-1918;
  4th Bn. Royal Scots (Queens Edinburgh Rifles) 
  42459   Pte.   Daniel Lawson, DOW: (Gas) Home 15-3-1921;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 1940) 
  11th (Service) Bn. Royal Scots
  41803   Pte.   Charles Smithson, b: ?  L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-6-1918;
                 (Formerly 7142 HLI) 
  12th (Service) Bn. Royal Scots
  49659   Pte.   Thomas Anderson, b: South Shields; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 18005 Northumberland Fusiliers)(CWGC Regs Parents living 
  40515   L/Cpl. Robert Almond Cuthbertson, b: Sunderland; L: Southwick;
                 KIA: F&F 12-4-1918; (Formerly GS/22258 5th Res. Cav. Regt.) 
  13725   Pte.   Charles Myers, b: Sunderland; L: Durham; KIA: F&F 28-9-1915;
  352933  Pte.   Arthur Ernest Regent, b: Newcastle; E: Walsall; DOW: F&F 15-10-1917;
                 (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland) 
  1st Bn. R. Scots Fus.
  6280    A/CQMS William Carleton, b: Bishopwearmouth; L: Durham; KIA: F&F 13-11-1917;
  6231    Pte.   Thomas Fitzsimmons, b: Bishopwearmouth; Died: F&F 18-10-1914;
  16531   Pte.   Thomas Hodgson, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 25-9-1915;
  10972   Pte.   John Mason, b: Sunderland; L Seaham KIA: F&F 2-6-1917;
  2nd Bn. R. Scots Fus.
  6216    Pte.   Thomas Coffey, b: Sunderland; L: Hendon; KIA: F&F 10-3-1915;
  10551   Pte.   Thomas Embleton, b: Sunderland; L New Seaham KIA: F&F 4-7-1917;
  15760   Pte.   Thomas Templeton, b: Pallion; L: Millfield; DOW: F&F 2-10-1915;
  7934    A/Sgt. Edward Young, DCM; b/E: London; L: Glasgow; DOW: F&F 26-10-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs Widow living in Sunderland) 
  1/5th Bn. R. Scots Fus. (T.F.) 
  241570  Pte.   William Dodd, b: Bishopwearmouth L: Millfield; KIA: F&F 1-10-1918;
  T (Service) Bn. R. Scots Fus.
  16843   Pte.   James Branigan, b: Sunderland; L: Glasgow; KIA: F&F 7-12-1915;
  8th (Service) Bn. R. Scots Fus.
  24475   Pte.   Stuart Reid McLagan, b: Sunderland; KIA Balkans 19-9-1918;
  11th Bn. Bn. R. Scots Fus. (T.F.) 
  59264   Pte.   Charles H Botwright, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 1-10-1918;
Page 126
  ?? Bn. R. Scots Fus.
  15851   Pte.   William Evans Watson L: Sunderland; Died: Home 16-7-19
                 (CWGC Regs: interred at Hutton Henry Cemetery Durham) 
  1st Bn. Cameronians
  9714    A/Cpl. James Budd, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-7-1916;
  12081   Pte.   John Catchside, b: Sunderland; L: Southwick; KIA: F&F 20-5-1917;
  12167   Pte.   Michael Conlin, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 7-11-1915;
  2nd Bn. Cameronians
  7295    Sgt.   Edward Courtney, b: St.Bede’s, Sunderland; L: Newcastle; DOW: 
                 F&F 23-10-1916;
  10322   Pte.   James Douglas, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-6-1915;
  9622    L/Sgt. Robert Forster, b: Hendon; KIA: F&F 17-7-1916;
  9594    Pte.   Thomas Miller, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-3-1915;
  12649   Pte.   Samuel Short, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Sunderland; Died: F&F 8-2-1917;
  3rd Bn. Cameronians
  30793   Pte.   John Ferguson Died: Home 12-6-1918;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 5A 11738) 
  5/6th Bn. Cameronians (T.F.) 
  200351  A/Cpl.Maurice Gillies, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-7-1916;
  9th (Service) Bn. Cameronians
  201962  Pte.   William Hastwell, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 29-9-1917; (Formerly 31467 
  18941   Pte.   Robert Pyburn, b: Millfield; L: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 14-7-1916;
                 (Formerly 46061 R.G.A.) 
