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Photo: Simon Raine


Plaque 1914-18 Colliery Miners' Hall





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NZ 369354

Original Location

Originally above a fireplace in the Miners’ Hall.

Present Location

St. Alban’s Church, Lillie Terrace. In the nave, opposite T59.03

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 12th June 1920 by Mrs. R.S.Tate of The Grange, Trimdon Grange.

Memorial Description

Plaque 3 feet 10 inches high x 5 feet 4 inches long. The surround is of brown alabaster, carved in classic shape, with crossed staffs of office on a laurel wreath raised in half relief. The words “They died for freedom and honour” are carved in half relief in a sunken panel on the bottom border.
The central main panel of white marble bears the dedication. The names are listed in five columns. All lettering is incised and blackened using Roman capitals throughout.

Materials used

Alabaster frame, marble panel.


To the memory of 450 men of the Trimdons, (Trimdon Grange, Trimdon Colliery, / Trimdon Village and Kelloe Winning) who fought in the Great War / 94 of whom gave their lives and whose names are inscribed below.
They died for freedom and honour.




Sculptor, Artist or Designer

J. Doyle Jones, London and West Hartlepool


1. This is the memorial referred to in T59.01

2. Eddie Pike of "Trimdon Past and Present" allowed the photographing of the memorial in its original location.

3. “The Trimdon Relief Committee has been responsible for carrying out the scheme which amounts to to £200, of which sum
they have in hand: balance from Relief Fund £87 19s; from Walter Scott Ltd. £100; Trimdon Grange Mechanics £3 3s; Station Town Co-operative Society £2 2s; and balance from peace celebrations £2/0/6d.”

4. Mrs Tate's husband was the agent to Messrs Walter Scott Ltd. at Trimdon Grange and East Hetton collieries.

5. The Durham Chronicle 14/07/1967 reports -Trimdon War Memorial has been moved from the disused miners hall to the Parish Church. The Dedicated was by Rev. John Bruce of Carlisle (born Trimdon) and the service led by Rev. C.A.A. Mortenson Vicar. The moving was organised by the Trimdon Branch of the British Legion.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Simon Raine; photo of the memorial in its original position: J. Brown

Auckland and County Chronicle 17/06/1920 reports unveiling.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 14/06/1920 reports unveiling

Durham Chronicle 14/07/1967 reports move to St Albans

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Eddie Pike (Trimdon Past and Present)

Research In Progress

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Plaque 1914-18 Colliery Miners' Hall (T59.02)


   To the memory of 450 men of the Trimdons, (Trimdon Grange, Trimdon Colliery, 
   Trimdon Village and Kelloe Winning) who fought in the Great War 
   94 of whom gave their lives and whose names are inscribed below.
   Column 1               Column 2                Column 3

   Allison,    Pte.  G.   Donnelly,   Pte.  C.    Heslop,     Sig.  R.     
   Armes,      “     S.   Duignan,    “     P.    Higgins,    Pte.  J.     
   Asslebrough,“     M.   Durkin,     “     J.    Hill,       “     R.     
   Attwood,    Cpl.  J.   Edmunds,    Cpl.  T.    Hopper,     Sgt., R.     
   Barnes,     Pte.  J.   Ellis,      Gnr.  W.    Howard,     Pte.  A.     
   Barnes,     “     W.S. Elvin,      Pte.  A.J.  Hutchinson, “     A.     
   Berry,      Cpl.  W.   Errington,  “     G.    Jones,      Sgt.  J.T.   
   Blakemore,  L/Cpl.T.W. Etherington,“     T.W.  Jones,      “     E.W.   
   Blakelock,  Pte.  G.   Eva,        L/Cpl.G.H.  Lamb,       Spr.  J.     
   Broom,      Sig.  A.J. Fellows,    Sgt.  R.    Lawson,     Sig.  R.     
   Brown,      Pte.  A.   Ferris,     Pte.  J.    Longstaff,  Spr.  E.     
   Cable,      “     R.B. Forbes,     “     M.    Lowe,       Pte.  J.     
   Collins,    “     J.   Halliday,   “     T.    Lowery,     “     T.     
   Cook,       L/Cpl.J.W. Harding,    Gnr.  J.    Lynch,      Gnr.  T.     
   Cook,       Pte.  H.   Hardy,      Pte.  J.T.  Mallaby,    Pte.  J.H.   
   Cook,       “     H.E. Harland,    “     T.W.  McPartlin,  “     J.     
   Craggs,     Cpl.  J.   Harker,     Cpl.  S.S.  Mole,       L/Cpl.A.   
   Craig,      L/Cpl.H.   Hepworth,   Pte.  T.    Moore,      Pte.  G.     
   Cunliffe,   Pte.  W.   Heron,      Cpl.  D.    Myers,      L/Cpl.A    
   Column 4               Column 5
   Orton,      Pte.  J.   Sheffield,  Pte.  J.W.
   Owens,      Dvr.  G.   Shorthouse, Cpl.  J.
   Parks,      Pte.  J.   Shorthouse, Pte.  F.
   Parks,      “     L.   Simpson,    “     R.
   Pinkney,    “     J.W. Smith,      “     J.   
   Preston,    “     J.   Snowdon,    “     F.
   Redfern,    “     J.   Spence,     “     W.
   Redfern,    “     T.   Stratford,  Sgt.  A.
   Reed,       “     J.   Styles,     Pte.  R.
   Roberts,    Gnr.  W.   Sutton,     L/Cpl.J.
   Robinson,   Pte.  W.   Thomas,     R/Mn. S.
   Robinson,   Cyc.  J.   Vickers,    L/Cpl.A.D.L.
   Robson,     L/Cpl.J.W. West,       Pte.  F.
   Robson,     Pte.  G.   Wilkes,     “     H.
   Roe,        R/Man.W.M. Williamson, Sgt.  E.
   Ruddick,    Pte.  R.W. Williamson, Pte.  A.
   Scott,      Sgt.  J.   Yates,      Pte.  J.G.
   Scott,      L/Cpl.B.   Young,      “     A.
   Scott,      Pte.  M.   

   They Died for Freedom and Honour   


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