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Souvenir Booklet 1939-45 Pages 01-18





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Souvenir booklet of 50 pages. It contains contemporary photographs of some of the 1939 - 1945 casualties from the three villages of Tow Law, Satley and Thornley.


Souvenir Tribute / to the Men and Women of / Tow Law / Satley Village / Thornley Village / in recognition of services rendered / during the Second World War / 1939-1945


Who commissioned

Tow Law Welcome Home Committee: Cllr. D. Baldwin (Chair); G.A. Garraway (Treasurer); Cllr. J.E. Bell (Secretary)

How money was raised

£100 from Social Services Committee; £200 from Smokersí Fund; donations from Modern Dance Club and individuals.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding; James Pasby

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Research acknowledgements

John and Mavis Dixon; Mr. R. Storey, Tow Law LHG; Tony Harding

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Souvenir Booklet 1939-45 Pages 01-18 (T57.09)

   To the Men and Women of
   Satley Village
   Thornley Village
   in recognition of services rendered during
   the Second World War
   1939 – 1945

   Presented by the Tow Law and District Welcome Home Committee
Page 2

   Tow Law and District Welcome Home Committee

   This Booklet is intended to be a permanent memorial to the men and women of Tow
   Law and District who have laid down their lives in the cause of freedom during the war,
   1939-1945, and also a record of all who served in His Majesty’s Service. 42 of those who
   served have died as a result of the war, 12 have been awarded decorations, and one awarded
   a civil decoration for services rendered.

   474 names are recorded in this book: 419 men and 55 women.

   The book is presented by the Tow Law and District Welcome Home Committee. The
   Committee was formed on April 15th, 1943. Councillor D. Baldwin was appointed Chairman,
   Mr. G.A. Garraway, Treasurer, and Councillor J.E. Bell, J.P., Secretary and Organiser.

   Thanks are due to the members of the Committee and the people of Tow Law and District
   for their support.
Page 3

   We have to acknowledge a gift of £100 from the Social Service Committee per Councillor
   Baldwin, and a sum of over £200 from the Committee of the Smokers’ Fund per Councillor
   J.E. Bell, and Messrs. J.W. Davies, C. Armstrong, and M. Hall, and the War Savings
   Committee per Mr. D. Cockburn; also donations from the Modern Dance Club, and from
   G. Blair, Esq., and Father Smith.

   In deciding to publish this record the Committee were moved only by their affection and
   pride in the activities of their fellow townsmen and women who took part in the fight for freedom,
   and by a desire to have a permanent record of the devotion and loyalty of those who served.

   On behalf of the Committee,
   Councillor D. Baldwin, Chairman.
   G.A. Garraway, Treasurer.
   Councillor J.E. Bell, J.P., Secretary and Organiser.

Page 4

    “Lest We Forget”
   The following men made the supreme sacrifice during the Second World War, 1939-1945

   Bates, Norman, Pte., D.L.I.                       Kirby, T.R., Capt., Merchant Navy
   Bell, Charles, Sgt./Pilot, R.A.F.                 Kirby, Tom, R.N.
   Boal, William, L.A/c, R.A.F.                      McMillon, D., Cpl., M.M., Cheshire Regiment
   Brydon, J.L., Sgt./Obs., R.A.F.                   Moody, J., Pte., Pioneer Corps
   Carrigan, J.L., Pte., D.L.I.                      McKenzie, G.W., Pte., Sherwood Foresters
   Dixon, J., L.A/c, R.A.F.                          Milner, W., Pte., D.L.I.
   Fawcett, J.W., Pte., Oxford and Bucks. Regiment   Morson, A., Pte.
   Gill, Fairless, Pte., H.L.I.                      Moffitt, T., Pte., Black Watch
   Gowland, T., L.A/c, R.A.F.                        Moses, Frank V., Tel., R.N.
   Graham, J.A.W., Ldg./Smn., R.N.                   Nash, H., Cpl., K.O.S.B.
   Green, J.G., Pte., C.M.P.                         Portrey, Lloyd, Sgt., R.A.F.
   Hildreth, J.A., Pte., D.L.I.                      Robson, J., Sgt. Flt./Eng., R.A.F.
   Hildreth, T.E., L/Cpl.,                           Robson, Arnold, Pilot/Officer, R.A.F.
           Argyle and Sutherland Regiment            Rees, J.R., Bdr., R.A.
   Hildreth, H., Mne., Royal Marines                 Rudkin, Leslie, Stwd, R.N.
   Holden, F., L.A/Mec., Fleet Air Arm               Small, David, Pte.,
   Humphries, R., Cfn., R.E.M.E.                             Oxford and Bucks. Regiment
   Hobson, H., Flt./Sgt., R.A.F.                     Trevor, Guy, Flt./Lieut., R.A.F.
   Lawson, W.R., Tpr.,                               Vitty, T., Pte., Sherwood Foresters
           8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars           Wheatley, R.M., P.O., R.N.
Page 5
   Photos: Pte. Norman Bates, D.L.I.
           Sgt. Pilot Charles Bell, R.A.F.
Page 6

