Memorial Details

Photo: Lonely Tower


Pillar 1914-18 1939-45 Front Street





Map ref

NZ 367694

Original Location

Tynemouth Green, Front Street.

Which war

a. 1914-1918
b. 1939-1945

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 28th March 1923 by Gen. O'Dowda of the British Legion. Dedicated by Canon Brigstock.
b. Unveiled 28th November 1999 by the Mayor of Tynemouth.

Memorial Description

Pillar, total height 4.5m., with bronze sword encircled by wreath on east side. Circular bench 1.5m diameter divided by diagonal walls. Four tall concave slabs form central pillar bearing names of dead. Low relief sword and wreath. The dedication is on one face, the names from 1914-18 are on three faces of the column. The names for 1939-45 are on the flanges supporting the column. The lettering is incised and coloured black using sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used

Cornish De Lank Granite and freestone


a. To the / Glory / of / God / and in / Memory / of our / Fallen / 1914-18 /
b. 1939-1945


Who commissioned

a. Tynemouth War Memorial Committee, and Tynemouth Village Tradesmen and Rate Payers' Association who were the sponsors of the scheme.

b. Tynemouth Village Association.


a. Estimate of £900 was received with some dismay, as it was felt that it was too much to be able to raise. Eventual cost £370 by using cheaper stone.

How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition

Upgraded 1999 for the addition of the names from 1939-45

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by D.M. O'Herlihy, Borough Surveyor. See Note 5 below.
Built by J. Mullen of Tynemouth; stonemason was Adam Young Harvey

Ownership and maintenance

Was Tynemouth Borough Council now North Tyneside Council.


1. The monument is within Tynemouth Conservation area.

2. R.W. Gould points out that the unveiling of this memorial was only 53 weeks before the start of World War Two.

3. In January 1995 a move was made to gather names from those who died in 1939-45 so that these could be added.

4. The Friends of War Memorials (now War Memorials Trust) gave £200 towards the costs of the 1999 restoration.

5. D.M. O'Herlihy, Borough Surveyor was named as original designer, but the press report of the unveiling says "Mr. Steele of the Borough Surveyor's Department" designed the memorial while Mr. O'Herlihy had seen to the tidying up of the wilderness on the village green in preparation for the memorial.

6. See notes in T16.11 for correspondence details concerning location and site.

7. This Memorial was to replace the original Tynemouth Village War Memorial that was situated on Manor Road, see T16.11 for story.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: R.C. Simpson; J. Brown; Lonely Tower; photo of sculptor working on monument provided by his grand-daughter, who lives in Tynemouth

Smith's Dock Monthly July 1920 re fund raising.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 20/05/1922 reports acceptance of architect’s plans.

Shields Daily News from 20/07/1937 and 1938 passim refer to problems re selecting the design, the materials to be used, selecting the site; 18/11/1937 reports that the proposed unveiling on Armistice Day had to be postponed because of "irritating delays", chief of which had been failure to approve the site; 11/01/1938 contains photograph of model of proposed monument; 22/08/1938 reports the unveiling ceremony.

Tyne-Wear Archives Dept Photograph of unveiling 1925 Ref 1630.

North Shields News Guardian 05/01/1995 reports proposal to add names from 1939-45.

The Journal 29/10/1999 reports proposal to unveil the names from 1939-45 at the end of November 1999.

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Additional Research documents (click to download)

Research acknowledgements

R.C. Simpson; North Tyneside MBC Planning Dept.; the late R.W. Gould; North Tyneside Local Studies; Janet Brown; Tony Harding; James Pasby; Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums Service

Research In Progress

The members of Tynemouth World War 1 Commemoration Project are researching the names on the Borough of Tynemouth’s Roll of Honour.

