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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Book of Remembrance 1914-18 Holy Trinity pp 87 - 109


S140.048 Part 05



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NZ 405571

Original Location

Holy Trinity, Church Street East (Old Parish Church). (Closed)

Present Location

The Donnison School Heritage and Education Centre, Church Walk, Sunderland SR1 2BJ

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated May 2001 by Bishop of Durham, Rt.Rev. Michael Turnbull.

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance, A4 size, bound in red with black spine and corners. The words “Great War Memorial Book” are tooled in gold Roman capitals on the front cover. The pages are typed.
For convenience of uploading and viewing, the whole has been divided into thirteen parts as follows:
Part 1 contains the introductions and dedications.
Part 2-7 names the men from Sunderland who served according to the regiment in which they served.
Part 8 lists the men from Sunderland who served with the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy.
Part 9 lists
(a) Army officers
(b) Royal Flying Corps / Royal Air Force.
(c) names of men listed in the Sunderland Echo but not in official records;
(d) those who served with Commonwealth Forces; (e) civilians
Part 10 shows the names of Sunderland men on local war memorials,
plus names from Sunderland, Castletown, and Hylton of those who died, listed by the
regiment in which they served.
Part 11 shows the names from Ryhope and Silksworth;
Part 12 shows the names from Southwick;
Part 13 shows the names from Washington/Barmston/Usworth area.
Since then, further pages have been found which add information to these lists. This is now listed as Part 14.

Materials used

Hard bound book


On flyleaf:
This Memorial Book was Dedicated / by / The Lord Bishop of Durham / The Rt. Rev. Michael Turnbull / on / The 10th Day of May 2001.
The gift of Roly Riddell to / Sunderland Old Township / Heritage Society for lodgement / in the War Memorial Chapel of / Sunderland Old Parish Church.


How money was raised

Sunderland City Council.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Compiled by Roland Riddell.


1. On Armistice Day 2000, the first bound copy was handed over to the Mayor of Sunderland. Another copy was presented to the City Library. The copy dedicated in May was a third copy.

2. Sunderland Old Township Heritage Society helped with obtaining a grant.

3. The three volumes are dedicated to the memory of Mr. Riddell’s daughter, Susan, who died at the age of 30 in 1996.

4. The volume was compiled after Mr. Riddell starting searching for information about his grandfather, Jacob Aldridge, who was killed and is listed on the memorial at Thiepval. Mr. Riddell was amazed to find there was no record of all the Wearsiders who had died in the Great War.

5. The church is now managed by The Churches Conservation Trust.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Sharon Vincent

Sunderland Echo 04/05/2001 reports story and proposed dedication “next week”; 11/05/2001 reports service of dedication.

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Research acknowledgements

Arthur Youern; Roland Riddell; Sharon Vincent; Alan Vickers; Brenda McMahon; James Pasby

Research In Progress

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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 Holy Trinity pp 87 - 109 (S140.048 Part 05)


