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Photo: Lonely Tower


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Tower Hill





Map ref

NT 993282

Original Location

Tower Hill, Wooler.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 17th April 1921 by Mr. Noel Villiers of Weetwood.
b. Restored and rededicated 4th November 2001.

Memorial Description

Cross 7m high with stone base 200 cm x 160 cm. The dedication is incised on a panel on the upright of the cross, with the quotation on a panel on the reverse side, in each case using Gothic script. The cross stands on a rough cairn, resting on a shallow shoulder which bears a laurel wreath carved in half relief on the front. The main pedestal has panels dressed on all four sides, in which the names are incised in a single column using sans serif capitals. The cairn stands on two steps, and the names for 1939-1945 are incised in two columns on the riser of the top step. The whole monument is set inside an iron railing.

Materials used

Stone from Doddington Quarry


a. To / the memory of / those from the / Wooler district / who fell in the / Great War / 1914-1919 /
Their name / liveth / for evermore.
No / hate was theirs / no thirst for fame / when forth to Death / by Honour sent. / Life beckoned sweet / the Great Call came / They knew their duty / and they went.
b. 1939-1945


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee


Estimated at £400.

How money was raised

Site donated by Misses Archbold and presented to the town

Present condition

Restored 2001.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. W. Tully & Sons.

Ownership and maintenance

Ownership uncertain. Maintenance by Glendale Parish Council.


1. Wooler had received a gun as a war trophy, which had been removed and thrown in the Mill Dam, as had those at Alnmouth and Amble. The Parish Council were seeking to put it right, but could not afford it. Some people might wish to pay the expenses, and the gun could then be put into the Workhouse until a site for it was found.

2. The final balance for the memorial showed a surplus of £25 7s which was handed over to Wooler Parish Council for the future maintenance.

3. In 1995, Wooler Parish Council were asked to consider a proposal to move the cross from its high position on the old motte to a more accessible one in the town, on the grounds that older folk found it difficult to climb the steps, and younger people might forget.

4. “Wooler Parish Council has now taken out a loan to repair the wall at the war memorial which collapsed at Christmas. The loan means that parish council resources will be stretched and a decision has been taken not to give grants out to charitable organisations approaching them for funds. The contract to repair the wall is being put out to tender and work will start shortly. The council is also hoping to tie it in with a general renovation of the memorial and access to it, possibly with Millenium funds. Flagstones lifted during the renovation of the Royal Tweed Bridge at Berwick have been set aside to create steps up to the memorial”. Northumberland Gazette 22/09/1998

5. The memorial features on the Wooler Millennium Tapestry, exhibited at the Unique Northumberland Exhibition at Alnwick Castle June 2000.

6. Friends of War Memorials (now War Memorials Trust) gave a grant of £200 towards the cost of restoration.

7. Staff Sgt. Heckels, R.A.S.C. was awarded the B.E.M. for devotion to duty whilst serving in the 8th Army in Italy.

8. Fom the area, some 400 men joined the colours, of whom 68 were killed.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos of memorial, Millennium tapestry and rededication ceremony: J. Brown; Photos: Tony Harding; Lonely Tower; old postcards: Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

Morpeth Herald 02/04/1920 reports on the proposed site and estimated cost.

Shields Daily News 11/10/1924 reports on trophy gun

Alnwick & County Gazette 26/06/1920 reports work in hand and £100 still outstanding; 23/04/1921 reports unveiling, and the hope of providing a suitable iron railing; 06/08/1921 tells of surplus funds.

Newcastle Daily Journal 30/03/1920 reports proposal to erect a memorial on Tower Hill; 06/08/1920 reports unpopularity of the gun relic and throwing it away by the youth

Illustrated Chronicle 11/05/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 01/12/1920 reports hope that the memorial would be unveiled by the end of the year free of debt.

Northumberland Gazette 22/12/1995 reports proposal to move memorial; 14/10/1999 reports plea to have the memorial site tidied

Morpeth County Library Frith collection of photographs depicts Memorial from Chattel Bridge.

Wooler at War 1939-1945. Glendale Local History Society, Wooler, 1996.

Sources of quotations:
"Their name liveth for evermore" Apocrypha: Ecclesiasticus 44
“No hate was theirs . . .” Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

Glendale Local History Society; J. Brown; P. Thirkell; Berwick upon Tweed Town Council; the late R.W. Gould; Michael Newrick; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; Ian R. Scott

Research In Progress

Coldstream and District Local History Society are researching the names on this memorial. Contact:
Also Richard Waters who can be contacted on

Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Tower Hill (W68.01)

WOOLER, Tower Hill.

