Parish Notes

Tank and gun trophies
A tank female No. 2663, (2063?) "Tynemouth", newly returned from Flanders, was given to the town with two captured field guns, which were placed in Northumberland Park on 21st June 1919.

The tank arrived on 21st June 1919, at Tynemouth Station, and "A huge concourse followed the slow but sure journey from the Railway Station to the Grand Parade, via Percy Park Road". The guns arrived in September.

The tank was presented by the military authorities to the Tynemouth War Savings Association as acknowledgement of raising £2 million by the local people.

The tank was put in place in the presence of the Mayor and Mayoress and Council officials, representatives of the Veterans’ Association and some girl guides at a ceremony reported to be "light hearted and humerous".

Seen first as patriotic trophies, they came to be regarded as eyesores and were removed in 1923. The tank was sold for £20.

North Tyneside Local Studies has photographs.

Shields Daily News 21/06/1919 reports on the presentation ceremony; 25/11/1922 reports proposal to remove the relics.

Illustrated Chronicle 23/06/1919 reports handing over ceremony.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 23/06/1919 reports the story.