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Roll of Honour 1914-18 West End Constitutional Club





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Original Location

The Club is now Bentinck Sports and Social Club, 314 Bentinck Villas, Bentinck Road.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 1920 by Sir Arthur Appleby. See Note 4 below.

Memorial Description

Plaque approx. 4 feet 6 inches high x 7 feet wide. It is divided into three main panels divided by borders of Greek key design. It is drawn as though a front of a building, with pillars dividing the panels surmounted by an urn with a lion’s head beneath. The names of those killed or died are listed in a panel at top of the central main panel. The left hand panel contains the names of members. The bottom central panel and the right hand panel contains the names of Sons of Members.

Materials used

Parchment behind glass


Roll of Honour / Names of Members and Sons of Members / of the West End Constitutional Club / who served their King and Country / during the Great War / 1914-1918


How money was raised

Donated by Mr. H.A. Lawson. See Note 4 below.


1. A History of Bentinck Sports and Social Club states that “members of the club serving in H.M. Forces be exempt from payment of the annual subscription”.

2. The same source states that Mr. F. Maughan, appointed secretary in 1940, was absent on war duty, and his wife would carry out his duties. In 1945 Mr. Maughan was re-instated as Steward now that his war service had ended.

3. The Illustrated Chronicle states that the unveiling was performed by Mr. J. Smith, Chairman, and that the donor was Mr. H.A. Lawson.

4. “In unveiling the Club’s Roll of Honour for the Great War, Sir Alfred Appleby said: “It is a source of pride that, out of 150 members of the Club, 37 of these and 77 sons of members had served in the War. All the members had come back safe and sound, but 18 of the 77 sons of members had paid the supreme sacrifice. One member, Matthew Golightly, of 66 Wingrove Road, lost 3 sons in the War; and another, Mr. T. H. Sibbitt, lost 2 sons.” A History of Bentinck Sports and Social Club.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Arthur S. Green

Illustrated Chronicle 05/03/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 06/03/1920 reports unveiling.

A History of Bentinck Sports and Social Club (covering the years 1895-1995) by Arthur S. Green gives details quoted in the Notes above.

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Arthur S. Green; Dorothy Hall

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 West End Constitutional Club (NUT161)

Newcastle on Tyne, Bentinck Club.

   Names of Members and Sons of Members
   of the West End Constitutional Club
   who served their King and Country
   during the Great War
Left column                                 

   Name                Rank              Unit            
   Atkinson, J.T.      Gunner            Royal Garrison Artillery         
   Atkinson, Wm. P.    Coy. Sergt. Major 6th Battn., Northumberland Fusiliers   
   Aungle, Geo.        Lieutenant        Northumberland Fusiliers         
   Babbs, Arthur       Petty Officer     R.N.V.R. Hydrophone Service      
   Bett, J.M.          Lieut.-Colonel    General Staff               
   Burkitt, Thos.      Staff Sergeant    Royal Army Medical Corps         
   Clarke, H.S.        Trooper           Yorkshire Hussars            
   Curry, John         Private           Mechanical Transport         
   Daglish, John       Private           Mechanical Transport         
   Dodd, M.J.          Rifleman          King’s Royal Rifle Corps         
   Edwards, H.A.       Sergeant          22nd Battn., Northumberland Fusiliers   
   Freeman, C.         Corporal          1st Battn., Northumberland Fusiliers   
   Grieve, Robt.       Private           2nd Battn. Duke of Wellington Regt.   
   Hall, S.M.          Private           Royal Army Veterinary Corps      
   Harvey, J.H.        Private           35th Battn., Northumberland Fusiliers   
   Henderson, James    Private           Royal Naval Air Service         
   Henderson, Jos. E.  Petty Officer     R.N.V.R. Hydrophone Service      
   Holland, John       Lance-Corporal    Royal Army Ordnance Corps      
   Irvine, D.M.        Sergeant          Royal Army Service Corps         
   Irvine, R.S.R.      Private           R.N.R. Aircraft Service         
   Irving, Wm. L.      Petty Officer     R.N.V.R. Hydrophone Service      
   Legge, S.F.         Trooper           Yorkshire Hussars            
   Manning, Walter     Private           R.N.R. Aircraft Service         
   Middleton, V.       Sergeant          Royal Engineers            
   Parker, Ralph       Sapper            Royal Engineers, Signals         
   Phillipson, J.C.    Sapper            Royal Engineers            
   Porteous, Geo.      Trooper           Yorkshire Hussars            
   Purvis, Alexr.      Able Seaman       Royal Navy               
   Smith, E.P.         Private           18th Battn. Royal Fusiliers         
   Spence, A.K.        Private           Machine Gun Corps            
   Stobbart, Robt.     Private           Royal Army Service Corps         
   Strachan, Peter S.  Petty Officer     R.N.V.R. Hydrophone Service      
   Wallace, J.         Major             3rd Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers   
   Whitelock, R.G.     Trooper           Yorkshire Hussars            
   Wilson, Geo. H.     Lance-Corporal    Royal Army Ordnance Corps      
   Winn, Wm.           Able Seaman       Royal Naval Reserve.         
Central column                                 