  A/Cpl.     Acting Corporal; A/LSgt Acting Lance sergeant; 
  Adj.       Adjutant
  AIF        Australian Imperial Force
  Att.       Attached
  b:         Born   
  Bdr.       Bombardier   
  BQMS       Brigade Quarter Master Sergeant
  Batt., Bn. Battalion
  Bty.       Battery (Artillery) 
  Capt.      Captain
  Clr.Sgt.   Colour Sergeant   
  Cpl.       Corporal   
  CSM        Company Sergeant Major
  Died: Home Means died somewhere in UK 
  DOW:       Died of Wounds
  Dvr.       Driver   
  E:         Enlisted   
  F&F        France & Flanders (killed or Died France or Belgium) 
  Far.       Farrier (Horseshoer) 
  Ftr.       Fitter
  Gdsm.      Guardsman
  Gnr.       Gunner   
  KIA:       Killed in Action
  L:         Lived
  L/Cpl.     Lance Corporal   
  Lieut.     Lieutenant   
  Pte.       Private
  Rfm.       Rifleman   
  Sdlr.      Saddler
  Sgt.       Sergeant/Serjeant
  Spr.       Sapper   
Page 87 
  1st Bn. Border Regt.
  9281    L/Cpl. Robert Atkinson, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 18-10-1918;
  9637    Pte.   John Bennett, b: Sunderland; L: Southwick; KIA Gallipoli 29-6-1915;
  8969    Pte.   William Bright L: Sunderland; Died: Home 1-11-1917;
                 interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  (‘Sunderland Echo’ 3-11-1917) 
  9378    Pte.   John Robe Gibson, b: Ayres Quay; KIA Gallipoli 6-5-1915;
  9482    L/Cpl. Thomas Hepple, b: Sunderland; L: Monkwearmouth; KIA Gallipoli 
  8834    Pte.   Robert William Lees, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
  9070    Pte.   Archibald Lofthouse, b: Norton, Durham; E: Stockton; L: Sunderland; 
                 Died Gallipoli 5-8-1915 (CWGC Regs) 
  9718    Pte.   Joseph Thompson, b: Sunderland; L: Newcastle; KIA Gallipoli 
  2nd Bn. Border Regt.
  6589    Pte.   Thomas Alderson, b: Sunderland; L: Middleton, Lancs.; KIA: 
                 F&F 16-5-1915;
  4075    Pte.   Thomas Bolton, b: Seaham Harbour; L: Monkwearmouth; KIA: 
                 F&F 16-5-1915;
  9004    Pte.   John Byrne, b: Millfield; L: Deptford; KIA: F&F 10-3-1915; 
                 (Formerly 1747 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  8970    Pte.   William Cook, b/L: Southwick; KIA: F&F 23-10-1914;
  8850    Pte.   Joseph Cruddas, b: Felling; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-12-1914;
                 (Formerly 1162 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  5502    Pte.   Christopher Curry, b: Stanley; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 12-10-1915;
  9382    Pte.   Simon Fenwick, b: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 26-10-1914;
  4654    Pte.   Ralph Givans, b: Sunderland; L: Govan, Glasgow. KIA: F&F 12-3-1915;
  4061    Pte.   Thomas Groves, b: Sunderland; L: Millfield; KIA: F&F 11-3-1915;
  4162    Sgt.   James Heppell, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-12-1914;
  8973    Pte.   Adam Hudson, b: Sunderland; L: Southwick; KIA: F&F (Formerly 
                 1784 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  27173   Pte.   Ellison Wallis Kerr, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-11-1916;
                 (Formerly 31521 K.O.Y.L.I.) 
  14245   Pte.   Luke Mitchell, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-5-1915;
  14291   Pte.   Alfred Baker Pritchard, b: Brotton, Yorks.; L: Grangetown; 
                 DOW: F&F 14-11-1917;
  9823    Pte.   Cecil Bertram Render, b: York; L: Pallion; DOW: F&F 26-9-1915;
                 (Formerly 8382 Yorks.) 
  18630   Pte.   William Softley, b: Fulwell L: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 4-10-1917;
  8242    Pte.   Alfred James Somerville, b: Sunderland; L: Pallion; KIA: 
                 F&F 26-10-1914;
  8630    Pte.   Robert Somerville, b: Bishopwearmouth; KIA: F&F 12-3-1915;
                 (Formerly 1736 Northumberland Fusiliers)
Page 88
  2nd Bn. Border Regt. 
  8923    Pte.   John Storey, b: Southwick; L: Wednesbury, Staffs; KIA: 
                 F&F 18-12-1914;(Formerly 1714 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  1/5 (Cumberland) Bn. Border Regt. (T.F.) 
  241711  L/Cpl. James Johnson, b: Sunderland; L: Blaydon KIA: F&F 21-3-1918;
  6th Bn. Border Regt.
  9376    Pte.   John Smailes, b: Carlisle; E: Sunderland; Died F&F 7-10-1916;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 13-11-1916; Father living Sunderland) 
  7th Bn. Border Regt.
  6507    Pte.   James Curry, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-4-1917;
  30528   Pte.   Francis Joseph Ford, b: Hylton; L: Pallion; KIA: F&F 9-10-1918;
  9321    Pte.   Simon Lippman, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-4-1917;
  12305   L/Cpl. Thomas Naisbett, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Horden; DOW: F&F 25-4-1917;
  8th Bn. Border Regt.
  14050   Pte.   J Atkinson L: Sunderland; DOW: Home 31-8-1918; interred Mere Knowles 
  18620   Pte.   William Rogerson, b: Tow Law; L: Hendon; DOW: F&F 7-6-1917;
  16982   Cpl.   William Wayman, b/L: Sunderland; Died: F&F 3-7-1916;
  9th Bn. Border Regt.
  18369   Pte.   Dobson Towns, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Sunderland; KIA Salonika 
  14151   Pte.   W G Ingram L: Sunderland; Died: Home 11-5-1915; 
                 interred Mere Knowles Cemetery  
  11th Bn. Border Regt.
  13755   Pte.   William Wilson, b/E/L Cumberland; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 11-7-1916; Wife living Sunderland) 
  1st Bn. K.O.R.L. Regt.
  30434   Pte.   Richard Haws, b: ?  L: Southwick; KIA: F&F 13-5-1918;
  6th (Service) Bn. K.O.R.L. Regt.
  14730   Pte.   Charles William Bamborough, b: Sunderland; KIA Mesopotamia 10-8-1915;
  11312   Pte.   Joseph Tate, b: Sunderland; DOW: Mesopotamia 10-8-1915;
  8th (Service) Bn. K.O.R.L. Regt.
  235504  Pte.   James McKellar, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-10-1918;
  27600   Pte.   Thomas Metcalf, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 13-11-1916;
  1/4 Bn. K.O.R.L. Regt. (T.F.) 
  28022   Pte.   Edward Forster, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-7-1917;
  2194    Cpl.   Stanley Richardson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-8-1916;
  1/5 Bn. K.O.R.L. Regt. (T.F.) 
  36513   Pte.   John Henry Beauman, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 25-8-1918;
  28060   Pte.   Johnson Newton, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-4-1918;
Page 89
  1st Bn. K.R.R.C.
  C/1278  Rfm.   James Wilson Bain, b: Sunderland; L: Gillingham; KIA: F&F 14-11-1916;
  2nd Bn. K.R.R.C.
  7/1738  Rfm.   Robert Herdman, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 31-12-1914;
  3rd Bn. K.R.R.C.
  7479    Rfm.   Gowan Mills, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-5-1915;
  7317    Rfm.   Thomas Todd, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 26-9-1915;
  4th Bn. K.R.R.C.
  9654    Rfm. (L/Cpl.) Joseph Robson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-5-1915;
  8th (Service) Bn. K.R.R.C.
  R/6001  Rfm.   Edward Boyle, b/L: Sunderland; E: London; DOW: F&F 30-7-1915;
  A/287   Rfm.   George Clayden, b: Rye, Sussex; L: Sunderland; KIA F&F 24-8-1916;
  R/37956 Rfm.   Edgar Morton, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-4-1918;
  R/6000  Cpl.    Thomas Ray Tucker, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 24-8-1916;
  10th (Service) Bn. K.R.R.C.
  R/16041 Rfm.   John Alexander Ferguson, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-4-1917;
  15883   Rfm.   Bernard Murray, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 29-8-1916;
  C/12909 Rfm.   Alfred Pratt n Monkwearmouth; DOW: F&F 30-11-1917;
  11th (Service) Bn. K.R.R.C.
  R/66872 Rfm.   Henry Myers Hogarth, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-8-1917;
  A/202712 Rfm.  George McBrearty, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 30-11-1917;
                 (Formerly SS/4745 R.A.S.C.) 
  12th (Service) Bn. K.R.R.C.
  R/12156 Rfm.   William Ash, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 12-6-1916; 
  16th (Service) Bn. K.R.R.C.
  C/572   Rfm.   George Edward Cowper, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-7-1916;
  C/650   Rfm.   Johnathon Fleming, b: Millfield; Died: Home 30-3-1916;
  C/1357  Rfm.   George Henry Gibbin, b: W Hartlepool L: Fulwell; Died: F&F 3-3-1916;
  C/787   Rfm. (L/Cpl.) John Joseph Hill, b: Sunderland; L: Hulme, Lancs;
                 KIA: F&F 22-8-1916;
  R/7484  Sgt.   William McCullock, b: Sunderland; L: Thornaby; KIA: F&F 12-10-1918;
  C/1441  Rfm.   William McLachlan, b: Sunderland; L: Newcastle; KIA: F&F 3-11-1916;
                 16th (Service) Bn. K.R.R.C.
  A/203507 Rfm.  Albert Edward Geldert, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 11-2-1918;
                 (Formerly T/308271 R.A.S.C.) 
  16th  Bn. K.R.R.C.
  R/16871 Rfm.   Herbert Fisher, b: Newcastle; b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-9-1916;
                 (CWGC Regs) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 25-9-1916) 
  18th (Service) Bn. K.R.R.C.
  A/202749 Rfm.  Sydney Tonkinson, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 3-10-1918;
                 (Formerly SS/5696 R.A.S.C.) 
Page 90
  21st (Service) Bn. K.R.R.C.
  C/12999 Cpl.   James Joseph Chapman, b: York L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 26-7-1916;
  C/12838 Rfm.   Robert Percy Kellett, b: Whitburn; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 12-3-1917;
  C/12908 Rfm.   John George McRoy, b: Hetton le Hole; L: Sunderland; DOW: 
                 F&F 17-6-1917;
  R/20394 Rfm.   William Arthur Oliver, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 20-9-1917;
  Depot Bn. K.R.R.C.
  43705   Rfm.   James Brigham, b/L: Sunderland; Died Royal Infirmary 25-4-19
                 interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery (‘Sunderland Echo’ 29-4-19) 
  1st Bn. Rifle Brigade
  S/10139 Rfm.   Thomas Evans, b: Sunderland; L: Ashington; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
  S/16072 Rfm.   Frederick Foster, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-8-1916;
  S/4479  Rfm.   Peter Higgins, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 26-4-1915;
  S/12820 Rfm.   Ernest Stobart, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
  2nd Bn. Rifle Brigade 
  S/13249 Rfm.   John Henry Gray, b: Sunderland; L: Millfield; Yorks? DOW: 
                 F&F 4-7-1916;
