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Chapel and plaque 1914-18 College





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Ushaw College. Outside of Memorial Chapel.

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Memorial Chapel.

Plaque, with rolled moulded border, highly ornamented in medieval manuscript style. There is a gilded background. At centre is Christ on the Cross, with the words “May they rest in Peace, O God” in Latin on a scroll beneath his feet. On either side at the top is an angel bearing a scroll between them which bears the dedication. The names are listed in two columns on each of two panels painted as scrolls. The lettering is in Gothic script, hand painted using a variety of colours.

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Precibus at Sacrificiis vestris animae alumnorum huius collegii, qui in Regis Patriaeque servitio sunt interfecit pie homiliterque commendantur
Requiem / aeternam dona / eis Domine.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Painted by Elphege Pippet


1. The Latin quotation translates as: “The souls of the pupils of this college who were killed in the service of king and Country are piously and humbly commended to your prayers and sacrifices.”

2. An Appeal was launched which reads:

"At a recent meeting of the Council of St. Cuthbert’s Society a strong desire was expressed that some permanent and worth Memorial of those Alumni, who had fallen during the war, should be erected at the College. It is now known that at least seventy-seven Ushaw men have given their lives for their country since July, 1914, and these have a claim upon our gratitude which we are most anxious to repay. The carry out this object the following suggestions were made:

a. That a Memorial Chapel should be erected, and a Monthly Mass founded for those Alumni who have sacrificed their lives in the war. There is already in hand a sum of £1,000, the gift of an anonymous friend towards the erection of the Memorial Chapel, which is to be a companion one to Bishop Wilkinson's Memorial Chantry, and is to be dedicated to the English Martyrs.

b. That a Chemical Laboratory should be built and furnished with every modern requirement.

As all building at the present time, and for some time to come, will be exceptionally expensive, it is impossible to say exactly what sum will be required for the above objects, but it is recommended that we should appeal for £5,000.

There is already in hand a sum of £1,000, the gift of an anonymous friend towards the erection of a Memorial Chapel, which is to be a companion one to Bishop Wilkinson’s Memorial; Chantry, and is to be dedicated to the English Martyrs.

The building and equipment of a good Chemical Laboratory will be a costly work, but it is hoped that even if the full amount required is not at once forthcoming, such a substantial sum may be obtained as to justify the College authorities in undertaking the work at once.

This appeal is being issued under the conviction that the generosity of Ushaw men will not fail to provide the College with a Memorial which will be at once a thank-offering for the return of the living, and a testimony of admiration for the dead.”

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; James Pasby; Ushaw College

College Notes March 1919; July 1928

A History of Ushaw College; D. Milburn, 1964.

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Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Ushaw College

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Chapel and plaque 1914-18 College (U10.01)

