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Photo: Lonely Tower


Cenotaph 1914-18 St. Michael and All Angels’ Churchyard





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NZ 341498

Original Location

Church of St. Michael and All Angels, The Broadway. In Churchyard, south-west corner.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 7th November 1925 by the Earl of Durham, Dedicated by Rev. R. Watson, Rector of Houghton.

Memorial Description

Cenotaph 18 feet 6 inches high, standing on two steps. On the right hand side is a soldier carved in half relief, on the left is a sailor, both about 4 feet high. The front of the top is carved to resemble a cross of St. Cuthbert in half relief, with the words “Our Glorious Dead” below. Beneath this, the names are listed in three columns, on both front and back faces in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Portland Stone


Front: Our glorious dead
Left: 1914-1919
Right: 1914-1919
Rear : Our glorious dead.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee



Present condition

Lettering is weathering.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designer and sculptor: Francis Doyle Jones, A.R.B.S., Chelsea.
Erected by William Kirkpatrick & Co., Manchester.

Ownership and maintenance

City of Sunderland Council. The memorial was officially handed over to the Urban District Council at the unveiling ceremony.


1. This monument has its back to the main road.

2. The newspaper report says that the memorial is 20 feet high.

3. “Modern road formation has left the ancient churchyard at Houghton high above the streets and the memorial, in a corner of 'God’s acre' overlooking the heart of the town, could not have been placed in a more striking position”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Lonely Tower; old postcard: Tony Harding

Diocese of Durham Faculty number 2116, issued 01/05/1925

Darlington & Stockton Times 14/11/1925 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 03/09/1924 carries sketch of proposed memorial

Durham County Advertiser 25/01/1924 reports proposals;

Sunderland Echo 06/11/1925; 09/11/1925

Auckland and County Chronicle 12/11/1925 reports unveiling.

Tyne and Wear Archives Draft lists of names for 1914-18 and 1939-45 Ref: C/HS2/42 3-5

Houghton-le-Spring in old photographs Volume 1, by Paul Lanagan. Published by Books of the North; 2010; ISBN-13: 978-0-9555059-3-5

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; John and Mavis Dixon; Tony Harding; Christine Jemmeson; Dorothy Hall

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Cenotaph 1914-18 St. Michael and All Angels’ Churchyard (H132.02)



   Our glorious dead

   Adamson D.F.      Coltman J.        Hedley J.           
   Addison W.        Coughlin M.       Henderson J.W       
   Ahearne P.        Coulson C.        Henderson R.        
   Allan R.          Coulson C.        Hepplewhite W.      
   Anderson R.       Coulson J.        Hill N.             
   Appleby N.        Crake W.          Hind T.A.           
   Aungles W.        Crosthwaite H.    Hinton J.           
   Bainbridge J.     Cummings J.       Hinton J.W.         
   Bainbridge T.S.   Dawson A.         Hoare R.            
   Balmer P.         Dawson A.         Hogarth R.          
   Barkess T.        Dixon B.          Hope W.             
   Barkess Ralph     Dixon G.          Horn R.             
   Barkess Robert    Dixon J.          Howe R.             
   Barrass M.        Dixon T.          Howe R.G.           
   Bassett W.        Dixon T.          Hulton W.           
   Baty B.C.         Dowie S.          Hunter W.H.         
   Bell G.W.         Dresser E.        James R.E.          
   Bell J.F.         Duffy J.          James T.            
   Benson G.         Ede P.C.          Johnston A.         
   Bestford T.       Edmenson T.       Johnston W.H.       
   Bolton T.W.       Elliott J.        Jordison T.         
   Broome T.         Fallon T.         Joyce W.            
   Brown D.W.        Fenton T.         Keegan P.           
   Brown J.H.        Fenton T.         Kells F.            
   Brown J.          Fish W.           Kells T.                
   Brown T.          Forster J.        Kells W.            
   Brown T.          Forth J.          Kennedy R.          
   Brown W.          Gallagher  J.     Kennedy W.          
   Burn T.           Gill R.           Laing C.            
   Buckley G.        Greathead J.H.    Langley W.A.        
   Calvert T.J.      Grey R.           Larmer J.           
   Carr G.           Grice W.          Lawson C.           
   Carr James        Greaves F.        Lee F.G.            
   Carr John         Guy G.            Leech J.R.          
   Charlton E.G.     Hamilton J.       Lidford R.W.        
   Clark A.          Hamilton W.       Longstaff R.        
   Clark R.          Hanson J.W.       Luke J.W.           
   Clark W.          Harland J.        Lumley J.           
   Clark W.          Hartill W.        Mackay W.           
   Clay J.G.         Hayes G.          Maddison A.         
   Cockburn G.       Heaslip M.        Markham A.                                                        

   Our glorious dead.

   Martin J.         Ramshaw J.R.      Summerbell T.   
   Masters C.R.      Reddel W.         Sunley J.E.    
   McDermott M.      Riani A.          Tarbett J.R.   
   McDermott P.      Richardson A.E.   Taylor W.    
   McIntyre J.       Richardson W.     Tennet G.   
   McGovern J.       Riddle E.W.       Thompson J.C.    
   McTear T.W.       Riddle H.C.       Thuburn H.   
   Messenger W       (Rigby, Riley) T. Thuburn J.    
   Morgan C.W.       ?                 Thuburn R.     
   Morley A.S.       Ritson M.V.       Trevett F.   
   Morris W.         Robinson L.       Turnbull James   
   Moss W.           Robinson L.       Turnbull Joseph   
   Moyle C.W.        Robinson J.C.     Turner F.   
   Mulholland Jas.   Robson J.W.       Veitch R.    
   Mulholland John   Robson L.         Verity J.   
   Naisbett J.       Robson R.         Vickers J.W.    
   Naisbett J.S.     Rompen O.         Vickers T.   
   Newall J.F.       Rutherford T.     Walker J.S.    
   Nicholson J.F.    Rutter T.H.       Waller S.    
   Nicholson T.      Rundle E.S.       Wardle N.   
   Ord F.            Scarth J.M.       Watson R.   
   Orme J.W.         Scarth W.         Wheatley J.   
   Oxenham W.        Scott J.          White J.E.D.    
   Oxley W.          Sedgewick T.A.    Wick R.W.    
   Palmer J.         Shaw E.R.         Williams N.
   Park A.B.         Shearer B.        Wilson C.W.    
   Pattrick F.       Shearer G.        Wilson G.    
   Peebles J.        Shearer R.        Wilson G.J.    
   Peel C.           Sherriff F.W.     Wilson R.    
   Pendercast W.     Sherriff G.       Wilson W.
   Place E.          Shepherd A.       Henderson G.?    
   Place F.H.        Sill A.         
   Place G.          Smith A.
   Place J.          Smith D.
   Place T.          Smith E.   
   Prest J.          Smith J.B.
   Prest R.          Smith J.R.
   Price J.          Smith R.   
   Purvis J.         Smith R.W.          
   Purvis R.         Smith W.T.
   Quinn A.          Stokoe P.        
                     Stothard A.               

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