Parish Notes

Brave Whitley Messenger 1943
Edward Quinn of 206, Park View, Whitley Bay, has been commended by Sir Arthur Lambert Northern Regional Commissioner, for brave conduct during an air raid. Quinn, who is 16 years of age, is an A.R.P. messenger attached to the first aid service, and on the occasion referred to be reported for duty on the sirens. While on his way to his post he was blown from his cycle by bomb blast and suffered shock. On his arrival at the post Quinn was advised to go early surely m (sic) advised by a doctor to go home but he refused and carried on with his job as a messenger.

In his letter the Commissioner states I have received from the County Controller, Northumberland, an account of your plucky conduct during the air raid of December 14th 1942, when, although badly shaken and suffering from shock due to bring blown from your cycle by bomb blast, and realising that the telephone system had been broken and that the messenger service was essential you continued to carry out your duties with inflexible determination until your services were no longer required. I wish to convey to you my warm approbation for the resource and courage displayed by you in this maintaining of the lines of communication so necessary for the success of Civil Defence during an air raid.

Whitley Seaside Chronicle and Visitor's Gazette Friday, 28/05/1943