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Photo: C. Sanders


Book of Remembrance 1939-45 War Memorial Hospital





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NZ 28?15?

Original Location

In War Memorial Hospital, Hollyhurst Road. In entrance Hall.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated 2nd March (year not given) by the Vicar of Darlington.

Memorial Description

A bookcase 685mm (2 feet 3 inches) wide x 533mm (1 foot 9 inches) deep is topped by a sloping shelf carrying the Book of Remembrance, the book being under by a glass cover.
A plaque 558mm (1 foot 10 inches) high x 304mm (1 foot) wide, mounted on the front of the rostrum, carries the dedication in raised Roman capitals. The date is also carved on the sides.
There is a canopy with strip light which overhangs the Book of Remembrance. The years are carved on left and right.

The whole stands on a pedestal 6 feet 4 inches square x 6 inches high.

Materials used

Wood rostrum, brass plaque.


1939 + 1945
In this Book / of / Remembrance / are the / imperishable / names of those / Men and Woman / of the / County Borough / of DARLINGTON / who / were Faithful / unto Death / in defence of / Freedom / during the / Second / World War


Ownership and maintenance

Handed over by the Mayor to the Chairman of the Darlington War Memorial Hospital for safe keeping in the Hospital.


1. Bertha Gleghorn of the Metropolitan Police was the first Police Officer to be killed while on duty in the Second World War. She was killed in a bomb raid in London. See Every Name A Story entry.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: C. Sanders

Source of quotation:
“Faithful unto death” Revelation 2 v 10

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders

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Book of Remembrance 1939-45 War Memorial Hospital (D40.035)

DARLINGTON In War Memorial Hospital
On front of plinth
   1939 + 1945 
   In this Book 
   are the 
   names of those 
   Men and Women 
   of the 
   County Borough 
   were Faithful 
   unto Death 
   in defence of 
   during the 
   World War
   County Borough of Darlington