Pillar 1914-18 1939-45 Front Street (T36.01)

TYNEMOUTH, Village Green.
Front face (1914-18)        2nd Face (1914-18)

                                 G. Abbott                
                                 A.E. Aggett               
                                 T.A. Agnew               
                                 E. Alden                    
                                 L.P. Allen                 
                                 J. Armstrong                
                                 T. Austin                  
                                 F.D. Blandy                
                                 J. Brown                 
                                 F.H. Carmen               
                                 J. Carruthers              
       To the                    T. Charlesworth        
       Glory                     R. Christie                 
        of                       T.H. Crow                 
        God                      W. Cutter                
       and in                    J. Cummings               
       memory                    C.C. Cobb                 
       of the                    H. Davison                
       fallen                    H. Davis                  
     1914-1918                   J. Dickinson              
                                 Q. Durward                  
     1939-1945                   N. Eskdale                 
                                 S. Eskdale                
                                 J. Fletcher                
                                 J. Ferguson                
                                 K.G. Garnett                   
                                 J.C. Graham                 
                                 D. Graham                 
                                 J.W. Grey                 
                                 A. E. Harris  
Flanges (1939-45)  
     S. Aries         R. Smith           J. Cuthbertson      W. Burdon
     H. Atkinson      J.J. Smith         R. Devlin           J. Burdon
     G. Azzopardi     R. Smith           J. Dixon            D. Burnett
     R. Bell          G. Thompson        H. Duffield         G. Carr
     A. Bell          J. Towell          H. Dunn             R. Chater
     J. Black         H. Tyerman         H. Dunn             H.C. Crosland
     A. Blakey        J. Walker          R. Dunn             P. Compton
     T. Brannen       E. Weatherstone    H. Fairbairn        L. Compton
     G. Bridger       A.F. Williamson    G. Firth            G. Cook
     H. Bullas        A. Woodward        D. Forster          D. Cooper
     K. Angus                                                G.F. Byers
Third face (1914-18)                Fourth face (1914-18)  
     J. Harrison                         J. Rowley
     A. Herriott                         R.H. Shand
     H.W. Holmes                         R. Simpson
     H. Hudspeth                         A. Stroud
     R. Hudson                           J. Stone
     E. Hunter                           S.R. Swift
     H. Irwin                            J.W. Tailford
     A. Jackson                          J. Tait
     W.A. Jones                          T.D. Taylor
     F. Keritzer                         A.E. Thompson
     H.J.N. Kydd                         W. Todd
     C.F. Lamb                           J. Tombling
     N. Lakey                            W.F. Tombling
     E. Martin                           T. Tombling
     E. Marshall                         G.R. Treadwell
     W.D. Maughan                        R.H. Treadwell
     J.H. Mason                          R.B. Turner
     T.N. Melrose                        T. Tweedy
     G. Milburn                          P. Ware   
     A. Morton                           D. Wayman
     J. Mullen                           F.J. Weeks
     J.E. Newton                         E.T. Wells
     W.N. Pearson                        P.S. Whitelaw   
     K. Raine                            A. Woods
     A.R. Rankine                        J. Woods
     R. Raynes                           A.W. Wilkinson
     L. Rennison                         J.A. Wilson
     H. Richardson                       W. Wrightson
     T. Richardson                       N. Youds
     G. Rollo
Flanges (1939-45)
     F. Lambert       J. Frith           J. Prince           W.H. Nichol
     J. Martin        G. Gibson          J. Reed             W.J. Nichol
     J. McArthur      A. Gibson          A. Reis             R. Ogilvie
     J.I. McConnell   F. Glancey         R. Renwick          S. Pascoe
     F. McCoy         N.A. Grey          A. Richardson       W. Patterson
     R. McCoy         A. Hunter          J. Scott            J. Peach
     J. McGee         A.F. Headland      J. Seal             R. Phillips
     L. Meadows       D. Hobbis          J. Sheldon          W. Phillips
     T. Miller        J. Hutchinson      R. Smith            C. Pigg
     E. Mundy         K. Keys                                R. Pledger   

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