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2 x Roll of Honour 1914-18 Wesleyan Methodist





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NZ 274512

Original Location

Wesleyan Methodist Church, Station Road.

Present Location

This church is now a private dwelling. It is thought this memorial may be lost.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled and dedicated 1st-2nd June 1922 by Mr. J.G. Atkinson, dedicated by Rev. C. Wilson.

Memorial Description

Two framed Rolls of Honour, identical pre-printed forms in classical style, with the royal crest at the top. Down each side are two columns bearing flowers, top to bottom, daffodil, shamrock, thistle and rose, with an inward facing lion sat at the feet, and surmounted by wreaths with flags behind. The plinth bears two wreaths each containing a shield. Between them are two beasts (fish? dragons?) and at centre is a panel, undecipherable from the photograph. The names are listed in two columns on each, all handwritten. Those killed in action are identified by a cross; those who died of wounds are identified by an asterisk; those who died in hospital have a double tick beside their name; those wounded have a circle; prisoners of war have an oblique by their name.

Materials used

Paper in glass frame.


Roll of Honour.



1. The main war memorial window was unveiled on 1st-2nd June 1922. The whole church had been refurbished and rededicated that weekend. It seems therefore safe to assume that these Rolls of Honour were dedicated at the same time.

2. When the Methodists moved out of the church, in 1979 everything inside was stripped out, including the ROH's.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Dorothy Hall

Chester-le-Street Chronicle 23/06/1922 describes refurbishment; 07/07/1922 describes unveiling, without mentioning the Rolls of Honour.

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Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; James Pasby; Ann Lodge

Research In Progress

James Pasby is researching the WW1 names on this memorial Contact:

2 x Roll of Honour 1914-18 Wesleyan Methodist (C105.34)

CHESTER-LE-STREET   Station Road Wesleyan Methodist Church
First frame 
   Roll of Honour

   Reuben Atkinson      Robert Hamilton            
   Oliver Dixon         Robert Dawson              
   + Sidney Duke        John W. Summerbell         
   Leonard Curry        * Charles W. Milburn       
   George Goodwin       Joseph Webb                
   Thomas Gowdie        Robert Goldsborough        
   Albert Hudspith      William B. Walker          
   George Luccock       + W. Bond Cooper           
   Thomas Johnson       / John W. Mowbray          
   + Elliot Morgan      Fredk. Stephenson          
   Thomas Morgan        Herbert Stephenson         
   Joseph A. Morgan     Thomas Dickinson           
   William Ridley       Thomas Luccock             
   o/ N. Rogers         John A. Wilson             
   George Webb.         + William Mowbray          
   Richard Webb         James W. Ridley            
   George Wray          John Binney                
   John Wright          Edwin M. Lawson            
   / F. Wilson          Thomas W. Lawson           
   Robert Wilson        Roy ?Rose                  
   Noel Wilson          Robert Ranson              
   Ralph H. Featonby    + John L. Gettings         
   Robert Myers         James P. Stephenson        
   James Myers          J.W. Peacock               
   Thomas Henderson     Robert Curry               
   Thomas Thompson      Albert Laws                
   + Edward Thompson    Mark N. Rollason           
   + Killed in action  # Missing  o wounded
   * Died of wounds  ## died in hospital
   / prisoner of war
Second frame.

   Roll of Honour

   William Stephenson   Fredk. Mowbray
   John Trelogan        Thomas R. Appleby
   Richard Dalkin       John Brighton
   Frank Stainthorpe    + Walter Brighton
   Robert Richardson    George Brighton
   Charles S. Colly     Albert Bowron
   J.R. Walton
   John T. Shaw
   James Carss
   H.V. Lines
   Thomas Ridley
   Robert Henderson
   ## John W. Morgan
   Thomas Wilson
   Sherwood Curry
   / James B. Wright
   / Thomas Vivian
   / Arthur Pointing
   Stanley Trotter
   John Howe
   John Scurfield
   Arthur Swan
   B. Elliker
   George E. Little 
   John Webb
   George Jennings
   William Carr

   + Killed in action  # Missing  o wounded
   * Died of wounds   ## died in hospital
   / prisoner of war

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