  S/25714 Rfm.   William Henry Pearson, b: Sunderland; L: Middlesbrough; 
                 KIA: F&F 31-3-1918; (Formerly R/17433 K.R.R.C.) 
  7th (Service) Bn. Rifle Brigade 
  B/3441  L/Cpl. Charles Campbell Matthew, b: Sunderland; L: Gateshead; KIA: 
                 F&F 3-2-1918;
  B/203045 Rfm.  Isaac Sidney Nicholson, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 15-9-1916;
                 (Formerly R/16870 K.R.R.C.) 
  8th (Service) Bn. Rifle Brigade 
  5995    Sgt.   Gordon Vincent Boughton, b: Sunderland; L: S.Woodford, Essex;
                 KIA: F&F 22-3-1918;
  9th (Service) Bn. Rifle Brigade 
  S/10710 L/Cpl. Rupert Bryers, b: Whitburn; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 15-9-1916;
  B/201178 Rfm.  James McDermott, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Houghton-le-Spring; DOW: 
                 F&F 1-6-1918; (Formerly R/4/066143 R.A.S.C.) 
  S/11563 Rfm.   Robert Shepherd, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-9-1915;
  1st Bn. City of London Regt. (R.F.) 
  22578   Pte.   Ralph Caygill, b: Hendon; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-3-1918;
                 (Formerly 15852 R.B.) 
  2nd Bn. City of London Regt. (R.F.) 
  232008  Pte.   James Wilson L: Sunderland; E: Waterloo; DOW: F&F 26-4-1917;
  2/2nd Bn. City of London Regt. (R.F.) 
  69302   Pte.   Thomas Middlehurst, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-3-1918;
Page 91
  3rd Bn. City of London Regt. (R.F.) 
  85125   Pte.   John Mackie, b: Southwick; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 11-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 45546 R.G.A.) 
  4th Bn. City of London Regt. (R.F.) 
  76313   Pte.   William Kirtley, b: London L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 30-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 40616 K.O.Y.L.I.) 
  29th Bn. City of London Regt. (R.F.) 
  780083  Pte.   James Davidson, b: Sunderland; L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-6-1918;
                 (Posted 4th London Regt.) 
  15th Bn. City of London Regt. (K.R.R.C.) 
  A/205044 Rfm.  James Young Wilkinson, b: Southwick; KIA: F&F 5-4-1918;
  2096    Pte.   George Edwin Fowler, b: Sunderland; E/L: London; KIA: F&F 21-12-1915
  6009    Rfm.   Henry Walter Thompson, b: Sunderland; E: Westminster; L Kingston
                 KIA: F&F 10-9-1916;
  5th Bn. City of London Regt. (R.B.) 
  2387    Rfm.   James Noel Calvert, b: Sunderland; E: London; DOW: F&F 24-7-1916;
  301967  Rfm.   Hudson Alan Colville, b: Ryhope; L: Sunderland; E: London; 
                 KIA: F&F 16-6-1918;
  315362  Sgt.   John Squires, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 6-11-1918; (Formerly 3537 
                 7th D.L.I.) 
  315421  Rfm.   James Edward Swinhoe, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 2-6-1918;
                 (Formerly 4271 7th D.L.I.) 
  43773   Rfm.   Thomas William Stewart, b: Sunderland; L: Monkwearmouth; 
                 KIA: F&F 1-10-1918; (Formerly 24654 D.L.I.) 
  8th Bn. City of London Regt. (R.B.) 
  372615  Rfm.   William John Drummond, b: Sunderland; E/L: Newcastle; KIA: 
                 F&F 20-9-19
  4670    Rfm.   Alexander Hunter Morrison, b/L: Sunderland; E: London; KIA: 
                 F&F 7-10-1916;
  388259  Rfm.   Henry Wilkinson L: Sunderland; Died: Home 5-10-19
                 interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  10th Bn. City of London Regt. (R.B.) 
  S/33706 Rfm.   Reginald Hartness, b/L: Sunderland; KIA Egypt 2-11-1917;
  424291  Pte.   Henry McGregor, b/L: Monkwearmouth, E: Sunderland; DOW: 
                 EEF 5-10-1918; (Formerly 7083 R.G.A.) 
  7th Bn. City of London Regt. (M.R.) 
  2829    L/Cpl. Thomas Barry Bubb, Died France 16-6-1915; Son of Thomas William and
                 Mary Bubb of Dover (CWGC Regs Native of Sunderland) 
  19th Bn. City of London Regt. (M.R.) 
  6244    Pte.   Henry Hodgson Gray, E/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 13-7-1916;
                 (Formerly 78688 R.A.M.C.) 
Page 92
  21st Bn. City of London Regt. (E.S.) 
  28857   Pte.   Angus Phillipson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 24-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 93541 Royal Flying Corps) 
  14th Bn. City of London Regt. (London Scottish) (G.H.) 
  515155  Pte.   George William Armstrong b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-8-1917;
  514659  Pte.   John Ditchburn b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 12-5-1917; (Formerly 
                 15851 R.B.) 
  6529    Pte.   Angus McLennan Macdonald, b: Glasgow; L: Sunderland; Died: Home 
                 1-5-1916; interred Richmond Cemetery (Surrey) (CWGC Regs) 
  5247    Pte.   John Leighton Milne, E/L: London; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 12-4-1917; Parents living Sunderland) 
  6438    Pte.   Ralph Robinson, E/L: Sunderland; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 13-6-1916;
  5216    Sgt.   Thomas Herbert Scarborough, E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-9-1916;
  5198    Pte.   James Todd Stewart, b/L: Sunderland; E: London; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
  805     Sgt.   John Corbet Browne, b: Bishopwearmouth; L: Holborn; KIA: F&F 2-6-1915
  9862    Pte.   James William Morton, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-5-1917;
  122498  Pte.   William Marsden Benson, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-3-1918;
                 (Formerly O/21293 R.A.O.C.)  
  49128   Pte.   George Blair, b: Felling; E/L: Sunderland; Died Salonika 27-9-1916;
                 (Formerly 70421 K.R.R.C.) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 23-10-1916) 
  181332  Pte.   G Jackson Blenkinsop L: Sunderland; D. East Staffs Military Hospital
                 8-11-1918; interred Mere Knowles Cemetery  (‘Sunderland Echo’ 
  48284   Pte.   Albert Victor Bradley, E; Manchester; L; Wallasey; DOW: F&F 5-4-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs A Native of Sunderland) 
  126869  Pte.   Alfred George Bradley, b: Monkwearmouth; L: Willington Quay; 
                 KIA: F&F 20-4-1918; (Formerly 51303 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  4281    Sgt.   Harry Brockbanks, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 31-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 16143 Yorks. Regt.)
  22776   Pte.   George Watson Birlinson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-7-1916;
                 (Formerly 18/694 D.L.I.) -93 MG Coy
  58230   Pte.   Harry Carr, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 30-10-1918; (Formerly 37226 
  142280  Pte.   Joseph Cook, b: Ryhope; L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 21-4-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs Died in Hospital, Germany; ‘Sunderland Echo’ 16-1-19) 
  25292   Pte.   George William Crinson, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 30-3-1917;
                 (Formerly 8276 D.L.I.) 
  ?       Pte.   William Croft L: Sunderland; Died ?  ? (‘Sunderland Echo’ 30-4-1918) 
  25320   Pte.   Frederick Curran, b: St.Luke’s, Deptford; KIA: F&F 21-3-1918;
                 (Formerly 718 D.L.I.) 
  8895    Pte.   Robert Davidson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-7-1917;
                 (Formerly 26425 Highland LI) 
  16430   Pte.   William Davison, b: Sunderland; Died Mesopotamia 23-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 8634 W.Yorks. Regt.)
  20803   Pte.   George Dawson, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 17-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 15883, E: Yorks. Regt.) 
  133166  Pte.   William Dawson, b: Sunderland; KIA F&F 11-9-1918; (Formerly 3476 
  44450   Pte.   Thomas Hudson Dick, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 7-8-1917; (Formerly 3910 
Page 93
  Machine Gun Corps 
  165072  Pte.   Norman Dickerson b? L: Cox Green; KIA: F&F 4-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 31229 11 Res. Cavalry Regt.) 
  16426   Pte.   Alexander Brand Dixon, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 5-5-1916;
                 (Formerly 8660 W.Yorks. Regt.)
  47199   Pte.   John Feeney, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 30-11-1917;
  108542  Pte.   John Cuthbert Frame, b/L: Sunderland; Died: F&F 26-12-1917;
                 (Formerly 36878, E: Yorks Regt.) 
  98464   Pte.   Peter Scott Smith Graham, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-10-1917;
  6380    Pte.   Thomas William Greaves, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 31-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 27207 D.L.I.) 
  8394    Pte.   John Gunn, b: Sunderland; L: Easington Colliery; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 23/30 D.L.I.) 
  55090   Pte.   William Hedley, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 24-7-1917;
                 (Formerly 28749 R Berks Regt.) 
  98616   Pte.   Stanley Herring, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 13-4-1918;
  88386   Pte.   Thomas Hewson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-3-1918;
  26917   Pte.   Oswald Hill, b: Sunderland; L: Wallsend; DOW: F&F 17-8-1917;
                 (Formerly 23/97 D.L.I.) 
  3332    Sgt.   Francis Holmes, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 20-8-1917; (Formerly 4440 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  25315   Cpl.   Frederick William Horlington, b: Gateshead; E: Newcastle; L Heaton
                 KIA: F&F 13-4-1918; (Formerly 23264 W.Y.R.) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 
                 17-5-1918; Parents in Sunderland) 
  70907   L/Sgt. John Thomas Howey, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 19-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 15622 D.L.I.) 
  118468  Pte.   Thomas Hudson, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 12-11-1918; (Formerly 36443 
  5455    Pte.   John Hughes, b: Bedlington L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-7-1916;
                 (Formerly 5455 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  16230   L/Sgt. Richard Humble, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-10-1917; (Formerly 11383       
  30566   Pte.   George Hutchinson, b: Sunderland; L: Seaham Harbour; KIA: F&F 6-9-
                 1917; (Formerly 21019, E.Yorks. Regt.)