    “Lest We Forget”
   The following men made the supreme sacrifice during the Second World War, 1939-1945

   Satley Village
   Turner, Mark, Gnr., R.A.                          Williamson, W.H., Major
   Wall, Douglas, L/Bdr., R.A.                               Northumberland Hussars

   Thornley Village
   Johnston, R.Q.F., Major, D.L.I.
   Vickers, T.H., Lieut., D.L.I.
Page 7

   Photos: L.A/c William Boal, R.A.F.
           Sgt. Obs. J.L. Brydon, R.A.F.  
Page 8


   Tow Law

   Charlton, J.W., Sgt., M.M., Tank Corps            McAninly, Jos., Cpl., R.A.S.C.
                                                             (Mentioned in Despatches)
   Coates, H., Sqdn./Ldr. D.F.C., R.A.F.             Ward, J.A., Major, C.B.T.C.
                                                             (Mentioned in Despatches)
   Cowton, G.W., Sgt., M.M., Dragoon Guards            

   Dixon, J., Bandmaster, Royal Marines
                                                     Davison, Jean, L.A.C.W., W.A.A.F.
   Elliott, G., Cpl., B.E.M., Pioneer Corps                  (Mentioned in Despatches)

   Hall, C.F., Spr., M.M., R.E.                      Rawes, Alice, Matron, D.B.E. (Civil)

   Satley Village

   Lambton, E., Q.M.S., B.E.M., R.T.C.
Page 9

   Photos: Pte. J.L. Carrigan, D.L.I.
           L.A/c Jack Dixon, R.A.F.     
Page 10

   Roll of Honour
   Tow Law

   Addison, A.H., Pte., Manchester Regiment          Burrows, H., Gnr., R.A.
   Aldworth, W.A., Cpl., R.A.F.                      Brown, D., S.O.S., Merchant Navy
   Anderson, Leslie, Cpl., R.A.O.C.                  Brown, H., L/Cpl.
   Anderson, A., Gnr., R.H.A.                        Brown, R.D., Cfn., R.E.M.E.
   Anderson, W., L.A/c, R.A.F.                       Brown, P., L/Cpl., R.E.
   Anderson, R., L.A/c, R.A.F.                       Brown, T., Pte., Royal Berks.
   Armstrong, K., Gnr., R.A.                         Brownbridge, T.W., Pte., G.S.C.
   Armstrong, K., Cpl., R.A.F.                       Bell, D.F., Pte., Green Howards
   Armstrong, J., Gnr., R.A.                         Bell, C., Cpl., R.A.F.                       
   Armstrong, T., L/Cpl., D.L.I.                     Bell, Charles, Sgt., R.A.F.                     
   Armstrong, J., Pte., P.T.                         Blackmore, S.A., Spr., R.E.
   Armstrong, C., Dvr., T.P.S.                       Burns, J.K., Pte., A.C.C.
   Atkinson, J.H., L.A/c, R.A.F.                     Burns, G.H., Pte., D.L.I.                      
   Atkinson, T., Sgt., O.C.T.U.                      Burns, R.H., Pte., D.L.I.                       
   Ayton, F.D., Flt./Lieut., R.A.F.                  Butters, Lyal, Gnr., R.N.                    
   Best, F., Pte., Wilts. Regiment                   Baldwin, Stanley, Cpl., Middlesex Regiment                
   Boal, Wm. M., L.A/c, R.A.F.                       Bradley, W.O., Pte., P.C.
   Boal, Jas., Stwd., R.N.                           Barron, A.L., L.A/c, R.A.F.                     
   Boal, T., Gnr., R.A.                              Brydon, John L., Sgt., R.A.F.                         
   Bond, J.R., Gnr., R.A.                            Bates, Norman, Pte., D.L.I.                     
   Burrows, D.T., Gnr., R.A.                         
Page 11

