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Alnwick Gazette Almanack
[01]; Photo: T. Harding


Alnwick Gazette Almanack 1918





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Published 1918

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Almanack, printed for Alnwick Gazette. The names are listed in a single column according to the place they came from. Also included are pages of photographs with names and home village or town.

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Fallen in the Great / War.
Roll of Men of Alnwick and District / who have Died in the Service of / their Country from the Outbreak / of War to the present Time.



1. The last few pages of the copy to which we had access are missing.

2. On the Index, the pages bearing photos are numbered with a square bracket [01-12]. The pages bearing lists are number p.43 etc. It is suggested that you look at the Names Index to see where the name you are researching can be found.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

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Tony Harding

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by the Alnwick District WWI Centenary Commemoration Group. Contact:

Alnwick Gazette Almanack 1918 (A11.56)

ALNWICK	Almanack, printed for Alnwick Gazette.  

This is incomplete – the last few pages are missing.

Photos Page [01]

   Cockburn, Pte. Wm., Alnwick
   Richardson, Cpl. R., Alnmouth
   Turnbull, Jas., Amble
   Roxby, Gnr. Jas., Embleton
   Kidd, Tpr. R.R., Burradon
   Young, Sergt. Eddie, Alnwick 
Photos page [02]

   Trobe, Sergt. Thomas, Alnwick
   Hope, Bomber, Birling
   Douglas, Pte. Robt., Radcliffe
   Nettleship, Lt. T., Alnwick
   Harrison, Pte. E., Alnwick
   Taylor, Sergt. D., Roseden
   Gibson, L.Cpl. J.R., Fenwick Steads
   Chrisp, Sign. R.J., Thirston, Felton
   Emmerson, Pte., Radcliffe.
Photos page [03]

   Mason, Pte. A.W., North Craster
   Taylor, Pte. Wm., Alnwick
   Douglas, Pte. A.J. Christon
   Clark, Pte. W.J., Bamburgh
   Whittle, Pte. J.T., Alnwick & Shilbottle
   Woodcock, Pte. D.A., Embleton
   Wood, Pte. W., Alnwick
   Forster, Pte. M.W., Bamburgh
   Robson, Pte. J.A., Cawledge Park
Photos page [04]

   Straughan, Lieut. T.A., Alnwick
   Dennison, Pte. A., Amble
   Dunn, Pte. Robt, East Link Hall, Alnwick
   McFadden, Sergt. Instructor W., Alnwick
   Harrison, L/Cpl. J., Alnwick
   Watson, Pte. N., Rennington
   Smith, Cpl. F.C., Alnwick
   Warner, Sign. J., Alnwick Moor
Photos page [05]

   Lorimer, Pte. J.W., Alnwick
   Tully, Spr. J.P., later Felton
   Hogg, Pte. James, M.M., Alnwick
   Purvis, Lt. J.F., Alnwick
   Bailey, Cpl. A., Hauxley
   Smith, Pte. J., Warkworth
   Brown, Pte. T., Hauxley
   Davidson, L.Cpl. F., Amble
   Cairns, Pte. J., Preston Lodge
Photos page [06]

   Baston, Sgt. Joe, M.M., Amble
   Fenwick, Cpl. E., M.M., Belford
   Chapman, Corpl. J., M.M., Broomhill
   Nutman, Gnr. M., M.M., Bamburgh
   Haddon, Pte. J.L., Croix de Guerre, White House, Alnwick
   Tait, Sergt. Adam, D.C.M., Amble
   Egdell, Pte. D., Alnwick
Photos page [07]

      Honours for Local Heroes.

   Stirzaker, Pte. J.R., M.M., Lilburn
   Redpath, Pte. J., M.M., Buston Vale
   Wardle, Sergt. John Wm., M.M., Alnwick
   Housby, 2nd-Lt. R.P., M.C., Alnwick
   Burn, Pte. M.W., M.M., Alnwick
   Gray, Sign. Henry, M.M., Longhoughton  
Photos page [08]

   Turnbull, Pte. A.C., Morwick Gate
   Moore, Gnr. W.H., Wooperton Station
   Houston, Dvr. H., Alnwick
   Carr-Ellison, Lt. O.F.C., Alnwick
   Varnham, Pte. J.T., Ewesley
   Wallace, Lt. C.J.G., Alnwick
   Brown, Pte. J., Wooperton 
   Cockburn, A.B., J., Amble
   Kidd, Corpl. H.T., Burradon.
Photos page [09]

   Elliott, Pte. W.R.
   McLarn, Pte. R.W., Christon Bank
   Weightman, Pte. T.H., Shilbottle
   Watson, Pte. James, Ellingham
   Dixon, Pte. R.J., Rock South Farm
   ?Warren, Pte. Robert, Netherton
   Smith, Pte. W., Belford
   Davison, Pte. A., Alnwick
   Fife, Cpl. J., Twizell Mill.
Photos page [10]

   Gibb, Pte. J., Alnwick
   Beattie, “-Lt. W., Wooler
   McInnes, Lt. R.D., Amble
   Black, L.Cp., Piercy, Skidlaw
   Scott, L.Sgt., Elwick
   Young, Pte. Geo., M.M., Alnwick
   Mallon, Sgt. M., Felton
   Dunn, Sgt. Thos., Rennington
   Lockey, L.Cpl. Thos., Alnwick
Photos page [11]

   Weatherburn, Gnr. D.B., Great Ryle
   Caisley, Pte. J.W., Christon Bank
   Egdell, Cpl. J., N.F., Alnwick
   Hill, Sergt. Bryan, Ashington
   Turnbull, Pte. J.W., Ilderton
   Sisterson, Seaman R., Linhope
   Drummond, Pte. T., Alnwick
   Harker. Pte. Wm., Alnmouth
   Wardobe, Pte. S., Radcliffe.
Page 25



   Roll of Men of Alnwick and District
   who have Died in the Service of
   their Country from the Outbreak
   of War to the Present Time.


