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Photo: Simon Raine


Plaque 1939-45 Urban District Council Offices





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NZ 427493

Original Location

Urban District Council Offices

Present Location

Transferred to the Lady Chapel St John some years ago'.

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Memorial Description

Roll of Honour. Large rectangular frame containing six upright brass plates bearing the names in a single column on each. At centre top is a horizontal brass plate bearing the dedication, and another at the bottom bearing the words “Lest We Forget”. All lettering is in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Brass plates inside mahogany frame.


Urban District of Seaham / In grateful remembrance of those from the town of Seaham who made the supreme sacrifice / in the Second World War 1939-1945
Lest We Forget



1. Rumour has it that this was found in a skip after the demolition of the Council Offices. It was retrieved by Canon Paul Jobson, cleaned up by a lady member of St.John’s Church and placed in the Lady Chapel.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; C. Sanders

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

Source of quotation:
“Lest we forget” Recessional Rudyard Kipling.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; James Pasby; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1939-45 Urban District Council Offices (S117.10)

SEAHAM HARBOUR  St. John’s Church.  


   Urban District of Seaham
   In grateful remembrance of those from the town of Seaham who made the    supreme sacrifice
   in the Second World War 1939-1945
Column 1          Column 2	     Column 3  

   ARMY             ARMY              ARMY            
   Aitchinson J.    Henderson J.A.    Robinson R.D.   
   Asbett J.        Herron E.         Rochester J.W.  
   Atkinson H.      Hillam I.         Rooney E.M.     
   Balmer H.        Hope J.W.         Scott H.S.      
   Batey G.W.       Hoy M.W.T.        Shaw A.B.       
   Baxter H.        Hunter J.         Smith T.        
   Bell John.       Jeffress R.       Soulsby F.      
   Bell Jack.       Johnson J.S.      Spark C.        
   Bell W.          Johnson R.        Steel T.H.      
   Burgin J.        Johnstone J.J.K.  Stonier A.      
   Bland J.         Keegan F.         Swift T.        
   Bolton C.H.      Kennedy J.        Taylor G.       
   Brewster W.      Kenney R.         Tempest W.      
   Brown W.H.       Lamb G.           Terrance J.G.   
   Carling T.S.     Little G.F.       Thompson R.W.   
   Clough T.        Malkin R.         Turner D.       
   Cole I.          Marwood J.S.      Turns E.        
   Conlon R.K.      McCourt J.        Watson R.       
   Conlon W.W.      McLardy E.        Watson S.C.     
   Cook I.          McLoram P.        Watson T.       
   Dickinson J.A.   Miller W.         Weatherall F.   
   Dobinson T.W.    Mitchell A.       Wyman A.V.H.    
   Dobson A.        Newton A.         Wharton W.C.    
   Donaldson J.     Newton R.         Willis R.       
   Edwards A.W.     Oates A.          Wilson J.       
   Edwards F.W.     Oglesby R.        Wilson T.       
   Gatenby J.G.     Ord J.            Wiltshire W.H.  
   Geary W.         Pattison T.H.     Winter J.       
   Gilbert F.G.     Peel R.           Wood G.         
   Haigs W.W.       Richardson J.     Wood H.M. 
   Hampton R.       Ritchie J.        Wood T. 
   Hansford G.      Robinson H.       Yare G.W.       
   Head R.          Robinson J.       Forster, W.T.  
  Column 4       Column 5           Column 6

   NAVY             MERCHANT NAVY     AIR FORCE  
   Baron I.         Bamborough T.     Akenhead T.S.
   Blackwell W.E.   Cook T.           Allen C.
   Brown J.B.       Dixon J.          Ather W.L.
   Bulmore J.       Dobson R.D.       Barritt J.  
   Burton A.B.      Edwards E.        Conn J.  
   Clinton W.       Everist H.M.      Cook T.  
   Doxford H.M.     Frost M.E.        Cooper R.C.
   Gibbons T.       Gippert J.        Dixon J.W.
   Green F.         Golding R.A.      Forster C.W.
   Grieves R.       Hall C.M.         Gowans J.W.
   Hemmings F.      Hanlon T.         Hillam J.R.L.
   Hughes E.        Harlow E.         Hoy A.
   Jennings J.      Howe S.           Little R.H.
   Johnson W.       Hudson R.         McGrath F.
   Kay A.B.         Liddle G.         Moreland T.
   Milford J.L.     Magee W.E.        Moss A.E.
   Miller J.H.      Martin E.C.       Nelson R.H.
   Nelthorpe J.     McDonald R.       Nixon G.
   Price W.         Meade J.          Potts J.
   Ramshaw T.       Morrison R.       Richardson S.
   Reed A.T.        Munro H.          Shelley W.O.  
   Robinson W.      Murrish R.        Sill A.
   Shipley J.H.     Nelson G.M.       Smith S.
   Tasker S.H.      Rowe J.A.         Taylor W.A.
   Thompson J.      Smith S.          Westmorland A.D.
   Williams H.J.D.  Smith Walton.     Williamson A.
   Watson G.        Smith W.          Wright J.D.
                    Watson F.         Coulton G.?D
                    Wigham J.         Maitland, T.

                                      Redman A.N.
   Lest We Forget

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