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Plaque 1914-18 Berwick Grammar School





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Berwick Grammar School

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled Thursday 23rd September 1920 by Mr. A.L. Miller, J.P.; dedicated by The Rev. R.C. Inglis.

Memorial Description

Plaque set in a wood frame approx. 4 feet 6 inches high x 4 feet 6 inches wide. Across the top is a spray of ?acanthus leaves, with a dog and a ?fly in the right hand corner. At each side is a grieving woman, raised in half relief, the left hand one is bare headed and carries a wreath. The right hand one has a veil on her head. The names are listed in two columns. All lettering is in raised elaborate capital letters throughout.

Materials used

Bronze in oak frame.


To the Glory of God and in / Loving Memory of Former / Pupils of this School who / Gave their Lives in the Great / War 1914-1919.
Virtutis Quaesiverunt Gloriam Vident Dei


How money was raised

Presented by Sir Francis D. Blake, C.B., M.P. (former pupil & Governor of the School)


1. John Kincaid also has the altar and reredos in Tweedmouth St.Bartholomew dedicated to his memory. See T31.03

2. Robert Oakley V. Thorp is remembered in Ellingham St.Maurice. See E20.04

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

Northumberland Record Office : Programme for Dedication service, Ref. CES.56/1/1;

Berwick Grammar and High Schools Minute Book 1916-1935

Berwick Advertiser 19/10/1917 reports last Prize Day address which includes the personal details of seven former pupils who made the supreme sacrifice since the last Prize Day.

de Rivigny Roll of Honour, 1914-18

Source of quotation:
Virtutis Quaesiverunt Gloriam Vident Dei (?“They looked for courage and saw the glory of God”)

Research acknowledgements

Tony Harding

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Plaque 1914-18 Berwick Grammar School (B25.21)

BERWICK   High School

   To the glory of God and in
   Loving memory of former
   Pupils of this school who
   Gave their lives in the Great
   War 1914-1919
   John Edgar Boal         Andrew Berghaus McCreath
   Joseph Henry Boston     Alexander Lorimer Miller
   George Pratt Boyd       Thomas Murray Miller
   George Henry Evans      Robert Muir
   Robert Forester         Thomas Edward Nicholson
   Edward Gray             Gilbert James Piercy
   William Grieve          John Stewart Gilchrist Reid
   John Hendry             Michael Reilly
   Peter Geddes Hendry     Eric William Wright Sandison
   Robert Fish Hills       Frank Weddell Smail
   Walter Hogarth          Noel Alexander Smith
   Robert How Hunter       James Stawart
   Norman Archibald Hunter John Straffen
   John Kincaid            William Thomson
   Alexander Macnab        Robert Oakley Thorp
   John Marshall           David Brown Walker

   Virtutis quaesiverunt gloriam vident Dei
   Charles Stuart
The dedication programme reads as follows, with a 
slight variation on two or three names.

   “To commemorate the names of former pupils
   who gave their lives in the service of our
   Empire in the Great War 1914-1919”

   Boal,John Edgar 
   Boston, John Henry
   Boyd, George Pratt
   Evans, George Henry
   Forester, Robert
   Gray, Edward
   Grieve, William
   Hendry, John
   Hendry. Peter Geddes
   Hills, Robert Fish
   Hogarth, Walter
   Hunter, Robert How
   Hunter, Norman Archibald
   Kincaid, John
   MacNab, Alexander
   Marshall, John Robert
   McCreath. Andrew Berghaus
   Miller, Alexander Lorimer
   Miller, Thomas Murray
   Muir, Robert
   Nicholson, Thomas Edward
   Piercy, Gilbert James
   Reid, John Stewart Gilchrist
   Reilly, Michael
   Sandison, Eric William Wright
   Smail, Frank Weddell
   Smith Alexander Noel
   Stawart, James
   Straffen, John
   Thomson, William
   Thorp, Robert Oakley V.
   Walker, David Brown
   “Let not their glory fade.”  

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