   Photos: Pte. J.W. Fawcett, Oxford & Bucks Regt.
           Pte. Fairless Gill, H.L.I.     
Page 12

   Roll of Honour – Tow Law (continued)

   Beattie, J.V., Pte., A. and S.H.                  Campbell, J., Sgt., R.A.
   Brian, W., A/c, R.A.F.                            Crook, W.H., R.S.M., Armoured Corps
   Bainbridge, J., P.O., R.N.                        Conner, R., Spr., R.E.
   Bailes, J., Pte., R.A.S.C.                        Conner, E., C.S.M., Pioneer Corps
   Bailey, F., C.Q.M.S., Scots Guards                Carless, E., Gnr., R.A.
   Bell, J.A., L.A/c, R.A.F.                         Charlton, J., Sgt., M.M., Dragoon Guards
   Burdon, T., Spr., R.E.                            Crowe, G., Pte., R.A.M.C.
   Corr, Wm., Gnr., R.A.                             Crummie, F., Craftsman, R.E.M.E.
   Corr, G.D., Pte., South Staffs. Regiment          Davison, W., Pte., R.A.S.C.
   Carr, E., Pte., T.C.                              Davison, G.L., Bdr., R.A.
   Carrigan, John L., Pte., D.L.I.                   Davison, W., Pte., R.N.F.
   Carr, S.R., Pte., Lincolnshire Regiment           Dixon, H., Tpr., R.A.C.
   Calland, B., L.A/c, R.A.F.                        Dixon, C., Gnr., R.H.A.
   Collingwood, Nathan, Pte., Border Regiment        Dixon, A., Gnr., R.A.
   Chambers, S., L.A/c, R.A.F.                       Dixon, G., Sgt., R.A.F.
   Collins, Geo., Stoker, Merchant Navy              Dixon, J., Bandmaster, Royal Marines
   Collingwood, J., P.O., R.N.                       Dixon, J., Sgt., R.A.F.
   Cairns, T.P., Sgt., D.L.I.                        Dixon, J.J., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Carter, F., Gnr., R.A.                            Duggan, F., Spr., R.E.
   Cowton, G.W., Sgt., M.M., R.H.U.                  Duggan, T., Spr., R.E.
   Cain, T., L.A/c, R.A.F.                           Dunn, R.R., L/Cpl., R.A.S.C.
Page 13

   Photos: Pte. J.G. Green, C.M.P.
           L/Ac. T. Gowland, R.A.F.  
Page 14

   Roll of Honour – Tow Law (continued)

   Devlin, John, Pte., Pioneer Corps                 Frazer, R., Sig., Wireless Section
   Dinsdale, R., A.B., R.N.                          Fenton, Lewis, L/Bdr., R.A.
   Dyer, R., L.A/c, R.A.F.                           Fleming, J., A.B., R.N.
   Dodds, N., Cpl., R.A.F.                           Frain, James, Gnr., R.A.
   Dodds, W., Cpl., R.A.F.                           Frain, Walter, Gnr., R.A.
   Duffy, J., Gnr., R.A.                             Frain, D., Pte., D.L.I.
   Dowson, W., L/Bdr., R.A.                          Fawcett, J.W., Pte.
   Dale, R., S.A.S. Regiment                                 Oxford and Bucks. Regiment
   Dale, E., Stwd., Merchant Navy                    Fletcher, E., Pte., Rifle Brigade
   Ellison, C., L.A/c, R.A.F.                        Forman, M., Cpl., D.L.I.
   Ellison, J.T.R., Dvr., R.E.                       Fairbain, T., Pte., B.B.R.C.
   Ellison, W., L.A/c, R.A.F.                        Fell, J., Gnr., R.A.
   Elliott, W., L.A/c, R.A.F.                        French, H.L., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Elliott, Leslie, Lieut.                           Glass, O., C.S.M., Pioneer Corps
   Elliott, G., Cpl., Pioneer Corps                  Graham, G.W., Sgt., R.A.O.C.
   Elliott, L.A/c, R.A.F.                            Graham, D.H., Cpl.,
   Eldred, J.L., Gnr., R.A.                                  Oxford and Bucks. Regiment
   Evans, J., Bdr., R.A.                             Graham, A., C/Sgt., Cameronians
   Fineran, John, A.B., R.N.                         Graham, J.J., Spr., R.E.
   Fineran, G., A.B., R.N.                           Graham, W., Pte., Royal Berks. Regiment
   Fowler, Hugh, Dvr., R.A.                          Graham, R., Pte., D.L.I.
   Fowler, R., Dvr., R.A.                            Graham, T.W., Pte., D.L.I.
                                                     Graham, D.W., P.O./M.M., R.N.
Page 15