   Adams, Pte. T.W., 6th Cameronians, Alnwick
   Allison, Sergt. J., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Angus, Pte. Geo., 5th N.F., Alnwick
   Angus, Pte. John, 6th K.O.S.B., Alnwick
   Anderson, Pte. Wm., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Archbold, Sergt. Adam, 9th N.F., Alnwick
   Bell, Pte. Wm., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Baxter, Pte. Jos., K.O.Y.L.I., Alnwick
   Bolton, Lce-Corpl. W.S., 20th NF., Alnwick
Page 27

   Beverley, Pte. C., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Burn, Pte. Edward W., 18th N.F., Alnwick
   Bonnier, Staff Driver C.D., A.S.C., Alnwick
   Brown, Lieut. F.A., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Brewis, Pte. John W., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Carr-Ellison, Lt. Oswald Fenwick Clennel, N.F., Allerburn, Alnwick*
   Clarke, Pte. Walter W., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Connell, Pte. David, 2nd N.F., Alnwick
   Coulthard, Pte. Albert, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Cotterill, Pte. A., 6th Yorks, Alnwick
   Cockburn, Pte. W., 20th N.F., Alnwick*
   Carlan, Drummer Robt., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Cuthbert, Pte. James, 1st Northamptons, Alnwick
   Cook, Corpl. C.B., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Cook, Sergt-Major E.R., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Carlisle, Flt.-Sgt. T.F.B., R.F.C., Alnwick
   Cleghorn, Gunner Jas., Australian F.A., Alnwick
   Cairns, Lce-Cpl. J.R., 23rd N.F., Alnwick
   Duns, Pte. John, 14th D.L.I., Alnwick
Page 29

   Dunn, Pte. Robert, East Link Hall, Alnwick*
   Dixon, Lce-Corpl. John, 8th N.F., Alnwick
   Davison, Pte. Alex., Yorks & Lancs, Alnwick
   Davison, Pte. Andrew, 7th N.F., Alnwick*
   Davidson, Pte. A.J., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Dunlop, Sergt. John, 8th N.F., Alnwick
   Drummond, Pte. Thos., K.O.Y.L.I., Alnwick*
   Duffy, Pte. G.W., 2nd Leicesters, Alnwick
   Donahoe, Pte. G.A., 10th N.F., Alnwick
   Darling, Pte. W.H., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Egdell, Pte. E.W., Scottish Rifles, Alnwick
   Egdell, Pte. D. James, 1st Scots Rifles, Alnwick
   Egdell, Corpl. John, 7th N.F., Alnwick*
   Egdell, Petty Officer Thos., R.N.D., Alnwick 
   Everett, Capt. W.W., Swansfield Park Road, Alnwick
   Elliott, Lce-Corpl. W.P., D.L.I., Alnwick
   Furlonger, Pte. Vincent, Grenadier Guards, Alnwick
Page 31

   Foreman, Trooper R., 5th Lancers, Alnwick
   Fullerton, Corpl. A.R., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Forster, Sapper John, 1st R.E., Alnwick
   Forster, Pte. Jas., Post Office Rifles, Alnwick
   Farrow, Pte. John C., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Gray, Corpl. Andrew G., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Green, Pioneer Edward W., R.E., Alnwick
   Gibb, Pte. John M., Scots Guards, Alnwick*
   Gibbison, Lce-Sergt., 2nd N.F., Alnwick
   Gelson, Pte. T., 20th R.F., Alnwick
   Goodfellow, Lce-Cpl. J., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Harrison, Pte. Edwin, R.A.M.C., Alnwick*
   Harrison, Lc.-Corpl. John, R.E., Alnwick*
   Hetherington, Pte. T., 21st N.F., Alnwick
   Hepburn, Pte. Jos., 8th N.F., Alnwick
   Hinson, Driver R., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Houston, Driver Harry, R.F.A., 45, King St., Alnwick
   Hedley, Pte. Jas. A., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Hanton, Driver Andrew, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Howe, Sergt. F., K.O.S.B., Alnwick
Page 33

   Iley, Pte. C.C., Northern Cyclists, Alnwick
   Inglis, Rfl. Jas., 12th West Yorks, Alnwick
   Jobson, Pte. Andrew, 10th Yorks, Alnwick
   Jackson, Pte. Jas., Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, Alnwick
   Jackson, Sapper F., R.E., Alnwick
   Lundy, Pte. Fred, 1st N.F., Alnwick
   Lee, Gunr. Joseph, R.G.A., 27, Bridge St., Alnwick
   Lorimour, Pte. Thos. W., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Lorimer, Pte. James W., 12th N.F., Alnwick*
   Lockey, Lce-Cpl. Thos. Knox, 9th N.F., Alnwick*
   Landers, Lieut. George M., K.O.Y.L.I., Alnwick
   Lothian, Pte. Thos., N.F., Alnwick
   Mordue, Driver John W., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   McFadden, Sergt. W., 6th Yorks, Alnwick*
   Michie, 2nd-Lt. H.G., N.F., Alnwick
   Michie, Pte. Gilbert A., 10th Cameronians, Alnwick
   McNally, Pte. James, 12th N.F., Alnwick
   Miles, Pte. Hugh, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Milburn, 2nd.-Lieut. W.H., 4th Suffolks, Alnwick
   Murphy, Pte. Thos., 12th N.F., Alnwick
Page 35