   Killed or  Died.      
   Name                Rank              Unit                         Son of
   Armstrong, Percy T. Lieut.            R.N.V.R. Air Service         Mr. C.H. Armstrong
   Atkinson, F.P.      Private           9th Battn. N.F.              “   J.P. Armstrong
   Aitchison, Oswald   Private           16th Battn. N.F.             “   A.T. Aitchison
   Bett, R. St.G.      Cadet             Gordon Highlanders           Lt. Col. J.M. Bett      
   Darling, Cecil Wm.  Private           2nd Battn. N.F.              Mr. Wm. Darling
   Firth, Ernest       Private           10th Battn. N.F.             “   Jos. Firth
   Golightly, Jos. H.  Private           5th Battn. N.F.              “   M. Golightly
   Golightly, Geo. F.  2nd Lieut.        19th Battn. N.F.             “   “   “
   Golightly, M.       Engineer          Naval Transport Service      “   “   “
   Parker, W.F.        Signaller         K.O.Y.L.I.                   “   Ralph Parker
   Sibbit, H.          Major             22nd Battn. N.F.             “   T.H. Sibbit
   Sibbit, Geo. C.     2nd Lieut.        18th Battn. N.F.             “   “   “
   Smith, Bert.        Private           10th Battn. N.F.             “   G.K. Smith
   Wake, W.F.          Corporal          10th Battn. N.F.             “   W.B. Wake
   Waite, A.S.         2nd Lieut.        Northumberland Fusiliers     “   W. Waite
   Waugh, T.H.         Captain           22nd Battn. N.F.             “   Thos. Waugh
   Wallace, C.J.G.     2nd Lieut.        Royal Air Force              Major J. Wallace
   Rogerson, R.F.      L/Corpl.          9th Battn. N.F.              (Billiard Marker).
   Name                Rank              Unit                         Son of   
   Adler, S.           Lieut., M.C.      19th Cheshire Regt.          Mr.    Wm. Adler
   Adler, L.           Corporal          West Yorks Regt.             “   “   “
   Anderson, Walter    Gunner            R.N.V.R.                     “   N. Anderson
   Anderson, F.        Sergeant          16th Battn. West Yorks.      “   “   “
   Anderson, G.        Corporal          Scottish Rifles              “   Ed. Anderson
   Anderson, F.        Captain           4th Battn. N.F.              “   “   “
   Anderson, W.        Private           9th Batt. N.F.               “   “   “
   Alder, J.A.         Gunner            “F” Battery, R.H.A.          “   J.G. Alder
   Alder, C.V.         Lieut.            5th Batt. N.F.               “   “   “
   Alder, N.           Lieut.            Tank Corps                   “   “   “
   Armstrong, C.N.     Surg. Sub-Lt.     R.N.V.R.                     “   C.H. Armstrong
   Blair, H.           Bombardier        R.G.A.                       “   J. Blair
   Blair, J.           Driver            R.F.A.                       “   “   “
   Brown, J.           L/Corpl.          Northumberland Fusiliers     “   R. Brown
   Brinton, S.         Lieut.            Royal Engineers              “   E. Brinton
   Crosse, W.A.        Private           1st Seaforth Highlanders     “   W.A. Crosse
   Curley, W.J.        Private           South Staffordshire Regt.    “   Robt. Curley
   Errington, C.H.     L/Corpl.          6th Bedfordshire Regt.       “   J.B. Errington
   Errington, K.       Corporal          Royal Engineers              “   “   “
Right column                                 