   Photos: Ldg. Smn. J.A.W. Graham, R.N.
           L.A.M. F. Holden, Fleet Air Arm.  
Page 16

   Roll of Honour – Tow Law (continued)

   Graham, E.W., Gnr., R.A.                          Harvey, A., Fus., R.N.F.
   Gent, H., A.B., R.N.                              Hall, G.C., Pte., Pioneer Corps
   Gibson, C., Pte., R.A.M.C.                        Hall, W.J., Cpl., A.A.C.
   Green, J., Pte., C.M.P.                           Hall, F.C., Sgt., R.A.S.C.
   Grant, P., Sgt., R.A.F.                           Hall, R., Pte., R.A.F. Regiment
   Gowland, T., L.A/c, R.A.F.                        Hall, J.K., Sgt., P.M. Force
   Gowland, N., Lieut., D.L.I.                       Hall, J.S., Mne., R.N.
   Gowland, R., L.A/c, R.A.F.                        Hall, F., Sgt., N.A.F.F.I,
   Garraway, J., Pte., D.L.I.                        Hodgson, Robert, Stoker, R.N.
   Garthwaite, E.L., Pte., Border Regiment           Hodgson, Harry, Gnr., R.A.
   Garraway, Roy, Gnr., R.H.U.                       Hodgson, John R., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Gill, Fairless, Pte., H.L.I.                      Hail, Fred, Cpl., Oxford and Bucks. Regiment
   Gallaway, J.H., Gnr., R.N.                        Hail, Cuthbert, Cpl., D.L.I.
   Galley, H., Spr., R.E.                            Hail, G.W., Pte., D.L.I.
   Galley, W., Pte., R.A.S.C.                        Hail, J.H., Pte., R.A.O.C.
   Gregory, F., Cpl., R.A.F.                         Heslop, P., Cpl., Loyal Regiment
   Gray, R.H., L.A/c, R.A.F.                         Hildreth, George, W/m, R.N.
   Harle, T.W., Cpl., R.A.F.                         Hildreth, J.B., Dvr., R.A.S.C.
   Hobson, J., Sgt., R.A.F.                          Hildreth, T.C., L/Cpl.,
   Hobson, B., Tel., R.N.                                    Argyle and Sutherland Regiment
   Hobson, R., Pte., T.C.                            Hildreth, John A., Pte., D.L.I.
   Hobson, J., L.A/c, R.A.F.                         Hildreth, Harry, Royal Marines
   Hobson, A.B., Pte., R.A.O.C.
Page 17

   Photos: Pte. J.A. Hildreth, D.L.I.
           L/Cpl. T.E. Hildreth, Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders. 
Page 18

   Roll of Honour – Tow Law (continued)

   Howe, Thomas, Sig., Coast Regiment                Hawkshaw, W.A., Gnr., R.A.
   Hayton, F.J., Gnr., R.A.                          Hellyn, A., Seaman, R.N.
   Heseltyne, R., Gnr., R.A.                         Haygarth, Arthur, Pte., R.A.S.C.
   Hindmoor, W., L.A/c, R.A.F.                       Hale, Fred, Gnr., R.A.
   Hindmoor, Jack, Pte., D.L.I.                      Heppell, T.E., Sgt., East Yorks.
   Hudson, T.H., Gnr., R.A.                          Heppell, W.J., Pte., D.L.I.
   Harrison, J.L., Pte., Pioneer Corps               Hardy, Andrew, Pte., C.M.P.
   Hughes, Arthur, L.A/c, R.A.F.                     Hoggarth, Fred., L/Cpl., Green Howards
   Hope, G.H., A.B., R.N.                            Hoggarth, J.W., Sgt., R.A.O.C.
   Hope, J., Gnr., R.A.                              Holland, D.G., R.S.M., R.A.S.C.
   Howes, A.W., C.N.F., R.E.M.E.                     Henderson, R., Gnr., R.A.
   Harle, Kenneth, L/Bdr., A.T. Corps                Henderson, J., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Harle, T., Ldg./Stoker, R.N.                      Humes, Harry, A.B., R.N.
   Harle, Charles, Gnr., R.A.                        Hunter, O., Pte., D.L.I.
   Herdman, J.E., Gnr., R.A.                         Hillaby, S., Pte., R.A.C.
   Harvey, A., Fus., R.N.F.                          Humphreys, A., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Hutton, David, L.A/c, R.A.F.                      Humphreys, R., Cfn., Tank Corps
   Hutton, J.W., Pte., R.E.M.E.                      Holden, Fred., L.A/c, F.A.A.
   Hemmingway, George, Pte.,                         Hanlon, John, Pte., D.L.I.
              Buckingham Regiment                    Irvine, J.J., Sgt., Signallers
   Hemmingway, R., Gnr., R.A.                        Irvine, R., Seaforth Highlanders
   Holliday, A., Bdr., R.A.                          Irvine, Sam, L.A/c, R.A.F.
Page 19

