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Photo: James Pasby


Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 Co-op Newgate Street





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NZ 245643

Original Location

Main Co-operative Office, 117 Newgate Street / St Andrew’s Street (formerly Darn Crook). In entrance to the arcade.

Present Location

In the foyer of the same building, now a Premier Inn.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Erected April 1922.
Rededicated 2016.

Memorial Description

Plaque 55 inches high x 60 inches wide overall, carved to look like an open book, with pages 38 inches high x 42 inches wide set in a pedimented frame. The names are in two columns on both pages under the heading of the department in which they worked, those from the 1914-18 war on the left hand page, those from 1939-45 on the right hand page. All writing is carved into the stone and painted black using sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used



At top of left hand page:
a. To the glory of God / and in honour / of the employees / of this Society / who gave their lives / in two World Wars / 1914-1918
At top of right hand page:
b. 1939-1945


Present condition



1. For some time, the memorial was located in the Finance Dept., on the 2nd floor of the North Tower.

2. The Co-operative Store closed and the building took some years to be reconstructed as a Premier Inn. During the time of uncertainty, a watch was being kept by members of St.Andrew’s church, who were prepared to give the memorial a home if there was to be no place for it under the new occupation. They are to be congratulated on their concern for the welfare of the memorial. Likewise, the new owners are to be thanked for keeping the memorial in the building and having it on display.

3. The memorial was rededicated on Friday 26th February 2016 by Rev. Canon Glyn Evans, Vicar of St.Andrew’s Church. In attendance were former employees of the Co-op. Mrs. McKittrick, aged 104, whose husband’s name appears in the 1939-45 list also attended.. See Every Name A Story

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Elspeth Gould; James Pasby; photos taken at the rededication: Janet Brown

Northern Echo 22/04/1922 reports fixing of memorial.

The Chronicle 29/01/2016 reports the final stages of the reconstruction of the building. A gallery of photos has the memorial as Number 9. Follow the link below.

The Journal 29/02/2016 reports rededication in Premier Inn.

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Research acknowledgements

Elspeth Gould; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; David Sloan

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Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 Co-op Newgate Street (NUT153)

Newcastle upon Tyne Main Co-operative Office, Newgate Street.
Left hand page

   To the Glory of God
   and in honour
   of the employees
   of this Society
   who gave their lives
   in two World Wars
   Grocery Department
   Clark A            Clark J.
   Gray J.            Hardy D.
   Hunter A.          Jamieson D.
   Jamieson W.        Mosley L.A.
   Shaw A.            Shield H.J.
   Whiting J.         Young A.
   Butchering Dept.
   Bell, R.D.         Charlton N.
   Russell J.R.       Smithson J.E.
   Temperley W.       Weightman N.
   Wood R.T.
   Dairy Dept.
   Laws G.            Mossman A.
   Ridley G.W.        Wood A.
   Boot Repairing Dept.
   Dawson H.          Heatley J.
   Soulsby J.
   Drapery Dept.
   Hogg G.            Russell J.
   Engineers Dept.
   Gray J.G.          Trotter J.S.
   General Office
   Forster J.J.       Young A.S.
   Traffic Dept.
   Burns T.           Taylor W.
   Boot & Shoe Dept.
   Middleton J.J.
   Cafe Dept.
   Sinclair A.
   Readymades Dept.
   Watson F.
   Tailoring Dept.
   Gordon T.A.
Right hand page
   Grocery dept.
   Bell J.B.          Black N.
   Bouas J.           Brannigan T.
   Butt J.            Carr T.E.
   Coxon L.           Dodgson D.J.
   Elder R.W.         Feeney E.V.
   Forster J.H.       Forsyth E.
   Gill J.S.          Hann J.
   Henderson R.       Hudspith N.
   Jameson B.B.       Johnstone W.
   Lawson G.H.        Little G.
   McKittrick W.      Mole W.
   Morris J.          Percy J.A.
   Pitts J.           Primrose J.C.
   Redhead J.         Robson T.W.
   Rogerson A.        Smiles S.
   Suffield T.J.      Whittaker D.B.
   Wilson J.
   Dairy Dept.
   Bough S.           Chisholm R.
   Dobson J.          Elliott S.
   Grant D.L.         Griffiths R.
   Holmes E.          Poppleton H.
   Ridley A.          Robson G.
   Rose R.            Rowley J.
   Smith W.
   Traffic Dept.
   Ashurst T.E.       Gray N.
   Norris K.          Ross J.H.
   Shillinglaw R.     Thompson T.
   Webster G.W.      
   General Office
   Allen W.B.         Heppell G.
   McGregor J.S.      Pouton S.
   Thompson R.
   Coal Dept.
   Anderson C.W.      Cutler W.
   McGuinness A.      Reed D.
   Butchering Dept.
   Bolton W.E.        Howey T.
   Turner J.
   Furnishing Dept.
   Henderson N.       Storey J.
   Bakery Dept.
   Henderson W.
   Boot & Shoe Dept.
   Anderson J.
   Drapery Dept.
   Parker K.
   Engineers Dept.
   Bell W.

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