  9633    Cpl.   Thomas Rooks, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-7-1916;
  10th (Service) Bn. Cameronians
  19795   Pte.   James Best, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915;(Formerly 84957 R.F.A.) 
  19588   Pte.   Thomas Holt Charlton, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915; (Formerly 
                 85581 R.F.A.) 
  17025   L/Cpl. Ralph Musgrave, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915;
  1st Bn.  Seaforth Highlanders
  S/11241 Pte.   Thomas Brown, b: Sunderland; KIA Persian Gulf 22-4-1916;
  S/11055 Pte.   Peter McCluskey, b: Sunderland; KIA Persian Gulf 22-4-1916;
  S/11239 Pte.   John William Prior, b: Sunderland; DOW: Persian Gulf 5-5-1916;
  5580    Pte.   Joseph Rennis, b: Burnbank, Lanarkshire; E: Hamilton, Lanarkshire;
                 KIA Persian Gulf 26-4-1916; (‘Sunderland Echo’ 2-1-1918; 
                 L: Sunderland; Parents lived at Ryhope) 
  S/7123  Pte.   John Young, b: St.Thomas, Durham; E: Edinburgh; DOW: Persian Gulf 
                 8-1-1916; (‘Sunderland Echo’ 11-2-1916; L: Sunderland) 
  2nd Bn.  Seaforth Highlanders
  S/9691  Pte.   John Dickson (Served as Murdock) Died: Home 28-9-1920
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 6A 8229) 
Page 127
  8th Bn.  Seaforth Highlanders
  S/5728  Pte.   James O’Loughlin, b/E: Leith; DOW: F&F 26-4-1917;
                 (CWGC Regs)(‘Sunderland Echo’ 15-6-1917; L: Sunderland; Late of 
  9th Bn.  Seaforth Highlanders
  S/40559 Pte.   James Donald, E: Glasgow; DOW: F&F 29-12-1917;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ L: Glasgow; Late of Henderson Rd., Sunderland) 
  Depot Bn.  Seaforth Highlanders
  S/7842  L/Cpl. George Henderson, b: Alnwick; E: Sunderland; Died: Inverness 10-10-1915
                 interred Mere Knowles Cemetery  (‘Sunderland Echo’ 13-10-1915 says 
                 he is known as White) 
  1/5th (Sutherland & Caithness Highland) Bn.  SH (T.F.) 
  S/41061 Pte.   Edward H Lucas, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 12-10-1916;
                 (Formerly 31568 R Scots Fus & S/18868 Argyll & Sutherland 
  1st Bn.  Q.O. Cameron Highlanders
  S/21093 Pte.   Joseph Henry Lynch, b: Sunderland; L: South Shields; KIA: 
                 F&F 17-11-1917;
  3rd Bn.  Q.O. Cameron Highlanders
  50421   Pte.   William Edward Smith, Died: Home 10-3-1919; interred at 
                 Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 1930 
  6th Bn.  Q.O. Cameron Highlanders
  3/6033  Pte.   Alfred Dawson, b: Malta; E/L: Durham; KIA: F&F 1-8-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs say Davison Alfred Pte. 3/6033 L: Sunderland) 
  1st Bn.  Gordon Highlanders
  S/11161 Pte.   Allan Campbell, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-8-1916;
  291701  Pte.   Charles Stuart, b: Glasgow; E: Woolwich; DOW: F&F 20-11-19
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 26-11-1917; L: Sunderland) 
  2nd Bn.  Gordon Highlanders
  S/8618  Pte.   John Mackie, b: Wemyss, Fifeshire; E: Leven; KIA: F&F 16-5-1915
                 (CWGC Regs L Warren St Sunderland) 
  639     Pte.   William Meston, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 29-10-1914;
  S/7288  Pte.   Norman Moffitt, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915;
  9th (Service) Bn.  Gordon Highlanders
  S/3914  Pte.   Robert Rodgers, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-10-1916;
  S/4045  Pte.   Joseph Stewart, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 8-7-1918;
  Depot Bn.  Gordon Highlanders
  9237    Pte.   James Harper, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 7-11-1918;
                 (Formerly 1st Bn.  GH) interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 13A 3216) 
Page 128
  1st Bn.  Highland Light Infantry
  8102    Pte.   Henry Conlon, b: Sunderland; L: Uddingston, Lanark; KIA: 
                 F&F 19-12-1914;
  2nd Bn.  Highland Light Infantry 
  B/21471 L/Cpl. Frederick Ord, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 31-7-1916; (Formerly 
                 46434 R.G.A.) 
  51177   Pte.   Cecil J T Padden, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 26-12-1917;
  8731    Pte.   Andrew Rowell, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-9-1914;
  11711   Pte.   Michael Whelans, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 17-9-1914;
  38447   Pte.   Michael Doubleday, Bn?  HLI Died: Home 30-11-1918;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 9A 4008) 
  1/9th (Glasgow Highlanders) Bn.  Highland Light Infantry (T.F.) 