  21568   Cpl.   James Richard Jones, b: Sunderland; L: Fulwell; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 16010 Yorks. Regt.) 
  39188   Sgt.   John William Kenderdine L: Sunderland; b: Grassnore, Derbyshire;
                 E: Chesterfield; KIA: F&F 18-11-1917; (Formerly 18459 N&D) 
                 (CWGC Regs ‘Sunderland Echo’ 28-11-1917) 
  88387   Pte.   John Lamb, b: Hendon; KIA: F&F 15-6-1917;
  45177   Pte.   Robert William Lockhart, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 4828 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  35698?  Pte.   Thomas Lundy, b: Sunderland; L: Newcastle; KIA: F&F 26-9-1917;
                 (Formerly 1626 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  30637   Pte.   John Simpson Marshall, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-8-1917;
                 (Formerly 17245 Yorks. Regt.) 
  163404  Pte.   Frank McGarley L: Sunderland; Died India; 30-11-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs ‘Sunderland Echo’ 10-1-19) 
  70896   Cpl.   Matthew McKeown, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 8-10-1918; (Formerly 9783 
  33180   Pte.   William Miller, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 24-10-1918; (Formerly 3114 
  18688   Pte.   John Moore, b: Millfield; L: Fence Houses; KIA: F&F 4-8-1917;
                 (Formerly 18830 R. Innisk. Fus.) 
  67374   Pte.   Thomas William Nelson, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 15-7-1917;
                 (Formerly 38689 D.L.I.) 
  158583  Pte.   George Usher Nixon, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 8-7-1918;
                 (Formerly 7085 W.Yorks Regt.) 
Page 94
  Machine Gun Corps 
  146409  Pte.   Arthur Pattison, b: Bishopwearmouth; KIA: F&F 28-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 3130 D.L.I.) 
  102654  Pte.   Gordon Piper, b/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 21-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 305252 London Regt.) 
  64658   Pte.   Aaron Pollock, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 18-4-1917; (Formerly 31943 
  5245    Cpl.   Charles Edward Quay, b: Stepney, M/Sex; E: Watford; L: Sunderland; 
                 DOW: F&F 27—616 (Formerly 9757 N Staffs) (CWGC Regs Parents in 
  65811   L/Cpl. Alfred Ranton, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 7-10-1917; (Formerly RTS/5249 
  26273   L/Cpl. Norman Reed, b: Millfield; DOW: F&F 23-11-1917;
                 (Formerly 13562 Yorks. Regt.) 
  15604   Pte.   Henry Rogerson, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 13-11-1916;
                 interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  8627    Pte.   John William Smith, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 9-4-1917; (Formerly 19320 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  160721  Pte.   Tom Stuart Sunderland KIA: F&F 18-10-1918; (Formerly 3/13099 Rifle 
  123247  Pte.   Andrew Tate, b: Sunderland; L: Auckland Park; KIA: F&F 24-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 205801, E.Yorks Regt.) 
  20751   L/Cpl. George Topping, b: Sunderland; L: Selby, Yorks; KIA: F&F 8-10-1916;
                 (Formerly 10733 W. Yorks) 
  156089  Pte.   John Henry Trotter, b: Southampton; E: Sunderland; L: Wheatley Hill; 
                 (KIA: F&F 4-10-1918; (Formerly 202870 D.L.I.) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 
                 22-10-1918; Parents living in Sunderland) 
  99466   Pte.   John Dobson Weatherhead, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 31-10-1917;
                 (Formerly T4/142568 A.S.C.) 
  81273   Pte.   Joseph Welsh, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 31-8-1917; (Formerly 38514 
  143193  Pte.   Robert Wheatley, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 24-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 10147, E.Yorks Regt.) 
  201054  Cpl.   Ernest Stanley Adamson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-11-1917;
                 (Formerly 1795 M.G.C.) 
  305777  Pte.   William Atley, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 8-5-1918;
                 (Formerly 177694 R.E.) 
  77475   Pte.   William Mullen, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 9-6-1917; (Formerly 283 
  206126  A/Cpl. Gerald Edmond Pattinson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 15-9-1916;
                 (Formerly 2212 M.G.C.) 
  78367   L/Cpl. William Dickson, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 20-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 38413 Y.R.) (CWGC Regs)
  70146   Pte.   Harry Dowson, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 10-11-1918;
                 (Formerly 15767 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  70175   Pte.   Ernest Hindmarsh, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-12-1917;
                 (Formerly 332 Northumbrian Cyclists’ Coy) 
  76608   Pte.   Robert Holleron, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-3-1918; (Formerly 3434 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  307330  Sgt.   Alfred Hulsmeire, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-9-1918;
                 (Formerly 140186? R Engineers) 
  047227  L/Cpl. John William Carden L: Sunderland; Died Egypt; (Malaria) 19-11-19
                 (CWGC Regs: interred Baghdad North Gate Cemetery  
  012049  Pte.   J W Hudson L: Sunderland; Died: Home 6-6-1916;
                 interred Mere Knowles Cemetery  
Page 95
  015075  Pte.   Thomas Paxton L: Sunderland; Died of Pneumonia, France 15-11-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs: interred Abbeville Cemetery, France) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 
  015887  Pte.   Thomas Wilson, b: Sunderland; Died Egypt; 6-8-1918;
  SE/32340 Pte.  Albert Henry Barrow, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 4-11-1918;
                 (Formerly 49916 W. Yorks)
  SE/32837 Pte.  Charles Watson, E: Sunderland; Died: Home 16-11-1917;
  2156    Pte.   Charles Price Ingham, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 24-10-1918;
                 (Formerly TR/6/14347 14th T.R.B.) 
  P/8902 A/ L/Cpl. James Bland, b/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 17-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 9846 Scots Rifles) 
  P/11786 A/L/Cpl. Thomas Murphy, b: Haswell; L: Sunderland; 
                  DOW: Mesopotamia 11-10-1919; (Formerly 26799 D.L.I.) 
  14015   L/Cpl. William H Armstrong L: Sunderland; Died: Home 1-7-1918;
                 interred Sunderland Cemetery  
  27647   Pte.   John Atkinson, b: Glasgow; E: Sunderland; L: Ryhope; Died: F&F 
                 5-12-1917; (Formerly 2764 Y.R.) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 24-1-1918) (CWGC 
                 Regs for the Merville War Cemetery, France, state, b: Sunderland; and 
                 formerly 35459 8th Lincs) 
  19419   Pte.   William Harrison Atkinson L: Sunderland; Died: Home 9-3-19
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 12-5-19) (CWGC Regs: interred Bishopwearmouth 
  403869  Pte.   Hendrick Bland, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 31-10-1918; (Formerly 4878 
  375598  Pte.   R Bramley L: Sunderland; Died: Home 1-6-21
                 (CWGC Regs: interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  52713   L/Cpl. J G Bunn L: Sunderland; Died Pneumonia at Trouville France 
                 28-11-1918; (Formerly 12 DLI and formerly Army Cycle Corps) (CWGC 
                 Regs) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 2-12-1918) 
  156684  Pte.   Patrick Coleman, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 18-12-19117
                 (Formerly 23741 Yorks)
  223506  Pte.   Griffiths William Cooper, b: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 21-10-1917;
                 (Formerly 46535 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  355381  Pte.   Robert Craig, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 22-10-1918; (Formerly 14410 
  ?       ?       James Morgan Curtis L: Sunderland; Died: Home 29-9-19
                 interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Family Grave) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 
  388958  Pte.   Henry Grey Cutler, b: Sunderland; Died Salonika 9-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 13362, E: Yorks Regt.) 
  23560   Pte.   Arthur Dodds KIA: F&F 4-10-1917; (Formerly 21587 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  586214  Pte.   Richard Donoghue, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 7-7-1918;
  513992  Pte.   Peter English, b: Hendon; KIA: F&F 14-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 9530 D.L.I.) 
  39985   Pte.   J R Ferguson L: Sunderland; Died: Home 2-3-19 (Formerly Lincs Regt.) 
                 (CWGC Regs: interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  16570   Pte.   Alfred Frater L: Sunderland; Died: Home 22-11-1918; (Formerly 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)CWGC: interred Mere Knowles Cemetery  
Page 96
  446381  Pte.   Thomas Gilbertson, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 8-1-1918; (Formerly 3272 
  1278    Pte.   William Grummett L: Sunderland; Died: Home 5-12-1918; (Formerly 19 
                 D.L.I.); (CWGC Regs.) interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  27179   Pte.   Frederick Hall, b: Monkwearmouth; KIA: F&F 26-10-1917;
                 (Formerly 34557 Lincolnshire Regt.) 
  475921  Pte.   James Smith Hamilton, b: Pallion; DOW: F&F 24-7-1918;
                 (Formerly 32779 York & Lancs Regt.) 
  26443   Cpl.   Charles Johnson, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-8-1918; (Formerly 34100 
                 Lincs); (‘Sunderland Echo’ 16-9-1918; states he was known as Charles 
                 Johnson Hudson & Charley Hudson) 
  256298  Pte.   Frank Laiwighan, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 30-6-1918; (Formerly 9690 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  313477  Pte.   Frederick Lamb, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 2-5-1918;
  366248         Robert William Lamonby, b: Newcastle; E: Sunderland; L: Ryhope 
                 Colliery; Died: F&F 26-7-1917; (‘Sunderland Echo’ 3-9-1918; Living 
  21857   Pte.   George William Lewis, b: Galleymoor, Yorks; E: Gateshead; L: 
                 Sunderland; Died: F&F 26-7-1917; (Formerly 65077 6 D.L.I.) 