   Moir, Pte. Peter E., 6th K.O.S.B., Alnwick
   Mack, Pte. R., 17th N.F., Alnwick
   Munro, Sapper Alex., R.E., Alnwick
   MacLauchlan, Pte. G.A., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Maule, Rfl. Ernest, K.R.R.C., Clayport St., Alnwick
   Neville, Capt. R.P., N.F., Alnwick
   Nettleship, 2nd Lieut. Mark, K.O.S.B., Alnwick
   Nettleship, 2nd.-Lieut. Thos., 5th N.F., Alnwick*
   Newbury, Pte. T.F., 2nd N.F., Alnwick
   Paton, Pte. W.K., 1st N.F., Alnwick
   Pattison, Pte. Robt. W., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Pattinson, Pte. Robt., 16th N.F., Alnwick
   Patterson, Sergt. Farrier J., Canadians, Dispensary St., Alnwick
   Purvis, Lieut. John E., R.N.V.R., West Acres, Alnwick*
   Rowe, Driver Wm. J.T., A.L.F., Alnwick
   Robertson, 2nd.-Lieut. Geo. C., 6th D.L.I., Alnwick
   Robinson, Sgt. G., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Robinson, Corpl. Benj., Remount Corps, Alnwick
   Roper, Pte. Geo., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Robson, Pte. John Ainsley, N.F., Cawledge Park, Alnwick*
   Rennison, Stoker T.F., Alnwick
Page 37

   Richie, Signaller W.L., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Ramsay, Pte. Thos., 14th D.L.I., Alnwick
   Simpson, 2nd.-Lieut. J. Parker N., 5th Royal Fusiliers, Alnwick
   Scott, Pte. Robt., 23rd N.F., Alnwick
   Spittle, Pte. Thos., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Straughan, Lieut. Thos., 8th N.F., Alnwick*
   Stewart, Pte. M.R., Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, Alnwick
   Thorburn, Pte. John, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Taylor, Pte. R., 2nd Yks. and Lcs., Alnwick
   Taylor, Pte. Wm., 1st N.F., Alnwick*
   Taylor, Sergt. Matthew, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Taylor, Pte. A.E., 10th N.F., Alnwick
   Trotter, Pte. Geo., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Thompson, L.-Cpl. Wm., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Thompson, Pte. A.H., 11th N.F., Alnwick
   Thorp, 2nd-Lieut. T.T., R.F.A., Alnwick
   Ternent, Pte. John, 16th N.F., Alnwick
   Ternent, Pte. J.W., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Ternent, Pte. John W., 7th N.F., Alnwick
Page 39

   Tate, Pte. Matthew, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Tate, Pte. James, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Trobe, Sergt. Thos., R.F.A., Alnwick*
   Tweddell, Pte. M., 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Willcox, Pte. G.T., R.F.A., Alnwick
   Willcox, Pte. John, 1st N.F., Alnwick
   Willcox, Samuel, 21st N.F., Alnwick
   Walker, Sergt. Richard, 5th N.F., Alnwick
   Wood, Rifleman Robt. W., K.R.R., Alnwick
   Watson, Pte. G., 14th N.F., Alnwick
   Winchester, Sig.-Sgt. M., 4th N.F., Alnwick
   White, Pte. Andrew, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Wanless, Pte. R.M., 1st Staffords, Alnwick
   Wood, Pte. Wm. T., 2nd West Yorks, Alnwick*
   Walkinshaw, Pte. R., 14th N.F., Alnwick
   Wallace, Pte. J.D., 14th Yorks, Alnwick
   Wallace, 2nd.-Lieut. Cyril J.G., R.F.C., Alnwick*
   Warren, Pte. Robt., M.G.C., Alnwick
   Young, Pte. Geo., 12/13 N.F., Alnwick*
   Young, Lce-Sergt. Adam, 7th N.F., Alnwick
   Young, Captain A.C., 16th N.F., Alnwick
Page 41

   Frater, Pte. James, N.F., 1, Percy Street, Alnwick
   Lackenby, Pte. Harold, Bilton, Alnwick
   Laidler, Sapper J.J., Old Bewick, Alnwick
   Smith, Pte. F. Cecil, 1, Percy Street, Alnwick
   Warner, Sig. John, Alnwick Moor


   Archbold, Pte. D., Amble
   Aitchison, Pte. W., Amble
   Buddle, Pte. J.R., Amble
   Burgess, Pte., Amble
   Bickerton, Pte. T., Amble
   Bickerton, Pte. Feilding, R.B., D.L.I., Greenfield Terrace, Amble
   Brown, Pte., Amble
   Brown, Pte. T.H., Amble
   Bailey, Corpl. Alf., Amble
   Briggs, Pte. V., Amble
   Bell, Cpl. J.C., (Canadians), Amble
   Clark, Pte., Amble
   Cockburn, Able Seaman J., Amble
   Cockburn, Pte. J., Amble
   Dennison, Pte. W., Amble
   Douglas, Pte. W., Amble
   Douglas, Lance-Cpl. John W., N.F., Amble
   Douglas, Lce-Cpl. John Williams, Amble
   Dawson, Pte., Amble
   Douglas, Pte. J.G., Amble
   Darby, Pte. W.E., Amble
   Davidson, Pte. J.R., (missing), Amble
   Davidson, Lce-Cpl. F.S., Amble
Page 43