   Names of the
   Men and Women of 
   who gave their lives 
   in the Great War 
   Corporal John Newton 
   Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 
   attached to the SAS Regiment 
   who gave his life in the 
   service of his country 
   during the conflict in 
   the Falklands 1982.
   Adams Walter Royal Lancashire Fusiliers 
   Aislabie John George Royal Marines 
   Alderson J.B. Royal Air Force 
   Allen Raymond Todd A.C.C.Coy 
   Allen Matthew T. Royal Ulster Rifles 
   Allison William Royal Navy 
   Ambrose John O. Merchant Navy 
   Anderson Gordon Merchant Navy 
   Appleton Robert Mitchell Royal Air Force 
   Armstrong Fred S. Royal Navy 
   Askew Alfred R.E.M.E. 
   Atkinson Wilfred Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 
   Austin John James Green Howards 
   Avery Nelson Royal Air Force 
   Avery William Ewart Royal Tank Regiment 
   Bainbridge Jack Royal Air Force
   Bainbridge J.W. Royal Air Force
   Bale Alan D. Royal Air Force
   Ball Doreen Auxiliary Territorial Service
   Banks Richard Royal Air Force
   Bannerman Eric R.A.Pc
   Barker Albert Royal Army Ordnance Corps
   Barker Robert Royal Corps of Signals
   Barrow Richard D. Royal Navy
   Bartlett Sidney K. Royal Air Force
   Batty Philip Arthur (Captain General List)
   Baxter Albert Edward Royal Engineers
   Beadle George W. Royal Corps of Signals
   Bell Fred 2nd Royal Berkshire Regiment.
   Bell John Clydesdale Royal Air Force
   Bell Joseph William Royal Air Force
   Bell Robert Sanderson Royal Artillery
   Beveridge Charles Robert R.E.M.E.
   Biott Harry Durham Light Infantry
   Birkett William N. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 
   Blackburn Leonard Cuthbert Royal Artillery 
   Bland Joseph Durham Light Infantry 
   Bolland Ernest H. Royal Artillery 
   Bolton John Patrick Royal Army Service Corps 
   Boon F.J. Royal Marines 
   Booth John Royal Air Force 
   Bowen Joseph Royal Northumberland Fusiliers 
   Bowes Ronald missing presumed killed Royal Navy 
   Bowman Frank Royal Engineers 
   Bradley Thomas Merchant Navy 
   Braithwaite Neville Merchant Navy 
   Brass Robert B. Royal Navy 
   Bretter Albert Royal Air Force
   Bretter William Royal Navy
   Briggs Albert George Royal Engineers
   Briggs Charles Eugene Royal Army Ordnance Corps
   Brown Arthur Royal Navy
   Brown Cyril J.A. Royal Air Force
   Brown Harry Royal Artillery
   Brown Stanley Durham Light Infantry
   Brunskill Edward Royal Air Force
   Brunskill Edward Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
   Bulmer Raymond Royal Army Service Corps
   Bulmer Thomas W. Royal Navy
   Burns Daniel Cameron Highlanders
   Burns George Joseph Fleet Air Arm
   Burt William Henry Royal Air Force
   Burwell Walter George 2nd Cheshire Regiment
   Butler Derrick William East Yorks Regiment
   Butler Leslie Hugh Royal Air Force
   Bye Edward Cecil Royal Corps of Signals
   Cade James Frederick Royal Army Ordnance Corps 
   Cain George Alexander Royal Air Force 
   Callaghan Raymond Royal Navy 
   Calvert Alfred Royal Armoured Corps 
   Calvert Howard Francis Royal Army Ordnance Corps 
   Carlton Robert McNair Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 
   Carpenter Walter Charles Royal Army Service Corps 
   Carrick Marjorie Auxiliary Territorial Service 
   Carrick R.J.D. Royal Army Medical Corps 
   Carter George Frederick Royal Air Force 
   Cartwright Osmond 1st Batt. Royal Scots 
   Case Albert Royal Norfolk Regiment 
   Case Sidney Royal Army Service Corps 
   Case Sydney 50th (N) Divisional Signals 
   Cassidy Patricia Women’s Auxiliary Air Force 
   Charlton John L. Royal Air Force 
   Chater Donald K. Royal Corps of Signals 
   Chinn Edward James Royal Air Force 
   Clapham Frederick Joseph Royal Army Ordnance Corps 
   Clark Alec Royal Army Ordnance Corps
   Clark Maurice Robert Royal Air Force
   Clark Stanley Royal Tank Corps
