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Photo: James Pasby


Plaque 1914-18 and other 20thC wars Armstrong College





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NZ 247 653

Original Location

In the Foyer of the University of Newcastle on Tyne. In Armstrong College, Queen Victoria Road (formerly Armstrong College, University of Durham).

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. Subsequent wars

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 23rd April 1923 by General Sir A. Kerr Montgomery, K.C.M., G.C.B., D.S.O.

Memorial Description

Plaque. At the top is a rectangular plaque with a crest in high colour at the centre with leaves on either side. The main panel is divided into seven columns each bearing the names in a single column on each. Below is another rectangle bearing the dedication, with the dates “1914” and “1918” at the sides. All lettering is incised and coloured blue, using Roman capitals throughout.
Above another very plain plaque with the crest in colour to the left, is dedicated to those who fell in all 20th century wars.

Materials used



a. 1914-1918 / To the memory of those students / of Armstrong College / who fell in the Great War.
b. Remember those who left here and gave their / lives in distant conflicts in the XXth century and thereafter.



1. From the College, 800 served, of whom 223 had fallen and 166 were wounded.

2. The list of decorations won by those who served was:
Mentioned in despatches, 97; Mentioned by Secretary of State, 4; Military Cross and bar, 75; O.B.E., 6; M.B.E., 8; C.M.G., 1; D.S.O. and bar, 10; D.S.M., 1; M.M. and bar, 8; D.F.C., 2; M.V.O., 1; Croix de Guerre, 3; Italian Croche de Guerra, 1; French Gold Star, 1; Legion d’Honneur, 1; Greek Medal for Military Merit, 1; Chevalier de Courage, 1; Officer de la Couranne, 1; 1914 Star, 2.

3. The London Gazette of October 16th recorded:-"Royal Army Medical Corps; Unattached list for the Territorial Force-Cadet Harry M. Hallsworth, from the Durham University contingent, Senior Division. O.T.C., to be Second Lieutenant for service with that 'contingent.'
Lieutenant Hallsworth is Professor of Economics at Armstrong College, Newcastle, and is known to many of our readers as Lecturer on Railway Economics and Railway Operations."
Source: NER Railway Magazine Vol 1 Page 281.

4. At some point after 2000 the words "and thereafter" were added to the dedication.

5. Richard Aiden Appleton has the wrong initial on the Memorial, it shows a 'H', it should be an A.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: R.W. Gould; J. Brown; James Pasby

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Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; J. Brown; Tony Harding; James Pasby

Research In Progress

Research into the names on this memorial was begun by a Newcastle University Archaeology undergraduate student back in 2011.

Plaque 1914-18 and other 20thC wars Armstrong College (NUT063)

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE  In Armstrong College
Top plaque