                 (CWGC Regs: interred Etaples, France) 
  424     Pte.   Robert Lindsey L: Sunderland; Died Pneumonia France 27-12-1918;
                 (Formerly 18 D.L.I.) (CWGC Regs) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 30-12-1918) 
  300637  Pte.   John McQue, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 14-12-1917; (Formerly 2712 
  569463  Pte.   Michael Murray, b/L: Southwick; Died: F&F 3-11-1918; (Formerly 877 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  263593  Pte.   Andrew Nichol, b: Silksworth; E: Houghton-le-Spring; DOW: F&F 5-12-
                 1918; (Formerly 33285 D.L.I.) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 12-12-1918; L: 
  67550   Pte.   Edward Pickering, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 19-11-1917;
                 (Formerly 357 R Sussex Regt.) 
  611357  Pte.   Frederick Sawyer L: Sunderland; Died: Home 18-7-21 (Formerly 9547 2 
                 D.L.I.)(CWGC Regs: interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  471384         William Henry Sinclair, b: Seaham; E/L: Sunderland; Died: F&F 
                 25-10-1918; (Formerly 33198 11 D.L.I.) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 9-11-1918) 
  111962  Pte.   John Thomas Snowdon, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-12-1917; (Formerly 
                 1062 D.L.I.) 
  18976   Pte.   David Struthers, E/L: Sunderland; Died: F&F 2-6-1918; (Formerly 
                 6453 1st D.L.I.) 
  377772  Pte.   James Sweeney Died Pneumonia Home 23-12-1918; (Formerly 8740 3 
                 W.Y.R.) (CWGC Regs: interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  (‘Sunderland 
                 Echo’ 30-12-1918) 
  238364  Pte.   Thomas Taylor, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 11-12-1917;
                 (Formerly 22905, E: Yorks Regt.) 
  310663  Pte.   Luke Thew, L: Sunderland; DOW: Home 5-5-1918; (Formerly 141557 
                 R.A.S.C.) (CWGC Regs) (‘Sunderland Echo’ 8-5-1918) interred 
                 Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  19589   Pte.   Luke Thornton, b: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-12-1917; (Formerly 31108 
  1886    Pte.   S G Trowbridge L: Sunderland; Died Belgium 4-2-19 (Formerly 7 Man. 
  39698   Pte.   S Watts, b: Sunderland; Died: Home 18-5-1920 (Formerly 9 Y.R.) 
                 (CWGC Regs: interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  419160  Pte.   William Lightfoot Wilmott, b: Sunderland; Died: F&F 8-5-1918;
                 (Formerly 48539 Lincolnshire Regt.) 
  21434   Pte.   Morris Woodhams, b/L: Wolsingham; E: Bishop Auckland; KIA: 
                 F&F 21-3-1918; (Formerly 32873 D.L.I.) (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland
Page 97
  14/126782 Pte. George Anderson b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 1-11-1917;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 2FHLD 634) 
  2021    Dvr.   Lawrence Manuel Annison, b: Sunderland; L/E: Gateshead; Died: 
                 Home 17-11-1915
  ?       Pte.   John George Armstrong L: Sunderland; Died Salonika 2-12-1918;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 11-12-1918) 
  R4/068527 Pte. John Daisley Bainbridge b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 15-7-1917;
  T4/14407  Dvr. John Bell L: Sunderland; b: Carlisle; E: Harrogate; Died: 
                 F&F 28-8-1918;
  T4/145842 Pte. Thomas Brown, b/E: Sunderland; L: Shotton Colliery; 
                 Died: Home (Sunderland) 16-7-1916; interred at Mere Knowles 
                 Cemetery 24A 2475) 
  M2/226136 Pte. Thomas Henry Brown b/L/E: Sunderland; Died Persian Gulf 18-7-1917;
  T/1146    Dvr. Thomas Pratt Buckley, b: Monkwearmouth; E: Sunderland; L: Seaham 
                 Harbour; DOW: F&F 26-4-1915;
  S4/122380 Pte. Thomas Calvert, b: Sunderland; L: Manchester; E: Brymawr; Died: 
                 F&F 21-7-1917;
  T4/141541 Pte. George Cansick L: Grangetown, E: Sunderland; b: York; Died: 
                 F&F 23-12-1917;
  T4/127419 Pte. John Richard Carlyon, E: Sunderland; L: Ryhope; Died: Home 24-2-1918;
  M2/131905 ?    John Henry Chilvers L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 
                 18-11-1918; interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 13BB 13766) 
  T4/083471 Dvr. Richard Wilson, b: Sunderland; E/L: Darlington; Died at sea 2-6-1917;
  T4/250473 Dvr. Michael Conlin b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 25-12-1917;
  T4/043553 Dvr. Nicholas Cook Died Pneumonia Bulgaria 17-12-1918; (CWGC Regs: L: 
  M2/103826 Pte. Joseph Michael Day, b/L/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 7-7-1916;
  TS/6190   Dvr. Andrew Downs, b/E: Sunderland; L: Southwick; Died: F&F 3-4-1915;
  SS/5125   Pte. John Robert Flowers b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 5-10-1916;
  T3/026273 Dvr. John Foster, b: Deptford L: Monkwearmouth, E: Sunderland; 
                 Died: Home (Sunderland) 3-11-1918; interred at Mere Knowles 
                 Cemetery 12BB 2270) 
  R4/068261 Pte. George Everson Gardiner b/L/E: Sunderland; Died Balkans 2-2-1918;
  M2/10529  Pte. Oswald Rushton gent, b: Middlesbrough E: Sheffield; L: Doncaster; 
                 Died Balkans 6-11-1918; (CWGC Regs & ‘Sunderland Echo’ 15-11-1918; 
                 Parents lived Sunderland) 
  M/316735  Pte. Joseph William Gillespie L America Died 20-12-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs: Parents lived Sunderland) 
  T4/1411513 Pte. Peter Scott Gillespie, b/L: Sunderland; E: West Hartlepool; 
                 Died: Home 11-11-1915;
  S4/085055 Pte. Frank Gordon b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 16-10-1918;
  M2/166773 Pte. Albert Edward Grainger b/L/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 17-6-1917;
  R4/111227 Sgt/Maj Frederick Green, b/L: Sunderland; 
                 Died: Home (Sunderland) 15-6-1918; interred Bishopwearmouth 
                 Cemetery 3A 2293) 
  T/293645  Dvr. Matthew Hall b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 8-3-1917;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 12AA 2230) 
  T4/188393 Dvr. Thomas Norton Hall b/L/E: Sunderland; Died Balkans 3-8-1917;
  T4/141621 Pte. Robert Harvey b/L/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 21-9-1917;
  S4/173516 Pte. Edward Ernest Hastie b/L/E: Newcastle; Died: Home 9-7-1918;
                 (This soldier’s name appears on St George’s Church plaque, Stockton 
  T/545     Dvr. Thomas Henry Hern, b: Sunderland; L: Woolwich; E: Plumstead;
                 DOW: F&F 9-12-1915;
  46470     Pte. T Hewitson, b/L: ?  D?  9-6-1922;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A ?  ?) 
  T4/142148 Pte. Samuel Highet, b/L: ?  Died South Hylton; 4-12-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2279) 
Page 98
  TS/5031   Strapper Charles William Hood b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 17-4-1916;
  T4/141866 Pte. Thomas Brewster Houston b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 28-2-1917;
  R4/069454 Pte. Thomas Howarth, b/L: ?  Died South Hylton; 7-4-1919;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 1931) 
  R4/062606 Pte. John William Innes b/L/E: Sunderland; LIA Balkans 4-3-1917;
  TS/3972   Dvr. John Johnson L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 6-8-1915;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 13A 1728) 
  TS/3971   Pte. John James Johnson L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 19-8-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 10AE 1565) 
  R4/111613 Pte. Robert William Johnson b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 1-10-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2208) 
  RTS/3384  Pte. Henry Jones L: Monkwearmouth; Died: Home (Sunderland) 4-8-1921;
  T4/250296 Dvr. Edward Mackin L: Sunderland; Died: Home 15-2-1919;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 10A 5920) 
  DM2/168333 Pte. Joseph Appleby May, b/L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Durham) 25-11-1918;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 13A 3225) 
  T4/141508 Pte. John McGurrell b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 24-11-1916;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 10A 6121) 
  SS/4746   Pte. Charles McIntosh b/L/E: Sunderland; Died at sea 17-1-1916;
  M/380030  Pte. Andrew Paxton McLaren, b: Sunderland; L Yeadon E Keighley
                 Died: Home 3-7-1918; (Formerly 31833 Reserve Bn. W. Yorkshire Regt.) 
  T4/127159 Pte. Charles McLaughlin b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 19-1-1918;
  103831    Pte. Michael McManus L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 18-5-1920;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 11A 1556) 
  T4/250538 Cpl. Leonard Doeg? Moore L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 28-3-1921;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 11CE 1610) 
  S4/090976 Pte. John Morton b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 23-4-1915;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 16CC 2131) 
  M2/187008 Pte. George Musgrove, b: Sunderland; E/L: Nottingham; Died: F&F 6-11-1918;
  M2/099940 Cpl. John Nevin Croix De Guerre (Belg) L: Sunderland, b: Hexham; 
                 E: Ashington; DOW: F&F 14-9-1918;
  T4/129472 Pte. Hugh O’Donnell L/E: Sunderland; b: Murton Colliery; Died: 
                 F&F 18-5-1917;
  T4/214783 Dvr. Peter Pallister L/E: Sunderland; b: Usworth; Died Egypt; 13-6-1918;
  T4/250259 F/S/Sgt. Robert Patterson Died France 24-4-1919; (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland) 
  T4/057258 Dvr. James William Pinkney b/L/E: Sunderland; Died Balkans 27-8-1917;
  RTS/5251  Cpl. John James Rigg L/E: Sunderland; b: Dublin Died: Home (Sunderland) 
                 14-10-1918; interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 3A 2073) 
  T/1237    Dvr. Thomas Roberts, b/L/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 2-5-1915;
  T4/250297 Dvr. Arthur Ross, b/L: Deptford, E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 2-11-1917;
  M/427460  Pte. John Ross, b/L: ?  Died: Home (Croydon) 22-11-1918;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 5A 6728) 
  T3/026508 Dvr. Matthew Sayers, b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 12-2-1915;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 1BB 816) 
  DM2/162558 Pte.Robert Scott L/E: Sunderland; b: W Rainton Died: F&F 29-7-1916;
