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Organ Fallen 1914-18 Christ Church





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NZ 410498

Original Location

In Christ Church, Station Road, New Seaham

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated 2nd September 1926 by Bishop of Durham Hensley Henson.

Memorial Description

The front of the case is divided into traceried panels; two sets of two on each side, whilst the dedication is on a ninth panel at centre bottom. The whole measures 5 feet 9 inches high x 7 feet 6 inches wide. The names are carved in a single column on each panel in Gothic script.

Materials used



To the / glory of God / and in / grateful memory / of the / men of this parish / who gave their lives / in the / service of their country / in the / Great War / 1914-1918



1600 - 300 donated by Lord Londonderry.

How money was raised

The parish chiefly through the efforts of the Working Party, the Girl Guides, by sales of work etc. A number of donations were received.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Installed in 1926 by Wm. Hill & Son and Norman and Beard Limited of London Norwich and Glasgow.
The names were incised by Ralph Hedley of Newcastle.


1. NPOR No. for this organ is N15032

2. The casework was designed by builders but was made voluntarily by parishioners namely Messrs J.B. Adams, J.B. Adams jun., R. Finkle, T. Hardy and G. Maxted. The carved work was done by Mr C. Miller and the stone corbels carrying the superstructure in the chancel are the work of Mr M. McHugh. Mr S.F. Nicholson with the assistance of Mr C. Dobbins and J. Winks built the chamber which houses the electric blower and the electrical connexion were made by Mr E. Wilkinson and Mr J. Teasdale under the direction of Mr M.O. Myers. Mr T.G. Hunter being responsible for the iron fastenings.

3. The organ was handed over on behalf of the donors by Mr Malcolm Dillon in the absence of Lord Londonderry who is abroad.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Auckland and County Chronicle 03/12/1925 reports setting up a fund for a new organ as a war memorial.

Sunderland Echo 03/09/1926 reports unveiling. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Durham County Record Office Unnamed Newspaper report EP/NS 44/8 (1)

A History of Christ Church, New Seaham. Alan Charlton, 2010.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Alan Vickers; Tony Young; Dorothy Hall

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Organ Fallen 1914-18 Christ Church (S117.05)

SEAHAM         In Christ Church

This list is not complete.  
A clear photo is needed to read the lower names.
Centre panel

   To the
   glory of God
   and in
   grateful memory
   of the
   men of this parish
   who gave their lives
   in the
   service of their country
   in the
   Great War
Top left hand columns                Top right hand columns

   Adams J.       Doyle J.J.         Henderson R.   Reavley G.
   Alderson H.B.  Dormand A.         Hunter T.      Robinson T.
   Anderson R.    Dobbin R.          Harland T.     Robson R.
   Anderson J.    Donnelly D.        Hurrell J.W.   Rogan H.
   Anderson J.W.  Doughty A.         Harvey A.      Rowell F.
   Atkinson G.    Dixon H.           Irving R.      Rutherford W.
   Atkinson R.    Drummond J.        Irving A.      Rochester W.
   Arthur N.      Dyer A.I.                         Rowell R.
   Armstrong R.V. Dixon T.           Jackson A.     Rowell N.
   Bagley W.                         Johnson J.     Robson J.V.B.
   Barker G.      Elliott ?J.        Kegan J.       Scales C.
   Bell G.        Errington M.       Kerry J.       Scollins J.
   Bell J.W.      Embleton J.        Langton T.     Simpson J.W.
   Bell W.        Eyre J.            Lucas A.       Softley J.G.
   Berry R.W.     Fairburn E.T.      Lavery H.      Stainthorpe F.
   ?Bicazdale W.  Fitzimmons J.      Lloyd J.       Stark J.A.
   Bickle J.      Foots M.           Masters C.N.   Stewart P.
   Bogan P.       Forster W.         Maitland T.    Serginson J.P.
   Bolton J.                         Maitland G.    Serginson H.
   ?Bprzznan T.   Galilee J.         Marrin J.J.    Stobbart J.W.
   Brown J.G.     Gilbea F.          Martin J.      Smith R.
   Bryan T.       Goodall A.         McCormack T.   Stewart S.  
Bottom left hand columns             Bottom right hand columns

   Bulman W.      Gordon F.          McAdoo D.      Stoddart G.
   Burton W.      Graham J.N.        McCabe P.      Spoors L.M.
   Bambrough T.C. Grievson T.        McCartney J.
   Bulman W.      Guy T.             McGann W.      Taylor J.T.
   Baron B.       Greener T.         Moffatt J.     Todd R.G.
   Curwin J.      Hart J. Hair J.T.  Moore L.       Townend H.
   Cardy W.O.     Haggon E.          Mountford R.   Venner S.
   Cairns T.      Haswell T.         McCourt J.     Vickers G.

   The rest is illegible from the photograph.

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