   Clarkson Ernest M. Durham Light Infantry
   Clarkson George William Durham Light Infantry
   Clementson George Henry Royal Navy
   Coad Alfred Green Howards
   Cockfield Philip Highland Light Infantry
   Colling Arthur Royal Air Force
   Conroy Patrick Francis Royal Corps of Signals
   Cook Reginald L. F.A.A. Royal Navy
   Cooke Charles H. Green Howards
   Cornick Ernest Royal Artillery
   Coupe Harry Royal Air Force
   Cowan Colin Royal Navy
   Cowan John Green Howards
   Cowley Cyril Royal Navy
   Cox Ernest N. Durham Light Infantry
   Cox James Henry Royal Navy
   Craddock John Newby Cheshire Regiment 
   Craig William Gordon Royal Air Force 
   Crinkley Arthur Royal Air Force 
   Cuthbertson Henry Royal Navy 
   Colebrook Christopher Royal Air Force 
   Dalby Albert South Staffs Regiment 
   Daniels Daniel Grenadier Guards 
   Darnell Jessie 2.A.I.M.N.S(R) 
   Davies George E. Royal Army Service Corps 
   Davies Sidney Alfred Royal Artillery 
   Davis Sidney W. Royal Navy
   Dawes Thomas Royal Air Force
   Dawson Eileen Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
   Dearden Arnold D. Royal Air Force
   Deighton Maurice Royal Air Force 
   Dent Robert Henry Durham Light Infantry 
   Dent Thomas Royal Army Ordnance Corps 
   Derwent Gordon Emmett Fleet Air Arm
   Dickinson Alan Russell Friends Ambulance Unit
   Dobson Herbert Durham Light Infantry
   Dodds Joseph Anthony Royal Artillery
   Dodds Thomas Vincent Royal Artillery
   Donaldson Michael Royal Air Force
   Dougill Harry Birkbeck Royal Engineers
   Downing Robert Royal Navy
   Doyle Joseph Queen’s Royal Regiment
   Dresser Henry Durham Light Infantry
   Drury Herbert Royal Air Force
   Duffy William Royal Scots Fusiliers
   Duns George Johnston A.A.E.
   Easby Henry Ernest Green Howards
   Elders William H.G. Royal Air Force
   Elliott Arthur Royal Tank Corps
   Elliott Thomas Tiffin R.A.F.V.R. 
   Ellis G.K. Royal Artillery 
   Elvish Norman Royal Air Force 
   Estall Charles Arthur R.E.M.E. 
   Etherington Thomas Royal Army Service Corps 
   Fairweather Richard G.G. Royal Air Force
   Feasby Cyril Royal Army Medical Corps
   Ferrier Tom Royal Corps of Signals 
   Fewtrell A. 
   Field Albert Missing presumed killed Royal Navy 
   Florentine Joseph Sidney Royal Artillery 
   Florentine William Lawrence Herbert Royal Army Medical Corps 
   Flynn James Royal Northumberland Fusiliers 
   Flynn James William Royal Navy 
   Flynn John Royal Artillery 
   Forrest John Frederick Ronald Royal Air Force 
   Forster John W. Royal Artillery
   Foster Arnold Royal Warwickshire Regt
   Foster Ronald
   Fowle Charles Albert Royal Navy
   Fowle Henry John Royal Navy
   Fraser Gordon Anderson Border Regiment
   Furness Tom Royal Air Force
   Garbutt Sydney Francis Fleet Air Arm
   Gates George Stoddart Royal Air Force
   Gent Lawrence I.E.M.E.
   Georgiou Zacharias Mixides Durham Light Infantry
   Gibbons James M. Parachute Regiment
   Gibbs Peter 7th Hampshire Regiment
   Gibson Kenneth 1st Hampshire Regiment
   Gillie Harry Royal Engineers
   Gilroy Clive Royal Air Force
   Gladwin Ronald Royal Navy 
   Glasper Harry Durham Light Infantry 
   Glasper Hubert Royal Air Force 
   Gleghorn Bertha Massey Metropolitan Police 
   Glen Thomas Black Watch
   Godfrey James Valentine Merchant Navy
   Goldsmith Edward J. Royal Berkshire Regiment
   Gowan Douglas Royal Navy 
   Graham George Royal Navy 
   Graham George W. Royal Air Force 
   Graham John William Royal Corps of Signals 
   Graham Thomas A. Durham Light Infantry 
   Grantham Alfred William South Staffordshire Regt 
   Gray James Royal Navy 
   Greaves Arthur S. Royal Air Force 
   Green Leslie Royal Air Force 
   Green Norman Desmond Royal Air Force 
   Greenall Jack Royal Air Force 
   Gregson William Royal Artillery 
   Grieves Leslie H.
   Griffiths Ralph William Royal Engineers
   Groves Ernest Royal Navy