  S/383021  Sgt. John Hanson Sinclair ‘Mentioned in Despatches’ L: Sunderland; 
                 Died: Home (Sunderland) interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 
                 19 BB 11070) 
  T3/026549 Dvr. Joseph Robson Lumsden Smith, Died France 30-11-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland) 
  T2/14554  Dvr. T Speed, Died Greece 2-1-19 (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland) 
Page 99
  S4/199291 Pte. Alfred William Statham L: Sunderland; 
                 Died: Home (Sunderland) 17-2-1919; interred at Bishopwearmouth 
                 Cemetery 3A 2216) 
  T/31071   Dvr. Thomas Steel b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 10-12-1914;
  R4/11590  Pte. Jenneson Taylor Surtees b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 23-3-1916;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 2AE 1401) 
  SS/12629  Pte. Michael Sweeny, b/L: ?  Died: Home (Sunderland) 19-3-1919;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 11AE 1699) 
  TS/3977   Dvr. John Taylor b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 18-6-1915;
  141557    Pte. Luke Thew L: Sunderland; Died: Home 5-5-1918;
                 (Trnsf 310663 Labour Corps) interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 
                 3A 2138) 
  DM2/165453Pte. William Thirwell b/L/E: Sunderland; Died Mesopotamia 21-6-1917;
  TS/3362   Dvr. William Todd b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 10-12-1914;
  T2/018112 Pte. Thomas Turnbull L/E: Sunderland; b: South Shields; DOW: F&F 1-6-1918;
  SS/4743   Pte. Thomas Turnbull L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 13-10-1916;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 12A 1919) 
  T4/25164  Dvr. Alfred Tyler L: Sunderland; b: Sheffield, E: Newcastle; Died: Home                  
                 (Sunderland) 18-3-1917; interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 
                 5A 11651) 
  T4/141661 Pte. Thomas Wallace, b/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 16-8-1918;
  MS/2100   Pte. Joseph William Watt, b/E: Sunderland; L New Herrington Died: 
                 F&F 1-2-1915;
  T4/040855 Dvr. John Welch Died Bulgaria 10-12-1918; (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland) 
  T4/141709 Pte. William White, b/L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 16-4-1920;
                 interred at Sunderland Cemetery Grangetown 5A 11734) 
  R4/111615 Dvr. Henry Arnold Wilkinson b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 3-4-1916;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 17CC 3171) 
  T4/249531 Dvr. William Winter L: Sunderland, b: Durham; E: Newcastle; KIA: 
                 F&F 27-5-1918;
  R4/168693 Pte. Peter Anderson Young b/L/E: Sunderland; Died: Home 18-2-1916;
  64133   Pte.   Charles Allison, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 8-8-1917;
  55996   Pte.   Mark Hopper Anderson, E: Sunderland; b: Durham; DOW: Italy 19-1-1918;
  45717   Pte.   William Henry Bell, E: Sunderland; b: South Hylton; KIA: 
                 F&F 25-4-1918;
  59168   Pte.   Lionel Bernstein, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 5-3-1917;
  73246   Pte.   Joseph Burn, b/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 28-7-1916;
  8808    Pte.   John Canavan L: Sunderland; Died France 20-12-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs & ‘Sunderland Echo’ say 2nd DLI Attached R.A.M.C. 
                 - not in DLI records) 
  4306    Cpl.   John James Cartledge, b: Monkwearmouth; Died: Home (Sunderland) 
                 24-2-1919; interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 22CC 604) 
  24651   Pte.   John Cowie L: Monkwearmouth; Died: Home 5-10-1915;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 12A 1898) 
  73576   Pte.   Edward Cummings, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 19-10-1916;
  37330   Cpl.   Bertie Darke, b/E: Sunderland; Died Mesopotamia 12-7-1917;
  32203   Pte.   James William Emmerson, MM; b: Sunderland; E: Ferryhill; Died: 
                 F&F 28-7-1918;
  97128   Pte.   Louis Fraser, E: Sunderland; b: Edinburgh; Died India; 15-11-1918;
  19857   Pte.   Johnson Galilee, b: Sunderland; E: Seaham Harbour; Died: 
                 F&F 24-9-1917;
  64548   A/L/Cpl. Myer Gallewski, b/L: Sunderland; E: South Shields; DOW: 
                 F&F 19-2-1917;
  64173   Pte.   William Golightly, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 3-8-1916;
  24659   Pte.   James Grierson, b: Sunderland; L: Monkwearmouth; E: Croydon;
                 Died Mesopotamia 18-7-1917;
  24665   Pte.   William Harley, b/L: Seaham Harbour; E Croydon Died: F&F 2-11-1918;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 20-11-1918) 
Page 100
  44685   Pte.   David Lennon Henderson, E: Sunderland; b: South Hetton; DOW: 
                 F&F 19-9-1917;
  49880   Pte.   William Holborn, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 11-10-1918;
  9001    Pte.   William Huntley, E: Sunderland; b: Usworth; KIA: F&F 19-5-1918;
  39928   Sgt.   George Jacobs, DCM; b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 10-10-1916;
  46095   Pte.   John Lilley, b/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 6-1-1916;
  471     Pte.   Anthony Longstaff, E/L: Sunderland, b: Washington; Died Egypt; 
                 30-9-1915;(‘Sunderland Echo’gives his name as Langstaff) 
  56941   Pte.   George Matson, b/E: Sunderland; Died Gallipoli 18-12-1915;
  154747  Pte.   Arthur Mayne, E: Sunderland; b: Leeds; Died: Home 22-8-1918;
  49910   Pte.   Joseph William Mitchell, E: Sunderland; b: South Shields; 
                 Died at sea 4-5-1917;
  73984   Pte.   Norman Cogden Mitchell, E/L: Sunderland; Died: Home 19-12-1915;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 22AA 28 No Gravestone Found) 
  8057    Pte.   William Oxley, E: Sunderland; b: New Herrington; KIA: F&F 17-3-1918;
  44722   Pte.   Ernest Patterson, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 7-10-1917;
  8064    Pte.   Robert Richardson, E: Sunderland; b: Crook; KIA: F&F 9-11-1918;
  8051    Pte.   Robert Rippon, E: Sunderland; b: Shotton Died at sea 21-3-1917;
  39598   Pte.   George William Smith, E: Sunderland; b: Wingate; KIA: F&F 19-11-1916;
  64006   Pte.   James Steele L: Sunderland; Died: Home (Sunderland) 6-8-1916;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 2AE 1407) 
  52045   Pte.   William Stewart, E: Sunderland; b: Wardley; Died Malta 11-9-1915;
  38456   Pte.   Alfred Thompson, E: Sunderland; b: South Hylton; DOW: F&F 23-10-1917;
  39482   Pte.   George Robert Thompson, E: Sunderland; b: Houghton-le-Spring
                 DOW: F&F 20-11-1917;
  49153   Pte.   William Thompson, E: Sunderland; b: Southwick; KIA: F&F 14-8-1916;
  58794   Cpl.   Thomas Walks, E: Sunderland; b:Hetton le Hole; KIA: F&F 16-4-1917;
  45391   Pte.   John Crawhall Waller, E: Sunderland; b: Stanhope; Died Italy 
  49536   Pte.   Thomas William Walsh, E: Sunderland; b: Murton Colliery; 
                 KIA: F&F 26-10-1917;
  8049    Pte.   Robert Wilson, E: Sunderland; b: Murton; Died: Home 1-11-1915;
                 interred at Mere Knowles Cemetery 12A 1787 Plus L. Wilson, Gnr. 
                 R.A. 4-3-1944) 
  51747   Pte.   William Wood, E: Sunderland; b: South Hetton; Died Egypt; 19-7-1916;
  43760   Pte.   George Pearson Woodall, E: Sunderland; b: Gateshead KIA: 
                 F&F 14-7-1916;
  53026   Pte.   Thomas Youern, b/E: Sunderland; Died Salonika 8-4-1947
  468     Pte.   Robert William Young, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-10-1917;
  Royal Army Medical Corps (T.F.) 
  3325    Pte.   Samuel Storey Collin, b: Bishopwearmouth; E: Durham; 
                 DOW: Salonika 27-2-1917;
  316000   Pte.  Hilton Ramsay Palmer, b: Monkwearmouth; E: Glasgow; Died Egypt; 
  388509   Pte.  Francis Edmond Thomas, b: North Ormesby, E: Durham; Probably L: 
                 Sunderland; Died Salonika 10-7-1917; (Name appears on Christ Church 
Page 101
  1st Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt.
  7462    Cpl.   Thomas Akien b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-3-1915;
  7315    Pte.   John Burns, b: Hendon; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 11-11-1914;
  10131   Pte.   William Rae, b: Whitehaven; Cumb.; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 1-8-1916;
  2nd Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  10121   Sgt.   Stanley Longstaff, b/E: Sunderland; L: Castle Eden; Died India; 
  10373   Pte.   James Robson b/E/L: Sunderland; Died India; 21-8-1915; 
                 (Formerly 10125 D.L.I.) 
  4th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt.
  56227   Pte.   William Morrow b/E/L/ Sunderland; DOW: F&F 28-2-1917; (Formerly 
                 16842 E.Y.R.)  
  99621   Pte.   William Henry Todd b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 45487 RSC) 
  5th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt.
  3189    Pte.   Edgar Nevison, b/L: Sunderland; E: Liverpool; KIA: F&F 8-8-1916;
  7th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  57782   Pte.   William Cuthbertson, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 23-11-1917;
                 (Formerly 515 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  10th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  1942    Pte.   Ramston Calmady Bailey, b: Deptford; E: Liverpool; L: Tranmere;
                 KIA: F&F 16-6-1915; (‘Sunderland Echo’ 26-6-1915 Bailey, Rauston C.C. 
                 Late Sunderland) 
  12th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  14601   Pte.   Thomas Lawson, b: Sunderland; E: Liverpool; L: Runcorn, Cheshire;
                 DOW: F&F 7-3-1916;
  260084  Cpl.   John Henry Routh, b: Sunderland; E/L: Gateshead; DOW: F&F 22-11-1917;
                 (Formerly 302900 D.L.I.) 
  13th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  57829   Pte.   Christopher James Robertson, b/E/L/Sunderland; DOW: F&F 10-10-1918;
                 (Formerly 313 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  200319  Pte.   Joseph Simpson Roeves, b: Millfield, Durham; E/L Liverpool;
                 KIA: F&F 28-3-1918;
  57834   Pte.   Horace Sharman, b: Yarmouth; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 399 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  57835   Pte.   William Henry Simpson, b: Gateshead; E/L: Sunderland; DOW: 