   Photos: Cfn. R. Humphries, R.E.M.E.
           Flt.Sgt. Harry Hobson, R.A.F.
Page 20

   Roll of Honour – Tow Law (continued)

   Johnson, M., Cpl., Tank Corps                     Liddle, J., Stoker, R.N.
   Joyce, M., Spr., R.E.                             Lowson, G.E.E., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Joyce, Thomas W., Dvr., R.A.S.C.                  Lumsdon, J., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Jackson, J.N., Sgt., Cameronians                  McKenzie, G.W., Pte., Sherwood Foresters
   Jones, J., Gnr., R.A.                             Morson, A., Pte.
   Jones, W., Pte., R.A.O.C.                         Milner, W., Pte., D.L.I.
   Kerr, D.G., L.A/c, R.A.F.                         Moses, Wilfred, Pte., Border Regiment
   Kerr, Hugh, Cpl., R.A.S.C.                        McGough, G., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Kerr, J.H., Sgt., R.A.F.                          Moody, J.T., Pte., Pioneer Corps
   Kirk, Jos., R.C. Signals                          Moody, J., Gnr., R.A.
   Kirk, William, L/Cpl., R.E.                       McGurk, Charles, Gnr., R.A.
   Kerridge, J.W., Gnr., R.A.                        McGurk, J., Sig., R.A.
   Kerridge, J.G., Pte., Pioneer Corps               McAninly, William, Pte., D.L.I.
   Lucas, G., A.B., R.N.                             McAninly, J., O.L.E., Cpl., R.A.S.C.
   Lucas, R., Stoker, R.N.                           McAninly, Charles, L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Littlewood, T.E., Dvr., R.A.S.C.                  McDermott, E., A.B., R.N.
   Littlewood, G., Dvr., R.A.                        Morgan, John, Dvr., R.A.
   Lough, W., Gnr., R.A.                             Morgan, Fred., Gnr., R.A.
   Lough, N., Dvr., R.A.                             Main, Arthur, A.B., R.N.
   Lose, G., Pte., R.A.M.C.                          Main, M., Gnr., R.A.                           
   Lee, Stanley, A.B., R.N.                          McKay, J., Gnr., R.A.                        
   Leadbitter, R.W., Dvr., R.A.                        
Page 21

   Photos: Capt. T.R. Kirby, M.N.
           Mne. Harry Hildreth, R.M.
Page 22

   Roll of Honour – Tow Law (continued)

   Murphy, B., Pte., Royal Scots                     Mattinson, J.B., Fus., R.N.F.
   Murphy, E., Spr., R.E.                            Moffitt, J., Pte., Devons
   Murphy, P.J., Gnr., R.A.                          Moffitt, Thomas, Pte., Black Watch
   McMahon, M., Pte., P.T.C.                         McNultey, William, Cpl., C.M.P.
   McKenna, J.V., Dvr., R.A.S.C.                     McCarthy, S., Rfn., Rifle Brigade
   Maughan, D., Sgt., R.A.                           Minto, E., Cpl., R.A.F.
   Maughan, B., Dvr., R.A.                           Mellas, A., Pte., D.L.I.
   Maughan, J.G., Pte., O.C.                         Muse, A., Sgt., R.A.S.C.
   McCluskey, T., Pte., C.M.P.                       Milner, John W., Dvr., R.A.S.C.
   McWilliam, Cpl., M.M., Cheshire Regiment          Morris, George, Pte., D.L.I.
   Murray, D., Pte., Pioneer Corps                   Nesbitt, S.H., B.S.M., R.A.
   Moore, J.G., Sgt., Coldstream Guards              Neil, William, Tpr., R.T.R.
   Moore, C.E., Pte., R.A.M.C.                       Nash, H., Cpl., K.O.S.B.
   Moore, A., Cfn., R.E.M.E.                         Nattrass, C.R., Bdr., R.A.
   McFarlane, W., Spr., R.E.                         Pattison, J.G., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   McMinn, Donald, L.A/c, R.A.F.                     Proud, Fred., Pte., D.L.I.
   McMinn, T.H., L.A/c, R.A.F.                       Proud, G., Pte., D.L.I.
   Meikle, W., Gnr., R.A.                            Proud, J.E., Spr, R.E.
   Moralee, J., Gnr., R.A.                           Pye, James, Pte., Essex Regiment
   Moralee, T.F., Pte., R.N.F.                       Plews, J.W., Gnr., R.A.
   McComb, E., Gnr., R.A.                            Puckering, C.R., Pte., R.E.
   McComb, P., Ldg./Stoker, R.N.                     Peacock, B., Sgt., R.A.
Page 23

