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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. John the Evangelist





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NZ 122587

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Church of St. John the Evangelist, Derwent View, Clayton Terrace Road. On the right side of the Chancel Arch, facing the nave.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 25th April 1920 by Mr. F.O. Kirkup, agent for Consett Iron Co. Ltd. Dedicated by Rev. C.E. Little, Rural Dean and Rector of Whickham.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour, approx. 30 inches high x 12 inches wide. It is housed behind glass in a frame approx. 2 inches wide. At the top is a cross, there are angels on either side. The dedication is hand written in fancy lettering, upper and lower case, and coloured variously with black, blue, red, and green, and underlined with gold lines ending in scrolls.
The names are listed underneath this in five columns in black elaborate lower case lettering.


To the glory of God and / in memory of the following men from / this parish who laid down their lives / in the Great War 1914-1918, the Chancel / Screen and Stained Glass East Window / in this Church have been erected / by grateful Parishioners.


How money was raised

Public subscription

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown

Newcastle Daily Journal 26/04/1920 reports unveiling

Illustrated Chronicle 27/04/1920 reports unveiling.

North Mail 26/04/1920 reports unveiling briefly.

A History of Blaydon District by J. Maughan, was serialised in the "Blaydon Courier" about 1955-6, and which is available as a collection of newspaper cuttings in the Newcastle Central Library.

Coal, Community and Conflict: A History of Chopwell; K. Hordon, 1995.

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Geoffrey Nicholson; George and Janet Brown; Nan Smith; Susan Carlisle; Dorothy Hall; Paul Murray

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. John the Evangelist (C92.02)

CHOPWELL, St. John's Church.
   To the glory    +    of God and 
   in memory of the following men from 
   this Parish who laid down their lives 
   in the Great War 1914-1918, the Chancel 
   Screen and Stained Glass East Window 
   in this Church have been erected 
   by grateful Parishioners. 

Column 1	       Column 2	   
   Allen, Robert                     Clementson, Wilfred Lawson   
   Allison, Tom.                     Clifford, John               
   Angus, John Thomas                Clipperton, William Charles  
   Appleton, Frank Roseveare         Coates, Robert               
   Armory, Joseph Henry              Coates, William Harold       
   Armory, Charles Frederick         Cobain, Henry                
   Armstrong, Robert                 Collins, Thomas              
   Armstrong, Joseph Thomas          Collins, John                
   Armstrong, John Joseph            Collingwood, John William    
   Armstrong, Thomas Wilson          Cook, Robert                 
   Armstrong, William                Conlan, Joseph               
   Armstrong, William Arthur         Coughlan, Robert             
   Atkinson, Fred                    Coulthard, Richard           
   Bailey, James                     Coulthard, Wilfred           
   Barker, John                      Coulthard, George William    
   Barnes, John William              Cowen, Robert William        
   Barron, John William              Cruddas, Ambrose             
   Bell, Herbert James               Curl, Sydney Charles         
   Betton, Louis                     Curry, William               
   Bevil, Thomas                     Davies, George               
   Birkbeck, William Addison         Davison, William             
   Black, James                      Dixon, Fred                  
   Bolam, George                     Dixon, Nicholas Mark         
   Braddock, Nicholas William        Dobson, Robert               
   Broad, John                       Dodd, James Septimus         
   Brown, John                       Dodds, William               
   Brown, Robert                     Dowson, William              
   Brown, John Robson                Driver, Ralph                
   Brown, John Henry                 Dunn, Charles                
   Brummell, Thomas                  Edwards, Edward              
   Burton, Isaac                     Farrow, Joseph               
   Cairns, Thomas William            Faulder, Thomas              
   Carr, William Aynsley             Fisher, Edward               
   Carroll, John Henry               Fletcher, Alfred             
   Cawthorn, Spencer                 Forster, William             
   Caygill, Joseph Watson            Forster, Frederick           
   Chaplin, Frederick                Foster, William              
   Charlton Michael Robt. Mitchinson Frame, Benjamin        
   Clark, John Joseph                Gardiner, John               
   Clark, Robert                     Geary, George Edward         
Column 3	          Column 4

   Gibson, Thomas                    Lynn, Oliver Spencer       
   Gibson, Joseph Watson             Macfarlane, John Joseph    
   Gill, Dan                         Maddison, Robert           
   Goodwin, Charles                  March, William             
   Goodwin, John William             Martin, John               
   Graham, Robert                    Martin, William            
   Graham, John                      McKeown, Gerald            
   Greener, George                   McLean, James              
   Grierson, James                   McNeil, James              
   Grigg, Matthew                    McQueen, Albert            
   Hall, John George                 Merritt, William James     
   Hannah, Henry                     Millburn, Harold           
   Hardwick, Charles Thomas          Miller, Septimus           
   Harrison, Horace                  Minto, George William      
   Hawley, William                   Mitton, Harry Collingwood  
   Heslop, Joseph Edward             Moralee, Thomas            
   Heslop, Frank                     Morley, Thomas William     
   Hetherington, William             Murphy John                
   Hinde, William                    Myers, Albert              
   Hood, William                     Neilson, Nathaniel Clark   
   Hood, Anthony                     Nevins, Septimus           
   Hooks, James Samuel               Nixon, John Robson         
   Houghton, John James              Oswald, Fenwick            
   Hughes, Joseph Henry              Parkin, William Horace     
   Hutchinson, James Heslop          Pearson, John William      
   Ibbotson, Michael                 Pearson, Joseph Nevin      
   Jennings, William                 Pearson, William Robert    
   Johnson, Frederick                Peart, William             
   Johnson, William                  Poskett, Robert Victor     
   Kelly, Thomas                     Raine, Frank               
   Kennyford, James Willie           Raine, John                
   Kidd, George                      Raper, Edward              
   Kilpatrick, Henry James           Readman, John              
   Laws, Edward                      Richardson Joseph Chambers 
   Liddell, George Burt              Richardson, James          
   Lockey, Walter                    Roberts, James             
   Longstaff, James                  Robinson, Albert           
   Longstaff, John Thomas            Robinson, William          
   Longstaff, William Ernest         Robinson, Joseph           
   Lowe, John                        Robson, James              
Column 5

   Robson, George
   Robson, Thomas Charlton
   Robson, Lawrence.
   Rodgers, George William
   Routledge, John Thomas
   Scott, William
   Slee, Robert
   Slowther, Thomas George
   Sharpe, George Edward
   Smith, David
   Smith, William
   Smith, John
   Stephenson, Ralph
   Stephenson, Joseph
   Tarn, John
   Temple, Edward
   Tiplady, Thomas
   Towler, Robert
   Towler, William
   Thompson, James
   Thompson, George Beattie
   Turnbull, George
   Waistell, Thomas
   Wallace, Isaac
   Walters, Frank
   Wardlow, George
   Ware, John William
   Waters, John
   Watson, James
   Waugh, Tom
   Waugh, Joseph
   Welsh, Thomas James
   Wilkinson, Edward
   Williams, Edward
   Wills, Arthur
   Winter, Tom
   Woof, Frederick
   Wright, John
   Wright, Jacob Robson
   Hume, Arthur.

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