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Photo: James Pasby


Plaque Fallen 1914-18 Miners' Lodge





Original Location

Miners’ Lodge, in entrance lobby

Present Location

Dawdon Miners' Social Club on stairs (2017)

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 28th February 1921 by T.H. Cann , Secretary, Durham Miners’ Association.

Memorial Description

Plaque on oak pattress. There is a wide border of Celtic string pattern on a black background culminating in a circle with design on a red background. The top corners of the main plaque are also filled with a pattern in red.
The names are listed in seven columns divided by red vertical lines. The name of the lodge is in elaborate capitals, the rest of the lettering is in sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Brass tablet on oak pattress


Dawdon Miners’ Lodge / Memorial / Erected to the imperishable memory of / the undermentioned members and sons of workmen of Dawdon Colliery / who gave their lives in the cause of freedom 1914-1918


Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; Derek Bland; James Pasby

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 28/02/1921 reports unveiling. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Northern Echo 28/02/1921 reports unveiling.

Stanley News 03/03/1921 reports unveiling.

Seaham Weekly News 04/03/1921 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall; Derek Bland

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Plaque Fallen 1914-18 Miners' Lodge (D41.02)

DAWDON      Miners’ Lodge
   Dawdon Miners’ Lodge
   Erected to the imperishable memory of
   the undermentioned members and sons of workmen of Dawdon Colliery
   who gave their lives in the cause of freedom 1914-1918
   Column 1            Column 2            Column 3            Column 4              
   Ather, William L.                                                                                 
   Allen, William      Carr, Thomas        Davies, George      Hair, Jeremiah        
   Anderson, Charles   Carr, Edward        Dawson, William H.  Hall, James C.        
   Appleby, Norman     Carling, Edward     Dent, George        Hassan, Peter A.      
   Armstrong, Robert   Chesney, Robert     Devine, Edward R.   Hindmarch, Mark       
   Armstrong, Fenwick  Childs, Walter      Dixon, J.           Hindmarch, Edward     
   Attey, James        Clennell, Frederick Duckworth, James    Hughes, John          
   Barksby, Herbert    Clennell, Foster    Duffy, Frank        Hutchinson, George H. 
   Barrow, Thomas      Cook, Jacob         Dixon, Arthur       Harris, Stanley       
   Buckley, George     Conroy, William     Dowson, Thomas      Hunter, George        
   Buckley, Thomas P.  Cowell, Charles S.  Edwards, James      Hall, John Joseph     
   Bell, Robert S.     Coxon, John         Edwards, Richard    Harley, Leonard       
   Boad, Robert        Crake, Joseph       Finlay, Ernest      Harley, William       
   Bolton, Samuel      Crake, Ralph        Flatt, Alfred       Ingram, Edward        
   Brown, William      Cummings, W.H.      Flatt, George       Irving, Charles A.    
   Burnet, George E.   Cummings, H.R.      Foster, William     Johnson, Isaac        
   Burney, Daniel,Sen. Clark, Harold       Foster, Henry       Jones, George         
   Burney, Daniel,Jun. Clark, Angus        Gallagher, Thomas   Knowles, William      
   Button, Walter      Clark, William      Garnham, Thomas E.  Knowles, James        
   Brammer, George     Clark, Wilfrid      Garnham, Henry      Kirtley, Robert       
   Batey, Isaac        Cavanagh, William   Garrigan, John      Lane, John George     
   Bailes, Solomon     Daglish, Jos. B.    Goodridge, Walter   Laws, John B.         
   Bailey, Samuel      Daglish, Abner      Griffiths, Charles  Lister, William       
   Cahill, Francis M.  Wylie, Thomas       Gilroy, John L.                           
   Column 5              Column 6             Column 7
                                               Green, John
   Lowerson, John R.     Reid, Richard         Swinney, Henry
   Lowery, John          Reed, Septimus        Swan, William
   Markham, Allan        Richardson, Thomas    Shaw, William
   McAllister, Andrew    Ritchie, William      Thompson, Edward
   Miller, William N.    Ritchie, John Thomas  Thornton, Oliver
   Miller, Frank         Robinson, Robert D.   Thornton, John 
   Mossman, Alfred       Ritson, George        Thornton, Sydney
   Newton, Henry         Robson, George        Turnbull, Richard
   Nichols, David        Rowe, Nicholas        Turnbull, John
   Nichols, Robert       Robinson, William     Telford, John
   Ogden, John           Renwick, Charles      Thompson, Joseph B.
   Ogden, James          Shaw, William         Usher, Alfred
   O'Neill, Frank        Shaw, Joseph          Usher, William
   Overton, J.           Smiles, J.R.          Walsh, Alfred
   Parker, Robert        Smith, William        Walters, Richard
   Percy, Henry          Smailes, Frederick    Walker, Percy
   Pearson, Henry        Southward, Edward     Watson, John
   Phelan, Martin        Stout, George W.      Wilkinson, Robert
   Poole, Stanley        Stoves, John          Wilkinson, George
   Preston, Thomas       Stoker, Ritchard      Winter, Joseph
   Preston, Simon        Summers, George       Wood, John
   Price, P. William     Summers, Jonathen     Wright, Robert R.
   Readman, William      Huntley, George R.    Whitwell, James

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