   Dixon, Pte., Amble
   Earnshaw, Lieut. O., Amble
   Ferguson, Pte. J., Amble
   Findale, Pte. P., Amble
   Findlay, Pte., Amble
   Gair, Pte., Amble
   Gray, Pte., Amble
   Geggie, Pte. G.W., Amble
   Harbottle, Pte. J., Amble
   Henderson, A.B., D., Amble
   Horne, Pte. W., Amble
   Horner, A.B., G., Amble
   Hedley, Cpl. W., Amble
   Hedley, Pte. J.R., Amble
   Hedley, Pte. L., Amble
   Hewitson, Pte. R., Amble
   Hall, Pte. Philip, Amble
   Hamilton, Pte. (missing), Amble
   King, Pte. J.R. (missing), Amble
   Luckhurst, Pte. F.J., Amble
   Lyall, Pte. W. (missing), Amble
   Mossman, Sgt. W. (missing), Amble
   Murray, Able Seaman, G.E., Amble
   McDougal, Pte. J., Amble
   Morton, Pte. W., Amble
   McInnes, Lieut. R.D., Amble
   Nicholson, Pte. R., Amble
   Newshall, Pte. R., Amble
   Oliver, Pte. G., Amble
   Ormston, Pte, A., Amble
   Pickford, Pte. A., Amble
   Park, Pte. T.N., Amble
   Pringle, Pte. R.N., Amble
   Pringle, Sergt., Amble
   Rollo, Pte., Amble
   Ross, Cpl. Ted, Amble
Page 45

   Roberts, Cpl. G.H., Amble
   Reed, Pte., Amble
   Rutter, Pte., Amble
   Rutter, Pte., Amble
   Robertson, Pte., Amble
   Shotton, Pte. H., Amble
   Shotton, Pte. L., Amble
   Scott, Pte. H., Amble
   Scott, Pte. J., Amble
   Spowart, Pte. M., Amble
   Smetham, Cpl. E., Amble
   Straughan, Pte., Amble
   Taylor, Sergt. T., Amble, N.F., 53, Gordon Street, Amble
   Tate, Pte. E., Amble
   Trotter, Pte. H., Amble
   Turnbull, Pte. J., Amble
   Wake, Pte., Amble
   Wilson, Pte. J.A., Amble
   Waller, Pte., Amble
   Wardrope, Pte., Amble


   Chrisp, J., Acklington
   Henderson, J., Bank House Cottage, Acklington
   Thompson, T., Acklington Low Park
   Thompson, G., Guyzance, Acklington
   Smailes, J., Cavil Head Cottages, Acklington
   Whalan, T., Bank House, Acklington


   Brown, Pte. Harry, Alnmouth
Page 47

   Gray, Sergt. Arthur, Alnmouth
   Harker, Pte. William, Alnmouth
   Richardson, Corpl. Robert, Alnmouth
   Robson, Corpl. Sinclair, Canadians, Alnmouth
   Smith, Dr. Andrew, Alnmouth
   Straughan, Sergt. William, Alnmouth
   Stephenson, Pte. R., Alnmouth
   Walker, Capt. Philip Ilderton, Mount Pleasant, Alnmouth


   Mather, Pte. J., Alnham
   Richardson, Pte. James, Alnham
   Stephenson, Pte. Clement, Alnham


   Dawson, Pte. John, N.F., Harbottle
   Hateley, Pte. George, N.F., Netherton
   Kidd, Trooper R., N.H., Burradon
   Murphy, Pte. Joseph, N.F., Biddlestone
   Nichol, Pte. Wm., N.F., Clennell
   Robson, Pte. James, N.F., Harbottle
   Rutherford, Sap. George, R.E., Holystone
   Stephenson, Pte. Clement, E.Y., Cotewall
   Stephenson, Pte. George, K.R.R., Cotewall


   Edmondson, Pte. T.H., Haggerston, Beal
Page 48


   Amos, Corpl. V., Chevington Drift
   Anderson, Pte. G., Red Row
   Burn, Pte. John, Chevington Drift
   Buddles, Corpl. J.R., Chevington Drift
   Brown, Pte. R., Chevington Drift
   Bates, Pte. G. Henry, Chevington Drift
   Carston, Pte. T.W., Broomhill
   Connelly, Pte. L., Chevington Crescent
   Connelly, Pte. James, Chevington Drift
   Curry, Cpl. W., Chevington Drift
   Crisp, Pte. J., Chevington Drift
   Craigs, Pte. G., Chevington Crescent
   Cook, Pte. W., South Broomhill
   Davidson, Pte. James, Chevington Drift
   Donkin, Pte. Harry, Chevington Drift
   Dalby, Pte. J., Chevington Drift
   Duff, Pte. John, Railway Row, Broomhill
   Edwards, Pte. Thos., Chevington Drift
   Edwards, Pte. Thos., Chevington Crescent
   Edomonds, Pte. J., South Togston
   Elder, Pte. Robert, Chevington Drift
   Forster, Pte. Norman, Chevington Drift
   Forster, Pte. J.E., Chevington Drift
Page 49

   Foreman, Pte. R., Togston Lee, Broomhill
   George, Pte. James Arthur, Red Row
   Gillon, Pte. W., South Broomhill
   Goward, Pte. Herbert, Chevington Drift
   Grey, 2nd-Lieut. Ivor, Manor House, Broomhill
   Hebron, Pte. R., Togston Lee, Broomhill
   Hakin, Pte. G., Chevington Drift
   Hunter, Pte. John, Chevington Drift
   Harper, Pte. Thos., South Broomhill
   Hogg, Pte. W.J., Chevington Drift
   Harry, Pte. Gladstone, Chevington Drift
   Harkins, Cpl. John, M.M., Chevington Drift
   Hacking, Corpl. J., Red Row
   Henderson, Pte. W., Chevington Drift
   Hetherington, Pte. Robt., South Broomhill
   Johnston, Pte. A., Chevington Drift
   Jeffrey, Corpl. J.W., Togston Lee
   Kinghorn, Pte. L., South Broomhill
   Kerr, Pte. James, South Broomhill
   Laidler, Lce-Cpl., Red Row
   Laidler, Pte. A., Red Row
   McKenzie, Pte. Llewellyn, Willows, Red Row
Page 50

