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Daglish, G.R.G., Fl.Lt., 1917

Photo: Brian Chandler

In Wallsend Church Bank Cemetery is the Commonwealth War Grave with a private headstone of Flight LieutenantGeorge Richard Gordon Daglish serving with the Royal Naval Air Service who died 01/03/1917.

The headstone reads:-

The Great War.
In memory of
Flight Lieut.
Gordon Daglish R.N.
killed at Sleaford
March 1st
and interred here
March 6th 1917
aged 27 years.

Angela Conroy has submitted the following found in the St. Peter's Church Newsletter for April 1917.

'Requiescant in Pace

The late Flight Sub.- Lieut. G. R. Daglish, R.N. was another of that splendid band of young airmen whose lives have been given up during the present struggle. For it was in becoming efficient in air services that most dangerous branch of our forces that Gordon Daglish lost his life. The burial took place on March 6th from S. Peter's, where the body had lain during the previous night. There was a Celebration of Holy Communion at the memorial service on the morning of the burial, and the latter took place at 11 a.m, being attended by Mr J Daglish, father; Lieut J Daglish and Trooper F Daglish, brothers, and many other mourners. The following noble wish of Gordon Daglish is preserved by his relatives who are trying to fulfil it :- "If I am called upon for my King and country to sacrifice my life and all this means to me at present, those I shall leave at home must not grieve for me."

Newcastle JournalSaturday 03/03/1917 reports:

News has been received from the Admiralty that Flight-Lieut. Gordon Daglish met with a fatal accident while flying on Thursday. The deceased was the second son of Mr. J. Daglish, of the North-Eastern Marine Engineering Company, and was employed by that firm previous to joining in 1914. He was in the submarine service, afterwards transferring to the Royal Naval Air Service about twelve months ago. He was 28 years of age, and resided at The Green, Wallsend.'

George Richard Gordon is remembered at Wallsend on W7.27, in the Masonic Roll of Honour in Freemasons' Hall, London and in the Masonic Roll of Honour compiled by Rev. Youngson

The CWGC entry for Flight Lieutenant Daglish

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