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NEWMP Memorial Image
NEWMP Memorial Image


Chapel 1914-18 Abbey





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NY 934639

Original Location

Priory and Parish Church of St. Andrew, Market Place. In centre of north transept aisle.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated 2nd February 1936 at Evensong by the Lord Bishop of Newcastle.

Memorial Description

War Memorial Chapel. Altar table with Cross and pair of matching candlesticks.
Altar of wood, 89cm high x 213cm wide x 68.5cm deep. It is a table standing on four sturdy legs at each corner and a fifth placed centrally at the front. It has a traceried front, above which the dedication is carved in a single line in Roman capitals. Cross is of wood 45cm high x 23cm wide at the base, with a diagonal design up the lower half of the stem. The dedication is on the base.
Candlesticks are 27.5cm high x 18.5cm, with slightly tapering shaft and the same diagonal line design. Both cross and candlesticks have been painted a dull gold colour.

Materials used



On altar :
To the glory of God and in memory of the men of this Parish
who gave their lives in the War 1914-1918.

On cross :
In memory of the
men of Hexham
1914 1918


Who commissioned

Rector, Rev. J.V.C. Farquhar and the P.C.C.

How money was raised

Various individuals and public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Cathedral Architect Mr. W.H. Wood was asked to design the Tablet.


1. "The Altar and Kneeler are anonymous gifts; the Cross, Candlesticks and Vases have been purchased with a sum of money held by Miss Calcutt, the proceeds of a Lecture given by her cousin, Captain Knight, some years ago. These are all given in memory of the men of Hexham who died in the war".
The Standard Lights were given by Major and Mrs. Straker; large Flower Bowl was given by Mr. and Mrs. Bloomfield; Cruets were given in memory of Ada Beel by her family; Altar Book was give in memory of his wife by R.H. Taylor; silver Paten was presented by Mr. T. Simpson in memory of his wife; the Altar Linen, Burse and Veil, Kneeling Mat and other valuable things were worked and given by Mrs. Blackett-Ord; Mr. B.A. Robinson made and presented the metal holders for candlesticks and vases; Prayer Desk was being paid for from money from the Mothers’ Union; the Carpet was purchased from profits from sale of penny Leaflets.

2. The chapel was first proposed in 1917, and plans went on show in the Abbey in 1921, but it took 19 years to reach agreement and raise the funds.

3. The War Memorial Chapel was intended for week-day Eucharists and was to be used for all daily offices.

4. “This Chapel is the gift of Friends to the Glory of God and a Memorial of Cuthbert Farrar Savage, who died in France fighting for his country, and of the many years of work in Hexham of Edwin Sidney Savage, his father” Hexham Parish Magazine, Nov. 1917

5 At a vestry meeting in 1917, among other items discussed “it was agreed to approve the erection of a chapel in the Abbey, as a memorial to Lieut. Cuthbert Farrar Savage, N.F., killed in action, and in recognition of the work of Canon Savage as Rector of Hexham during the past 19 years”.

6. The Newcastle Journal 17/09/1917 reports Vestry meeting to approve the erection in the abbey of a chapel as a memorial to Lieut. C.F. Savage and the many years of work of Canon Savage his father.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C.N. Dallison

Newcastle Journal 17/09/1917 reports meeting. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 22/09/1917 reports proposals in Note 5 above

Hexham Parish Magazine June 1917; August 1918; May & June 1921; Aug. 1923; March 1935; March, April & July 1936.

Additional Research documents (click to download)

Research acknowledgements

C.N. Dallison

Research In Progress

Alan Grint has researched the names on the Hexham memorials in his book The Faith and Fire Within, 2006, Ergo Press ISBN 0955275814 Contact:-Cogito books 01434 602555

Chapel 1914-18 Abbey (H51.46)

