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Plaque 1914-18 St. Mary and St. Cuthbert Churchyard





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NZ 276510

Original Location

Removed from the War Memorial at the Bridge End at bottom of Front Street. C105.01

Present Location

Church of St. Mary and St. Cuthbert, Church Chare, DH3 3QB. Churchyard. One of several in a line mounted on an outside wall. Church Chare. See C105.28.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Rededicated following its removal 11th November 1963.

Memorial Description

Plaque 1.07m high x 1.9m wide within a 52mm (2 inches) wide frame, very plain. The dedication is carried on the top frame, the dates “1914-1918” in the bottom frame. The names are listed on the main panel in six columns in sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Grey marble frame and white marble panel.


Lest We Forget.
This memorial is erected in grateful remembrance of those from / Chester-le-Street who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War



1. The need for this memorial arose from a Council decision to demolish the public war memorial situated at the Bridge End at the North end of town. See C105.01
2. The wall specification was for feature wall 22’ long, 7’ high and two wings 4’7” high. Large plaque to be mounted on the centre portion and two small plaques on wing walls
3. Diocesan Chancellor took a dim view of proposals to move “unwanted” memorials to the churchyard and his language in the correspondence is quite forceful, though he finally agreed the petition.

4. Notes on names - James Pasby
a. J. Harbon should read Isaac Harbron;
b. Pte Thomas Fairbain is Thomas Fairbairn;
c. Fred Hallider is Pte Fred Halliday;
d. Stanley Renwick is L/Cpl Michael Renwick;
e. I. Archer should read John Archer;
f. J. Clapman is listed on the Unveiling programme, however there is no Clapham listed in the sources used for researching. We believe this is J. Chapman;
g. Barker R. is listed on the War Memorial and Unveiling programme , this could be B. Barker from the 11th Batt DLI.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Simon Raine; Ian Cooper; old photo: Northern Echo

Diocesan Faculty Books Contain details in a letter from U.D.C. to P.C.C. 9/7/1962

Durham Chronicle 19/01/1962 reports proposal for removal; 15/11/1963 reports rededication.

Source of quotation
“Lest we forget” Recessional Rudyard Kipling.

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders, Dorothy Hall; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Northern Echo; James Pasby; Ian Cooper

Research In Progress

James Pasby is researching the names on this memorial Contact:

Plaque 1914-18 St. Mary and St. Cuthbert Churchyard (C105.15)

CHESTER-LE-STREET   Ss Mary & Cuthbert Churchyard.  


   Lest We Forget    
   This memorial is erected in grateful remembrance of those from 
   Chester-le-Street who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War  
Column 1           Column 2               Column 3
      D.L.I.          Hurworth J.            Willey M.          
   Alderson C.S.      Harbon J.                 N.F.             
   Archer I.          Hutchinson I.          Barrett L A. M.C.  
   Brock A.L.         Laidler F.             Barrow J.          
   Beveridge E.F.     Laidler W.             Bennett N.         
   Brown F.           Laws T.                Cannon F.          
   Barker R.          Laybourne T.           Crawford F.        
   Bell G.            Lockey J.W.            Davison J.W.       
   Bellwood J.        Lowes J.               Dodds E.           
   Bousfield R.W.     McClare A.V. M.C.&Bar  Dickinson J.N.     
   Brown F.           Maghie A.              Dyson J.           
   Brown T.           Maughan J.H.           English J.B.       
   Brownell E.        McIlwrath J.           Fairbairn T.       
   Bucknell H.        Middleton J.           Graham J.          
   Burnside C.        Morgan C.F.            Georgeson J.       
   Curry R.           Mulholland I.B.        Henderson A.       
   Clark J.           Marshall N.            Hope J.            
   Curry T.           O’Neil J               Horn J.W.          
   Curry T.           Parker W.              Hubble J.          
   Clark A            Pringle J.H.           Low J.J.           
   Carr T.H.          Punshon H.F.           Logan J.           
   Carrington T.      Powell W.              Mallaby W.         
   Chipchase H.       Purvis J.H.            McAvoy J.          
   Chrisp A.L.        Rutherford J.          Morson W.E.        
   Clasper F.         Richardson A.L.        Mowbray J.W.      
   Coates A.          Riley M.               Oliver S.A.        
   Coxon W.           Robson W.              Pearson T.         
   Curry J.S.         Rundle J.W.            Philipson H.L. M.M. 
   Dyson J.           Rutter A.G. D.C.M.     Simpson J.         
   Dixon R.N.         Robson T.              Smith J.W.         
   Dawson J.          Selkirk J.             Stephenson H.      
   Davis A.E.         Smiles G.W.            Stubbs W.          
   Dixon J.A.         Snaith T.              Towers L.          
   Dolan R.           Stearman T.G.          Tooley G.          
   Evans G.           Stirling J.            Tweddle R.        
   Fletcher J.        Stobbs T.              Wardle R.          
   Fish J.W.          Scott R.               Watson J.          
   Fullerton M.       Tate A.B.              Wilson W.          
   Graham M.          Telfer R.              Witherspoon H.S.   
   Grice H.           Thompson J.M.          Young E.           
   Gooch J.G.         Thurloway R.W.            R.G.A          
   Greenwell J.W.     Topping A.H.           Armstrong N.       
   Hacker W.H.        Tunney F.              Cowey J.           
   Hall G.            Tweddle T.W.           Padgett W.W.       
   Hann J.            Todd E.                Pearson S.         
   Hawe R.            Thompson R.T.          Rowland F.         
   Hawkes A.          Urwin T.               Whitmore J.        
   Heads J.H.         Wandless H.               R.E               
   Hedley E.J.        Watson A.              Bullock            
   Holliday F.        Watson J.              Clark G.           
   Hood G.A.          Weatherspoon J.P.      Elliott J.         
   Hope E. D.S.O.     Wilks T.               Logan R.W.         
Column 4           Column 5               Column 6