   Guy Henry Royal Navy
   Hall John Norfolk Durham Light Infantry
   Hall Raymond Royal Corps of Signals
   Hall Wilfred Durham Light Infantry
   Hamer Ernest R. Royal Air Force Volunteers Reserve
   Hamilton John R. Dorset Regiment
   Hammond Geoffrey W. Royal Tank Corps
   Hammond John George 1st East Yorks Regiment
   Hardaker Maurice Royal Navy
   Hardie Hugh W. Royal Air Force
   Hardy George David R.E.M.E. Paratroops
   Harker Thomas N. Royal Air Force
   Harrington Arthur Willis Green Howards
   Harris Richard Fleet Air Arms 
   Harrison Cyril Merchant Navy 
   Hartley Horace Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 
   Hatherick Sydney Royal Marines 
   Hawdon Herbert S. The Rifle Brigade Prince Consorts Own 
   Hay Edward Royal Navy 
   Hay Jack Royal Marines Commandos 
   Haykin Norman Christopher Royal Artillery 
   Hazleden Frank M. Royal Air Force 
   Heathwaite John Durham Light Infantry 
   Hendrick Michael K.O.S.B. 
   Heron Norman Green Howards 
   Hickman David Royal Corps of Signals 
   Hilton William Denys Royal Air Force 
   Hind John Arthur Royal Army Service Corps 
   Hinde John Walter Royal Air Force 
   Hinnigan Joseph Royal Corps of Signals 
   Hodgson J.Leslie Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 
   Hodgson William Derringham Royal Air Force 
   Hodsman David John East Riding of Yorks Yeomanry
   Hoggett Joseph H. Royal Navy.
   Holbrow Stanley Charles Royal Air Force
   Hollands Alfred Essex Regiment
   Holliday William Royal Navy
   Holmes Alan Royal Air Force
   Holmes Arthur William Merchant Navy
   Holmes Frank Royal Armoured Corps
   Hope Alfred Raymond Royal Armoured Corps
   Hopper Albert Edward Durham Light Infantry
   Horley John G.T. Royal Navy
   Horner Leonard Matthew Corps of Military Police
   Howard Leonard Royal Corps of Signals
   Howe William W. Royal Army Ordnance Corps
   Hudson William L. R.E.M.E.
   Hughes George Henry Durham Light Infantry
   Humphreys Stanley Royal Air Force
   Hunter Albert Royal Army Service Corps
   Hunter Eric W. Royal Armoured Corps
   Hunter John R. Royal Air Force 
   Hustwaite Norman Royal Air Force 
   Hutchinson Harry Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 
   Hutchinson John Henry Oxford & Buckinghamshire Lt Infantry 
   I’Anson Gerald Gordon Highlanders 
   Innis Harry Royal Artillery 
   Innis Robert Green Howards 
   Jackson Edward B. Royal Navy 
   Jackson John O. Merchant Navy 
   Jackson Thomas Royal Navy 
   Jackson Thomas William Royal Artillery 
   Jacques William Archer Durham Light Infantry 
   Jarvis Peter Royal Air Force 
   Jefferson Matthew Green Howards
   Jenkinson A.H. Pioneer Corps
   Jenkinson Hercules Royal Navy
   Jobson James Royal Navy
   Johnson Eric Royal Air Force
   Johnson Jack Royal Navy
   Jackson Oliver Royal Artillery
   Johnson Stanley Wilfred Durham Light Infantry
   Johnson Thomas E.M. Pioneer Corps
   Johnson Wilfred Royal Scots Fusiliers
   Jones Frederick Royal Air Force
   Johnson John Royal Artillery
   Keenan William John Royal Air Force
   Keenlyside Edward Royal Artillery
   Kelly Peter Royal Navy
   Kelsey Tom West Yorkshire Regiment
   Kent Ernest Royal Corps of Signals
   King Robert Leslie Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 
   Kirby Peter Royal Marine Commandos 
   Kirby Walter Green Howards 
   Kitching Ernest Royal Artillery 
   Lancaster Russell H. Green Howards
   Langhorne Willis Royal Air Force
   Large Henry Masterman Green Howards
   Laundy Royston Royal Army Service Corps
   Lawson Lawrence Royal Air Force 
   Laycock Thomas Airborne Border Regiment 
   Leonard Kenneth W. Royal Air Force 
   Liddle John George Royal Artillery 
   Liddle Norman Royal Air Force 
   Liddle William Henry Royal Engineers 
   Linfoot Arthur Durham Light Infantry 
   Lockhart Charles Royal Engineers
   Lodge Joseph Gordon Highlanders