   Mitchison, Pte. Arthur, Chevington Drift
   Moir, Pte. P., Chevington Drift
   McCloud, Pte. W., Chevington Drift
   Nichol, Pte. John, Chevington Drift
   Oliver, Pte. William, South Broomhill
   Purvis, Pte. G. Wilson, South Broomhill
   Ross, Corpl. Robt., Chevington Drift
   Ross, Pte. A., Chevington Drift
   Richardson, Pte. Norman, Togston Crescent
   Robison, Pte. A., Chevington Drift
   Smith, Pte. W., Red Row
   Smith, Pte. Thos., Red Row
   Swan, Cpl. A., North Broomhill
   Snowden, Pte. J.C., Chevington Drift
   Scott, Sergt. Jos., Chevington Drift
   Simpson, Pte. G., Chevington Drift
   Stewart, Pte. J.G., Chevington Drift
   Stanton, Pte. James, Chevington Drift
   Smailes, Pte. John, Cavil Head Farm, Acklington
   Tait, Pte. J., Chevington Drift
   Tait, Pte. J., Chevington Drift
   Tait, Pte. John Hepple, Chevington Drift
   Tait, Pte. William, Chevington Drift
   Thompson, Sergt. Edward, Chevington Drift
   Todd, Pte. John, Chevington Drift
   Todd, Pte. G., Chevington Drift
Page 51

   Trueman, Pte. George, South Broomhill
   Urwin, Pte. James, M.M., D.C.M., Chevington Crescent
   Westle, Pte. G., Chevington Drift
   Wallace, Pte. W.G., South Broomhill
   Whitfield, Pte. Harry, Chevington Drift


   Brewis, Capt. A.P., N.F., Bamburgh
   Clark, Pte. W.J., C.G., Bamburgh
   Forster, Pte. Matt. W., N.R., Bamburgh
   Hall, Pte. Philip, A.I.E.F., Bamburgh
   Hall, Pte. Wm., A.I.E.F., Bamburgh
   Hall, Sapper Albert, Bamburgh
   Hall, Pte. William, Bamburgh
   Hall, Sapper Albert C., R.E., Bamburgh
   Laing, Capt. Rev. Alex. T., N.F., Bamburgh
   Mathewson, Lce-Cpl. G.A., Cheston, Bamburgh
   Ross, Pte. Hugh, E.Y.R., Bamburgh
   Rogerson, Pte. D., W.R.R., Bamburgh
   Sanderson, Capt. Harry, R.F.A., Burdon, Bamburgh
   Sanderson, Sec. Lieut. Guy A.J., Bamburgh
   Taylor, Pte. George, N.F., Bamburgh
   Thompson, Pte. J.W., E.Y.R., Burter[?] Hill, Bamburgh
Page 52

   Wake, Pte. Thos. H., N.F., Bamburgh
   Wake, Pte. Wilfred H., N.F., Bamburgh


   Anderson, Pte. William, Easington Grange, Belford
   Cameron, Pte. William, Belford
   Clark, Sergt. Michael, Canadians, Belford
   Clark, Pte. James, Belford
   Clothier, Lce-Cpl. William Herbert, Belford
   Currins, Pte. Ernest, Belford Station
   Cuthbertson, Pte. Thomas, Belford
   Falla, Sergt. Ernest, Belford Station
   Forrest, Cyclist James, Belford
   Gray, Cpl. Robert, Elwick
   Gray, Lce-Cpl. John, (brother of above), Elwick
   Hall, Pte. Jas. Edmund, Belford
   Hall, Pte. Robert (brother of above), Belford
   Harvey, Pte. John, Smeafield, Belford
   Hills, Sergt. Harry, Belford Station
   Hunter, Pte. Robert, Belford
   Jeffrey, Pte. John, Gateshead, late Belford
   Langford, Pte. G.R., Belford
   Lee, Pte. James, Belford
   Lee, Pte. James, E. Yorks, Belford
   Pringle, Pte. Richard, Belford
   Rutherford, Pte. Alex., Low Middleton, Belford
Page 53

   Shiel, Lce-Cpl. George, Middleton
   Turnbull, Pte. William, late of Belford
   Turnbull, Pte. William, Norham, late of Belford
   Taylor, Pte. William, Chesters, Belford
   Taylor, Pte. George, Low Middleton, Belford
   Taylor, Cpl. John, Coldstream Guards, Newlands, Belford
   Thompson, Pte. John, Belford
   White, Pte. John, Crag Mill, Belford


   Douglas, A.B., R.N.R., Beadnell
   Marshall, Lieut. R., D.L.I., Beadnell
   Patterson, Pte. E., N.F., Beadnell
   Yule, Pte. G.G., A.S.C., Beadnell
   Haslam, Lt. Arthur D., N.F., Beadnell


   Common, Pte. Joseph, N.F., Chatton
   Davison, Pte. George, D.L.I., West Lyham
   Rutherford, Pte. Robert, K.O.Y.L.I., Chatton
   Renton, Pte. John Wm., R.I.R., Hazelrigg Mill
   Redhead, Pte. Robert, E.Y., Hetton House


   Brown, Pte. James Edwin, N.S. Regt., Chillingham Bank Top
Page 54

   Gucchian, Pte. Hugh M., Chillingham Newtown
   Carr, Pte. William, N.F., Hepburn Lodge, Chillingham
   Dodds, Pte. Ernest M., D.L.I., Chillingham
   Probert, Pte. Harold, R.G.A., Chillingham
   Sanderson, Lce-Cpl. Samuel, N.F., The Barns, Chillingham
   Voy, Pte. James, N.F., Chillingham
   Williams, Lce-Cpl. Thos. Wm., N.F., Chillingham
   Waddel, Lce-Cpl. James, N.F., Chillingham


   Brewis, Robert, Tyneside Scottish, Wooperton
   Barron, Herbert, N.F., West Lilburn
   Hall, Richard Matthew, N.F., Hedgeley
   Jerum, Fred, N.F., West Lilburn
   Ridding, Richard, N.F., West Lilburn
   Thompson, Geo., N.F., West Lilburn
   Thompson, William, N.F., Eglingham
   Tetheridge, Arthur, Harehope


