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Photo: James Pasby


Cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 Green





Map ref

NZ 205336

Original Location

In centre of village green.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 19th August 1922 by Mr. W.W. Storr of Middlesbrough, a director of Bolchow, Vaughan.

Memorial Description

Cenotaph 10 feet high on two steps in railed enclosure, the base being 2 feet high x 5 feet 6 inches square. There is a laurel wreath in half relief near the top at the front and at the rear. The dates are raised in half relief below this, and lower again is a sword in a wreath raised in half relief. The dedication is on the front, the names from 1914-18 are on the back, those from 1939-45 are on the right. The lettering is incised using sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used

Light grey granite


a. 1914-1918 / Erected / in grateful remembrance of / the men whose names are inscribed / on this stone who gave their / lives in defence of their country / during the Great War / 1914-1918
Greater love hath no man than / this, that a man lay down his / life for his friends.
b. 1939-1945


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee, Chairman Mr. M.H. Watkin.



How money was raised

The recreation ground was given by Bolchow, Vaughan & Co. Ltd., Colliery owners. Money raised by public subscription.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Built by J. Lowes & Son of Durham


1. From the village, 170 men served.

2. The two last names must have been added later. Earlier photographs do not show them.

3. The firm of Bolckow, Vaughan & Co. had presented a field to be used as a recreation ground, which was formally opened by Mr. John Carroll, colliery under-manager and treasurer of the War Memorial Committee. It was on this field that the memorial had been erected. The villagers planted trees nearby.

4. “A neat programme with tasteful cover was issued, which is to form a permanent record of the event. In the programme is printed, in a black border, the names of the 21 fallen soldiers, after which follows a roll of honour, containing the names of 170 men who served with H.M. Forces”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; James Pasby; old postcard: George Nairn; Cherry Stephenson

Illustrated Chronicle 21/08/1922 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 21/08/1922 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 25/08/1922 reports unveiling.

Auckland Chronicle 24/08/1922 reports unveiling.

Durham County Magazine Summer 1994 page 47

Durham Record Office Names on cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 D/X 779/270

Source of quotation
“Greater love hath no man . . .” St.John 15 v 13

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; Neil Taylor; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; James Pasby; Cherry Stephenson

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Cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 Green (N60.01)

NEWFIELD    In centre of village green.

  in grateful remembrance of 
  the men whose names are inscribed 
  on this stone who gave their 
  lives in defence of their country 
  during the Great War 

  Henry Arkley
  Matthew Benson
  James Etherington
  Thomas Fairless
  Wilfred Foster
  Thomas Glendenning
  Thomas Gough
  Wilfred Harrison
  Henry Lightfoot Hetherington
  John George Newton
  Joseph Dixon Raine
  William Richardson
  Joseph Robinson
  Archibald Scott
  George Simpson
  John Harold Simpson
  Frank Smithson
  John Robert Steadman
  George Kitching Wayson
  George Wilson
  Thomas Young
  Matthew Elliott
  Thomas Pratt
  Greater love hath no man than 
  this, that a man lay down his 
  life for his friends.
  Albert Foster
  Vernon W. Kirk
  Sydney Suffield
  The Durham Chronicle and Auckland Gazette both add the name of 
  James Benson to the list of fallen for 1914-18
  The Unveiling Programme for 1914-18 adds the names of two men who   
  died in 1914-18
   George Wilson
   Thomas Young 

The following list is on the Unveiling Programme

   Names of those who served in His Majesty's
   Forced during the Great War, 1914-1918.

   John George Alderson    Peter Dunn
   Thomas Alderson         George Easton
   Henry Arkley            Arthur Henry Edgar
   John Armstrong          Charles Edgar
   John Barker             Jonathan Elliott
   Joseph Farrar Barker    Matthew Elliott
   John Thomas Bake        Matthew Elliott
   Samuel Beecroft         Thomas Elliott
   George Benson           Charles Ellis
   Matthew Benson          David Etherington
   John Bewley             James Etherington
   George Blair            Alfred Farrar
   William Blackburn       Ernest Farrar
   Edward Bowes ?Bewes     Charles Fairless
   Thomas Brannen          Joseph Fairless
   George Brewster         Thomas Fairless
   Joseph Brewster         William Foggin
   Frank Broderick         John Forsythe
   Ambrose Brumwell        Arthur Foster
   Cecil Brumwell          John Foster
   James Buckle            Jonathan Foster
   Frederick Carling       Wilfred Foster
   Robert Carling          Norman Franklin
   Henry Carr              John Gaines
   Albert E. Carter        John George Gardener
   Robert Clarke           Herbert Garforth
   Thomas Cockfield        Thomas Gavin
   John Coglan             John Robert Gelson
   Robert Ernest Coney     Thomas Glendenning
   Arthur Cook             Thomas Gough
   Charles Thompson Cook   John George Goundry
   Frederick A.V. Cook     Benjamin Graham 
   George Spencer Cook     Ernest Graham
   John Watson Cook        Ralph Gray   
   John Wilson Cook        William Greenwood
   Amos Craggs             Reuben Grieveson
   John Crosson            George Hall
   Thomas Crosson          Sidney Hall
   Lambert Denham          Thomas Hall
   Henry Dobson            Thomas Handsome
   William Peary Dobson    Frederick Harrison
   Albert Dryden           Wilfred Harrison 
   William Little Hemsley  Ralph Robinson
   Alfred Henderson        Henry Robinson
   Ernest Henderson        William Robinson
   William Henderson       William Henry Robinson
   Henry L. Hetherington   Joseph Roddam
   Michael Hewitson        Peter Ryan
   Charles Hodgson         George Heron Sayers
   William Holland         James Schofield
   Thomas Hope             Archibald Scott
   John Hunt               George Wilfred Sharp
   Thomas Jennings         John Shields
   William Johnson         George Simpson
   Seth Jones              John Harold Simpson
   George Henry Kitchen    Joseph Simpson
   Percy Lambert           Thomas William Small
   Robert Liddle           David Lawrence Smith
   William Lonsdale        John Henry Smith
   Frederick Lowe          Luke William Smith
   Charles Mackrell        Frank Smithson
   George Marshall         John T. Snowball
   Patrick McGuire         Duncan Snowdon
   Peter McKernon          John Robert Steadman
   Arthur Medley           John Stephenson
   Christopher Meighan     William Stephenson
   James Meighan           John William Stevens
   Lawrence Meighan        George Storey
   Thomas Henry Metcalfe   John Thomas Todd
   Thomas Moody            Joseph Louis Topping  
   Fairless Nattrass       M. Trotter
   John Newton             John Calvert Watson
   John George Newton      George Kitchen Wayson
   Kendal Nixon            George Welford
   George Ord              John Wilkinson
   Walter Phillips         Rupert Henry Wilkinson
   Joseph Pounder          Robert Wilkinson
   James Raine             Edward Willis
   Joseph Raine            George Wilson
   Joseph Dixon Raine      George Wilson
   William Richardson      Thomas Wilson
   Richard Henry Rigby     George Wood
   George Robinson         Walter Wood
   John Robinson           George Wright
   Joseph Robinson         Thomas Young

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