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Munitionette Footballers 1914-18
The following teams of ladies played football during the Great War:
Blyth Spartans
Allan or Allen, Annie
Allan or Allen, Dollie
Carnaby, H.
Cock, N.
Fairless, Ellie
Harris, Florrie
Harvey, H.
James, Lizzie
Jayne, M.
King, M.
Lane, Mary
Lowery, Lizzie
Malone, Hannah
Metcalfe, Bella
Morgan, Jane (Jennie)
Nuttall, Jane (Jennie)
O'Brien, Martha
Isabella (Bella) Reay
Reed, Ada
Rhodes, S.
Sample, Agnes
Scruffin, N.
Summers, Dollie
Turner, Dollie
Weir, Hannah
Blyth United
Atkinson, S.
Balls, J.
Burke, M.
Davison, E.
Downey, M.
Foster, M.
Gillespie, S.
Lawton, H.
Shields, M.
Smith, M.
Spinks, M.
Thompson, F.
Watson, J.

The Munitionettes. A history of Women's Football in North East England during the Great War. Patrick Brennan. Donmouth Publishing. 2007. ISBN 978 0 9555063.

Football in the Great War