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Plaque 1914-18 St. Barnabas





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St. Barnabas’ Church, Chester Road DH4 6EU. On A183 Sunderland-Chester-le-Street at junction with Rose Crescent. North wall. Upper of two plaques.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 8th November 1921 by the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Durham, KG., GVCO, PC., dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque set on an oak pattress with fluted edge. The names are listed in two columns. The lettering is in Roman capitals.
There is a shelf on each side.

Materials used



In honoured memory / of the men from this parish /
who gave their lives in the / Great War 1914-1918.
Their name liveth for evermore.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Jones and Willis


1. There is a wreath laid by one family each year.

2. There is a piece of card nearby with the words:
“Sleep lightly lad.
Thou art for King’s guard at daybreak.
With spotless kit turn-out
And take a place of honour”.

3. According to the D.C.R.O. source, the plaque was made by E.H. Thew.

4. “We motored to Burnmoor, where I dedicated a war memorial which Lord Durham unveiled with a very felicitous speech. I also preached. We dined at Lambton very pleasantly”. (Bishop Henson 08/11/1921)

5. Chester-le-Street Chronicle 18/11/1921 reports unveiling with list of 45 names -does not include G. Lambton or W. Smith. Sunderland Echo 02/11/1923 reports unveiling of William Smith's tablet. There is no tablet in the church to William Smith but G. Lambton's and W. Smith's names are on the plaque on either side of F. Lambton. Were they both added in November 1923?

6. Sunderland Echo 04/12/1931 reports dedication of two vases for the memorial tablet given by Mrs J. Rutter in memory of her husband who was killed in the War. There is no dedication on the vases on view in 2016. Were the two wooden shelves and vases added in 1931? and are these Mrs Rutter's two vases?

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall; David Sloan: James Pasby

Chester-le-Street Chronicle 18/11/1921 reports unveiling with list of 45 names.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 02/11/1921 announces unveiling on 8th; 10/11/1921 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 11/11/1921 reports unveiling.

Sunderland Echo 09/11/1921 page 4 reports unveiling; 02/11/1923 reports unveiling of William Smith's tablet; 04/12/1931 reports vases dedication.

Stanley News 10/11/1921 reports unveiling.

The Story of Burnmoor Church, County Durham (Thomas Westgarth, FCIS, 1948)

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack H Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

Durham County Record Office EP/BU4/8

Sources of quotations;
“Their name liveth for evermore” Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 44
"Sleep lightly Lad" Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders, Dorothy Hall; Alan Vickers; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; David Sloan

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Paul Robson researches all things Burnmoor Contact

David Sloan is researching the names on this memorial. Contact:

Plaque 1914-18 St. Barnabas (B154.01)

Burnmoor: St. Barnabas’ Church


   In honoured memory
   of the men from this parish
   who gave their lives in the
   Great War 1914-1918

   E. Atkinson      W. Lowerson
   T. Bertram       M. Lowerson
   T.J. Blunt       D. Matthews
   F. Blunt         J.E. Mote
   J. Brown         T.H. Oliver
   W. Chisholm      T. Owens
   H. Cook          R.P. Parton
   T. Coulson       A.H. Potter
   T. Dixon         J.F. Potter
   T. Elliott       J. Pratt
   G. Elliott       T. Richardson
   J. Fairbairn     W. Roberts
   J.W. Finch       W. Romaines
   R. Gibb          J. Ross
   H. Goodson       J. Rutter
   M. Grass         J.D. Strafford
   W.J. Horner      J. Summerill
   G.W. Jackson     G. Todd
   S. Jameson       J.A. Walby
   J. Johnson       J. Weeks
   G.E. Knighton    J.D. White
   A.W. Knighton    J. Willis
   G. Lambton   F. Lambton   W. Smith

   Their name liveth for evermore.

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