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Photo: John Dixon


Stone 1914-18 1939-45 N.Ireland Pant Memorial Garden





Original Location

West Auckland Pant Memorial Garden, Village green.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Northern Ireland.

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Garden officially opened May 2009

Memorial Description

Stone 2 metres wide x 1.2 m deep. It is raked, being 57 cm high at the back x 14 cm high at the front. The raked top bears the dedication. Below this are two metal plaques side by side bearing the names in Roman lower case letters.
In the garden are two stone seats, 36 cm high x 1.8 m wide x 60 cm deep.

Materials used

Stone memorial, setts.


In Memory of those who gave their lives in the /first and second world wars and subsequent conflicts / that we may live in peace


Who commissioned

Parish Council



How money was raised

Durham County Council’s Urban Rural Renaissance Initiative.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed and implemented by Groundwork West Durham and Darlington.

Ownership and maintenance

Parish Council


1. The memorial is in the Pant Memorial Garden, set around the disused water fountain, known as a “pant”. The whole area was redeveloped and surfaced, and includes sandstone benches and shrubs. The whole project cost £37,000, funded by Durham County Council’s Urban Rural Renaissance Initiative. It was designed and implemented by Groundwork West Durham and Darlington.

2. A comparison with W108.01 shows that there are three changes in the spelling of names, twenty additional names are added, including several buried in the local cemetery, and one name has been omitted from the earlier list – that of Thomas Smith. This may have been duplicated on the earlier Memorial, where two Thomas Smiths are shown.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: John and Mavis Dixon

Northern Echo 10/05/2009 reports opening with the story.

Durham County News September 2009 reports upgrading of garden.

West Auckland War Memorial: Opening of the War Memorial and Garden, Sunday 7 June 2009 contains brief histories of those people named on the memorial, reproduced here by permission of West Auckland Parish Council.

Teesdale Mercury 25/02/2009 reports proposals.

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Additional Research documents (click to download)

Research acknowledgements

John and Mavis Dixon; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

Kevin Richardson is researching the names on this memorial Contact:

Stone 1914-18 1939-45 N.Ireland Pant Memorial Garden (W108.03)

WEST AUCKLAND	 Pant Memorial Garden.

   In Memory of those who gave their lives in the
   first and second world wars and subsequent conflicts
   that we may live in peace.
Left hand plaque:


   William Armstrong   Thomas W. Dunn      Edward Laskey         Robert B. Shaw
   Robert Bagley       William Eales       Edward Lockey         William Siddle
   William H. Bagley   John Field          Charles Lowson        Christopher Simpson
   John Barclay        William Gardner     Edward Mason          Thomas Smith
   John Bestford       Thomas H. Gibson    Edward Maughan        George Spavin
   Wilkinson Bestford  T W Goldsborough    Thomas P. Maughan     William Tallon
   John R. Bird        Robert Hathaway     Robert J. McNeally    John Teasdale
   W Blenkin           William Heaviside   George Meads          William Teasdale
   George Bolton       John Hepple         Jonas Million         Robert Henry Thomas
   John Bolton         John Hodgson        George W. Nelson      Robert H. Thompson
   John Bowron         Joseph S. Howson    Joseph Oates          Thomas H. Vickers
   William Brown       William Hutchfield  Robert Oates          Thomas Watson
   James Campbell      James W Hutchinson  John W. Patton        James W. Wilkinson
   Joseph F. Castling  Edward H. Jackson   William J Polkinghorn Frederick L. Wilson
   Joseph Clark        John Jackson        George Rewcastle      Robert Wilson
   Norman A. Clay      John Jackson        Sidney Riley          William Wilson
   George W Davison    Thomas J.T. Jobling Percy Sanderson       William Wilson
   Harry Dobbin        Robert Lane         William Scott  
Left hand plaque:

   Clarence Anderson   Cradoc Douthwaite   William Oates         Thomas Simpson
   Percy Anderson      Reginald S Harrison Ernest A. Postgate    John L. Smurthwaite
   Matthew Baxter      Henry C Howland     Thomas Pybus          Norman Stout
   Edmund Byers        John E. Huntington  Jim M. Raine          Edgar Stones
   George Byers        Dennis T. Kelly     George Reed           Eileen Stones
   Edgar Carrick       George E Lawrence   James Richardson      Harold Tallentire
   Robert Clarke       John Mitton         James T. Robinson     James K.Wade
   Robert Crow         John Mooney         John Routledge        Harry Wilkinson
   Wilfred Curtis      Joseph Morley       Harry Siddle          Morris Hall
   Arthur Dickinson                                              Thomas Robinson
   Bill Robson

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