   Brown, Pte. Wm., North Charlton
   Bostin, Pte. John Thos., Steward’s Cottage, Ellingham
Page 55

   Davis, Capt. Wilfred, Preston Mains
   Elliott, Pte. Thos. Geo., Brownieside
   Hornsby, Pte. Robert, Doxford Farm
   Ord, Pte. Fred, Newham Mill
   Thorp, Lieut. Robt. O.V., M.C., Charlton Hall
   Watson, Pte. James, Ellingham Vicarage Cottage


   Atkinson, Thomas W., Stamford
   Browne, Sec-Lieut. Chas. N.F., Brunton
   Barrs, Pioneer Alfred, Carrier Pigeon Service, Embleton
   Budgen, Jesse R., Dunstan
   Bradwell, William J., Dunstan
   Carse, William, Craster
   Carse, Daniel E., Craster
   Carse, John W., Newton
   Cowe, William, Christon Bank
   Denmead, Llewellyn, Craster
   Douglas, Arthur, Christon Bank
   Ferns, Coastguard Harold J., Craster
   Harvey, John, Dunstan
   Hope, William, Newton Links
   Hindmarsh, Adam, Stamford
   Humble, Wm. (Missing), Embleton
   Luke, Corpl John, Embleton
   Luke, Herbert, Embleton
   McDougal, Peter, Embleton
   McDougal, John, Embleton
   Mason, Alex., Craster
Page 56

   McLaren, Robert, Embleton
   McLaren, Pte. R.W., Christon Bank, Embleton
   Nairn, Robert, Dunstan
   Robinson, Ralph, Embleton
   Roxby, James P., Embleton
   Simpson, Pte. Geo. Wm., Brunton
   Smailes, Luke, Craster
   Smailes, Robert, Craster
   Welsh, Engineer David, Fallodon Mill
   Wade, George, Embleton
   Woodcock, Robert, Craster
   Woodcock, David A., Embleton


   Auldjo, Sergt. John Wm., Felton
   Aikman, Trp. Douglas, Swarland
   Bainbridge, Sec-Lieut. Lindsey, Eshott, Felton
   Bainbridge, 2nd-Lieut. Wilfred, Eshott, Felton
   Bowey, Pte. Thomas, West Thirston
   Cockburn, Pte. Anthony, West Thirston
   Chrisp, Pte. Robert John, West Thirston
   Dixon, 2nd Lieut. George, Thirston House, Felton
   Grey, Pte. John, Felton
   Holland, Pte. Joseph, Felton
   Jeffrey, Pte. Andrew, Felton
   Jeffrey, Sap. Wilfred, West Thirston
   Kelly, Pte. Martin, Felton
Page 57

   Lyons, Pte. Frederick, Felton
   Lord, Sec-Lieut. Reginald, Felton Park
   Mallon, Sergt. Michael, Felton
   Potts, Pte. Norman, West Thirston
   Robson, Pte. Hugh Ernest, Felton
   Smith, Lce-Cpl. Henry, West Thirston
   Smith, Rfl. R.A., North Acton, Felton
   Short, Pte. Leonard, Felton
   Wilson, Pte. Thomas, West Thirston
   Wilson, Pte. John, Bockenfield
   Willis, Pte. William, Felton, 
   Wood, A.B. Robert, Felton


   Potts, Pte. Walter, Northfield, Glanton
   Thompson, Pte. William, R.F., Powburn, Glanton


   Markland, Deckhand James, R.N.R., Holy Island
   Shell, Deckhand Adam, R.N.R., Holy Island
   Patterson, Pte James B., Holy Island, Beal


   Cleugh, James, W.Y., West Lodge, Howick
   Henderson, John R., N.F., East Lodge, Howick
Page 58

   Surtees, John H., D.L.I., Howick, Seahouses


   Bailey, Cpl. Alf., Hauxley
   Bailey, Pte., Hauxley
   Taylor, Pte. J.R., Hauxley
   Taylor, Pte. H., Hauxley
   Douglas, Pte., Hauxley
   Douglas, Pte. R., Hauxley


   Allan, Pte. Edward, Ilderton
   Roddam, Capt. Collingwood R., Ilderton
   Taylor, David, Ilderton
   Turnbull, James, Ilderton


   Culley, Capt. G.M.G., Coupland Castle, Wooler
   Hunter, 2nd-Lieut. N.A., Milfield, Wooler
   Hunter, Pte. R.H., Milfield, Wooler
   Mitchell, Pte., Shotton, Mindrum
   Murray, Pte. A., Akeld Steads, Kirknewton
   Russell, Capt., Lanton, Kirknewton
   Shell, Lce-Cpl. Thomas N., N.F., Kirknewton
   Selby, Capt. B., Paston, Mindrum
   Stawart, Corpl. T., Howtel, Mindrum


   Cairns, Pte. Robert, Hoppen Cottages
   Cassidy, Pte. John, Lucker Cottage
Page 59

   Cummings, Pte. Robert, Bellshill
   Fife, Corpl. John, Twizell Mill
   Grey, Pte. Robert, Newham Barns
   Harvey, Pte. John, Lucker Station
   Jobson, Pte. John S., Bellshill
   Ord, Pte. Frederick, Newham Station
   Redpath, Pte. Albert, Newham
   Thompson, Pte. Jas., Lucker
   Thompson, Pte. George, Hoppen Cottages
   Taylor, Pte. John, Lucker
   Wilson, Pte. Robert, Golden Hill
   Younger, Lce-Cpl. Robert E., South Side, Lucker