   Photos: Tpr. W.R. Lawson, 8th K.R.I.H.
           Cpl. D. McMillon, M.M., Cheshire Regt.
Page 24

   Roll of Honour – Tow Law (continued)

   Perry, R., A.B., R.N.                             Robertshaw, George, F./O., R.A.F.
   Pilkington, J.G., L/Bdr., R.A.                    Rutter, Ronald, L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Rees, J.R., Bdr., R.A.                            Rutter, T., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Ross, James, Pte., R.A.O.C.                       Richmond, R.C., Sgt., R.A.S.C.
   Peart, J., Spr., R.E.                             Richmond, T.W., Cpl., R.A.F.
   Richardson, George, Cpl., R.E.M.E.                Raine, J.P., Fus., R.E.M.E.
   Richardson, Albert, Tpr., R.A.C.                  Robinson, T., Gdsmn., Coldstream Guards
   Richardson, Bert., Pte., D.L.I.                   Robinson, Stanley, Ldg./Smn., R.N.
   Richards, J., R.S.M., D.L.I.                      Robinson, Fred., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Ross, Sydney, Dvr., R.A.S.C.                      Robinson, A., Pte., West Yorks.
   Rayner, T.W., Pte., Pioneer Corps                 Small, David, W., Pte., Ox. and Bucks. Regiment
   Ridley, J., Cpl., R.A.S.C.                        Smith, L.H., Dvr., R.A.
   Ridley, Jos., L/Cpl., C.M.P.                      Smith, A., Sgt., M.P.S.C.
   Robson, J., Sgt., R.A.F.                          Smith, J.G., Cpl., D.L.I.
   Robson, Sydney, Ldg./Smn., R.N.                   Smith, G., A.B., R.N.
   Robson, W.T., L.A/c, R.A.F.                       Spencer, T., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Robson, D., Tpr., R.A.C.                          Spencer, E., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Roberts, Thomas, Gnr., R.A.                       Slee, S., A.B., R.N.
   Rudkin, Leslie, G.S., R.N.                        Slack, W., Gnr., R.A.
   Russell, J., Ldg./Smn., R.N.                      Stephenson, T., Pte., Parachute Regiment
   Russell, Harry, S.B.A., R.N.                      Scotson, A. Donald, Lieut., D.L.I.
   Russell, William, Sgt., R.A.F.                    Scott, T.W., Gnr., R.A.
Page 25

   Photos: Pte. J. Moody, Pioneer Corps.
           Pte. G.W. McKenzie, Sherwood Foresters
Page 26

   Roll of Honour – Tow Law (continued)