   Longstaff  T.      Mowbray W.                Royal Irish
   Neave E.           Sanderson J.           Keough J.
   Scott J.           Waugh R.                  Leinster
   Thornton F.A.      Woodcock N.            Shaw R.W.
   Wray W.               Lancs Fusrs            Royal Innsk Fus.
      R.A.M.C.        Hendry J.W.E           Barrow E.
   Atkinson F.        Johnson G.             Weatherburn T.E.
   Bird J.            Middleton J.              Coldstream Gds.
   Hall W.            Riddell A.             Atkinson S.J.
   Stephenson W.      Ritson H.E.            Adamson J.E.            
      R.A.S.C.           Loyal N.Lancs.      Cooper W.B.
   Haddock W.G.       Longbottom W.B.           K.O.S.B.
   Morgan J.W.           Sth. Staffs         Anderson J.A.    
   Phaup E.W.         Scott J.E.             Howe J.G.
   Renwick M.            Royal Berks.        Turnbull J.W.
   Russell T          Watson W.                 Argyl &Suthld.
      R.N.D.             Somerset L.I.       Gray G.V.
   Clasper J.         White J.W.                Black Watch
   Donkin G.             R.D.C               Stephenson W.
   Hutchinson H.      Ritson G.                 R.F.A.
      Merc. Marine       Canadian            Cole P.S.
   Forster J.         Ferguson G.S.          Gettings J.S.L.
   Hall M.S.          Gray C.H.              Gilder F.
   Hollingsworth H.   Gray H.T.              Gilder T.
   Robinson R.H.      Mole W.                Healer W.E.
      R.N.V.R.           V.A.D.              Maddison A.
   Hood R.            Nurse Lowes Lily L.     Murry J.
      R.L.M.T.           18th Hussars        Pick G.W.
   Davidson T.        Wood C.L.              Thompson E.
   Shacklady             11th Hussars        Radcliffe F.
      Yorks Rgt.      Lumley R.J                M.G.C.
   Taylor R.             1st R.L. Hussars    Stephenson A.    
   Warnes J.          Green R.               Taylor T.
      K.O.Y.L.I.         Northampts             S. Lancs.
   Henderson J.R.     Hall J.                Spoors A.E.
   Moffitt C.            Dorsets                Hants
   Turnbull G.S.      Winter A.D.            Porter A.
      East Yorks         Lincs.              Stephenson J.   
   Chalmers J.        Case R.J.                 Tyneside Scotsh.
   Nixon F.           Ingram T.H.            Chapman J.
   Watson J.R.        Lowery J.W.               R.N.R.
      West Yorks         Welsh Regt.         Fairley J.C.
   Bankhead J.        Lowes F.                  Munster Fus.
   Bell H.            Walker G.R.            McAvoy W.
   Husthwaite T.         Sherwood Fors.      Weatherburn J.R.
   Nesham T.          Wind J.J.              Horne T.  N.F.  
   Nicholson R.          S.Wales Bords.      Saint T.
   Robertson G.       Wilson T.A             Henderson R.  R.N.
   Routledge W.          Royal Fusrs.        Kennedy W.
   Tucker W.          Carruthers A.J. M.M.   Curry M.S. R.G.A.
     Yorks & Lancs.   Coltman W.             Selkirk P.  R.F.A.
   Evans W.           Stubbs J.W.            Atkinson, E.J.

   1914  - 1918

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