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Plaques 1914-18 Cowpen and Crofton Collieries





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Original Location

Cowpen South "A" Colliery, but later in Cowpen and Crofton Miners' Welfare Hall which became Blyth Civic Centre.

Present Location

Civic Centre, Blyth. First floor corridor.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 29/11/1919 at South A Pit, Cowpen Colliery by Mrs. Forster, wife of Mr. T.E. Forster, Managing Director of the Cowpen Coal Co.Ltd.

Memorial Description

Two plaques one above the other as follows:

1. Top plaque with staggered triangular shape, 11½ inches high at its highest point x 56 inches wide and bears the dedication. The lettering is hand written in Roman capitals in gold paint, with a small painted cross on stepped plinth on either side of the dates.

2. A square plaque with glass door with gable top, measuring 45½ inches high and 44½ inches wide. The dedication is in the gable part. The central panel is divided into three by pilasters joined together to form arched tops to the panels. The names are written in a single column in each panel, handwritten in gilded Roman capitals.

Materials used

Teak from H.M.S. “Britannia”


In / memory of the men of / Cowpen and Crofton Collieries / who fell in defence of their country / 1914-1919 The / Great War 1914-1919 / For God, King and Empire /
Their names shall live for ever.


Who commissioned

Cowpen and Crofton Colliery Company.

How money was raised

Crofton and Cowpen Miners’ Patriotic Fund, Mr. Wm. Shaw Treasurer and Mr. W. Bell, secretary.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. Hughes Bolkow & Co.


1. An old photograph shows the memorial to have been outside in an inset stone panel. The staggered dedication plaque echoes the shape of the original stone one which was above the sunken panel. The Morpeth Herald reports “The memorial is fixed on the gable of the pay office wall at the South Pit in a recess, the panel of which was carved by Messrs. Cocks, sculptors, Blyth. The gable is protected by a neat iron pallisading.”

2. The memorial includes men who had worked at Crofton and Isabella and North Pits.

3. When the Cowpen and Crofton Patriotic Fund closed in July 1919, £3,000 had been subscribed. 48 widows and 82 children were being supported by the fund.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Jack Tait; Tony Harding; old photo: Jack Tait

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 01/11/1919 reports proposed unveiling on 29/11/1919; 06/12/1919 reports unveiling.

Morpeth Herald 05/12/1919 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation:
“Their names shall live for ever” presumably based on “Their name liveth for evermore", from Ecclesiasticus 44

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Research acknowledgements

The late Jack Tait, Blyth Local History Society; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

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Plaques 1914-18 Cowpen and Crofton Collieries (C58.01)

COWPEN, Civic Centre.
   Memory of the men of
   Cowpen and Crofton Collieries
   who fell in defence of their country

   Great War, 1914-1919
   For God, King and Empire
   The Heroic Dead               The Heroic Dead            The Heroic Dead
   Armstrong, Samuel             Forster, Thomas            Summers, John C.
   Adamson, Matthew              Elliott, James             Preston, George
   Aitchison, Walter             Evans, Hugh Evan           Pringle, Thomas R.
   Allen, Peter                  Fenwick Andrew (D.C.M.)    Pollitt, William
   Allen, John Henry             Ferry, Thomas              Phillipson, Micheal (sic)
   Allen, Alex                   Fogarty, Edgar             Purvis, William
   Allen, R.C.                   Forster, Geo. Wm.          Reid, John.
   Allen, Francis James          Foster, James              Rhodes, Richard D.
   Allen, George Edward          Gibson, John Wm.           Robson, Ralph
   Anderson, Marshall D.         Gibson, George             Robinson, Thomas
   Armstrong. Matthew            Gregory, Cuthbert          Robinson, Wm. Norris
   Atkinson, Alex.               Gregory, Lancelot          Robinson, George
   Bradley, John                 Grey, William              Robinson, Richard
   Batey, Walter                 Graham, William            Robson, Joseph
   Bell, Matthew                 Hamilton, Andrew           Richardson, James Redford
   Bell, William                 Hall, Harold               Rutherford, James
   Bennett, George               Hertwick, Walter B.J.      Sanderson, George
   Blythe, John (M.M.)           Hertwick John Fred. (M.M.) Shevlin, Anthony
   Brown, Thompson               Hedley, William            Smith, James
   Burgess, Wm. Carr             Henderson, James           Shaw, William T.
   Butters, Andrew (M.M.)        Henderson R.C. (M.M.)      Southern, John H.
   Charlton, A. (M.M.)           Hope, Robert               Stevens, George H.
   Catchpole, John Thomas        Howes, Arthur              Stevens, George (DCM, MM & Bar)
   Campbell, James               Hudson, Nichol             Sharples, Allan 
   Carr, George                  Irving, John               Stephenson, John S.
   Charlton, Henry               Jacobs, William            Storey, Alex. Bruce
   Charlton, Robert              Jackson, W.H.              Taylor, John
   Charlton, George              Johnson, Matthew           Taylor, Edward
   Coleman, James West           Kelly, J.W.                Thompson, Edward
   Coleman, Ralph                Keeler, Cloudley           Turnbull, Thomas
   Cooney, Herbert               Kennedy, Albert            Turnbull, Richard
   Coyne, James                  Lambert, Frank             Turnbull, Joseph
   Courtney, Patrick             Laing, Peter               Turnbull, Henry
   Crawford, George              Liddle, William            Turner, William
   Cruickshanks, George          Lilley, Thomas(M.M.)       Traynor, John James
   Clark, William (D.C.M.)       Loud, Bowline              Tweddle, William
   Daniels, Frederick            Lyons, John Robert         Wake, Matthew
   Davidson, George              Matthewson, Wm.            Watson, George
   Dixon, Thomas                 Miller, John Greener       Watson, Archibald
   Dixon, John                   Mordue, Thomas             Watson, John
   Dixon, John Wm.               Moody, Thomas              Watson, George Henry
   Dodds, Edward                 Moffatt, Albert            Wear, Robert David (M.M.)
   Donkin, Henry                 Nelson, James              Wigham, James
   Dugdale, Matthew              Nicholson, John            Wigham, William
   Dutton, Chas. Reuben Anderson Old, J.W.                  Winship, William
   Doran, John                   Ormiston, G.W.             Wilson, Arthur
   Eadington, John Wm. Clark     Patterson, Robert          Wilson, Alexander
   Easton, Alfred                Patterson, George Finlay   Wilson, Fredk. John Bell
   Elgey, Robert                 Patterson, Thomas J.       Wilkinson, John
   Ellison, James                Parker, George Henry       Wilkinson, Thomas
   Ellison, William              Preston, Thomas            Young, John
   Blythe, John                  Summerbell, George E.      White, Ronald
   Chesterton, Thomas            Mills, Robert              Johnston, John
   Hardy, John                   Hope, Leslie               Simm, William

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