   Sones, R., L.A/c, R.A.F.                          Waters, W., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Storey, J.E., L.A/c, R.A.F.                       Waters, D., Sgt., R.A.F.
   Sanderson, T., A.B., R.N.                         Walker, S., Pte., D.L.I.
   Southern, S., Gnr., R.A.                          Walsh, J., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Tomlinson, T.W., Gnr., R.A.                       Watkins, J.H., Bdr., R.A.
   Tomlinson, S., Dvr., R.A.S.C.                     White, Harry, L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Tomlinson, E., Pte., R.A.M.C.                     White, M.D., Dvr., R.E.
   Todd, R.H., Cpl., R.A.F.                          Wood, R., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Taylor, J.W., C.S.M., A.P.T.C.                    Wood, J.E.T., L/Bdr., R.A.
   Trelford, Tpr., R.A.C.                            Willey, G.V., Sgt., R.A.S.C.
   Twiddy, J., L/Cpl., Black Watch                   Waggett, J.T., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Umpleby, C.E., Cpl., R.A.F.                       Wright,, J.T., Gnr., R.A.
   Vasey, W.H., Pte., O.F.C.                         Watson, William, A.Q.S.M., R.E.M.E.
   Vitty, T., Pte., Sherwood Foresters               Whittle, G.T., F./O., R.A.F.
   Wilkinson, J., Pte., C.R.S.                       Ward, J.A., Capt., C.B.T.C.
   Wilson, G., Gnr., R.A.                            Wheatley, Roy, P./O., R.N.
   Wilson, J.W., Dvr., R.A.S.C.                      Wilson, James, Cpl., M.G.T.C.
   Wilson, John T., Dvr., R.A.C.                     Wood, J.G.H., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Willis, John W., Pte., Royal Berks. Regiment      Ward, Frank, Bdr., R.A.
   Willis, J., L.A/c, R.A.F.                         Walker, G.H., Sgt., Reconnoitring Regiment
   Ward, William, Pte., Pioneer Corps                Young, Ernest, Pte., Gloucester Regiment
   Ward, Fred., Dvr., R.A.S.C.                       Young, Robert, Pte., D.L.I.
Page 27

   Photos: Pte. William Milner, D.L.I.
           Pte. Arnold Morson
Page 28

   Roll of Honour, Women – Tow Law

   Anderson, Nora, Pte., A.T.S.                      Ellison, A., Sgt., W.A.A.F.
   Boal, Brenda, N.A.A.F.I.                          Elders, N.M., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
   Burrows, Ivy, Pte., A.T.S.                        Fowler, M., N.A.A.F.I.
   Brown, M. (Rand), Pte., A.T.S.                    Gill, E., Pte., A.T.S.
   Calvert, Nyra, N.A.A.F.I.                         Gill, Janet, Sister, T.A.N.S.
   Calvert, Irene, N.A.A.F.I.                        Hall, Margaret, W.R.E.N.
   Calvert, Pte., A.T.S.                             Howe, A., Pte., A.T.S.
   Carr, Olga, L/Cpl., A.T.S.                        Howe, I., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
   Carr, M., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.                        Hoggarth, Mary, L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
   Clare, Jessie (Gregory), N.A.A.F.I.               Hansome, Marie, N.A.A.F.I.
   Calland, Hilda, L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.                  Hansome, Rita, N.A.A.F.I.
   Collingwood, Gwen, N.A.A.F.I.                     Jones, E., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
   Charlton, A., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.                    Kirk, Lily, L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
   Davison, Jean, O.L.E., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.           McGurk, Betty, Pte., A.T.S.
   Donnelly, M. (Collingwood), N.A.A.F.I.            Morgan, M., Pte., A.T.S.
   Dumper, N. (Craggs), Pte., A.T.S.                 Marley, Irene, Pte., R.O.C.
   Duncan, L. (Craggs), L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.             Lee, Hilda (Pope), L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
Page 29

   Photos: Pte. T. Moffitt, Black Watch
           Tel. Frank V. Moses, R.N.
Page 30

   Roll of Honour, Women – Tow Law (continued)

   Marriett, D., Pte., A.T.S.                        Spencer, L. (Strong), Cpl., A.T.S.
   Moffitt, D., N.A.A.F.I.                           Stevens, M., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
   Prescott, A. (Craggs), L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.           Snowball, J., N.A.A.F.I.
   Pattison, J.E., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.                  Scriven, R., Pte., A.T.S.
   Raine, N., Pte., A.T.S.                           Twiddy, M., Pte., A.T.S.
   Rawes, A., Matron, D.B.E., M.C.                   Wilkinson, C., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
   Rand, E., Cpl., W.A.A.F.                          Wilkinson, Cpl., A.T.S.
   Robinson, N., N.A.A.F.I.                          Wood, M., Nurse, W.A.A.F.
   Small, E.M., N.A.A.F.I.                           Watson, Muriel, L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.
Page 31

