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Memorial 1914-18 Day School St. Paul





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NZ 235641

Original Location

St. Paul's Church, Havelock Place.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled Friday July 6th 1922 by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle; dedicated by Rev. F.G. Goddard, M.A.,

Memorial Description

Plaque. There is a border of leaves culminating in a red square in each corner. The dedication is in elongated Times Roman capitals. The names are listed in two columns using sans serif capitals.

Materials used



St Paul’s / Church of England School / Teacher and Old Boys / who fell/ in the Great War / 1914-18.
“Faithful unto death”.


Present condition

Church closed 2005


1. 152 boys had served from the school, of whom 19, plus one master, had been killed.

2. The first name, that of G. Sibbit, is the name of the teacher who fell.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: John Hulme

Shields Daily News ?07/07/1922 reports unveiling ceremony.

Illustrated Chronicle 07/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 08/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation:

Be thou faithful . . .” Revelation 2.10

Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; John Hulme

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Memorial 1914-18 Day School St. Paul (E35.04)

   St Paul’s 
   Church of England School
   Teacher and Old Boys
   who fell
   in the Great War
   Sibbit, Geo. B.      Miller, Henry
   Carruthers, Jas.     Moore, George
   Corn, Foster         Purvis, Alex.
   Curry, William       Roach, William
   Day, John            Rothfield, Jos.
   Davidson, Jas.       Red, John Ed.
   Elrod, Robert        Tear, James
   Graham, George       Tulip, Thomas
   Mitchell, Arthur     Young, Andrew
   Anderson, C.R.       Curry, Andrew. 
        “Faithful unto death”

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