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Lieut. Shields remembered in Accra, 1920

Lieut. Shields (Berwickshire News)

Northern Echo13/05/1920 carries the following report:

"A handsome brass memorial tablet and framed photograph has been erected to the memory of Lieut. George Hilliard Shields, Gold Coast Regiment, a native of Berwick, and a son of the late Sergt.-Instructor Stewart Shields and Mrs. Shields, 22 Quay Walls, Berwick, at the Government Boys' School, Accra, West Africa, where Lieut. Shields was headmaster from 1913 up to the time of his death. Lieut. Shields was killed by a sniper in the bush country of East Africa."

CWGC gives:
Lieut. George Hilliard Shields; Gold Coast Regiment, W.A.F.F.; died 3/2/1917 aged 39; Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Shields; Born Berwick on Tweed, England; buried in Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery Grave 4.D.9