The Hexham Parish Magazines of June and July 1917 give a Roll of Honour of those served. 
   Name                    Rank            Regiment             Address
   Thomas Abbott           Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Foundry Cottages
   Harry Abbott            Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Foundry Cottages
   E. Armstrong            Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Burswell Avenue
   Rollo Atkinson          2nd Lieutenant  Durham L.I.          Eilan’s Gate
   James William Banks     Private         King’s R. Rifles     Priestpopple
   Nevison C. Barnfather   L. Corporal     Royal Fusiliers      Brookside
   Ernest Baty             L. Corporal     Canadian E.F.        Leazes Crescent
   Ernest Temperley Baty   Engineer        R.N.R.               Tynedale Terrace     
   J. Bell                 Bandsman        Northd. Fusiliers    17 Eastgate
   Hogarth Bell            Captain         Northd. Fusiliers    Summerods
   William Bowstead        Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Haugh Lane
   Richard Brooks          Sergeant        Northd. Fusiliers    37 Prior Terrace
   Thomas Burn             L. Corporal     Northd. Fusiliers    Crescent Avenue
   T. Cathrae              Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Gilesgate
   William A. Charlton     Sergeant        Northd. Fusiliers    Orchard Cottages
   W. Cooper               Private         Northd. Fusiliers    25 Hall Gates     
   J. Cuningham            Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Gilesgate
   James Harold Cuthbert, D.S.O. Captain   Scots Guards         Beaufront Castle
   William Donnelly        Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Gilesgate
   George Dodd             Private         Northd. Fusiliers    12 Gilesgate
   Arthur Davison          2nd Lieut’ant   Australian I.F.      2 Woodside
   Thomas William Edwards  Private         Royal Engineers      Cockshaw
   Robert Elliott          Sapper          Royal Engineers      Rye Terrace
   Frank Forster           Private         Tyneside Irish       Jubilee Buildings
   Fred. G. Gibson         Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Glen Terrace
   R. Gibson               Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Acomb
   John Grierson           Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Lodging House
   James Halliday          L. Corporal     Gordon Highl’ders    Market Street
   F. Harvey               Sergeant        Northd. Fusiliers    Holy Island
   Reginald Head           Captain         Border Regiment      Hackwood
   W. Henderson            Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Haugh Lane
   Frank Taylor Iveson     Lieutenant      D.L.I. (att.Man’s)   Tynedale Terrace
   Wilfrid Jefferson       Corporal        Canadian E.F.        Delegate Hall
   James Kelly             Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Burn Lane
   W. Kirsopp              Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Turner’s Yard
   Ernest Alfred Leather   Major           Northd. Fusiliers    Beacon Grange
   Frank Lees              Lieutenant      Northd. Fusiliers    Elvaston Road
   Drew Little             Lieutenant      Durham L.I.          Tynedale Terrace
   Henry King Lockhart     Corporal        Motor Cyclist R.E.   Summerrods Rigg
   Archibald Long          2nd Lieut’ant   Northd. Fusiliers    Tynedale Terrace
   Guy Long                2nd Lieut’ant   Suffolk Regiment     Tynedale Terrace
   William Maclaughlan     Able Seaman     R.N.                 49 Gilesgate
   Philip Macmahon         Lce.Corpl.      K.O.Y.L. (sic)       Haugh Lane
   William Metcalf         Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Prior Terrace
   Fred Nevison            Sergeant        Northd. Fusiliers    Tyne Green
   J.E. Newton             Bomber          Northd. Fusiliers    Prior Terrace
   Ralph Newton            Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Prior Terrace
   Fred. Newman            Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Westbourne Grove
   John Oliver             Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Garden Terrace
   Gerald E. Pattinson     Corporal        H.S.M.G.C.           Portland Lodge
   Arthur Patterson        Private         Royal Marine L.I.    St. Oswald’s Road. 
   George Pearson          Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Garden Terrace
   William Gillies Pearson Drummer         Northd. Fusiliers    Cockshaw
   Thomas Pigg             Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Cockshaw
   Lionel Plummer          Captain         Northd. Fusiliers    Glengarth
   T. Potts                Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Kingsgate Terrace
   James Thomas Redpath    Lieutenant      K.O.S.B.             Court House
   F. Riley                Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Market Street
   Ernest Riley            Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Haugh Lane
   J.W. Robinson           Captain         Northd. Fusiliers    South Park
   Fred. Robson            Corporal        Northd. Fusiliers    North Terrace
   Percy Robson            Able Seaman     R.N. Division        Richmond Place
   John Robson             Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Market Street
   E. Rourkes              Sergeant        Northd. Fusiliers    Market Street
   John Robson             Private         Northd. Fusiliers    North Terrace
   John Robson             Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Priestpopple
   Jos. W. Robinson        Private         Australian I.F.      15 Quatre Bras
   Frank Riley             Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Gilesgate
   Cuthbert Farrar Savage  Lieutenant      10th Northd. Fusiliers The Priory
   David Salkeld           Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Prior Terrace
   Victor E. Scott         Sergeant        Northd. Fusiliers    1 Garden Terrace
   T.W. Smith              Driver          R.F.A.               Priestpopple
   George Smith            Private         Tyneside Scottish    Chipchase, Wark
   W.R. Thew               Sergeant        North’d Yeomanry
                                           (att. Royal Berks).  Shaftoe Leazes
   John Edward Thompson    Private         R.N. Division        Woodbine Terrace
   Walter Turnbull         Private         Australian E.F.      Orchard Place
   John Thompson           Private         Northd. Fusiliers    7 Garden Terrace
   Michael Urwin           Private         Tyneside Irish       Gilesgate
   Charles J. Darley Waddilove Private     R.A.M.C.             Beacon Grange
   William Watt            Private         Northd. Fusiliers    8 Kingsgate
   Ernest Wallace          Private         Austra.Im.Force      Leazes Lane
   John Wallace            Private         Gordon High’ders     Leazes Lane
   Ernest Walton           Private         Canadian E.F.        Portland Terrace
   Harold Walton           2nd Lieut’ant   Northd. Fusiliers    Station House
   George Watson           Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Haugh Lane
   R.M. Welch              Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Priestpopple
   William Wilkinson       1st Class Stoker Royal Navy          Spital Terrace
   W. Wilson               Seaman          R.N.D.               Seal Terrace
   Isaac Whittaker         Private         Northd. Fusiliers    Market Street
   William Ernest Woodman  L. Corporal     Northd. Fusiliers    Shaftoe Crescent

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