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Photo: Jack Tait


Triptych 1914-18 Urban District Council





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NZ 309811

Original Location

Blyth Council Offices at Seaforth Street, Blyth.

Present Location

Transferred Blyth Valley Borough Council Offices, Seaton Delaval. Moved to present position the Civic Centre in 1991.

Which war


Memorial Description

Triptych with gable top, 48 inches at its highest point, the triangular top being 7 inches deep, the main panel being 31 inches deep, the bottom panel 10 inches deep. The triptych measures 20 inches across when closed, 40 inches across when opened. Lettering is in painted Roman capitals. The IHS symbol is in the gable section.

On centre panel : a large copper cross with inscription on either side above the cross piece, and names on either side below the cross piece.

On a panel at the bottom is a small brass plate stating the source of materials and other details.

Materials used

Timber and copper.


For God, King and Country

On inside left door :
Roll of Honour

On inside right door :
Roll of Honour

On centre panel :
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This



1. On brass plate on base of central panel is this information "The Heroic Dead. Made from timber and copper taken from H.M.S. 'Britannia' Naval Cadet Ship at Dartmouth 1869-1905. Broken up at Blyth 1917. Presented to the Town of Blyth by Hughes Bolckow and Co. Ltd.

2. In a booklet presented by Hughes Bolckow to their staff when the firm was taken over in 1961, there is a long piece about the break-up of the "Britannia". The salvaged material went to making up all kinds of things (see font made from binnacle at Blyth B42.9). A sentence reads "Folding chairs on offer were designed with wounded soldiers in mind ('their high back is very restful, but does not interfere with the hat when seated'); tea trolleys were advertised ('in hospitals and nursing homes they ease the extra work brought by the war'); and there were three patterns of memorial shrine with space for names of up to 150 dead; the names could be added 'in black at a halfpenny a letter, or in gold at a penny a letter'". See also Blyth B42.34, Cambois C6.05.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Jack Tait; John Maughan; Tony Harding

Source of quotation
“Greater love hath no man . . .” St. John’s Gospel 15 v 13

Research acknowledgements

The late Jack Tait, Blyth Local History Society; the late John Maughan; Dorothy Hall; Tony Harding

Research In Progress

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Triptych 1914-18 Urban District Council (B42.02)

BLYTH, Civic Centre.
At top
   For God, King and Country.
Centre panel
   Greater            love hath
   no man             than this 
   Aitchison, J.      Pte. 8th Batt. N.F
   Fairclough, L.     Royal Engineers  
   Parker, W.E.       Light Infantry           
   Moran, J.          Coldstream Guards 
Left hand panel                     Right hand panel
   Roll                             Roll
   of Honour                        of Honour
   Burrows, Jos.                    Hepple, J.
   Petty Officer                    Pte. 1st Batt. Worcester Regt.
   Ditchburn, Thomas                Hogg, R.H.
   Royal Navy                       Q.M.S. Royal Engineers
   Robinson, F.                     Readman, P.
   Petty Officer, Royal Navy        Pte, Machine Gun Corps. 
   Baker, G.W.                      Robson, W.
   Bombr, Royal Field Artillery     Pte. Labour Battn.
   Bell, W.                         Smith, G.
   Pte., 9th Batt., N.F.            Cpl. Royal Engineers (G.P.O.)
   East, H.                         Stimpson, R.
   Pte, R.A.M.C.                    Pte. Labour Battn.
   Elliott, E.                      Woods, J.
   Pte. West Yorkshires             Pte. Yorkshire Light Infantry 
   Ferrell, J.R.                    Wood, M.
   Q.M.S. Royal Garrison Artillery  Pte. R.A.S.C.
   Fletcher, A.                              
   Pte. R.A.M.C.                             
On attached plaque
   The Heroic Dead.
   Made from timber and copper taken from
   H.M.S. "Britannia" Naval Cadet Ship at
   Dartmouth, 1869-1905
   Broken up at Blyth 1917
   Presented to the Town of Blyth by Hughes
   Bolckow and Co. Ltd.

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