   Remember those who left here and gave their 
   lives in distant conflicts in the XXth century
   and thereafter.
Column 1         Column 2        Column 3       Column 4
   Allison G.      Brunskill J.H.  Elliott C.W.   Holdsworth H.B. 
   Angus A.W.      Burgess W.H.L.  Evans G.H.     Hoole W.D.      
   Annand W.M.     Burke W.H.      Feggetter J.H. Horsley H.E.    
   Annett H.C.     Burton R.C.     Fisher J.H.    Hudspith A.     
   Appleton R.H.   Cameron H.S.    Forrett P.D.   Hudspith G.     
   Arkless J.W.    Champness E.T.  Furneaux W.E.  Hughes John     
   Armstrong C.    Chapman D.M.    Futers N.R.    Hughes J.       
   Armstrong D.    Charlton G.F.H. Gibson James   Jackson J.M.H.  
   Armstrong J.N.  Charlton H.V.   Gibson John    Jameson R.      
   Ash W.B.        Charlton J.M.   Gillespie C.S. Johnson R.      
   Atkinson G.     Clappen W.J.    Goften J.W.    Johnston P.E.   
   Bailes J.T.     Clark J.G.      Golder W.      Johnstone M.H.  
   Bainbridge T.L. Clark P.        Gould C.V.     Jung H.A.       
   Barber H.W.     Clothier W.H.   Green H.J.     Kent G.H.S.     
   Barlow G.       Coats L.A.      Green T.W.     Kidd B.         
   Beattie T.      Collin R.       Gregory H.J.   Kirkhouse G.    
   Bell R.N.       Comrie A.       Gregory T.W.   Knott R.C.     
   Bell W.         Cox P.E.        Hadden E.C.    Laing G.O.     
   Birney T.       Cox T.R.        Hall C.S.      Lawson D.       
   Black T.P.      Coxon P.H.      Hancock W.     Lawson W.       
   Blair T.F.      Coxon W.B.      Hansell W.B.   Leslie C.J.     
   Bland R.        Craman R.       Haslam A.D.    Little A.M.     
   Bowes-Lyon G.   Dallas R.V.L.   Haswell G.     Longhurst C.R.  
   Braidford W.    Davies J.I.J.   Haver A.       Lowes A.E.      
   Brierley H.H.   Deighton R.     Hay J.B.       Maclagan J.G.   
   Brown D.A.      Dickinson J.    Hay J.H.       Mail F.O.       
   Brown J.R.      Dixon G.        Hayfield A.S.  Main J.C.       
   Brown T.W.      Donaldson J.    Hays J.H.      Mather N.E.     
   Browne J.C.     Donkin S.T.     Headlam J.     McShane V.      
   Browne T.L.     Douglas L.H.    Henderson J.T. Middlemiss G.E. 
   Bruce R.        Dunn R.         Hewson J.E.    Mills F.        
                   Edgar J.A.      Hewson W.J.    Milne J.V.P.    
Column 5          Column 6        Column 7       
   Milner J.       Saunders K      Truran J.
   Mitchell J.M.   Sayer T.E.      Tunnell O.
   Moore G.        Scott F.E.      Tunstall J.
   Murray P.A.     Selkirk W.O.    Tweedie D.S.
   Murray P.W.     Sellers J.H.    Wake J.P.
   Newbold P.      Shann K.        Walker J.N.
   Newby T.E.      Sharp C.G.      Wallace D.S.
   Nicholson L.    Shearlaw J.     Wallace Herbert
   Nixon W.        Sibbit H.       Wallace Hugh
   Ohlssen A.      Sieber J.F.L.   Walton E.A.
   Oliver W.S.     Smith E.J.      Walton C.P.
   Owen H.         Smith W.D.      Ward E.H.      
   Patterson K.S.  Spence J.R.     Ward T.
   Pick A.J.       Stead J.        Watmough J.C.
   Pigford E.L.    Stephenson G.H. Watson E.C.
   Pigford C.L.    Sterling G.P.   Watson E.G.
   Poulton J.H.    Stobbart R.W.   Weatherill E.T.
   Raggett B.R.    Stroud H.C.     Weeks F.M.
   Ramsay D.W.     Stuart J.       Welch M.S.
   Raines G.K.     Studdy M.L.     White P.E.
   Rea F.M.        Swayne W.       White S.S.
   Reid W.         Tait A.E.       White R.E.
   Rigby J.        Tate A.E.       White S.W.
   Roan W.T.       Tate J.M.       Williams G.T.
   Robb A.K.       Taylor E.       Wright C.J.
   Robertson D.F.  Thompson C.J.M. Wright J.B.
   Robertson W.S.  Thompson L.M.   Wylie W.G.
   Robertson W.W.  Thompson W.     Wylie W.S.
   Robson A.S.     Tragheim E.     Young A.C.
   Rupp F.A.       Treble J.M.     Young C.R.M.
   Rutherford R.   Tredwell G.R.   Young J.
   Sandison E.W.W. Trimmer E.A.
   To the memory of those students 
   1914    of Armstrong College   1918 
   who fell in the Great War.

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