   Common, Pte. Joseph, Longframlington
   Davidson, Pte. John, Longframlington
   Graham, Corpl. Joshua, Longframlington
   Richardson, Sergt. William, Longframlington
   Robinson, Pte. Wm. John, New Moor Hall, Longframlington
   Straughan, Pte. George, Longframlington
   Swan, Sergt. Gilbert, Longframlington


   Bertram, George, Bilton, Lesbury
   Bennett, Pte. James, Branch End, Lesbury
   Fallow, Pte. George, Station Cottages, Lesbury
Page 60

   Hewitt, William, Bilton, Lesbury
   Riddell, Brig-Gen. J.F., Lesbury House, Lesbury
   Rutherford, Pte. William, The Old Inn, Lesbury
   Weightman, Pte. Henry, High Buston, Lesbury


   Bertram, Pte. Alexander, Dorsets, Seahouses
   Bertram, Pte. Robert, D.L.I., Elford
   Cuthbertson, Lce-Corpl. Thomas, N.F., Bamburgh Castle Hotel, Seahouses
   Clark, Pte. John, N.F., Seahouses
   Curry, Pte. William, Yorks, Seahouses
   Durham, Pte. Adam, Seahouses, North Sunderland
   Douglas, Pte. Richard, R.E., Taylor St., Seahouses
   Patterson, Pte. Edwin H., N.F., Seahouses
   Ross, Pte. Chas., Seahouses, North Sunderland
   Stephenson, Lce-Corpl. Alex., N.F., Springhill, North Sunderland
   Stephenson, Lce-Corpl. James, N.F., Springhill, North Sunderland
   Tindall, Pte. Peter, N.F., North St., Seahouses
   Wilson, Pte. James, E.Y., North Sunderland


   Dunn, Pte. Thomas W., H.L.I., Rennington
Page 61

   Cairns, Lce-Cpl. John R.M., N.F., Rennington
   Dixon, Pte. R. Isaac, E.Y.R., Rennington
   Darling, Sec-Lieut. Claud, H.W., R.I.R., Rennington
   Darling, Lieut. Fortescue W.O., R.I.R., Rennington
   Ferris, Pte. Charles, R.N.V.R., Rennington
   Gray, Lce-Cpl. George, N.F., Rennington
   Hindmarsh, Pte. Adam, N.F., Stamford, Rennington
   Mack, Pte. Robert, N.F., Pnr., Rennington
   Middlemas, Pte. George E., R.A.M.C., Rennington
   Morris, Pte. William, R.M.L.I., Rennington
   Peel, Pte. Robert, A. and S.H., Rennington
   Rowan, Pte. Thomas, N.F., Rennington
   Walker, Pte. Richard, N.F., Rennington
   Watson, Lce-Cpl. Joseph, W.Y.R., Rennington
   Wylie, Pte. Thomas, H.L.I., Rennington
   Wear, Pte. John, W.R., Rennington
   Watson, Pte. Nicholas, Rennington


   Bell, Pte., Radcliffe
Page 62

   Brown, Pte., Radcliffe
   Brown, Pte., Radcliffe
   Emmerson, Pte., Radcliffe
   Forster, Pte. W., Radcliffe
   Forster, Pte., Radcliffe
   Glass, Pte. W., Radcliffe
   Morley, Pte. E., Radcliffe
   Pitchford, Pte., Radcliffe
   Simpson, Pte., Radcliffe
   Scott, Pte. T.W., Radcliffe
   Smith, Pte. W., Radcliffe
   Thompson, Sergt. T., Radcliffe
   Thompson, Pte. R., Radcliffe
   Weddell, Pte., Radcliffe
   Wallace, Pte. A., Radcliffe
   Weightman, Pte. S., Radcliffe
   White, Pte. R., Radcliffe
   Watson, Sgt. Ralph, South Radcliffe, Radcliffe


   Avery, Pte. Reginald G., D.L.I., Rothbury
   Bell, Cpl. J.C., Can. I., Rothbury
   Charlton, Sec-Lieut. Norman E., N.F., Rothbury
   Cowans, Pte. Thos., E.Y., Rothbury
   Donkin, Sec-Lieut. Samuel T., N.F., Rothbury
   Graham, Cpl. Joshua, N.H.I.Y., Rothbury
   Gregory, Pte. Thos., Lanc. F., Rothbury
   Hood, Sergt. Jas., N.F., Rothbury
   Hounam, Sergt. Robt., Aust. I., Rothbury
Page 63

   Littlefair, Pte. John, N.F., Rothbury
   Mason, Pte. John, N.F., Rothbury
   Milburn, Pte. Jas., D. of C.L.I., Rothbury
   Murray, Capt. Thos., Ches. R., Rothbury
   Mavin, Lce-Cpl. John R., N.F., Rothbury
   McTear, Pte. Jas. D., N.F., Rothbury
   Mason, Pte. Harry, N.F., Rothbury
   Nichol, Pte. Wm., R.B., Rothbury
   Potts, Pte. Wm., N.F., Rothbury
   Pringle, Gunr. Wm., Burradon, Rothbury
   Richardson, Sergt. J.R., N.F., Rothbury
   Ridley, Major Wm R., Serb., R.C., Rothbury
   Rogerson, Sgt. Robt., N.F., Rothbury
   Richardson, Sgt. W., N.F., Rothbury
   Renton, Pte. Robt. W., N.F., Rothbury
   Robson, Pte. Charles, S.S., Rothbury
   Richardson, Pte. Jas., S., N.F., Rothbury
   Trotter, Pte. Geo., N.F., Rothbury
   Trotter, Pte. Thos. M., L. Rgt., R.F., Rothbury
   Turnbull, Cpl. Wm., D.L.I., Rothbury
   Weatherburn, Gun. D.B., R.G.A., Rothbury
Page 64