                 F&F 19-12-1917; (Formerly 15830 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  267390  Pte.   Oswald Wilson L: Pallion; Sunderland Died: F&F 17-8-1916;
  57836   Pte.   John Smart b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 164 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  17th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  50138   Pte.   Charles Frederick Howden b/E/L: Sunderland; DOW: 3-8-1917;
Page 102
  18th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  57772   Pte.   George Barratt b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 28-3-1918;
                 (Formerly 335 London Div. Cyclists’ Coy) 
  57775   Pte.   Thomas Howard Brown b/E/L: Sunderland; (Fulwell) KIA: F&F 31-7-1917;
                 (Formerly 397 Northumberland Div. Cyclists’ Coy) 
  57786   Pte.   John George Foster, b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 15771 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  57790   Pte.   Robert Hird, b: Castle Eden; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 31-7-1917;
                 (Formerly 15779 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  57792   Pte.   Albert Howarth, b: Pallion; E/L: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 17-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 15782 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  57828   Pte.   William Stanafield Richardson, b/E: Sunderland; L: Hetton le Hole;
                 KIA: F&F 9-4-1917; (Formerly 155 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  19th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  30831   Pte.   Frederick James Craven, b: Sunderland; E/L Liverpool KIA: 
                 F&F 9-3-1916;
  57815          John Tindal Milne b/E? L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 387 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  57820   Pte.   Harold Osborne, b: Stockton; E: Newcastle; L: Sunderland; 
                 DOW: F&F 27-9-1917; (Formerly 392 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  57832   Pte.   Joseph Rock b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-3-1918;
                 (Formerly 15827 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  57851   Pte.   Robert Wigham, b: Silksworth; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-4-1917;
                 (Formerly 15851 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  20th Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  57755   Pte.   Reginald Carter Trewhett b/E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 6-1-1918;
                 (Formerly 114 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  1st Garrison Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  60611   Pte.   William Hornsey Bennett, b: Sunderland; E/L: Alloa; Died Egypt; 
                 27-6-1918; (Formerly 1777 Yorkshire L.I.) 
  1st Garrison Bn. King’s Liverpool Regt. 
  33408   Pte.   Robert Hall, b/L: Fulwell, E: Sunderland; Died Salonica 2-11-19118
                 (Formerly 8843 Border Regt.) 
  2nd Bn. S.Lancs. Regt.
  7679    Pte.   James Hampson, b: Sunderland; E: Warrington; L: Liverpool; 
                 KIA: F&F 24-8-1914;
  1/5th Bn. S.Lancs. Regt.
  32689   Pte.   James Richard Barr, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 19-6-1918;
  21750   Pte.   James McNichol, b/L: Sunderland; E: St.Helen’s, Lancs; KIA: 
                 F&F 10-3-1918;
Page 103
  6th Bn. S.Lancs. Regt.
  37793   Pte.   Edward Henry Olley, b: Aldergate, Norfolk: E: Sunderland; 
                 Died Mesopotamia 19-10-1918; (Formerly 13340 E.Y.R.)  
  8th Bn. S.Lancs. Regt.
  37562   Pte.   William Wilson, b/E: Barnard Castle; L: Lastingham, Durham; KIA: 
                 F&F 2-8-1917;(Formerly 180045 R.E.) (CWGC Regs: Parents living in 
                 Bishop Auckland, Wife living in Sunderland) 
  8th Bn. S.Lancs. Regt.
  37057   Pte.   Henry Marshall, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: Salonica 30-9-1918;
  37044   Pte.   Henry Guy Cutter L: Sunderland; Died Greece 9-10-1918; (CWGC Regs) 
  1st Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  20588   Pte.   William Mushens, b/E: Sunderland; L: Monkwearmouth; KIA: 
                 F&F 23-10-1916; (Formerly A.C.C.) 
  3209    Pte.   Frank Oxspring, b: Bishopwearmouth; Sunderland; E: Swansea;
                 KIA: F&F 25-6-1916;
  2nd Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  29961   Pte.   Richard Thomas Aldridge, b: Sunderland; E/L: High Wycombe, Bucks;
                 DOW: F&F 3-9-1916; (Formerly Ox & Bucks L.I.) 
  1/5th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  33308   Pte.   Ernest Dobson, b: Sunderland; E: Doncaster; L: Castle Eden, Durham
                 KIA: F&F 4-8-1918; (Formerly 1900 R.A.S.C.) 
  2/5th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  29813   Pte.   William Victor Beavers, b: Jarrow, E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-9-1917;
                 (Formerly 44920 Y.R.) 
  2/7th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  307375  Pte.   Edward Clarkson, b: Sunderland; E: Kirkliston, West Lothian; 
                 L: Edinburgh; KIA: F&F 1-7-1918; (Formerly 967 Royal Scots) 
  9th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  12484   Pte.   John Dickinson, b: Gateshead; E: Sunderland; KIA Mesopotamia 
                 29-3-1917;(Formerly 45593 R.G.A.) 
  12236   Pte.   Robert Smith Tate, b: Birmingham; E: London; L: Sunderland; 
                 DOW: Mesopotamia 13-4-1917;
  10th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  11906   Cpl.   Peter Higham, b: Sunderland; E: Consett; KIA: F&F 10-4-1918;
  20383   Pte.   John George Tarbet, b: Sunderland; E Rugby L: Wallsend; KIA: 
                 F&F 1-6-1918;
  11th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  11907   Sgt.   William Edward Knaggs, b/L: Sunderland; E: Consett; KIA: 
                 F&F 11-4-1917;
Page 104
  13th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  TR/8/1840 Pte. John Butler, b: Sunderland; E: Birmingham; L: Aston, Birmingham;
                 Died: Home 19-4-1917;
  15th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  12393   Pte.   Charles Duncan, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 3-9-1916; 
                 (Formerly 52401 R.G.A.) 
  16th Bn. R.Warwicks. Regt.
  36472   Pte.   Gordon Hill, b: Sunderland; E: Birkenhead; L: Lower Tranmere;
                 KIA: F&F 1-9-1918;
  1007    L/Cpl. Arthur Stevenson, b/L: Sunderland; E Leamington DOW: F&F 3-8-1916;
  1st Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  28334   L/Cpl. Joseph Bucknell Daglish, b: Jarrow, E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 5-9-1916;
                 (Formerly 54896 R.G.A.) 
  28024   Pte.   George William Hall, b: Ryhope; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 5-9-1916;
                 (Formerly 51100 R.A.M.C.) 
  20931   Pte.   John Lloyd, E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 22-10-1918;
  2nd Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  18579   Pte.   Joseph Laidler, b: Sunderland; E: Chester; DOW: F&F 15-5-1915;
  28326   Pte.   Joseph Miller, b: Wrekenton, Durham; E: Sunderland; KIA Serbia 
  8th Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  17700   Pte.   Herbert Watson, b/L: Sunderland; E: Birkenhead; DOW: at sea 
  9th Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  52259   A/L/Cpl. John Ferry Barr, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-11-1916;
                 (Formerly 23/1407 Northumberland Fusiliers)
  20745   Pte.   Arthur Hagedorn, b: Hendon; Sunderland; E: Crook, Durham; KIA: 
                 F&F 6-6-1918;
  33622   Pte.   John Kelly, b: Sunderland; E: Liverpool; KIA: F&F 3-7-1916;
                 (Formerly 12305 Liverpool Regt.) 
  52342   Pte.   Arthur Orton, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 15-9-1916; (Formerly 21091 
  10th Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  28347   Pte.   James Laws, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 26-4-1916; (Formerly 46642 
  11th Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  28728   Pte.   Daniel Feeley, b: Sunderland; E: Liverpool; KIA: F&F 26-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 26321 Kings Liverpool Regt.) 
  20658   Pte.   William Hall, b: Houghton-le-Spring; E: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 24-3-1918;
  15th Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  19641   A/Cpl. George Carter, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-7-1916;
  19618   L/Cpl. Benjamin Cunnah, b: Mold, Flints.; E: Sunderland; Died: Home 
  20201   Pte.   John Harold Forster, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 29-7-1916;
  19616   Pte.   William Richardson, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 17-7-1916;
  19608   Pte.   Joseph William Taylor, b: Ryhope; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 1-5-1916;
  20267   Pte.   William Taylor, b: Pittington, Durham; E: Sunderland; DOW: 
                 F&F 20-7-1916;
Page 105
  16th Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  20920   Pte.   Martin Corcoran, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 27-5-1916;
  20930   Cpl.   Joseph Corr, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-8-1917;
  21217   Pte.   Peter Holt, b: Haswell; Durham; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 19-7-1916;
  20717   Pte.   Joseph Bowery Lincoln, b: Sth Shields, E: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 19-7-1916;
  1/4th Bn. Cheshire Regt.
  2977    Pte.   John William Ayre, b: Bishopwearmouth; Durham; E: Birkenhead;
                 Died Malta 4-9-1915;
  23rd Bn. Cheshire Regt. 
  77693   Pte.   Andrew Ryles L: Sunderland; Died France 29-1-19 (CWGC Regs) 
  1st Bn. Worcs. Regt.
  40488   Pte.   William Blacker, b: Sunderland; E/L Goole KIA: F&F 17-8-1917;
                 (Formerly 30156 K.O.Y.L.I.) 
  42950   Pte.   Walter William Smith, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 6-6-1918;
                 (Formerly 47818 Royal Irish Rifles) 
  2nd Bn. Worcs. Regt. 
  9628    Pte.   Arthur Lloyd, b: Sunderland; E: Oldsbury, Worcs; L: Smethwick, 
                 Staffs; KIA: F&F 31-10-1914;
  3rd Bn. Worcs. Regt.
  25935   Pte.   Sydney Walter Snaith, b: Sunderland; E: Birmingham; L: Hereford;