   Longstaff John Fenwick Merchant Navy
   Longstaff Thomas Royal Air Force
   Longstaff Victor L. Durham Light Infantry
   Lumley George Edward Royal Air Force
   Lund T.P.
   Lupton Selwyn Jacques Royal Air Force
   Lumbell James Royal Air Force 
   Lyall James Durham Light Infantry
   Mackay Douglas Royal Air Force
   Mann Kenneth James Pioneer Corps
   Marshall Rowland Thompson Royal Corps of Signals
   Martin Francis John Royal Navy.
   Matthews John C. Royal Air Force
   Maughan George Oliver Royal Air Force
   Maw Philip Royal Navy
   Mawer George Albert Durham Light Infantry 
   Metcalfe Charles Roland Royal Air Force 
   Meynell Audrey Dennis Royal Air Force 
   Milburn Kenneth Royal Air Forces Volunteer Reserve 
   Miller Joseph Royal Artillery 
   Milligan Freddy Royal Navy 
   Milligan Jack Royal Navy 
   Milligan Raymond Royal Navy 
   Milner William Durham Light Infantry 
   Minor Basil Royal Corps of Signals 
   Mitchell Malcolm Durham Light Infantry 
   Mole Douglas John R.A.F. 
   Monkhouse Thomas Merchant Navy 
   Monument Harry Royal Navy 
   Moore Kenneth Wilson Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
   Moore Stanley Queen’s Bays Regt
   Morgan Thomas R.E.M.E.
   Morris Lewis Trevor Royal Air Force 
   Mulholland David Queens Own Regiment 
   Murray Kenneth Royal Air force
   Musgrave George Ernest Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
   Musty Tom Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
   McCulley Edwin Royal Air Force
   McDonald John Vincent Royal Corps of Signals
   McDonough James Royal army Service Corps
   McGee James Royal Artillery
   McGilvray John Seaforth Highlanders
   McKay Denis Royal Air Force
   McKiernan John Gordon Highlanders
   McLoughlin James Royal Navy
   McLoughlin John V Royal Navy
   McLoughlin Thomas RAF
   McManus William Royal Engineers
   Naylor Ronald Royal Navy
   Neil Allan McDougall Royal Corps of Signals
   Nelson Roy Royal Air Force 
   Newhouse Geoffrey Hong Kong Defence Corps 
   Newton James A.M.R.C.
   Newton John Royal Army Ordnance Corps
   Nicholson Charles Merchant Navy
   Nicholson Robert W. Royal Air Force 
   Nixon George Royal Air Force 
   Noble Henry Edward Royal Air Force 
   Noble Thomas Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 
   Oates William Arnold Royal Air Force 
   O’Brien Thomas R.E.M.E. 
   O’Connor Joseph Desmond 
   Oldfield John Royal Navy 
   Oliver John William Parachute Regiment 
   Owan Charles Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 
   Owens Benjamin Rees South Staffs Regt. 
   Oxley J.C. Royal Navy
   Oxley Keith Royal Corps of Signals
   Parias James Royal Artillery
   Park John Thomas Durham Light Infantry
   Park Raymond Royal Navy
   Parker Julian H. Durham Light infantry
   Parkin Arnold William Household Cavalry(Lifeguards)
   Parkett Cecil Royal Engineers
   Parr Edward Durham Light infantry
   Patterson James Royal Artillery
   Patterson Reginald Royal Air Force
   Patton Owen Royal Navy
   Peacock Dennis Royal Scots Fusiliers
   Peart John William Coldstream Guards
   Peden James McGowan Royal Engineers
   Penman Harry K.O.Y.L.I.
   Pentland Sidney Green Howards 
   Philips E.H.H. Royal Air Force 
   Pigdon Charles Royal Air Force 
   Piper Cuthbert Royal Artillery 
   Place Ernest Royal Navy 
   Porritt Raymond Royal Army Medical Corps 
   Porteous George Royal Armoured Corps 
   Porter Frederick Harry Burdess Royal Air Force 
   Preshous William Royal Artillery 
   Price Stanley W. Green Howards 
   Proudfoot James Royal Scot Fusiliers 
   Purvis Victor D.F.C. Royal Air Force 
   Quincey Albert Royal Air Force 
   Quincey Richard Royal Engineers 
   Race Edwin Royal Artillery
   Raine Arthur Green Howards
   Raine Arthur Thomas Royal Air Force
   Raine William Royal Air Force
   Ramsay George Royal Navy
   Ramshaw Arthur Edmund Merchant Navy
   Ranson Charles Royal Air Force