   Photos: Col. H. Nash, K.O.S.B.
           Sgt. Lloyd Portrey, R.A.F.
Page 32

   Roll of Honour
   Satley Village

   Allan, C.D., Pte., D.L.I.                         Smailes, L., W.M., R.N.
   Butterfield, T.E., A.B., R.N.                     Turner, Mark, Gnr., R.A.
   Davison, W., A.B., R.N.                           Tyers, A., Pte., D.L.I.
   Dent, C.H., L.A/c, R.A.F.                         Wall, D., L/Bdr., R.A.
   Edwards, A.J., L.A/c, R.A.F.                      Walton, T., Sgt., R.A.F.
   Hall, G.V., Gnr., R.A.                            Whelpton, G.H., Pte., R.A.O.C.
   Harris, W., Tpr., Airborne R.E.C.C.E. Regiment    Williamson, W.H., Major,
                                                             Northumberland Hussars
   Johnson, C., F./O., R.A.F.                        Wood, W., Tpr., N.H.
   Johnson, G., Cpl., Pioneer Corps                        
   Lambton, E., M.Q.M.S., B.E.M., R.T.C.
   Robson, W., L.A/c, R.A.F.
   Scaife, K., L.A/c, R.A.F.                         Davison, H., L.A/cw, W.A.A.F.   
   Scaife, T.D., Gnr., R.A.                          Wall, G.L., Sister, Q.A.I.M.N.S.R.
Page 33

   Photos: Sgt. Flt/Eng. J. Robson, R.A.F.
           Pilot/Officer Arnold Robson, R.A.F.
Page 34

   Roll of Honour
   Thornley Village

   Charlton, George, Spr., R.E.                      Vickers, G.P. Spr., R.E.
   Johnston, R.Q.F., Major, D.L.I.                   Vickers, T.H., Lieut., D.L.I.
   Lawton, William, Pte., H.L.I.                     Wilkinson, W.R., Cpl., R.A.F.
   Pattison, F., Cpl., R.A.F.                        Wilkinson, Geo., Pte., A.C.C.
   Pattison, J., Gnr., R.A.                          Wilson, S., Pte., Pioneer Corps
   Pattison, J.E., Sgt., R.A.O.C.
   Stobart, Lt.-Colonel, D.L.I.
   Todd, J.S., Cpl., R.A.S.C.
   Vickers, M.H., Lieut., D.L.I.                     Hodgson, Jean, Pte., A.T.S.
Page 35

   Photos: Bdr. J.R. Rees, R.A.
           Stwd. Leslie Rudkin, R.N.
Page 36

   Photos: Pte. David Small, Oxford and Bucks. Regiment
           Flt. Lieut. Guy Trevoe, R.A.F.
Page 37

   Photos: Pte. T. Vitty, Sherwood Foresters
           P.O. R.M. Wheatley, R.N.
Page 38

   Photos: P.O. Tom Kirby, R.N.
           Gnr. Mark Turner, R.A.
Page 39

   Photos: L/Bdr. Douglas Wall, R.A.
           Major W.H. Williamson, Northumberland Hussars.
Page 40

   Photos: Major R.Q.F. Johnston, D.L.I.
           Lieut. T.H. Vickers, D.L.I.
Page 41

   Photos: Sgt. J.W. Charlton (M.M.) Tank Corps
           Sqdn.Ldr. Harry Coates (D.F.C.) R.A.F.
Page 42

   Photos: Sgt. G.W. Cowton (M.M.) Dragoon Guards
           Bandmaster J. Dixon, R.M.
Page 43

   Photos: Cpl. G. Elliott, B.E.M., Pioneer Corps.
           Spr. C.F. Hall, M.M., R.E.
Page 44

   Photos: Cpl. Jos. McAninly (Mentioned in Despatches) R.A.S.C.
           Major J.A. Ward (Mentioned in Despatches) C.B.T.C.
Page 45

   Photos: L.A.C.W. Jean Davison (Mentioned in Despatches) W.A.A.F.
           Matron Alice Rawes, D.B.E. (Civil)
(Page 45a)

   Photos: Sgt. Sydney Tomlinson (Mentioned in Despatches) R.A.S.C.
Page 46

   Photos: Pte. C.D. Allan (D.L.I.
           Q.M.S. E. Lambton, R.E.M., R.T.C.
Page 47

   “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
   Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
   At the going down of the sun and in the morning
   We will remember them”
        Laurence Binyon
Page 48

   Tow Law and District Welcome Home Committee


   Councillor D. Baldwin, Chairman (Photo)
   Mr. G.A. Garraway, Treasurer
   Councillor J.E. Bell, J.P., Secretary
           and Organiser
Page 49

   Photos: Mr. G.A. Garraway
           Councillor J.E. Bell, J.P.

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