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Screen 1914-18 St. Mary





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Original Location

St. Mary’s Church, Newgate, DL12 8NQ, in north door of the tower

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated 27th April 1923 by Dr. A.C. Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester.

Memorial Description

Screen, 9 feet high x 10 feet 6 inches wide, of four traceried wood panels each 8 feet 6 inches high x 2 feet wide with two stained glass windows.
The windows are patterned in Gothic style with traceried top. One design features a cross encircled by a laurel wreath and the St. George’s cross in red at the bottom; another design is a cross encircled by a gold crown and either the St.Andrew’s saltire in blue or a shamrock in green at the bottom.
The dedication is on a shield centrally above the door formed by the two central panels.
Angled side panels give the names written in a single column on each in gold lettering using Roman capitals throughout.
“The four panels in stained glass have embodied in their design a laurel wreath of victory around a sword, a shield of St. George with sunrise, symbolizing the dawn; a crown of glory surrounded by a circle representing Unity, and a shield of St.Andrew and the Shamrock, with the Cross of Suffering” (Northern Echo)

Materials used

Oak, lead and glass.


1914-1918 / To the glory of God / and to / commemorate / those who fell in / the Great War.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. R. Wylie, Architect, Newcastle.


1. This church is the church of the Durham Light Infantry, as it was formed in this town. There are a number of flags in the church

2. At the unveiling ceremony, a pulpit was also unveiled in memory of the late James Watson of Spring Lodge, but this was not a war memorial.

3. In Durham County Archives is a “Challenge” blue school exercise book which contains “Names of those who fell in the Great War 1914 – 1920”. See B135.23

4. Two unidentified newscuttings report on the efforts of John Pringle to find the graves of the men from the town who were killed in 1918 and that he proposes to write a book about them.

5. Two further names were added in 2014. See transcript.

6. Peter Wise in his research discovered there were mistakes in the spelling of some names, initials and ranks. They are corrected and sometimes commented on in his book

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: John and Mavis Dixon, Simon Raine; Jim Sewell; Kevin Milburn; Peter Wise

Teesdale Mercury 07/02/1923; 02/05/1923

Illustrated Chronicle 28/03/1923 reports unveiling with photo of screen.

Northern Echo 05/10/1921 reports proposal to erect a screen “between the Baptistry and the knave (sic); 28/04/1923 reports unveiling; 19/10/2014 reports addition of two names to the screen.

Darlington & Stockton Times 28/04/1923 reports unveiling.

Auckland and County Chronicle 0 3/06/1923 reports unveiling

Durham County Archives Reference EP/BC 14/103

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack H Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101 bears information in Notes 3 and 4 above.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Jim Sewell; Kevin Milburn; Peter Wise

Research In Progress

Peter Wise is researching the names on the memorial in St Mary’s Church (B135.02)

A booklet of Peter's research (cost £4 plus pp for UK) can be obtained by contacting him. Contact:

Screen 1914-18 St. Mary (B135.02)

      To the glory of God 
      and to 
1914  commemorate         1918
      those who fell in  
      the Great War.
Upper Left hand panel             Upper Right hand panel
   Col.        Graham. A.                     Jemmeson. G.      
   Capt.       Butler. R.J.       Sergt.      Johnson. W.E.   
   "           Errington. T.                  Jones. J.
   "           Gall. E.S.                     Kelly. E.
   "           Hepworth. W.J.H.               Kelly. J.   
   "           Sayer. T.E.                    Kipling. T.B.
   Lieut.      Heslop. W.                     Layland. J.T.
   "           Hughes. J.W.       Private     Lee. E.   
   "           Lowe. E.I.         Sergt.      Little. A.W.
   "           Wilson. M.                     Lodge. B.G.
   2nd Lieut   Berry. G.W.                    Lumley. H.
   "           Burn.A.R.          Private     Merryweather. F.
   "           Raine. C.W.                    O'Hara Moore. J.T.
   "           Stembridge. J.                 Morley. F.
   Sub. Lieut. Emerson. J.H.                  Mulgrew. T. Senr.
                                              Mulgrew. T. Junr.
   Private     Allinson. F.                   Murray. G.A.
   "           Ashmore. J.                    Nevison. A.V.
               Ashmore. F.                    Nixon. T.W.
               Bailey. J.                     Okey. J.
               Barker. N.                     Okey. N.   
               Barrett. H.T.       Sergt.     Parker. E.L.            
   Sergt.      Beadle. H.                     Patterson. R.H.
               Blenkinsop C.W.                Raine. J.W.
   Private     Breen. F.                      Ramsden. J.
   L. Corp.    Brown. G.A.                    Robson. T.A.
   "           Brown. T.W.                    Rogers. J.
               Chandler T.                    Shepherd. B.
               Chapman. T.                    Shepherd. T.
               Chatt. T.                      Sissons. S.
               Coates. A.                     Smiles. R.H.   
               Connell. G.         Corp.      Smith. G.H.               
               Croft. G.W.                    Smith. J.T.
   Sergt.      Dent. J.                       Smith A.
               Dodds. B.                      Smith. F.
               Emerson. A.W.                  Smith. R.   
               Etherington. R.H.   Corp.      Stoddart. R               
               Evans. H.                      Stoddart. S.
   L. Corp.    Fawcett. R.                    Stokeld. T.A.
               Featham. F.J.                  Stout. G.   
   S. Maj.     Finn. P.            Sergt.     Stout. J.W.               
   Private     Finn. J.                       Theakston. R.W.
   "           Fleet. W.                      Urquhart. F.   
               Foott. A.           L. Sergt   Waine. G.G.     
   Sergt.      Gilmore. J.                    Waine. W.
               Gray. H.A.                     Walker. R.
               Hall. J.                       Walton. A.E.
Lower Left hand panel             Lower Right hand panel  
               Hall. S.                                 
               Harrison. L.                   Wardle. G.H.         
   Corp.       Hebdon. R.          Sergt.     Watson. H.   
   "           Henderson. F.                  Watson. J.R.
               Hewitson. W.                   Wearmouth. S.T.
   Sergt.      Hird. J.W.B.                   Welford. A.      
               Hodgson. W.         S.Sergt.   Wellman. F.T.   
   R.S.M.      Holmes. W.E.                   Wilkinson. J.   
               Hopson. J.F.        Private    Wilkinson. S.W.
               Horan. J.                      Wilson. W.   
               Horan. F.                      Wilson. J.P.
               Hunt. J.W.                     Wilson. G.W.    
               Hunter. T.S.        Sergt.     Young. E.
               Jemmeson. T.        Private    Young. R.E.
               Jemmeson. F.        "          Young. J.


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