USHAW Ushaw College Chapel
On ribbon at top.  
   Precibus at Sacrificiis vestris animae 
   alumnorum huius collegii, qui in Regis 
   Patriaeque servitio sunt 
   interfecit pie homiliterque commendantur
Centre, below crucifix
   aeternam dona   
   eis Domine.     
Left hand panel
   Rev. Dous. T. Baines Rev. Dous. M. Burdess 
   E. Archard           C. Coffey  
   W. Aspinall          F. Croke 
   B. Barrett           B. Daly 
   R. Bickerdike        J. Daly 
   M. Boland            A. Douglas-Dick 
   J. Bonney            W. Dunderdale 
   R. Bradley           W. Earle 
   W. Bradley           T. Etches 
   F. Brett             B. Farrell 
   A. Brown             W. Farrow 
   W. Buller            W. Ferrers 
   W. Bunbury           G. Foggin 
   B. Carey             B. Gibson 
   H. Carrington        C. Hines 
   E. Charnock          T. Hinsley  
   A. Chisholm          W. Hubberstey 
   M. Clancy            M. Huddleston 
   J. Conway            L. Hutchinson 
   J. Cotton            W. Jinks 
Right hand column
   Rev. Dous. W. Einn   Rev. Dous. C. Watson
   C. Kay               H. O'Sullivan
   R. Kay               C. Peckston
   P. Kearney           G. Priestman
   C. Kelly             H. Regan
   J. Kelly             G. Reynolds
   J. King              C. Rimmer
   W. Lund              C. Rogerson
   W. Marra             G. Rogerson
   H. Marshall          J. Rogerson
   J. Marshall          W. Ruxton
   C. McAllister        A. Smith
   C. McCahy            W. Taylor
   B. McCormick         F. Taunton
   G. McNamee           J. Thomson
   F. McNiff            W. Thornton
   J. McShane           A. Tumilty
   F. Molyneux          F. Whittam
   J. Morley            C. Yates
   H. Newsham
A Roll of Honour in The Ushaw Magazine for March 1919 gives more detail:
   Archard, Edward
      Ushaw 1890-5.  Killed Aug. 25th 1917
   Aspinall, William
      Ushaw 1915.  Ecclesiastical student.  Killed Aug. 1st 
   Baines, Rev. Thomas
      Ushaw 1898-1916.  Formerly professor in the college.
      Died of wounds May 31st 1918.
   Barrett, Bernard
      Ushaw 1911-12.  2nd Lieut. Royal Warwicks.  Killed April
      10th 1918.
   Bickerdyke, Robert
      Ushaw 1902-1913.  Capt. W.Yorks.  Awarded Military
      Cross.  Killed Nov. 20th 1917
   Boland, Michael
      Ushaw 1915-16.  2nd Lieut. Munsters. Ecclesiastical stu-
      dent.  Killed Feb. 24th 1918
   Bonney, James
      Ushaw 1892-1903.  2nd Lieut. R.G.A.  Killed Oct. 6th
   Bradley, Robert
      Ushaw 1909-1914.  2nd Lieut. N.Staffs.  Ecclesiastical
      student.  Mentioned in Despatches.  Killed in Mesopo-
      tamia Jan. 25th 1917.
   Bradley, Wilfrid
      Ushaw 1914-7.  Ecclesiastical student.  Killed Aug. 25th
Page 2
   Brett, Francis
      Ushaw 1905-7.  2nd Lieut. Manchesters.  Killed July 30th
   Brown, Charles Adrian
      Ushaw 1909-1913.  Capt. R.A.F.  Accidentally killed
      Jan. 15th 1919
   Bunbury, Wilfrid
      Ushaw 1900-1902.  Lieut. Northumberland Fusiliers.
      Killed April 15th 1917.
   Burdess, Rev. Matthew, D.D.
      Ushaw 1894-7 and 1909-13.  Formerly professor in the
      college.  Killed April 19th 1917.
   Carrington, Harold
      Ushaw 1900-6.  Missing March 1918.  Believed killed by
      British artillery after being taken prisoner.
   Cary, Bernard
      Ushaw 1894-6.  Died of wounds May 12th 1917
   Charnock, Edward
      Ushaw 1904-1910.  Missing, presumed killed.
   Chisholm, Alistair
      Ushaw 1908-1912.  2nd Lieut. Royal Scots.  Killed Sept.
      25th 1915.
   Clancy, Matthew
      Ushaw 1915-6.   Sergt. K.O.Y.L.I.  Ecclesiastical student.
      Killed April 9th 1917.
   Coffey, Charles
      Ushaw 1912-4.  Lieut. R.A.F.  Ecclesiastical Student.
      Awarded Croix de Guerre with palms.  Killed May 27th
   Conway, John
      Ushaw 1911-4.  Awarded Military Medal.  Died of wounds
      Sept. 23rd 1917.
   Cotton, John
      Ushaw 1908-11.  Killed at sea Jan. 23rd 1917.
   Croke, Francis
      Ushaw 1906-7.  Cadet U.S.A. Army.  Died in camp
      October 7th 1918.
   Daly, Bernard
      Ushaw 1892-3.  The first Ushawman who fell in the War.
      Killed Feb. 11th 1915.
Page 3
   Daly, John
      Ushaw 1892-5.  Killed July 8th 1915.
   Dick, Archibald Douglas.
      Ushaw 1900-1. 2nd Lieut. Scots Guards.  Missing 1915.
   Dunderdale, William
      Ushaw 1898-1900.  2nd Manchesters.  Killed Jan.
      11th 1917.
   Earle, Wilfrid
      Ushaw 1910-2.  2nd Lieut. E. Yorks.  Killed April 1917
   Etches, Thomas
      Ushaw 1914-6.  Ecclesiastical student.  Killed June 10th
   Farrell, Bede
      Ushaw, 1892-4.  Capt. E.Yorks (T.)  Killed April 24th
   Farrow, Wilfrid
      Ushaw 1901-7.  Killed Sept. 24th 1916.
   Ferrers, Francis