   Raper Thomas Royal Armoured Corps
   Raw William Reginald Reconnaissance Corps
   Rayner John Leonard Royal Air Force
   Rea Reginald Royal Navy.
   Readshaw Cyril Durham Light Infantry
   Redding Henry Green Howards
   Reed Herbert L. Royal Air Force
   Reed John Thompson Royal Corps of Signals
   Reynard James T. Lost at Sea Royal Navy
   Richardson Jack Durham Light Infantry
   Richardson John William Merchant Navy
   Richardson Leslie K.R.R.C.
   Richardson Robert Desmond Royal Air Force 
   Richardson William B. Royal Navy 
   Richmond Robert Royal Artillery 
   Rickmond Walter Green Howards 
   Rickinson Jack Merchant Navy 
   Ridsdale Titus Wilfred Royal Navy
   Ripley Norman Harold R.E.M.E.
   Roach Stanley Merchant Navy 
   Robinson Arthur Raymond Green Howards 
   Robinson Edwin Royal Tank Regiment 
   Robinson Frederick Royal Artillery 
   Robinson George Frederick Royal Navy 
   Robinson Joseph Green Howards 
   Robinson Leslie Royal Air Force 
   Robinson Robert Edward Royal Engineers 
   Robinson William Royal Artillery 
   Robson Ernest Royal Artillery 
   Robson Robert Douglas Royal Navy 
   Robson Theodore Burdess Civil Defence 
   Rourke Maurice Royal Tank Regiment
   Rowe James R.H. Royal Air Force
   Russell William McFarlane Royal Air Force
   Rutherford Edward Seaforth Highlanders
   Robinson Frank Norman Royal Air Force
   Sage William Durham Light Infantry
   Saunders P.
   Scarth William Mercantile Marine
   Schott George Gustave Reconnaissance Corps
   Scott William Royal Navy
   Sedgewick Maurice Royal Air Force
   Seller Douglas Allan Green Howard
   Shaw John Eric Royal Air Force
   Sheriff Albert South Staffs Regiment
   Sheriff Tom Royal Army Medical Corps
   Shields Walter Missing presumed killed Merchant Navy
   Shinkfield Thomas Noel Fleet Air Arm
   Shute David T. Royal Navy 
   Sigsworth Herbert Royal Air Force 
   Simmons Frank Royal Air Force 
   Simpson Alfred Ronald Royal Navy 
   Simpson George Raymond Royal Navy 
   Simpson Henry Allan 1st Batt. Middlesex Regiment 
   Skulbeck Harry Green Howards 
   Skinner Lawrence Presumed lost on way to South Africa 
   Skipsey Harry Royal Air Force 
   Slater Charles Howard Royal Navy 
   Slater Herbert Royal Army Service Corps 
   Small Ernest R. Royal Air Force 
   Smart Stanley Royal Air Force 
   Smith Frank Gibson Merchant Navy 
   Smith Hector Norman Royal Tank Regt 
   Smith Henry James Royal Dragoon Guards 
   Smith John Royal Armoured Corps 
   Smith John Edward King’s Royal Rifle Corps 
   Smith Robert Arthur Royal Air Force 
   Smith Sydney H. Royal Air Force
   Smith William David Royal Air Force
   Smith William John Royal Air Force
   Smith William Roger R.E.M.E.
   Snailham Eric Durham Light Infantry
   Snowdon George Green Howards
   Sowerby William Royal Navy
   Sowerby William Royal Navy
   Spence Norman Gordon Highlanders
   Squires William A. Royal Air Force
   Stainsby John Royal Navy
   Stainsby John Royal Air Force
   Stanford William Leslie James Royal Armoured Corps
   Stanton James William Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
   Stapleton George Royal Army Medical Corps
   Stephenson William Royal Engineers
   Stephenson William Royal Engineers
   Stewart Gordon Royal Air Force
   Stocker Herbert Green Howards
   Stockill Arnold Royal Air Force 
   Stockill Francis Arthur Royal Artillery 
   Stockill Maurice Vincent Royal Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 
   Strachan Stanley George Royal Army Ordnance Corps 
   Sturgeon Charles Raymond Durham Light Infantry Corps.
   Sturgeon Ray Green Howards 
   Suggitt Robert Royal Corps of Signals 
   Sunley L. Royal Artillery 
   Sweeney George Edward Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 
   Stephens Sidney Francis Royal Navy 
   Storer Robert Merchant Navy 
   Tate Thomas Ernest Royal Navy 
   Tanner Wilfred Gordon Duke of Wellington’s Regt 