                 DOW: F&F 21-4-1918;
  4th Bn. Worcs. Regt.
  41030   Pte.   Arthur Brooks, E: Sunderland; L: Newcastle; KIA: F&F 29-9-1918;
  23027   Pte.   Thomas Henry Campbell Gibson, b: Sunderland; E: East Ham, London;
                 L: New Beckton, Essex. KIA Gallipoli 6-8-1915;
  41057   Pte.   Charles Hird, E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-11-1917;
  19268   L/Cpl. David Logan, b: Glasgow; E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 14-4-1917;
  235105  Pte.   Harold Arthur Turner, b: Grangetown; E: Lincoln;
                 L: Bracebridge, Lincs. DOW: F&F KIA: F&F 22-11-1917; 
                 (Formerly 6113 Lincs Regt.) 
  1/5th Bn. Worcs. Regt.
  33308   Pte.   Ernest Dobson L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F Italy 4-8-1918; (CWGC Regs) 
  2/8th Bn. Worcs. Regt.
  41047   Pte.   Preston Greener, E/L: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 2-10-1918;
  9th Bn. Worcs. Regt.
  20971   L/Cpl. Richard Holder, b: Bishopwearmouth; E/L: Birmingham; 
                 KIA: F&F Mesopotamia 25-1-1917;
Page 106
  10th Bn. Worcs. Regt.
  24665   Pte.   Richard Henry Lowes, b: Murton Colliery; E/L: Sunderland; ?
                 DOW: Home 24-4-1918; interred at New Silksworth; L: Byrne Tce., 
  14th Bn. Worcs. Regt.
  42392   Pte.   Percy Shaw, b: Sunderland; E/L: Bradford; KIA: F&F 25-3-1918;
  20th Bn.  Manchester Regt.
  17590   Pte.   Reginald Coates, b: Bradford: E: Manchester; L: Middlesbrough;
                 KIA: F&F 15-4-1916; (CWGC Regs L: Sunderland) 
  23497   Pte.   John C Isherwood, b/E: Manchester; DOW: F&F 1-2-1917;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 17-3-1917; L: Mount Road, West Sunderland) 
  21st Bn.  Manchester Regt.
  51643   Pte.   George Albert Paul Bentley, b: Brandon; E: Sunderland; KIA: 
                 F&F 24-10-1917; (Formerly 40330 D.L.I.) 
  51646   Pte.   Ralph Clegram, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 7-11-1918; (Formerly 40441 
  51664   Pte.   George Rowell, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 24-10-1917; (Formerly 40510 
  22nd Bn.  Manchester Regt.
  51596   Pte.   Thomas Pigdon Laybourn, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-10-1917;
  51621   Pte.   Bertram William Weetman, E: Sunderland; b: Seaham Harbour; 
                 KIA: F&F 4-10-1917;
  2/6th Bn.  Manchester Regt.
  44944   Pte.   Arthur Coyle, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 30-7-1917; (Formerly 387 
  51267   Pte.   David Currie, b/L: Sunderland (Millfield); E: West Hartlepool;
                 KIA: F&F 21-3-1918; (Formerly 8827 D.L.I.) 
  1/7th Bn.  Manchester Regt.
  2003    Pte.   James Sanderson, b: Sunderland; E: Manchester; LIA Gallipoli 
  2/7th Bn.  Manchester Regt.
  50809   Pte.   Bertram Addison, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-3-1918; (Formerly 
                 45145 Y.R.) 
  8th Bn.  Manchester Regt.
  301412  Pte.   Herbert Wilfred Shaw Parents L: Sunderland; Died: Home 29-9-1920
                 interred Newcastle (Byker & Heaton Cemetery  
  9th Bn.  Manchester Regt.
  54359          John George Lorraine, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-3-1918;
                 (Formerly 50487 Nth Staffs Regt.) 
  1st Bn. L.N.Lancs. Regt.
  26515   Pte.   John Briggs, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 14-7-1917; (Formerly 4516 
  26535   Pte.   William Edward Bunting, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 26-9-1916;
                 (Formerly 4486 D.L.I.) 
  26534   Pte.   Edward Gill, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 26-9-1916; (Formerly 4488 
Page 107
  26610   Pte.   Thomas McDonald, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 19-11-1917;
  26556   Pte.   Lawrence McKeon, b: Sunderland; E: Chester-le-Street; L: Fence Houses 
                 KIA: F&F 3-9-1918; (Formerly 4526 D.L.I.) 
  26576   Pte.   Joseph Gray Newman, b: Biddick; Durham; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 
                 18-4-1918; (Formerly 4570 D.L.I.) 
  26617   Pte.   Charles Oxlade, b: High Wickham; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-3-1917;
                 (Formerly 4966 D.L.I.) 
  26697   Pte.   Henry Shilleto Prior, 7th Bn. L.N.L.; E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 
                 19-4-1918; (Formerly 4986 D.L.I.) 
  2/4th Bn. L.N.Lancs. Regt.
  29487   Pte.   Leonard Overfield, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 29-8-1918;
                 (Formerly 118143 D.L.I.) 
  1/5th Bn. L.N.Lancs. Regt.
  260102  Pte.   Lars Aslagsen, b: Stavanger, Norway; E: Newcastle; L: Sunderland; 
                 KIA: F&F 30-7-1917; (Formerly 29232 E.Y.R.)  
  260103  Pte.   John Atkinson, b: Brandon Colliery; E: Newcastle; L: Sunderland; 
                 KIA: F&F 28-7-1917; (Formerly 29662 E.Y.R.)  
  6th Bn. L.N.Lancs. Regt.
  16498   Pte.   Ernest Gavin b: Monkwearmouth; E: Bolton; KIA Mesopotamia 9-4-1916; 
  7th Bn. L.N.Lancs. Regt.
  33615   Pte.   William Kavanagh, b: Millfield; E: Newcastle; L Jarrow
                 KIA: F&F 31-7-1917; (Formerly 11326 Army Cyclists’ Corps) 
  8th Bn. L.N.Lancs. Regt.
  34093   Pte.   Lewis Hairsine, b: Sunderland; E: Oldham; KIA: F&F 7-6-1917;
                 (Formerly 15329 Man Regt.) 
  9th Bn. L.N.Lancs. Regt.
  26686   Pte.   Leslie Forster, E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-4-1918; (Formerly 4997 
  34674   L/Cpl. Harry Stainsby, b: Haswell; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 10-8-1917;
                 (Formerly 108645 R.E.) 
  2nd Bn. E.Lancs. Regt.
  23855   Pte.   Henry Clark, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 2-4-1918; (Formerly 
                 12938 Y.R.) 
  10096   Sgt.   Anthony Connelly, b/E: Sunderland (Millfield); L: Brierley Hill, 
                 Staffs; KIA: F&F 22-11-1917;
  8th Bn. E.Lancs. Regt.
  34685   Pte.   John Sayers, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 22-9-1917; (Formerly R.F.A.) 
  34729   Pte.   John Byram Veitch, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 16-11-1916;
                 (Formerly 140878 R.F.A.) 
Page 108
  11th Bn. E.Lancs. Regt.
  38673   Pte.   Charles Haddock, b/L: Sunderland; E: Bradford; DOW: F&F 16-8-1918;
                 (Formerly T/276983 R.A.S.C.) 
  18041   Pte.   Reginald Stewart Haigh, b: Cotherstone; E: Accrington; L: Darlington; 
                 KIA: F&F 2-7-1916; (‘Sunderland Echo’ Parents living Sunderland) 
  2/5th Bn. E.Lancs. Regt.
  241532  Pte.   Ralph Etherington, b: Midlem, Yorks; E: Burnley; KIA: F&F 26-3-1918;
                 (CWGC Regs Parents L: Sunderland; Wife living Burnley) 
  242082  Pte.   Francis William Rostron, b: Sunderland; E: Chorley, Lancs.
                 DOW: F&F 11-5-1917;
  242598  Pte.   Joseph Small, b/L: Sunderland; E: Barnard Castle; KIA: F&F 13-4-1917;
  1st Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  4735    Pte.   George Brown, b: Sunderland; E: Rochdale; DOW: F&F 6-7-1916;
  21149   Pte.   Thomas Kelly, E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 30-5-1917;
  13661   Pte.   Andrew McDonough, E: Sunderland; b: Wigan; Died at sea 13-8-1915;
  1835    Pte.   Robert Standaloft, b: Aberdeen; E: Manchester; L: Sunderland; 
                 DOW: Gallipoli 25-5-1915 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 5-7-1915) 
  2nd Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  50049   Pte.   William Harold Gray, E: Sunderland; b: York; KIA: F&F 23-4-1918;
  9th Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  26133   Pte.   Albert Bell, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 4-10-1917; (Formerly 140836 
  21020   Pte.   Joseph Graham, b: Ryhope; E: Sunderland; DOW: Gallipoli 15-9-1915;
                 (Formerly 10957 D.L.I.) 
  21026   Pte.   J Kelly B: Sunderland; Died: Home 30-4-1916;
                 interred Sunderland Cemetery  
  21021   Pte.   Joseph Cooper Robinson, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: Gallipoli 21-8-1915;
                 (Formerly 10958 Y.R.) 
  16th Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  47211   Pte.   Walter Wilfrid Moffatt, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 28-11-1917;
                 Formerly 342568 R.A.S.C.) 
  19th Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  36474   Pte.   John Bell, b/E: Sunderland; L: Southwick; DOW: F&F 11-7-1917;
                 (Formerly 2836 D.L.I.) 
  48181   Pte.   William Rutter Mitchinson, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 13-1-1918;
                 (Formerly 14222 Border Regt.) 
  36510   Pte.   John William Thompson, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 3316 D.L.I.) 
  36521   Pte.   John George Walton, E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 25-4-1918;
                 (Formerly 3815 D.L.I.) 
  23rd Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  60572   Pte.   Matthew Coundon, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 27-9-1918; (Formerly 20652 
                 Northumberland Fusiliers)
Page 109
  2/5th Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  50496   Pte.   Uriah Smiles, b/E: Sunderland; DOW: F&F 26-4-1918;
  46786   Pte.   Charles Nicholas Walker, b: Southwick; E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 
                 8-5-1918;(Formerly 5048 R.A.S.C.) 
  2/6th Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  38681   Pte.   Benjamin Hills L: Sunderland; Died: Home 24-5-1918;
                 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery  
  2/7th Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  38807   Pte.   John Turnbull, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 9-10-1917; (Formerly 232962 
  1/8th Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  50437   Pte.   George Eagling, b/L: Grangetown, E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 26-3-1918;
  306853  Pte.   John Moran, E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 1-1-1918;
  2/8th Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  47476   Pte.   William Richardson Kirby, b/E: Sunderland; KIA: F&F 21-3-1918;
                 (Formerly 54612 W.Y.R.) 
  39071   Pte.   John Rose, b/E: Sunderland; Died: F&F 23-11-1917;
  Unknown Bn. Lancs. Fus.
  ?     ?    Albert Edward Weightman L: Sunderland; Died 8-6-1917;
                 (‘Sunderland Echo’ 18-6-1917) 


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