Parish Notes

Flagpole for Remembrance Day
On St. John's Church steeple is a flag pole. Inside the church is a plaque which tells the story:
Flag Pole
Following a request by the Town Council
in 1996 to "fly" the British Legion Flag on
the town church on the 11th of Novem-
ber and each Rememberance (sic) Day there-
after a Fund was organised to raise the
1,200 required.
The following companies and organisa-
tions contributed for which the Towns
people are grateful:
1. Seaham Town Council
2. L.A. Plastics Ltd.
3. Rotary Club of Seaham
4. Northern Rock Building Society
5 Kwik Save plc
6. North Eastern Co-op
7. Vaux Foundation

The Flagpole was commissioned on
the 10th of October 1997.