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Henderson, J., Cpl. awarded D.C.M., 1916
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 16/12/1916 reports:

“Gifts for holder of D.C.M.
Presentation at Walker Shipyard.

Just before the closing hour at Walker Shipyard, on Saturday, a presentation was made to Corporal Joseph Henderson, D.C.M. Mr. Edwin Orde, one of the local directors, presided.

Colonel R. Saxton White, V.D., in making the presentation, said the honour conferred upon Corporal Henderson by the military authorities showed that he was a soldier and had done a soldier’s work, but he was quite sure there was not one man standing in that yard who would not do the same work as Corporal Henderson had done.

Corporal Henderson is 22 years of age, and served his apprenticeship as a driller in Walker Shipyard. He joined the R.A.M.C. in 1911 and at the beginning of the war was called up. His time expired in March, 1915, but he rejoined for the duration of the war. He was attached to the 4th Northumberland Fusiliers and has been in France for 20 months. He took part in the battle of the Somme in Sept. 15th. His dug-out was heavily shelled, and his captain was severely wounded. He attended to the captain’s wounds, and stopped from practically bleeding to death, but he had to leave him lying unconscious in order to attend to others. He was practically single-handed for 48 hours after which he was relieved by a doctor. He received the D.C.M. on Sept. 17, and the official record says: ‘For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He assumed command of an aid post and carried out his work under very heavy fire with great skill and determination.’

The gifts presented by Colonel White on behalf of the men of the yard were a gold watch and chain. The Colonel hoped Corporal Henderson would be spared for many a long day to wear the watch and keep it in remembrance of the workmen of Walker Shipyard.

Corporal Henderson having returned thanks, the meeting concluded.”

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