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Plaque 1914-18 St. Margaret of Antioch





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NZ 187554

Original Location

Church of St. Margaret of Antioch Church, Main Street. In south aisle.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled November 1920 by Major Waring, MP for Blaydon. and dedicated by Bishop Henson of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque set in a moulded frame 63 inches high x 32 inches wide. There is a raised ornamental border round the top and bottom. Inside this is a single line border which also divides the panel into boxes. The top box bears the dedication and the bottom box bears the dates. The names are listed in two columns divided by a vertical line. Lettering is in Roman lower case.

Materials used

Brass plaque inside wood frame.


In Memoriam / the Officers and Men of this Parish / who fell in the World War / 1914-1919 / A new Clock has been placed in the Tower / and this Tablet erected / by public subscription.



1. The newspaper report in the Northern Echo mentions the dedication of “a cross which had been placed in the tower . . . and a tablet bearing the names of 79 men . . .” but this does not make it clear whether the cross was a different dedication or part of the war memorial.

2. Canon Archdale, in accepting the tablet on behalf of the church wardens and himself stated that the men whose names were inscribed there on included Roman Catholics, Nonconformists and Churchmen and the names were inscribed without distinction of rank or creed.

3. The Bishop of Durham in his address said the memorials reminded them first of the inequality of sacrifice which war implied. War had set before them two contrasting figures which it behoved them well to consider. There was the figure of the fallen soldier - the figure of a man who had gone out to fight and had fallen; the other figure which the war had brought before them with sinister emphasis was the profiteer.

4. The Evening Chronicle tells of a man’s search for a memorial “made of marble – perhaps green marble – and was 8 to 10 feet high. It looked like an obelisk with the names of those who lost their lives on the four sides.” It was last seen c1953. It is thought that a churchyard clearance to create an open space in which headstones were laid flat may have been when the memorial was broken or simply removed.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Errol Broomfield; Ron Carson; C. Sanders; Bob Dunn

Consett Guardian 19/11/1920 reports unveiling and dedication.

Illustrated Chronicle 11/11/1920 reports proposed unveiling on Sunday.

Northern Echo 15/11/1920 reports unveiling with comments in Note 1 above.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 15/11/1920 reports unveiling.

Wearside Catholic News 20/11/1920 reports unveiling.

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

Evening Chronicle 19/04/2013 tells of the search for the lost memorial.

The Men of Tanfield Parish who died in the Great War Peter Bell, 2007, Tantobie Community Centre Local History Project gives details of the men who died.

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Research acknowledgements

Errol Broomfield; Ron Carson; D. Graham; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Bob Dunn

Research In Progress

Annfield Plain Family History Society has published a transcript of monumental inscriptions. Contact John G. Milburn

Plaque 1914-18 St. Margaret of Antioch (T35.04)

TANFIELD	  St. Margaret’s Church




   In Memoriam
   The Officers and Men from this Parish
   who fell in the World War
   1914 – 1919
   A new Clock has been placed in the Tower 
   and this Tablet erected
   by public subscription.

   Allison G.      Irving R.
   Armstrong H.    Jackson W.
   Armstrong S.    Lake T.
   Askew G.        Ledger A.
   Askew G.W.      Lishman A.
   Bailes R.       Lloyd J.
   Baker T.        Logan J.
   Bell J.         Mason J.
   Blaylock D.     McAllister F.
   Bulmer R.       McAllister R.
   Carr F.         McGovern E.
   Carter R.       McHugh F.
   Carter R.       McMahon G.
   Cassidy D.      Morris J.G.
   Charlton A.     Musgrove W.W.
   Clasper J.      Nicholson R.W.
   Cloe J.         Ord H.
   Cockburn W.     Potts G.
   Cooke A.        Reay E.
   Cooke W.        Reay J.
   Docherty C.     Reay J.E.
   Embleton W.     Reay W.
   Errington W.    Reed C.
   Fawcett C.      Roberts J.W.
   Feasby G.       Rockett H.
   Ferguson J.     Rust R.
   Gorley T.       Sanders W.E.
   Graham T.       Sanderson J.
   Green J.W.      Shafto T.D.
   Harm E.         Sinclair J.W.
   Harrison T.     Smailes R.
   Harrison J.E.   Snowdon J.
   Henderson T.    Stobbart M.
   Herworth T.     Stokoe W.
   Hewison J.      Tulley R.
   Hughes C.       Walton T.R.
   Hughes R.       Watkins R.
   Humphrey E.     Wright A.
   Hunter G.       Wright J.
   Hunter J.
   A.D.            T.H. Archdale  Vicar      1919
                   G.Arkless Churchwardens
                   W.T. Logan

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