   Taylor Albert B. Pioneer Corps 
   Taylor Arthur Royal Navy 
   Taylor Arthur Edwin Royal Air Force 
   Taylor George Durham Light Infantry 
   Taylor Jack Green Howard 
   Taylor Kenneth Royal Air Force
   Taylor Lancelot Nicholson Royal Engineers
   Taylor Wilfred Royal Air Force
   Taylor William Wilfred Royal Marines
   Teasdale Dean Royal Army Service 
   Teasdale George Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment
   Thirkell Ronnie Royal Navy
   Thomas William David Royal Air Force
   Thompson Ernest Pioneer Corps
   Thompson James Edward Royal Artillery
   Thompson Robert Sydney Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
   Thornton Harold Royal Navy
   Thorpe Ronald Royal Air Force
   Tinkler Arthur Royal Navy
   Tinmouth Vera (School Teacher)
   Tod Sidney Royal Air Force
   Todd Robert William Durham Light Infantry
   Toes Richard Durham Light Infantry
   Toole George Henry Royal Artillery
   Towelle Arthur Edward R.F.A. 
   Towers Maurice Royal Army Service Corps 
   Treslowe George William Royal Corps of Signals 
   Trevena Alan Royal Artillery 
   Turnbull Alexander Green Howards 
   Tutin Kenneth Black Watch 
   Terry Robert Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 
   Upex Francis A. Royal Navy 
   Urwin Ivor J. Royal Air Force 
   Veitch Michael John Royal Navy 
   Vickers Thomas Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 
   Waistell Robert William 1st Buffs 
   Waiton Thomas Royal Cops of Signals 
   Walker Albert Edwin Durham Light Infantry 
   Walker Alan Oakley Royal Engineers 
   Walker Arthur Royal Air Force 
   Walker Edward Green Howard (Army Air Corps)
   Walker Edwin James Royal Corps of  Signals
   Walker Ernest Royal Artillery
   Walker John Royal Navy
   Walker John Alan Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
   Walton Harold A. R.E.M.E.
   Walton Herbert
   Warburton Carl Arthur Royal Air Force
   Ward Frederick West Yorkshire Regt
   Ward Wilfred Royal Air Force
   Warren William Phillip Royal Navy
   Watson Frank 2nd Lincolnshire Regt
   Watson Frank Royal Navy
   Watson Frank Raymond Royal Air Force(P.F.F.)
   Watson Herbert Royal Corps of Signals
   Watson John E. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
   Watson Michael L. Royal Air Force
   Waugh James Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
   Webb Frederick Verdun Royal Scots Fusiliers
   Webb John H. 
   Winter Denis Royal Army Service Corps
   Welsh George Edward presumed killed Royal Artillery 
   Whitehouse Raymond Royal Navy 
   Winter Leslie Royal Navy
   Wise William Henry Parachute Regiment
   Whyte Robert Reah Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 
   Whyvel Newby Royal Air Force 
   Wigham Ernest Royal Air Force 
   Wilby William M. Green Howards 
   Wilce James Joseph Green Howards 
   Wilde George Martin Royal Air Force 
   Wilkinson Albert H. Mercantile Marine 
   Wilkinson Fred 11th Royal Tank Corps 
   Wilkinson Fred Royal Armoured Corps 
   Wilkinson Joseph Royal Navy 
   Wilkinson Robert Cameron Highlanders 
   Williams Edward Royal Air Force Corps 
   Williamson Kenneth Royal Armoured Corps 
   Williams Thomas Royal Army Service Corps 
   Wilson Charles R. Royal Artillery 
   Wilks Ian Leslie Royal Air Force
   Wood Alan Royal Air Force
   Wood James Edward Royal Air Force
   Wood Stanley Richard Royal Corps of Signals
   Woodhouse John Royal Armoured Corps
   Woodward John Royal Navy
   Worrall Arthur Royal Navy
   Worsley Roger Haigh Royal Scots Fusiliers
   Wright George William Coldstream Guards
   Wright John Henry Royal Air Force
   Wright Raymond Royal Corps of Signals
   Wray Robert Royal Marines
   Yates Charles Michael Royal Corps of Signals
   Youmans James Royal Navy
   Young Denis Royal Air Force
   Young Lesley Royal Air Force.

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