On front of shaft of cross:                                              
     the memory of 
     those from the 
     Wooler district 
     who fell in the 
     Great War 
     Their name 
     for evermore. 
Front pedestal (1914-18): 
     Armstrong D.      N.F.          
     Aynsley W.        R.F.A.        
     Aitchison J.      N.F.          
     Atkinson J.       G.H.                   
     Allan E.          N.F.          
     Allan T.          Y. & L.       
     Beattie W.M.      H.L.I.        
     Brodie J.         R.S.          
     Brown, W.         W.R.          
     Cockburn W.       N.F.          
     Cock G.           D.L.I.        
     Dunbar, G.        Y. & L.       
     Dunn, T.          N.F.          
     Elliot G.W.       E.L.          
     Elliot R.L.       N.F.          
     Elliot W.H. N.    N.Z.E.F.    
     Fairbairn J.      N.H.Y.F.    
     Fettis T.         R.A.S.C.      
     Deedes H.P.       K.R.R    
Front base (1939-45):

     Brewis J.W.     R.G.S.    Dey D.H.       R.A.F.
     Brewis V.G.     R.A.F.    Dey N.A.       R.C.N.V.R.
     Cockburn W.H.   R.A.F.    Elliot J.N.    R.N.F.
     Croser C.       R.A.F.    Eliot S.D.     R.N.
Side 1 pedestal (1914-18):                            

     Fettis J.         C.H.           
     Gallon R.         R.F.A.         
     Gallon J.         N.F.           
     Gagie G.          R.F.A
     Gordon T.         R.S.F.         
     Gibson H.         N.F.           
     Hall J.S.         N.F.           
     Hall J.           N.F.           
     Henderson J.      N.F.           
     Henderson W.      N.F.           
     Hinson J.         N.F.           
     Hinson T.         N.F.         
     Hogg R.C.         L.S.           
     Hume J.           N.F.           
     Hunter W.         A.E.F.         
     Hunter J.E.       N.F.           
     Jobson J.S.       N.F.           
     Knox J.T.         W.Y.           
     Lambton G.        C.G.                     
Side 1 base (1939-45):
     Clark N.        R.A.S.C.
     Campbell D.F.   R.S. 
     Williamson H.G. M.N.
     Thompson F.     R.F.A.
On back of shaft of cross :

     hate was theirs
     no thirst for fame  
     when forth to Death
     by Honour sent.
     Life beckoned sweet
     the Great Call came 
     They knew their duty
     and they went.
Back pedestal (1914-18):                                

     Leach R.E.        R.F.             
     Lee G.            D.L.I.           
     Lilico P.         R.A.F.           
     Locke J.          N.F.             
     McEwen J.         N.F.             
     McLaughlin R.     N.F.             
     McQueen G.        N.F.             
     Murray A.G.       N.F.             
     Nesbit J.         L.F.             
     Nesbit T.         N.F.             
     Padley R.A.       R.F.             
     Redpath J.D.      D.L.I.           
     Riddell J.        N.F.             
     Robison A.N.      A.& S.H.      
     Robson N.         N.F.             
     Simm W.           C.L.I.           
     Skeen O.          C.E.F.           
     Thompson G.       N.F.             
Back base (1939-45):
     Murdie H        R.N.F.    Scott C.       R.N.F.
     Patterson J.    M.N.      Scott G.       R.N.F.
     Richardson A.E. R.A.F.    Scott J.       R.N.F.
     Robinson A.     C.G.      Smith J.W.     R.M.
Side 2 pedestal (1914-19):

     Smart A           N.F.
     Smart T.          E.R.
     Stothert J.       N.F.
     Thompson A.       D.L.I.
     Thompson N.       N.F.
     Thompson T.       N.F.
     Tinlin W.P.       C.E.F.
     Tocker R.A.       D.L.I.
     Waite P.          W.Y.
     Whittle A.        N.F.
     Wilson J.         N.F.
     Winchester M.     N.F.
     Waugh J.          N.F.
     Winton J.H.       N.F.
     Maclagan P.W.     B.R.
     Maclagan J.G.     K.O.R.L.
     Morrison J.       N.S.R.
     Naylen E.         R.G.A.
     Taylor D.         S.L.I.
Side 2 base (1939-45):

     Forster T.A.    R.A.F.    Heseltine F.O. R.A.S.C.
     Green H.        R.E.      Kerr J.        R.N.F.
     Grieve T.B.     R.N.F.    Kerr R.        R.A.F.
     Hall W.         R.A.F.    Lowrey R.W.    R.A.F.

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