      Ushaw 1897-1900.  Killed March 23rd 1918
   Finn, Rev. William
      Ushaw 1889-1900.  Mentioned in Despatches.  Killed at
      Sedd-el-Bahr April 25th 1915.  The first chaplain to fall
      in the War.
   Foggin, George
      Ushaw 1909-1910.  2nd Lieut. R.A.F.  Killed July 14th
   Gibson, Bertrand D.
      Ushaw 1887-1893.  Lt.Col. Northumberland Fusiliers.
      Awarded D.S.O. and Croix de Guerre with palms.  Four 
      times mentioned in Despatches.  Killed May 27th 1918.
   Hines, Charles
      Ushaw 1882-3.  Major Durham L.I.  Killed May 24th
   Hinsley, Thomas
      Ushaw 1884-7.  Killed May 21st 1917.
   Hubberstey, William
      Ushaw 1912-7.  Ecclesiastical student.  Killed Sept.
Page 4
   Huddleston, Maurice
      Ushaw 1911-5.  2nd Lieut. Durham L.I.   Mentioned in
      Despatches.  Killed July 2nd 1916.
   Hutchinson, Leo
      Ushaw 1899-1908.   Killed May 1917.
   Jinks, William
      Ushaw 1912-6.   Ecclesiastical student.  Killed Oct. 19th
   Kay, Cyril
      Ushaw 1904-1911.  Killed 1917
   Kay, Roland
      Ushaw 1909-1914.  2nd Lieut. Durham L.I.  Killed March
      21st 1918
   Kearney, Peter
      Ushaw 1912-4.  Died of disease 1918.
   Kelly, John
      Ushaw 1910-5.   Ecclesiastical student.  Wireless operator.
      Lost at sea by enemy action, Oct. 19th 1917.
   Kelly, Charles P.
      Ushaw 1903-4.  Lieut R.A.M.C.  Killed July 2nd 1916.
   King, John
      Ushaw, 1915-6.  Died of disease Aug. 1918
   Lund, William
      Ushaw 1876-1883.  Lieut. A.S.C.  Lost at sea by enemy
      Action, Aug. 14th 1915
   Marra, William
      Ushaw 1914-5.   Ecclesiastical student.   Missing Sept.
   Marshall, Herbert
      Ushaw 1909-1911.  Wireless operator.  Died of disease
      Feb. 14th 1918
   Marshall, John
      Ushaw 1902-3.  2nd Lieut. Northumberland Fusiliers.
      Awarded Military Cross.  Killed July 2nd 1916.
   McAlister, Charles
      Ushaw 1897-8.  2nd Lieut. Dublin Fusiliers.  Killed
      June 1918.
   McCahy, Cuthbert
      Ushaw 1905-1912.  Killed 1917.
Page 5
   McCormick, Bernard
      Ushaw 1910-7.  Ecclesiastical student.  Killed Sept. 2nd
   McNamee, George
      Ushaw 1893-1901.  Lost in the Jutland Battle.  May 31st
   McNiff, Francis
      Ushaw 1914-6.  Ecclesiastical student.  2nd Lieut. North-
      umberland Fusiliers, attached to R.A.F.  Killed March
      13th 1918.
   McShane, John
      Ushaw 1900-1.  2nd Lieut. R.E.  Killed July 28th 1916
   Molyneux, Francis
      Ushaw 1902.  Wounded and captured by enemy Aug.
      1917.  Presumed dead.    
   Morley, John
      Ushaw 1903-13.  2nd Lieut. R.E.  Died of wounds May
      15th 1918
   Newsham, Herbert   
      Ushaw 1901-9.  Died of wounds Sept. 5th 1918
   O’Sullivan, Horace
      Ushaw 1910-5.  Ecclesiastical student.  Lieut. R.G.A.
      Killed April 24th 1917
   Peckston, Cuthbert
      Ushaw 1909-1915.  Ecclesiastical student.  2nd Lieut.
      Northumberland Fusiliers.  Killed March 22nd 1918.
   Priestman, George
      Ushaw 1908-1913.  2nd Lieut. Northumberland Fusiliers
      Died of wounds May 15th 1918.
   Regan, Herbert
      Ushaw 1904-1912.  2nd Lieut. Northumberland Fusiliers.
      Killed Oct. 1918.
   Reynolds, George
      Ushaw 1895-7.  Killed Jan. 14th 1916
   Rimmer, Charles
      Ushaw 1909-1913.   Killed Jan. 27th 1916
   Rogerson, Charles
      Ushaw 1910-1913.  Died of disease Jan. 5th 1918.
   Rogerson, George
      Ushaw 1907-1913.  Killed July 8th 1915.  
Page 6
   Rogerson, John
      Ushaw 1910.  Killed Aug. 1918, the last of three 
   Ruxton, Wilfid.
      Ushaw 1899-1905.  Lieut. R.A.F.  Accidentally killed
      Aug. 29th 1918.
   Smith, Aloysius
      Ushaw 1910-3.  Died of disease Dec. 15th 1915.
   Taunton, Francis
      Ushaw 1895-9.   Killed Sept. 16th 1915.
   Taylor, William
      Ushaw 1889-1893.  Capt. S.Lancs.  Died of wounds
      May 11th 1915.
   Thomson, Thomas
      Ushaw 1909-1910.  Killed June 8th 1915.
   Thornton, Wilfrid
      Ushaw 1901-4.  2nd Lieut. Black Watch.  Killed July
      31st 1916.
   Tumilty, Austin
      Ushaw 1912-6.  Ecclesiastical student.  2nd Lieut. Dublin
      Fusiliers.  Killed Nov. 10th 1917.
   Watson, Rev. Charles
      Ushaw 1881-5.  Died in Mesopotamia July 22nd 1918.
   Whittam, Francis
      Ushaw 1894.  2nd Lieut.  Lancashire Fusiliers.  Killed
      July 1st 1916.
   Yates, Charles
      Ushaw 1892-3.  2nd Lieut. Loyal N.Lancs.  Killed May
      15th 1916.   
   May they rest in peace.
There are some differences between the names in this list 
and those on the memorial:
   W. Ferrers instead of F. Ferrers.
   C. McAllister instead of C. McAlister.
   J. Thomson instead of T. Thomson.            

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