   Wintrip, Pte. John, E. Lancs., Rothbury


   Borrell, Lieut. Lancelot, South Charlton
   Bowden, Pte. Joseph, South Charlton
   Hornsby, Pte. Robert, Holywell, South Charlton
   Nicholson, Pte. James Henry, South Charlton
   Nicholson, Pte. Robert, South Charlton


   Baxter, Sergt. Robert, N.F., Shilbottle
   Buglass, Pte. George W., N.F., Shilbottle
   Charlton, Rfl. Thos. Heatley, Elder Cottage, Shilbottle
   Darling, Pte. William H., N.F., Shilbottle
   Green, Lce-Cpl. Robt., N.F., Shilbottle
   Hall, Cpl. Joseph Robert, N.F., Shilbottle
   Hindhaugh, Pte. John, N.F., Shilbottle
   Sanderson, Capt. Philip Noel, K.O.S.B., Shilbottle
   Smailes, Pte. William Watson, N.F., Shilbottle
   Smailes, Pte. John, N.F., Shilbottle
   Sanderson, Lieut. Ewan, M.G.C., Shilbottle
Page 65

   Slater, Driver George, A.S.C., Shilbottle
   Thompson, Pte. James Jos., N.F., Shilbottle
   Tweedy, Pte. Jacob Alex., N.F., Shilbottle
   Weightman, Pte. Brian, Broomfield, N.F., Shilbottle
   Weightman, Pte. Thos. Henry, Shilbottle
   Weightman, Pte. R.G., Bilton Banks, Shilbottle
   Wilson, Pte. Mossman S., N.F., Shilbottle
   Wilson, Pioneer William, R.E., Shilbottle
   Wilson, Pte. Jas. John., N.F., Shilbottle
   Weir, Sign. Thomas, West Lodge, Newton-on-the-Moor
   Young, Pte. Martin, Shilbottle


   Arthur, Sergt. Robert, Dial Place, Warkworth
   Bootiman, Driver John, Dial Place, Warkworth
   Barrett, Pte. Alfred Jas., St Lawrence Terrace, Warkworth
   Douglas, Lce-Cpl. John Wm., Warkworth
   Deuchar, Sec-Lieut. Robert, Shortridge Hall, Warkworth
   Forster, Sergt. Jas. W., Stanners, Warkworth
   Huggup, Sergt. Robert, Warkworth
Page 66

   Hope, Bombardier John Henry, Birling North Field, Warkworth
   Henderson, Pte. John, Sturton Grange, Acklington
   Hindmarsh, Pte. Adam, High Buston, Warkworth
   Lamb, Sec-Lieut. Thomas, Brewery Lane, Warkworth
   Lamb, Lieut. Walter, Brewery Lane, Warkworth
   Reed, Lieut. Arthur, Heatherleazes, Warkworth
   Smith, Pte. Joseph, Warkworth
   Sanderson, Capt. Philip N., Eastfield Hall, Warkworth
   Sanderson, Lieut. Euan, Eastfield Hall, Warkworth
   Thompson, Sec-Lieut. Robert, Castle Street, Warkworth
   Topping, Sergt-Instructor John, Stanners, Warkworth
   Tate, Gnr. Edward, Brotherwick, Warkworth
   Taylor, Pte. John, Brotherwick Cottages, Warkworth
   Trobe, Pte. John, (Sturton Grange), Bank House, Acklington
   Turnbull, Pte. Clarence, Morwick Gate, Warkworth
   Watson, Pte. James, New Barns, Warkworth


   Ainsley, Gnr. William, High Street, Wooler
Page 67

   Aitchison, Lce-Cpl. John, West Weetwood, Wooler
   Beattie, Sec-Lt. William M., Glendale Road, Wooler
   Cockburn, Pte. William, Whitsun View, Wooler
   Dunbar, Pte. George, Cottage Farm, Wooler
   Dunn, Pte. Thomas, Cheviot Street, Wooler
   Elliott, Pte. George W., Church St., Wooler
   Elliott, Pte. Robert L., Bridge End House, Wooler
   Elliott, Pte. William, St Ninian’s Terrace, Wooler
   Fettis, Pte. James, Church Street, Wooler
   Gallon, Pte. James, West Weetwood, Wooler
   Gordon, Pte. Thomas, Bendor, Wooler
   Gibson, Pte. Henry, Haugh Head, Wooler
   Hall, Lce-Cpl. John, Ramsey’s Lane, Wooler
   Henderson, Sergt. James, Market Place, Wooler
   Henderson, Pte. William, Temperance Hotel, Wooler
   Hinson, Pte. John, West Weetwood, Wooler
   Hinson, Lce-Cpl. Thomas, West Weetwood, Wooler
   Hogg, Pte. Robert, Ravensdowne, Wooler
Page 68

   Hume, Pte. John, Cheviot Street, Wooler
   Hunter, Pte. William, Tenter Hill, Wooler
   Jobson, Pte. John S., Way-to-Wooler, Wooler
   Knox, Sergt. Joseph, Cheviot Street, Wooler
   Leach, Cpl. Richard, The Schoolhouse, Wooler
   Locke, Pte. Joshua, Tenter Hill
   Lee, Pte. George, Cheviot Street, Wooler
   Lilico, Sec.-Lieut. Percy, West Terrace, Wooler
   McLauchlin, Cpl. Robert, Market Place, Wooler
   Nesbitt, Pte. John, North Doddington, Wooler
   Nesbitt, Lce-Cpl. Thomas, Weetwood Hill
   Padley, Pte. Robert, Market Place, Wooler
   Robson, Pte. Nichol, Cheviot Street, Wooler
   Robison, Lce-Cpl. Norman, Whitsun View, Wooler
   Simm, Pte. William, West Street, Wooler
   Smart, Pte. Andrew, Wooler Mill
   Smart, Pte. Thomas, Vicarage Farm, Wooler
   Stothert, Pte. John, West Terrace, Wooler
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