  242060  Pte.   Gordon Fairley, b: Sunderland; L: Dunston; KIA: F&F 13-4-1918;
  241763  Pte.   Herbert Nicholson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 14-4-1918;
  12th (Service) Bn.  Highland Light Infantry
  B/21447 Pte.   John Gaughan, b: Sunderland; L: Boldon Colliery; KIA: F&F 13-8-1916;
                 (Formerly 46122 R.G.A.) 
  18th (Service) Bn.  Highland Light Infantry (4th Glasgow) 
  41365   Pte.   Thomas Easson, b/L: Monkwearmouth; DOW: F&F 30-3-1918;
  1/6th Bn. A.& S.H.
  252382  Pte.   George Green, E: Barrhead; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-3-1917;
  1/8th Bn. A.& S.H.(T.F.) 
  303014  Pte.   David Holder, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
  2595    L/Cpl. Alexander Rowntree, E: London; L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 9-10-1916;
  10th (Service) Bn.  Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
  9958    Pte.   John Lyons, b/L: Hendon; Died: F&F 10-4-1918;
  S/4835  Pte.   John Purvis, b: Sunderland; L: Durham; KIA: F&F 12-10-1917;
  10182   Pte.   Joseph Thomas Ford, Died: Home 26-7-1921;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 12A 1699) 
  1st Bn. K.O.S.B.
  10795   Pte.   Alfred Burns, b: Sunderland; E: Berwick; L: Glenfarg, Perth; KIA: 
                 F&F 1-7-1916;
  31154   Pte.   Samuel Clarke, b/L: Sunderland; Died: Home 19-9-1920
                 interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  10789   Pte.   Walter Coundon, b: Sunderland; E: Berwick; DOW: F&F 14-8-1917;
  17848   Pte.   John Davis, L/E: Sunderland; b: St.Ives; Died at sea Dardanelles 
  22915   L/Cpl. Harry Dreebin, b/E/L/ Sunderland KIA: F&F 11-4-1918;
  10991   Pte.   Thomas Evans, b: South Hylton; E/L: Sunderland; DOW: Dardanelles 
  8173    Sgt.   Robert Gibbon, b: Seaham Harbour; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 14-7-1916;
  9374    Sgt.   William Landers, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
  10924   Pte.   James Reid Ross, b/L: Sunderland; E: Berwick; DOW: F&F 18-6-1916;
  10443   L/Sgt. Luke Smith, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA Dardanelles 28-6-1915
Page 129
  1st Bn. K.O.S.B.
  11245   Pte.   John Taylor, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA Dardanelles 4-6-1915
  10567   Cpl.   John Walker, E/L: Sunderland; b: Bishop Auckland KIA: F&F 13-2-1917;
  2nd Bn. K.O.S.B.  
  5809    Pte.   Thomas Clarke, b/E: Stockton; L: Sunderland; DOW: Home 12-7-1915
  21874   Pte.   John Cummings, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-9-1916;
  9281    Pte.   Alfred Melrose, b/E/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 28-10-1918;
  5695    Pte.   Wilkinson Morton, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 19-10-1914
  7609    Pte.   Robert Heslop Noble, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-11-1914
  21153   Pte.   John James Rourke, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-5-1917;
  201805  Pte.   Joseph Steele, b: Sunderland; E: Borden, Hants; L: Newcastle; 
                 KIA: F&F 11-6-1918;
  9399    A/Cpl. Thomas Sterling, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-11-1914
  5632    Sgt.   Charles Walker, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-7-1916;
  20662   Pte.   John Watson, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-10-1917;
  3rd Bn. K.O.S.B.
  7063    Pte.   Robert Ashbridge, b: Carlisle; E/L: Sunderland; Died: Home 16-1-1915
  1/5th Bn. K.O.S.B.
  204699  Pte.   Albert Sudron, DCM; b: Hartlepool; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 20-7-1918;
  6th Bn. K.O.S.B.
