District Notes

Civilian War Dead 1939-45 Blyth MBC
Blyth Municipal Borough Council reported:-

Brown, Isaac
43 years; 25/04/1941; Civilian War Dead; of 7 Catherine Terrace; Husband of E. Brown; Died at 7 Catherine Terrace.

Callaway, George William
39 years; 13/04/1944; Civilian War Dead; Leading Fireman, N.F.S.; Son of William Callaway, of 8 East Row; husband of Kate Callaway, of 21 Oxford Street; Died at Blyth Links.

Geddes, James
38 years; 15/12/1942; Civilian War Dead; Seaman, Merchant Navy; Son of Mr. and Mrs. James George Geddes, of Aingarth, St. Peter's Road, Buckie, Banffshire; husband of Jeannie Murray Geddes, of 20 Yardie, Buckie; Injured 14 December 1942, at Blyth; died at Knight Memorial Hospital.

Harris, Richard Cecil
(52 years) 13/04/1944; Civilian War Dead; Fireman, N.F.S.; Husband of D. L. Harris, of 16 Gladstone Street, Blyth; At Blyth Links.

Harrison, Leonard
31 years; 13/04/1944; Civilian War Dead; Leading Fireman, N.F.S.; Son of Sam and Olive Harrison, of 68 Ashley Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire; husband of Florence Anne Harrison, of 131 Club Gardens Road, Sheffield; Died at Blyth Links.

Hedley, Jane Ann Grey
81 years; 23/01/1943; Civilian War Dead; of 249 Plessey Road; Widow of Edward Charlton Hedley; Died at Plessey Road.

Moody, Elizabeth Jane
72 years; 24/02/1941; Civilian War Dead; Widow of W. R. Moody; Died at 34 Percy Street.

Norfolk, John Hollan Elliott
51 years; 25/04/1941; Civilian War Dead; Husband of Mary Elizabeth Norfolk, of 8 Railway Cottages, Bebside; Died at Railway Crossing.