   Sons of Members
   Name                Rank              Unit                         Son of
   Falkner, Frank      Ldg. Signalman    R.N.V.R.                     Mr. E. Falkner
   Falkner, Arthur     Corporal          R.A.S.C.                     “   “   “
   Firth, Charles      Private           R.A.O.C.                     “   Jos. Firth
   Firth, Inman        Mechanic          R.A.F.                       “   “   “
   Gray, R.W.          Captain           19th Battn. N.F.             “   J. Gray
   Gray, J.E.          Corporal          1st Garrison Battn. N.F.     “   “   “
   Gray, A.F.          Pioneer           R.E. Signals                 “   “   “
   Hamilton, G.        Sgt., M.M. & Bar  K.O.Y.L.I.                   “   W.F. Hamilton
   Herbert, J.D.       Sergeant          R.A.S.C.                     “   J.R. Herbert
   Herbert, H.E.       Sapper            Royal Engineers              “   “   “   
   Herbert, F.H.       Private           R.A.M.C.                     “   “   “
   Howard, P.S.        Private           5th Battn. D.L.I.            “   S. Howard
   Joures, Thos.       Wheeler           R.A.O.C.                     “   Thos. Joures
   Kinnear, G.         Lieutenant        8th Battn. M.G.C.            “   Jas. Kinnear
   Lovell, Thos. L.    Lieutenant        Royal Air Force              “   Thos. Lovell
   Magnay, Thos.       Gunner            14th Battery, R.G.A.         “   Thos. Magnay
   Magnay, Wm.         Gunner            2nd Battery, R.F.A.          “   “   “
   Marshall, J.A.      Private           T.R. Battn. att. K.O.Y.L.I.  “   Jos. Marshall
   Marshall, V.E.      Private           10th Battn. N.F.             “   “   “
   Marshall, V.C.      Corporal          M.G.C.                       “   “   “
   Nicholson, G.A.     Petty Officer     R.N.V.R.                     “   G. Nicholson
   Nixon, J.           Private           Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers “   Ed. Nixon
   Nixon, E.           Sapper            Royal Engineers              “   Geo. Nixon
   Prudham, E.H.       Sapper            East Riding Yeomanry         “   F.M. Prudham
   Routledge, Wm.      Private           16th Battn. N.F.             “   K.M. Routledge
   Routledge, W.M.     Private           51st Battn. N.F.             “   “   “
   Scott, Thos. M.     2nd Lieut.        4th Battn. N.F.              “   Thos. B. Scott
   Scott, John         Sergeant          4th Battn. N.F.              “   “   “
   Smith, Walter J.    Capt., M.C.       Royal Engineers              Comr. J.G. Smith, J.P.
   Smith, Geo. K.      Private           16th Battn. N.F.             Mr. G.K. Smith
   Spurgin, Karl B.    Major             163rd Canadians              Dr. W.H. Spurgin
   Spurgin, Basil      Captain           R.A.M.C.                     “   “   “
   Stephenson, G.E.    Capt., M.C.       R.A.M.C.                     Mr. Ed. Stephenson
   Stock, Wm. G.       Trooper           Northumberland Hussars       “   G.W. Stock
   Tait, Hector        L/Corpl.          16th Battn. N.F.             “   Hector Tait
   Thwaites, W.A.      Corporal          R.A.S.C.                     Comr. J.W. Thwaites, J.P.
   Thwaites, R.J.      Private           4th Battn. N.F.              “   “   “
   Todd, S.F.          Private           6th Battn. N.F.              Mr. Wm. Todd
   Tweddle, J.         Corporal          Royal Fusiliers              “   Jos. Tweddle
   Wake, T.H.          Capt., M.C.       16th Battn. N.F.             “   W.B. Wake

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