  8395    Pte.   James Winter Cook, b/L: Sunderland; E: West Hartlepool; KIA: 
                 F&F 11-8-1916;
  17227   A/Cpl. John Dixon, b: Murton; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 26-5-1916;
  40633   Pte.   Lawrence Forrest, b/L: Durham; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-5-1917;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 6-3-1918; L: Sunderland) 
  1922;1   L/Cpl. Edward Hyam, b: Southwick; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 30-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 20384 reserve Cavalry) 
  12208   Pte.   John Leitch, b: Sunderland; E/L: Perth; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915
  24964   Pte.   Arthur Herbert Miller, b: Birmingham, E/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 
  7896    Sgt.   Michael McDermott b/E/L: Sunderland KIA: F&F 25-9-1915
  40645   Pte.   John O’Brien, b: Roker; E: West Hartlepool; L: Easington; KIA: 
                 F&F 21-10-1916; (Formerly 30971 D.L.I.) 
  21744   Pte.   Charles Rennie, b: Durham; E/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 4-7-1916;
  7th Bn. K.O.S.B.
  13378   Pte.   William Glenholmes, b: Sunderland; E/L: Castle Douglas, 
                 Kirkcudbright; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915
  8th Bn. K.O.S.B.
  16081   Pte.   James Ormiston Bryson, b: Sunderland; E/L: West Hartlepool;
                 KIA: F&F 25-9-1915
  15082   Pte.   Philip Garrington, b: Sunderland; E/L: West Hartlepool; KIA: 
                 F&F 16-11-1915
  14310   Pte.   Andrew Laydon, b: Sunderland; E/L: West Hartlepool; KIA: 
                 F&F 14-5-1916;
  7/8th Bn. K.O.S.B.
  22459   Pte.   Charles Irvine b/E/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 23-1-1917;
Page 130
  Depot Bn. K.O.S.B.
  6406    A/RSM  George Parkin L: Sunderland; b: Easington; E: Newcastle; Died: 
                 Home 9-5-19
  1st Bn. R. Dublin Fus.
  22162   Pte.   Peter Dunn, b: Sunderland; DOW: Gallipoli 22-8-1915 (Formerly 
                 66589 R.F.A.) 
  290707  Pte.   David Grey, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-10-1918; (Formerly 20/375 
  17598   L/Cpl. Frank Aubrey Head, b: Sunderland; L: Hull; KIA Gallipoli 4-6-1915
  21834   Pte.   Robert Murray, b: Sunderland; KIA Gallipoli 6-8-1915;
  40159   Pte.   John Cawthorne Pallin, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-9-1917;
                 (Formerly 9525 TR Bn.) 
  2nd Bn. R. Dublin Fus.
  8771    Pte.   Richard Heffernan, b: Middlesbrough E: Liverpool; L: Partick, 
                 Glasgow; KIA Mons 28-8-1914; (‘Sunderland Echo’ 3-8-1915 says he is 
                 brother of William) 
  9576    Pte.   William Heffernan, b: Govan, E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-7-1915
                 (CWGC Regs: L: Villiers St., Sunderland) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 3-8-1915 
                 Says he is brother of Richard) 
  6th (Service) Bn. R. Dublin Fus.
  29675   Pte.   Edward Cowhoun, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 20/325 D.L.I.) 
  7th (Service) Bn. R. Dublin Fus.
  21590   Pte.   Francis Grady, b: Dewsbury Yorks L: Monkwearmouth; 
                 KIA Gallipoli 22-8-1915; (Formerly 49084 R.A.M.C.) 
  9th Bn. R. Dublin Fus.
  12450   A/Sgt. Samuel Veitch, b/E: Dublin DOW: F&F 18-8-1917; 
                 (CWGC Regs L: Pallion; Sunderland) 
  2nd Bn. Leinster Regt.
  15212   Pte.   Herbert Savory, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-6-1917; (Formerly 
                 37280 D.L.I.) 
  6th (Service) Bn. Leinster Regt.
  5778    Pte.   William Cummings, b/L: Sunderland; KIA Egypt 27-2-1918; 
                 (Formerly 9599 TR Bn.) 
  Depot Leinster Regt.
  15024   Pte.   Albert Jackson, b: Sunderland; L?  Died: Home 1-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 22990 Hussars of Line) 
  1st Bn. Royal Irish Rifles
  47157   Rfm.   Alexander Baird, b: Sunderland; L: Durham; KIA: F&F 2-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 142366 A.S.C.) 
  8319    Rfm.   Bernard Finn, b: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 26-10-1914;


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